1. Je Joue Mimi Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

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      1. Je Joue Mimi Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Designed to complement and enhance couple's play, Mimi slips between you and your lover with ease, increasing stimulation and augmenting pleasure with its 5 speeds and 6 patterns of vibration. Mimi is a delectable treat for solo players, too.

      From the first touch of its smooth and firm-yet-soft silicone skin, you'll appreciate Mimi as the most luxurious and sensual of toys. Shaped beautifully, this ergonomic pebble vibrator is smaller than many hand-held massagers, making it ideal to enjoy together during sex and foreplay.

      Within the water-tight exterior of this luxury vibe is a powerful motor with 5 stunning speeds of vibration, escalating from a low rumble to a high-speed buzz. Choose from 6 patterns and set the speed to your liking to experience a custom pleasure session with over 35 functions to experiment with.

      Mimi is presented in luxury gift packaging and comes with a charger and instruction booklet.

      Key Features:

      • USB rechargeable waterproof luxury clitoral vibrator
      • 5 speeds and 6 patterns of vibration for customisable play
      • Ergonomic, petite design is perfect for couples
      • USB rechargeable - environmentally friendly and can be powered worldwide
      • Powerful yet quiet, for discreet use

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      1. Je Joue Mimi Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator
      2. Je Joue Mimi Luxury Rechargeable Clitoral Vibrator

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    1. Strong but sensual

      Reviewed: 06 February 2019 by VR, a Straight Going Steady Female

      MiMi has been on my wishlist for quite some time, but having had some money for Christmas I decided it was time to treat myself.

      And what a lovely treat!

      The usual plain Lovehoney box arrived quickly. It was taken upstairs and opened to reveal the gorgeous box that MiMi was nestled in. I pulled it out and started to charge it. Charging is very easy - plug the USB wire into a standard charging plug, attach the magnetic connection to the MiMi and leave it until the flashing light stays on.

      I washed it before use (easy as it's completely waterproof) and settled down for a play. The silicone is beautiful. Soft and smooth, though the toy itself is solid. The three buttons controlling it are on, off and patterns. Some have found them a little tricky to use but I haven't had a problem with them.

      Turning it on I was very pleasantly surprised at how deep and thuddy the vibrations are. I have built up quite a few toys in my box but can honestly say I've never felt anything like this. The vibrations on a lower level penetrate deeper than anything else I have. They stay like this almost to the most intense setting, of which there are five. There are seven patterns but I'm not a pattern lover, preferring the solid thud of the vibrations.

      I usually prefer bullets with their more pinpoint feature but MiMi worked just as well as my favourite bullets, though using it is such a sensual experience I played with it over my body for a lot longer than I do with my bullets. I can't believe that something so intense can purr over my skin like MiMi does.

      MiMi is quiet in use but if you drop it on the bed the vibrations are so deep and intense, it does become louder. On skin, though, it remains quite quiet.

      The battery life is quite incredible. I've used it for at least 20 minutes a time over several nights before it needed charging. I didn't time it, but I am aware it's lasted longer than most of my toys. It doesn't heat up after using it for a fairly prolonged session which I find reassuring.

      For me, this is a truly sensual pleasure toy. The silicone, the deep vibrations, the way it fits in my hand... it all goes together to give me a deeper experience that I normally give myself with toys. Even using it alone I can close my eyes and imagine my partner using it on me. It's almost hypnotic.

      However, it's also functioned as a practical item for me as I suffer with hip pain. Instead of dragging my Doxy out for a massage, I've slipped MiMi between my bed and my hip and let it run. It's strong and deep enough to help ease the pain in my hip - no mains wand or partner to hold it required!

      I'd recommend it for people who like a slow sensual experience rather than a quick release.

