1. Learn How To Squirt With a Vibrator (Sex Toys)

    Learn how to squirt with a vibrator and sex toys

    Learning To Squirt With Toys

    Yes, that's right - women can ejaculate too! And now you can learn how to squirt by yourself with a G-spot vibrator and with a partner…

    Most women are capable of producing fluid when their G-spot is stimulated properly. It just takes time and practice, like everything else that's worth waiting for.

    Before you even get started, it's important to feel aroused (try something from our Female Orgasm Boosters category to give you a helping hand) and ideally to have one clitoral orgasm under your belt already.

    Being relaxed and fully aroused is vital to being able to access your G-spot and massage it comfortably.

    In order to get even close to ejaculating, you need to stimulate your G-spot. To find your G-spot, you or your lover will have to place a finger inside against your vaginal wall and waggle it in a 'come hither' motion. You should be able to feel a raised, textured area that's different to the rest of the vaginal wall.

    Above: Find out more about how to squirt in our short video.

    How To Make Yourself Squirt

    G-spots vary from woman to woman, but they're usually spongy in texture, even though the size and pleasure capacity varies with each individual. Again, using a slick of your favourite female orgasm booster will promote bloodflow and make sure you're hitting that delicious G-spot.

    It's worth pointing out here that while some women will literally wet themselves with pleasure when their G-spot is stimulated, others won't be too bothered and some may find it annoying. But if you want to give female ejaculation a shot, you need to get used to having your G-spot touched and stimulated.

    To stimulate your G-spot, you can either use your fingers, your partner's fingers, several different sex positions such as Doggie style or Reverse Cowgirl (lean back so that your partner's penis really hits the spot) or a specially designed G-spot vibrator such as the Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 2.0 G-Spot Vibrator.

    Top Sex Toys and Vibrators For Squirting:

    When learning how to squirt with a vibrator, you may feel as though you want to pee when you start stimulating your G-spot, which can be an uncomfortable feeling for some women, but as long as you've emptied your bladder before you started then you won't pee the bed. Just keep going and that urge to wee will soon pass; replaced by a deeply satisfying sensation the further on you go.

    A G-spot orgasm can take some time to achieve, but it's well worth the effort. Once you get to the point where you feel as though you're going to have an earth-shattering orgasm, push your PC muscles out (rather than clenching them in) to increase your chances of squirting or gushing. You may want to place a towel underneath you during your first few attempts… just in case!

    So, what are the basics in learning how to squirt with sex toys?

    1. Start with clitoral stimulation - try an orgasm booster to help you along the way.
    2. Find your G-spot.
    3. Stimulate your G-spot using fingers, your partner's penis or a specially designed G-spot vibrator.
    4. Keep going until you feel an intense sensation deep in your vagina.
    5. Push your PC muscles out as you orgasm.
    6. Gush and gush and gush!

    Toys To Make You Squirt

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    Squirting Question

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    Comments (138)

