1. Wand Essentials Tri-Gasm Magic Wand Attachment

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      1. Wand Essentials Tri-Gasm Magic Wand Attachment

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    1. Product Description

      Ramp up the sexual abilities of your Wand Essentials massager or magic wand vibrator with this insertable textured tip. Made from skin-safe rubber, the tri-gasm stimulates you anally, vaginally and clitorally for a deep climatic experience.

      A flexible, textured sleeve for your Essentials Wand that will enhance the sexy sensations it gives you. Simply fit the sleeve over the head of your Essentials Wand and you're ready to go.

      The tri-gasm is a flexible but firm sleeve with three pleasure-hungry features that will ensure you're 100% satisfied:

      Anal Stimulator:

      A short yet girthy stimulator surrounded by nodules to stimulate your perenium as well as offering a satisfying internal sensation. Measuring just 1.75 inches in length and 3.5 inches in girth, it offers a shallow penetration that helps strengthen the intensity of your orgasms.

      Vaginal Stimulator

      This girthy upwardly-curved bulb measures 3 inches in length with a girth of 4.35 inches at the widest point. Designed with a forward-reaching tip with a smooth, flat head, it strokes the upper walls of the vagina and teases the g-spot. The base of the vaginal stimulator is covered with sensitivity-increasing nodules that stimulate the outer vagina and lead to the clitoral stimulator.

      Clitoral Stimulator

      Extending outward on a near-horizontal slope above the vaginal stimulator is a noduled clitoral stimulator. Measuring 1.35 inches in length and 1 inch in width, it can be bent toward the body so that each of the tiny nodules are in contact with your most sensitive spots.

      Total size:

      4 inches tall

      6.5 inches wide

      Designed to fit the Essentials Massage Wand, the sleeve measures 7 inches in circumference on the inside and may fit other wands with a measurement of 7.1 - 7.5 inches at the tip.

      See our guide How to Choose Magic Wand Attachments to check wand compatibility.

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      1. Wand Essentials Tri-Gasm Magic Wand Attachment
      2. Wand Essentials Tri-Gasm Magic Wand Attachment

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    1. Tri-mazing

      Reviewed: 01 October 2013 by Don_Don, a Straight Married Male

      Bought this as we have a Lelo Wand but lately my OH hasn't been that interested in using it. After checking the size in the Wand section on Lovehoney my wife decided she wanted this one.... now we know they don't reccomend using some attachments with the silicone of the Lelo wand but we are happy enough to do so.

      Arrived quickly from LH and since it came to my office I brought it home that evening, when I gave it to my wife I could just see her excitement... the dinner was in the oven and it had 30 mins to cook so I was ordered to go and clean it and bring it to the bedroom... talk about impatient.

      A little foreplay and a little lube and this boy slipped right in, all 3 points in the right places and away we go. Well she loved it. We built the Lelo up to maximum speed and she lay there in bliss.

      Afterwards the OH commented on how she loved the 3 points of stimulation.... she's not into anal play but found that since it was external stimulation that it was enjoyable.

      We'd highly recommend this attachment for any wand owners and we were surprised the previous reviews weren't as good and we found it but for us it worked.

      We've been doing a lot of G-Spot experiment lately and my wife is dying to learn to squirt and found this excellent for a G-Spot orgasm, no squirt but that will come over time.

      Anyway a great attachment and simple and easy to use.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      It fitted great.
      Have seen cheaper but LH returns policy takes the risk out of it.
      Bottom line
      Great attachment for your wand.
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    1. 3-way fun

      Reviewed: 10 June 2013 by Stuburns, a Straight Married Male

      We already have another wand attachment which certainly didn't disappoint and this is no different. Having a wand is a must and all these different attachments certainly add more fun and variety that's for sure.

      The material is flexible and easily fits on the head of a standard wand. It comes white in colour although a choice of colours could be a good thing.

      Once fitted and with the wand switched on a quick check with the tip of my nose proved to me that the vibrations reach the very end of the attachment.

      The end of the wand becomes heavier with this attachment fitted but doesn't make it difficult to use at all.

      After a little warm-up I used the attachment on my OH. The large bulb isn't too large, quite a standard size I would say. Once entered the clitoral stimulator nestled comfortably where it should fit and the anal stimulator had to really be positioned with a little more effort due to the flexible nature of the attachment.

      Again the anal bulb is a standard size, not too big and not to small. Once all in place I switch on the wand. Mine has low and high and have found only low is needed and with the attachment on it's no different.

      My wife's reaction is plain to see. This attachment clearly works on the 3 parts it's meant to, combining, not knowing which area is enjoying the pleasure the most.

      It doesn't take long to work its magic but then again neither does the wand on its own. My OH said she enjoyed the direct feeling of each stimulator and this gave her another good option to use with her wand.

      As for me anything that works my OH as good is clearly worth it.

      My advice for those with a magic wand is to at least try an attachment. They aren't overly expensive and add that little bit extra to a wand's usefulness.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Direct stimulation to G-spot and anus.
      Only white colour to choose from.
      Bottom line
      Worth the money to make more use of your wand.
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    1. Not one of the best

      Reviewed: 10 February 2011 by premium90, a Straight Going Steady Male

      It has taken some time to wait and get a good review.

      The material is actually OK and does'nt smell bad. You have 3 different nodules. One is internal for the G-spot, the other for the clitoris and the other to tingle or rim you.

      Now the problem. The design is kind of heavy for the wand. I'm not too sure how I can actually describe it but the fit is OK but rather cumbersome?

      The vibrations are very strong due to the wand but it is too overpowering. The higher you go the number you get. Pity.

      Anyway, it is better to use the wand without this adaptor.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      The material is OK.
      Rather cumbersome.
      Bottom line
      Not good.
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    1. Kama sutra for one

      Reviewed: 29 June 2013 by Fen-tigress, a Straight Single Female

      Not sure whether the position you need to get yourself into to try this one is kama sutra or some uknown yoga position, but it is certainly one that needs someone else to help you even if it is just to put you in traction afterwards.

      For self pleasure I found I couldn't get it into the right angles and places and in the end gave up. Much easier with a partner to use it on you.

      Unfortunately for me, the product was not one I am pleased that I purchased. I much prefer the wand on its own.

    2. Overall Rating
      3 out of 10 stars
      Nice wash clean plastic.
      The build... a very tight fit on.
      Bottom line
      Tricky to use alone. Fun with a partner.
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