      A true test for me is if I'd replace it if something happened to it and I would. In a deep, thuddy heartbeat.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The depth and feeling of the vibrations. The feel of the silicone.
      A slightly more pointed tip.
      Bottom line
      Stronger and more sensual than an average vibe.
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    1. Best Clit vibe so far

      Reviewed: 15 July 2018 by Desdemonna, a Straight Married Male

      Got this as a present for my wife. Wanted a good clit vibrator that was discreet, comfortable, quiet and easy to use.

      This vibrator ticks all the box’s, my wife loves it and is her ‘go to’ toy. She has to focus to have an orgasm, but this vibrator has never let her down.

      The size and shape make it comfortable for couples play.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Higher settings a little noisy.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant for her!
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    1. Love it!

      Reviewed: 07 June 2018 by SilentSinger, a Bisexual Married Female

      I took the plunge with the MiMi after being rather disappointed with the Desire Luxury rechargeable.

      At first it took some getting used to; it either felt not quite powerful enough or a little too powerful - which resulted in a numb clit, but after persevering and using only the MiMi (rather than my other toys) for a while I've definitely found my stride with it.

      The finish is luxuriously soft, the vibrations are deep and rumbly, and it's incredibly easy to clean. It's not as quiet as I'd like, but it's certainly not too loud either. It sounds a little bit like a teeny tiny cement mixer.

      It's such an elegant looking device too. Looks borderline classy on my bedside table. ;)

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Powerful, deep rumbling vibrations.
      Took some getting used to, but I'm glad I did.
      Bottom line
      My new favourite.
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    1. Home Run Every Rime

      Reviewed: 22 January 2018 by Older but still active

      Things were slowing down for my wife as she gracefully entered here 60's. Getting her to climax was becoming like a 40/60 game of chance. More off than on. (If you get the idea?)

      I bought it (along with some lubricant) on the off chance it might help us achieve some additional satisfaction. (Even if it didn't work, no big financial loss.)

      When I showed her the units, she was quite sceptical but willing to give it a try. She felt it was just another electronic gadget what would end up in the trash. On the first test drive, little did we know we were in for a surprise.

      Fumbling with the buttons we found a setting that felt interesting. Suddenly my wife was literally out of control with joy! It was something to behold. She had never climaxed anything like this is 40 years of marriage. (We are certainly glad there were no one within earshot.) The unit literally it took her over the top in minutes. Need I say more?

      So far it has changed our success rate from 40/60 to a streak of 100% straight! We couldn't be more happy with the product. Would love to tell our friends, but sex is not something we are comfortable talking about.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Multiple levels of vibration helps with the stages of stimulation and arousal.
      It is hard to know which of the 6 settings you are in.
      Bottom line
      Best purchase I have ever made to help my wife achieve sexual satisfaction.
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    1. River Rock From Heaven

      Reviewed: 01 June 2016 by sexychloe

      The Mimi is a versatile, ergonomic clitoral vibrator. This toy features strong vibrations and a variety of different patterns, sure to pleasure any user! The rumbling vibrations are a great alternative for those who cannot handle or do not like buzzy toys. The Mimi can be used for solo play, foreplay, and even during intercourse. Because of the sleek, slim design, the Mimi doesn't get in the way during most positions. The Mimi is great for pin-point stimulation and doesn't cause cramping if used for a long time because of the ergonomic design.

      Brand new, the Mimi has an almost undetectable smell when held right under the nose, but this smell is a clean one and washes away easily. The smell is expected with medical grade silicone, which is what the Mimi is. There is no drag with the Mimi, as she is very smooth and velvety soft to the touch. With very little lubricant, she slips nicely over any body part. This version of the Mimi is rigid with very little give to the material.

      This was my first waterproof and rechargeable vibrator. I absolutely loved it! She was easy to use and it isn't easy to accidentally change settings mid-session like some other toys.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Sleek, waterproof, ergonomic, strong rumbly vibrations.
      Buttons can be difficult to push.
      Bottom line
      The Mimi is great for anyone who likes waterproof play and rumbly vibrations!
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