    • Jo: September 23, 2007 20:09
      Hi I had a repair operation on my bladder. They cut a musle out of my vagina wall. Will still be able to have a G spot orgasm.
      Thanks Jo
    • Rena: November 08, 2007 18:19
      Hi i never knew that women could squrit too!WOW! Okay well me and my women partner want to learn how we think it will put a sprak in the bedroom, but i just dont know how can you teach me?
    • Diane: November 24, 2007 18:09
      I get nervous sometimes,trying new things but I really want to know how to squirt, and other awesome sex! And new sex postions
    • lisa raye: January 09, 2008 05:32
      I want to squirt so bad....
      I don't think my boyfriend of 2years can do that...
      But I think I have done it before because it felt like I was peeing on his face but it wasn't. But I haven't been able to do it again....
    • EmiB.: January 10, 2008 21:08
      I think i have squirted once. i thought i had just peed, but now i'm sure i didn't. It's the only time, though. I would love to again, but i still worry that it won't work and i'll just pee. But i'm not afraid to keep trying;)
    • CM: January 17, 2008 22:01
      I've recently started squirting - never happened to me before a few months ago, but now I can't get enough. For me, the G spot doesn't need to be involved, I've been squirting purely through clitoral stimulation with a vibrator. It takes between 20-40 minutes. I'll have 2 or 3 mini orgasms before the final squirt. When it comes it's clear water like liquid, and it's not entirely clear where it's coming from - comes out in 5 or 6 big gushes. The amount varies, it's usually about 1-2 cups full, but I swear I just gushed out aroud a pint, hence my browsing this site!
    • RMH: January 29, 2008 00:40
      My boyfriend wants me to squirt so bad, and I have been trying but it never seems to work. I can never get past the urge to pee. Is there anything special that needs to be done to the G spot other than just stimulation to make me squirt?
    • realmanofsteel: January 30, 2008 01:27
      @manofsteel!! I think they are all just peeing on you :)
    • mike: February 04, 2008 21:39
      dearest all squirting friends
      i've recently met a young lady who didn't tell me she is a member of the squirting club UK branch. When it happened i thought I had punctured something inside with what i now consider to be my feasibly large manrod. For all those trying to squirt my advice would be to relax, think of nice things then ride that pony like you've never ridden before!
    • dstrbd: February 09, 2008 03:04
      wow this tip really worked..i squirted like i never thought i could!!! thanks!!!
    • Coopsandvik: February 23, 2008 20:53
      my girl squirts all the time, its my aim to get her to gush, we have achieved it many times over and managed to soak the entire double bed. awesome.
      relax and keep trying, you have to feel comfortable to do it in front of your partner but once you gush on them, they only want more of it.
      good luck to all
    • Rois: February 28, 2008 03:08
      i've never even cum before!!! what the hell is wrong with me? how do i squirt?! somebody help me!!!!
    • paul: March 14, 2008 17:01
      I love it when my girl squuirts all over my face !!
    • neo: April 12, 2008 22:59
      ive been wiv me lass 4 3 years n she has never been able to squirt, have you got some first steps to go about it plzzz lots of love the 1 n only neo ps im in need..

    • Kelly: April 19, 2008 13:10
      My husband was fingering me so good, and i couldn't believe it either, but i did squirt!! He was so turned on by this, so now he wants it to happen all the time, it doesn't take much now, using his hands, vibrator, or his penis, as long as were doing it doggie style!! what a great sexual feeling!!
    • BARBARA JOHNSON: April 28, 2008 20:05
    • lucy00: May 14, 2008 16:25
    • JAMIE: May 20, 2008 07:03
    • marii: June 19, 2008 19:01
      Hey me and my bf have been having sex for a few months. He's been trying to make me cum ever since the first time. He's eaten me out and fingered me and everythng but still nothing. I really want to squirt.any suggestions?
    • UnderclassHero: July 09, 2008 20:32
      I'm 18 years old and my boyfriend and I have been together for a year now. His goal since we started having sex has been to make me squirt. Now, we've done everything from fingering, eating out, different positions to even using toys. Nothing has worked. I've heard the girl has to be completely comfortable and can't fear peeing on the guy because that's what it feels like when it happens. I no longer fear that anymore but it still doesn't happen. Do you think it could be the lack of time we have to do it because a lot of the time, we have to rush before anyone gets home.
    • susiemacq: July 12, 2008 20:18
      i have been with the bf for about 6 weeks and have never squirted before, but since being with him i cant stop,..... main key is to relax and when u think u cant take no more, keep going.....and going and just enjoy it..... first time we were doing anal with vibe and clit stim at same time and i gushed so much it went thru the bed and soaked the carpet...but boy was it worth it!!!

      keep trying peeps

      good luck

    • Adina: July 22, 2008 07:19

      To the people wanting to squirt and not feeling able to, relax! Be patient. If your boyfriend really wants you to, chillax. Do it alone first! Use a dildo, and let yourself 'pee' (it's not really pee) but figure out how your body feels and what it does on your own, then have fun with your boyfriend. You'll know what you need!

    • Jo: August 18, 2008 06:15
      I have been wanting to squirt for ages now but have never managed to get there. im so jealous of girls who do it all the time it seems so easy for them, my man wants me to squirt so bad guess im just gona have to keep trying. If anyone has any more tips for me would love to read and try them.
      In desperate need to squirt.
    • K: September 02, 2008 16:35
      Just wondering, if you are in your 40's.....is it possible to squirt? I have amazing o's, but never have squirted like this......help!
    • bal: November 09, 2008 08:42
      My wife is squir expert. She makes me fuck here many time when she squirts.
    • mel: November 19, 2008 04:39
      My wife gets the feeling of squirting when I finger or penetrate her hitting the G-spot, yes she feels like squirting but for some reasons, still can't get it out...

