1. Rechargeable We-Vibe Touch Personal Massager Silicone Vibrator

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      1. Rechargeable We-Vibe Touch Personal Massager Silicone Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      A sex toy for sharing that's designed to do it all. Rechargeable, waterproof and with 8 powerful vibrating functions, you can use this silicone vibrator for both internal and external stimulation, sating your sexual desires and your lover's too.

      Made from medical-grade silicone with a high gloss finish, this versatile personal massager is completely body safe and as it's also rechargeable, it's eco-friendly too.

      Designed to be a flexible vibe with multiple uses, it has a central hourglass balancing its tapered tip and curvy base. Ideal for giving massages, precise stimulation and even insertions. Which ever way you decide to use this vibe, you're sure to have a highly-pleasurable experience.

      Operated by a simple one-touch button in the base which illuminates to show it's turned on. Each further press of the button cycles through the four speeds and four patterns: low speed, medium speed, high speed, ultra speed, tease, wave, pulse and the rhythmic cha-cha.

      The button can be held down for two seconds to switch it off.

      The powerful internal motor ensures that whether you prefer gentle or vigorous vibrations you'll find a setting that hits your pleasure spots every time.

      Measuring up at 4 inches in length, 3.75 inches in circumference around the widest point of the tip and 4.65 inches in circumference at the widest part of the lower end. The tip is designed to be insertable for up to three inches, making it perfect for shallow penetration and teasing the G-spot.

      The magnetic charger means that there are no external sockets to allow water in, making Touch completely waterproof. Easy to clean, you can also use this vibrator in the shower, bath or pool without fear.

      Touch comes with a magnetic charger and UK power adaptor. Upon receipt, charge it for 90 minutes and you're then set to go for up to 2 hours of pleasure.

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      Rechargeable We-Vibe Touch Personal Massager Silicone Vibrator 8 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Rechargeable We-Vibe Touch Personal Massager Silicone Vibrator
      2. Rechargeable We-Vibe Touch Personal Massager Silicone Vibrator

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    1. Goooood Vibrations

      Reviewed: 17 December 2013 by MrMan1491, a Straight Engaged Male

      This little vibrator is something every couple should own. It’s become an absolutely central to us. Firstly, it’s exceptionally well made. The material feels incredibly soft, yet it looks like it’s going to last forever. The recharger works well and the charging pin is so well hidden that it’s unnoticeable during sex. It’s totally waterproof and feels really nice and slippery when wet. Finally, the actual vibrator is INCREDIBLY powerful for its size. It really has a nice vibration variety too, the highest setting is a bit like the buzz of superpowered bullet vibrator, but the lower settings have a very pleasing deep rumble.

      In terms of use during sex, this item really shines: First off, it’s totally silent. Even on the highest setting, there’s little more than a whisper.

      Secondly, it’s perfectly shaped. During foreplay or solo play, you can either use the tip to directly pleasure the clitoris with pinpoint accuracy, or place the entire thing over the vagina so that it cups and vibrates it all. You can even insert it. And because of the luxurious silicone, it’s not at all painful or annoying on any strength setting. We have a verity of toys from Wands to bullets and vibes that take those huge C batteries, but this is the only vibrator that my OH enjoys on the highest setting without any need for warning up - the silicone make the vibrations ‘softer’ without lessening the power. It’s literally magic.

      Thirdly, it’s exceptionally well-shaped for use during sex. Due to its small thin shape, we like to place it between us during sex. It feels good for both of us and stays in place quite well as the rubber grips. As it’s easy to grasp in one hand, I like to use it on my OH during oral sex, which makes her finish is seconds.

      All in all this item is one of the few vibrators that I can honestly say is flawless.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Powerful vibrations, well made.
      Bottom line
      Excellent for solo play and couples.
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    1. Housework never the same again

      Reviewed: 01 July 2013 by LouieLouie, a Bisexual Single Female

      When I spotted this intriguing-looking little vibe it struck me immediately that it’d be great to use with my strap-on set, inside a pair of snug-fitting knickers, so that I get to join in the fun a bit more. I’ve been wondering how to improve the experience, so I decided to give it a try.

      It looks like a sensuously smooth silicone tongue. I was delighted to find that it arrived already quite well-charged, so I was able to try it out straight away. With my boyfriend at work I’d little immediate use for the strap-on harness, so I just switched on the Touch, popped it in my pants, and started walking around. As I’d been halfway through tidying the sitting room when the parcel arrived, I decided to carry on with that whilst conducting my test run!

