1. Lovehoney Sqweeler Pearl Tongue Sqweel Wheel

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      1. Lovehoney Sqweeler Pearl Tongue Sqweel Wheel

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    1. Product Description

      The Sqweeler Pearl is a new orgasmic insert for your Sqweel 2 , featuring firmer texture and a dozen raised bumps to replicate the delicious sensation of pierced tongues. And you thought oral sex simulation had already reached its peak!

      The firmer feel makes it perfect for all over massage, while oral sex lovers who crave strong stimulation will benefit from the powerful and stimulating textured tongues.

      The Sqweeler Pearl wheel is the firmest of the Sqweelers and one of three to add to your collection.

      To use your Sqweeler, just open your Sqweel and take out the original wheel of tongues.

      Replace with your Sqweeler Pearl wheel and clip the lid back on. Add a squeeze of your favourite lube and you're ready to Sqweel.

      Direct the lapping tongues to your clitoris and work your way through the three speeds of the Sqweel until you reach orgasm. Go again upon recovery with the confidence that these tongues are always ready and eager to pleasure you.

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      1. Lovehoney Sqweeler Pearl Tongue Sqweel Wheel
      2. Lovehoney Sqweeler Pearl Tongue Sqweel Wheel


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    1. I'm converted!

      Reviewed: 28 January 2011 by englishrose, a Bisexual Single Female

      Having eventually got around to buying a Sqweel, I was disappointed, and it spent a few months gathering dust in the bottom of the drawer. However, with the new inserts, I was determined to give it a second chance. And I am seriously glad I did.

      The Pearl is well made, and offers a totally different experience to the original insert. The bumps in the middle are solid, and the fronds at the side are flexible and soft. You simply release it from its easy-to-open packaging (no scissors needed here!) and pop it into place in the Sqweel, just as though you were reinserting the original insert after cleaning.

      I found I didn't need as much lube as when using the original, and didn't need to top it up so regularly either. The sensation is hard to describe - sort of solid but light - but it feels so much better than the original tongues. I found that setting one is a good warm up, and setting two is perfect for a steady build, whereas three, which sends me numb with the original, was instantly explosive. The Pearl is harder than the original, which I personally think improves the feeling - I found the original was either irritating or numbing, whereas the bumps on the Pearl provide intense bursts of sensation without the tickle. It feels a lot more like oral sex than the original (or at least, it does in my opinion) - or rather, a lot more like the oral I would like to receive: no half-hearted, fleeting licks here, just pure orgasmic sensation.

      From languishing alone and unloved, the Sqweel has become my new favourite toy. And as a bonus, the Pearl insert is even quicker and easier to clean than the original.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It feels so much better than the real thing...
      Nothing not to like - perfect for me.
      Bottom line
      Perfect for those who like intense, firm sensations.
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    1. Too much Sqweeling

      Reviewed: 27 January 2011 by missorgasm, a Straight Single Female

      I picked this one as it says it's the firmest, and I thought it would be a nice change from the soft tongues that come with the Sqweel. While I love my Sqweel and the original insert, it was very very gentle and the orgasms although massively satisfying, just weren't quick enough if I just needed a fix and for this reason my rabbit always came first. Pardon the pun.

      Anyway, back to this product, it arrived, as always discreetly in a padded envelope in Lovehoney's trademark plastic packaging, totally inoffensive and no more than is necessary, at a glance you can't tell what it is, the only thing that gives it away is it says in very small writing "Orgasmic insert wheel for the Sqweel".

      The first thing I noticed about the product itself it the finish is not as flawless as the tongues, it doesn't put me off personally but there is a very obvious difference between the two inserts when it comes to finish.

      The pearl has bumps all around both sides, it looks like a cog, and in between the two sides are dome shaped bumps, around a cm long and about a cm apart.

      I took the original insert from my Sqweel and inserted the pearl, it fits as easily and perfectly as the original. Lots and lots of lube, and turned it on, I placed it on to my wrist for a few seconds and immediately noticed how much firmer this one is, with the original there's a very small, but very definite break after one tongue "licks" and the next one gets to you.

      All though there are spaces between the main stimulating bumps, the smaller bumps around the edge are constantly stimulating over a larger area, this doesn't just aim for your clit.

      After warming myself up a bit I got to work, it was definitely more intense than the tongues straight away! Starting out on speed one, I soon tired of how slow it was and turned it up to the second speed and it was immediatly apparent I would not cope with the third speed!

      About five minutes later I knew I was getting close to my first orgasm with my new toy, but here's the thing, it didn't happen. I kept getting closer and closer but I couldn't get there! I turned it down again to the first speed and turned it straight back up as the feeling immediatly started fading, the orgasmic feeling came back almost straight away, so I turned it up to third, far to intense, back down to second, shut my eyes took some deep breathes and tried to relax, shuddering, writhing, moaning, I was sooooo close for about 10 minutes, but alas I could not climax. Giving up, I chilled for few moments and took out a very gentle bullet vibe to finish the job.

      So, to conclude, I think, this is fantastic, the idea, the stimulation, the amazing tease it gave me, no toy has made me shake like that. Maybe with practice it will make me come, maybe I was having an off day or maybe this one's just too firm for me and I need a medium softness rating? I think it was just TOO much stimulation for me.

      Whatever the reason, its certainly turned my Sqweel into a more couple-friendly toy, a perfect warm up for a mind blowing session I think. And I'll be buying the others gradually.

      I do however wish it came in a small tin like the sweel? It's the sort of material that attracts fluff so for now I've kept it in its original packaging, but it's not as classy as my lovely silver tin.

      I gave it a high score for strength of orgasm as I did get an amazing orgasm thanks to it, and hopefully, with more practice I will get there with JUST this. :)

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      The texture, the velvety feel.
      Too firm for me, the finish.
      Bottom line
      Fabulous idea, will be purchasing the rest!
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    1. Good but expensive for the price

      Reviewed: 04 July 2012 by Justthegirl, a Straight Married Female

      This small lube is quite good. It certainly does what it says, and within seconds of applying a little you can feel the heat begin.

      There are several problems with it. Firstly it's quite sticky, leaving your skin feeling a bit uncomfortable.

      And then the price for this sized bottle is quite expensive in comparison to others of its type.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      The sensations it creates are amazing.
      Quite sticky and expensive.
      Bottom line
      Good. But there are better lubes out there.
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