      Somebody help? Do I have to pull out the moment she wants to squirt??

    • emma: April 04, 2009 23:26
      i have squirted in the past, twice, and its completely freaked the guy out, now im with someone who would love me to squirt or even pee on him, and i would love to reciprocate, but i have had had several colcoscopies since then, will it still be posible,or is it pschological,having held it back for so long?
    • xoxo: April 23, 2009 13:00
      LOL people want to squirt bad huh. I'm a squirter :) i've been doing it for like 2 years now, i loooooooooooove it. but yeah girls who reaaally want to squirt, remember there's not just a g-spot there's something they call a a-spot(which is deep in the pussaaay) , and when they are both played with it's easier to squirt lol ;)
    • charlie: April 29, 2009 23:06
      Im 28 and have never been able too squirt. I have been tring plaing with my pussy and using my toys. But nothing seems to work. Can anyone help me out with that or just give me some tips, i would love to find out how to make my pussy squirt.
    • Spir: May 02, 2009 07:03
      Ive been reading these comments, and lots of women are having trouble that they cannot squirt.

      After finding that I can squirt and experimented with different ways, it is definately Vital that you do not reject the 'Peeing' sensation. Sometimes it even helps to push slightly (like you were trying to pee, if your bladder is empty it should be fine).

      A position i found to be very easy to squirt in is lying on my back with some pillows under me, so that my bum is raised. Then my partner using his fingers/me using a vibe to masturbate. Since your bum is elevated your partner doesnt have to bend his fingers as much, making it less tiring. So by fingering at an angle it automatically touches the Gspot.

      I also found that my partner/vibe needs to Pull out very quickly (and not to slow down then pull slowly). Straight out. When I feel the sensation building to the point where it gets slightly unbareable. When I feel myself trying to squirm away from the fingers/vibe it is just about the right time to pull out and push.

      The quick pullout and me 'pushing' like i am trying to pee, works every time. After time I started squirting without pushing. I found pushing just let me find that i could do it and how it feels, and when I feel like squirting.
      Hope this helps you other girls.

    • denise~101: May 02, 2009 09:40
      i've been trying really hard to cum and squirt.
      i've been doing this by myself and i find it quite hard
      any suggestions ?
    • theladyinblack: May 02, 2009 19:04
      Hey, this is for Spir, thankyou! id really really love to do this, and your advice seems much more detailed than any other ive been able to come across. so when i next can im gonna give it a try. Seems to have worked wonders for you so fingers crossed :) Also, the feeling to pee gets so strong some times when im with my man that i ask him to stop for a moment... so hopefully thats a good sign in the ability to squirt. Thankyou again :D
    • janty: May 03, 2009 00:50
      Hello, I am 46, and my lover makes me squirt loads, we have to put a towel on the bed, and it gets soaked! The easiest way is for him to use a dildo, very hard and fast, it takes only a minute or so to make me cum in liquid form, and he loves to watch, finds it fascinating! Another way is to get him to bite my ear-tips very hard and growl at the same time, while he is fucking me - or is that just me? Can't say I have heard of anyone else doing this, but it works for me, so give it a whirl.
    • sexaddicts: May 04, 2009 00:40
      im makin my girlfriend squrt now!
    • xxsjxx: May 19, 2009 16:46
      I never ever experineced anything like this until I relaxed around my partner and let it happen.

      He loves making me cum and generally I just gush, however the other night I squirted properly for the 1st time.

      My partner thinks making me cum/squirt is such a turn on. He would rather pleasure me continously - i am soooooo lucky hehe