      The vibrations, combined with the movement, were delectable. Inside a pair of knickers with jeans over the top the Touch stayed in place very well, with the amount of contact and strength of vibration shifting as I moved. The vibrations aren’t hugely strong, but I found there’s a certain advantage in that – strong vibrations are really exciting, of course, but are also quite tiring when used for too long. I could have put up with the Touch’s tickling and teasing all morning.

      I’ve since tried it in a more straightforward way, and it’s a lovely shape for intimate stimulation. There’s a slight indentation on the rear of the tongue, which cups the clitoral area really nicely. On my boyfriend, the end that comes to a rounded point is good for stimulating under the head of his penis. I’ve also tried it with the strap-on, and it made it a lot more fun for me! Without my jeans to hold it in place it did move around a bit in my knickers, but by holding it in place with one of my hands we managed a very nearly-simultaneous orgasm the first time we tried it. Himself also likes to be massaged with it between the shoulders when he comes home from a long day hunched over a computer, he finds it relieves the muscle tension really well.

      The Touch is the quietest vibe I’ve owned, I doubt it would be audible even through a door. There are eight different vibration patterns; we haven’t experimented much yet, as we usually end up using the constant setting anyway, but some will enjoy the variations. We found that a charge lasts at least through a session of around half an hour - and possibly longer than that, we haven't really tested it out fully yet.

      The unit, which is beautifully-made, is waterproof and very easy to clean, with the charger completely separate and attached to the toy by magnets. I’m familiar with this system from my Fun Factory vibe, but I did find the magnets on the Touch less strong and therefore less easy to keep in place. I had to fiddle around with the cable a bit, to get it into a position where there was no tension on the magnets to pull them away. A small gripe, though, and not something that would have put me off even if I’d been aware of it before buying.

      In summary: a fab addition to a collection if you’re happy with slightly more subtle vibes and don’t need your socks knocking off with a pneumatic drill; great to use in conjunction with other toys.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Shape, build quality, versatility, quietness.
      Slightly fiddly to attach charger.
      Bottom line
      Really useful little vibe.
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    1. A powerful little vibe

      Reviewed: 02 March 2013 by deviantcpl

      This is a great little massager. It feels really high-quality and, because it’s rechargeable, you don’t have to worry about batteries. I’ve bought rechargeable toys before and most of them require a long charge before the first use, but the We-Vibe’s initial charging period was very reasonable. It still holds its charge well - and I’ve had it for over a year now.

      It comes in its own bag, and it’s quite nice to look at, unlike some toys. The covering of the toy is extremely smooth, so the massager stays nice and slick and doesn’t dry out against your skin.

      It’s a bit smaller than I was expecting from the picture, but that’s not an issue. This is a great little massager and does just what it promises. It’s quite a specialised type of toy, but it’s great at what it was designed to do. And it’s waterproof, so it’s great to take into the bath or shower for solo play, or for use with a partner.

      It has a good range of vibrations from soft to very strong, so this is the massager for you if you struggle with some of the cheaper toys out there. It is slightly on the pricey side, but it’s well worth it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Very powerful vibrations.
      Slightly noisy.
      Bottom line
      Definitely worth the price if you're looking for a powerful vibe.
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    1. Strong clitoral vibrator for yourself or to play with your partner

      Reviewed: 17 July 2011 by openmindedcouple

      I was really looking forward to this vibrator arriving as my husband and I love the We-Vibe - it is by far our favourite vibrator to use as a couple. Therefore, we were intrigued to see how the Touch would work for us.

      First impressions

      Firstly, the packaging that the Touch arrived in was very similar to our We-Vibe. It has a very tasteful white box within which everything is neatly, and quite tightly, stored. I was pleased to see that there wasn’t any excess packaging and it was very easy to get into. My only slight gripe here is that the bag which you get to the keep the Touch in is nowhere near as nice as the one that came with our We-Vibe. The We-Vibe bag was nice and silky. This one looked almost identical except the material was very inferior and not nice to touch at all.

      The We-Vibe Touch is quite long and wide for a clitoral vibrator but much smaller than most internal vibrators. It's got nice curves and an indent which helps with gripping it. It looks quite pretty (we have it in red) and while I think many people would guess what it was if they looked carefully it's fairly innocuous and I don’t think you would feel too embarrassed if someone spotted it in a corner.

      The Touch is made out of the same material as the We-Vibe, which is medial-grade silicone. The surface of this isn’t super slick so I find that a bit of lube is often a good idea to get going and makes it glide really nicely.