    • Orangejelly: May 22, 2009 09:49
      I'm just gettinginto Tantra and i asume its quite important for me to give this a go, thou my husband has tryed in desperation I don't really like the g-spot being touched but I hope i will one day
      Good luck girls
    • Kerry: May 24, 2009 19:21
      hi love reading all this comments wish i'd found this site before(like years ago) anyway don't know if it helps but i have a friend who found me again on a social network and we flirted outrageously on line and after 5 weeks we arranged to meet up needless to say we ended up fooling around and he fingered me a lot and for the first time ever my g spot was played with and i squirted unintententionly. I apologised as soon as i could talk again and he said it was brill that i was a squirter as he loves it but his ex couldn't do it. So my point is relax have fun and don't "think" about it. It'll happen when you are relaxed and having fun. I can't wait till the next time we meet .
    • Rach: May 28, 2009 23:53
      Hi, I've been with my boyfriend for over 3 years now, I often feel like i'm going to squirt when i'm riding him, but I get too freaked out by the peeing urge that I feel.. so i stop in case i do! I want to keep going as i can tell it would feel amazing and he'd really get off on it.. Anybody got any tips on how to get over that feeling? ive tried by myself but no vibrator nor masturbation feels as good as his cock.
      Thanks :)
    • kerry: May 29, 2009 14:03
      Rach unless you suffer from incontinence then go to loo before you start and then relax when you are riding him you won't pee but the feeling/orgasm is intense so enjoy and you're right vibrators and masturbation while good is no substitute for a good cock
    • nick: May 29, 2009 18:29

      my wife has always squirted ever since i first met her years ago.i have used toys on her as well as my cock.and she always squirts.the most enjoyable that we do.is for her to sit on my face and i give her oral.i know this might sound a bit of a turn of for some people.but i do enjoy the taste of her squirt.when she is about ready to cum she pushes herself down on me and i drink her.now us men expect our women to suck us dry so why not return the favour.it has a tangy taste to it and for some will take a little getting used to.but after a while you might get to like the taste of it.now if your lady squirts give it a try.some of you will like it some will not
    • Brittany: June 01, 2009 09:12
      Hi. I have just recently found out that a women can ejaculate. When I have sex I do get the 'I have to pee' feeling. I try, and try but it never happens. The other night I was having sex, and the urge to pee was really intense. I did feel like it was going to come out, and my boyfriend started fingering me, I tried my hardest to get it out; it just never came. I have heard you have to feel comfortable, and you have to trust the person. Well, I do. I just want to. I have read all about it, and how to do it. I have tried everything. It is so frustating.
    • nick: June 03, 2009 23:07

      i have sat down with my wife and we both read all the posts on here and after a talk we both came to an agreement that most if not all the women who have posted on this topic are trying to hard to squirt.the best advise that we can give any woman who is trying to squirt is put it out of your mind and relax and let your orgasam do the work.get your man to work on you g.spot and go with the flow of your orgasam as i said before.my wife can do some mind blowing squirting.and my fave postion is when my wife sits on my face untill she cums and drinking her sweet necter is a taste that gets me going.so ladys dont think about squirting because if you try to hard to wont happen.just relax and it will happen
    • Valerie: June 08, 2009 06:38
      Hey, Ive recently found out about squirting and I really really wanna do it! I gave it a go in the wekend by getting my bf to finger me and stimulate my gspot, I got the peeing sensation and got really really wet but didnt squirt....I stoped after a while, just gave up as the peeing feeling was getting more and more intense and Id already been doing it for like 20 minutes so assumed it wouldnt happen. (I didnt actually have to pee, I emptied my bladder fully just before).

      Then I tried again today, my partner was fingering me with two fingers while I was playing with my clit, I got the peeing feeling again, this time very intense and my legs were shaking, I was really turned on and my heart was racing I knew I was going to orgasm and I got that feeling you get the second youre about to pee, So I pushed down like I was trying to pee, but nothing came out....I kept trying for maybe 5 minutes then just gave up. I think Im getting frustrated because I cant seem to squirt and this might be stopping me from relaxing and being able to do it.

      Do you have any advice? How exactly should my parnter be stimulating my gspot? And if I had kept going after the peeing feeling would I have been able to sqirt? Ive heard it can take a loooong time before it happens and quite a bit of practise. I really want to be able to squirt. Any tips would be welcome!!!