      How does it work

      The Touch uses a contact charger which connects via magnets to the stubby end. I was a bit dubious about this but there is a little light on the charger so you can tell that it is working and the magnets seem pretty strong. I was easily able attach them and then slip it into its bag and put it on my bedside table without having to be too careful. One advantage is that it is very easy to take off charge to use if you decide you want it on the spur of the moment ;) The very big advantage of the charging system is that as that charger doesn’t need to go into the vibrator, it is completely sealed and watertight. That means lots of fun in the shower/bath/hot-tub and very easy cleaning!

      One point to note, after charging the Touch has always held its charge no problem at all for a session. However, I wanted to use it once the next day after a session the night before and I hadn’t charged it in between. The vibe was noticeably slower and not at its normal strength. Therefore, I would recommend always charging it straight after you have used it.

      The Touch has 8 vibration settings - four constant speeds from low to strong, then four patterned speeds. I’m not a massive fan of patterned speeds but these are nice and firm so I’ve found myself using them occasionally in the past two weeks.

      It's quite quiet and I doubt anyone outside of the room would be able to hear it at all. Inside, you can hear it slightly but only just unless you are right next to it. Any background noise (e.g. music) would drown it out within the room as well.

      Does it work?

      My verdict is yes, it works very well as a clitoris vibrator - both with a partner and solo. I’m not so convinced about using it internally, though.

      The first time I used the Touch was with my husband - not long after it arrived ;) We found that vibrations are very strong (particularly given its size) and that they are at a really nice low frequency. Some clitoris vibes have such high frequency vibes that I don’t find them particularly comfortable. The Touch has strong, low vibes that you can really grind into. Because of the shape of the vibe, it was surprisingly easy to use while being penetrated. The Touch is long enough to get hold off and a combination of its width and texture make it easy to grip. This instantly elevated it above pretty much all other clit vibes that we have used together as I didn’t have to try and hold it between finger and thumb and hope that I could keep it in place!

      The width of the vibe impressed both of us. It sits really nicely over all of my vulva, which means that there isn’t any area where the vibrations don’t reach. It also spreads the vibrations out, so if you were particularly sensitive I think that this vibrator on a low setting might be really good - it doesn’t direct the vibes into one little area unless you want to. If you do want to, the edge and end of the Touch are more focused. As well as using the Touch on your clit, the tip of the Touch is slightly flexible and can be used to great effect to tease all over.

      After having used the vibrator with my husband, I also tried it as a toy to play with on my own. I largely orgasm through clitoral stimulation so it worked extremely well for me. The width of the vibrator and the strength of the vibrations had me grinding against it and climaxing in no time. Even when it got covered in a bit more lube that I had intended the curves and indent meant that I could grip it and direct it to great effect.

      I tried to use the Touch internally but I didn’t get much out of it. To be fair, I don’t tend to get much from vibrating dildos when I use them on my own so if penetration is your thing you might get more out of it. I found that it wasn’t really big enough to get much sensation out of it. It worked a bit better anally, but because it is quite stubby it is quite wide so if you are new to anal you might find that it’s not comfortable to do more than press the end in slightly (although this can feel wonderful!).


      I’ve deliberately not reviewed this product any earlier (it arrived two weeks ago) as I’ve wanted to see how it fits into our play on a more regular basis. We don’t ever use it for penetration on its own but it is a wonderful clitoral vibrator. We’ve found that we use it a lot with foreplay as it’s really great to get me going, and then we sometimes use it for clit stimulation during penetration. After having used this I think it will be difficult to use other clit vibrators (e.g. bullet vibes) as the vibrations are often so much higher in frequency and they are not such a great shape.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Very strong and low frequency vibrations, wide shape.
      Doesn't do much internally.
      Bottom line
      Great clit vibrator with strong vibes.
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    1. Quite the little powerhouse

      Reviewed: 18 January 2014 by Evaliz, a Straight Married Female

      I really love this little thing, you get a good variety of different patterns you can play around with and it's very powerful for its size.

      If I had one issue its that it makes me come too quickly but that's probably something that will improve with experience.

      It's beautifully made and feels lovely in the hand, charging is dead simple though it's a little bit easy to loose the magnetic connection.

      Overall a great buy. I would heartily recommend it.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      The strength of vibrations and variety of patterns.
      The connection to the charger is a bit easy to pop off.
      Bottom line
      Very versatile, well made, you get what you pay for.
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