    • kerry: June 08, 2009 14:18
      ladies please stop forcing it, relax and go with the flow (no pun intended )you are all individuals and for some it may take time and for others it will just be a few minutes. I had NO experience or even heard of female ejaculation but as said previously my g spot was fingered and before I could respond or not I squirted. I was very relaxed and in an extremly good mood, happy and under no illusion this man wanted me faults and all. Good luck
    • nick: June 08, 2009 22:17

      thank you kerry you have re enforced my point about squirting.as you rightfully say relax and dont think about it.like your partner i do enjoy seeing my partner squirt.i know that i am giving her plesure.and to me is the most inportant thing any man can give a woman.after all the plesure a woman gives a man.
    • mamby: June 13, 2009 22:51
      I've been able to squirt for a few years now - but only began with my hubby after a play session.. the key IS to relax and just close your eyes letting the sensation wash over you and waheyyy.. you'll soon be washing him too.. lol.. We found out it could happen by accident - we'd been playing for a little and had orgasmed twice then I stood up and as I did - hubby started to play with my clit as he fingered me.. next thing I know after a lot of tingles rushing through me.. his hand was soaked and so was the carpet.. ;o)
      now we try to have a good session least once a week where sole aim is for me to 'squirt' but even during 'normal' intercourse - I have 2 or 3 'mini' orgasms before exploding and soaking everything below me..
      god it feels soooooooo good..
    • Ampeli: June 17, 2009 13:09
      My wife started squirting just over a year ago and she is 48. The best sensation for me is when I watch her masturbating and when she gets close to coming I take over with my tongue. It doesn't usually take long for me to push her over the edge - and when I do my oh my! I literally drink from the cup of heaven when she comes, and it is the horniest and most intimate thing I have done with my beloved (and her ejaculation tastes divine!!)
    • wet wet wet: June 20, 2009 07:46
      I first squirted and then gushed when a woman joined me and my husband for a 3 some. she masturbated me while I was sitting on the sofa with my legs wide open and my shaved pussy onview. My husband was watching and wanking himself. There was a huge eruption and a big puddle of cum on the floor mine and his - the woman licked me out and I came more and more my husband was delighted he came in my mouth as she slurped my cum and then my husband and I 69's and fucked as she watched and wanked her self off pitty she never even squirted - Think it was the control thing for us and being watched.
    • wet wet wet: June 20, 2009 07:56
      On reading the coments more closely and having played with my self and visualised my first squirt. I would recommend that you play with a woman. You dont have to be bi or bicurious or gay to do this. Women know womens bodies and it is very much fun my 'girl' never fucked my husband just pleasured me. she didnt even have to finger me deep just masturbate me externally and give me lots of vibration( only with her hands) stimulation. just gentle finger tip stimulation. oh am so horny thinking about it - even though it was 3 years ago. Gotta go and shake my funky stuff and make my pusy wet and full of cum. xx
    • Noki: July 06, 2009 22:49
      Ive been trying to squirt but nothing really seems to work.....and im sure it will turn my husband on plz help!!!! CAN SOMEONE PLZ GIVE ME STEP BY STEP DIRECTIONS?????
    • Valerie: July 07, 2009 14:46
      I had another go with my bf first thing in the morning and hadnt gone to the toilet for like 8 hours!!! OH GOD hahah I ended up beeing all over him BUT like two seconds before i peed I squirted, and I know it wasnt pee, it was a different feeling, it was clear and came out differently, then next thing I knew I was peeing on my partner....But i did suirt for the second before I peed, so next time Ill try after having gone to the bathroom before hand! Good luck, dont worry about it and dont pressure urself to squirt, just have fun, and now that u know what that pee feeling is just let go and relax and ull squirt, but if ur trying it wont happen!
    • LoveHoney - Carly: July 08, 2009 09:17
      Some women squirt, some women don't. Putting pressure on yourself and stressing out about it will make it an even harder goal to reach, so just relax and see what happens!

      Different techniques work for different people, but by following the instructions listed in the original blog post (look up!) you may be able to acheive it.

      However, as I've already noted - not all women can do it. Your partner is probably a very happy (and turned on) man when he can just make you orgasm normally, so thinking that only female ejaculation will make him happy will only serve to make you feel inferior and upset! Just relax and enjoy the sensations - don't try and force things.

    • sexaddictrebex: July 25, 2009 17:13
      hi. my bf makes me do it loads. you just gotta let yourself go and be comfortable with doing it infront of someone. if your not comfortable do it on your own. take some time to find your g spot cos once you do youll no about it. it feels great when it happens but put some towels down or youll end up with a wet bed. xx
    • Gema: July 28, 2009 10:10
      I know how to squirt but I have only done it when im alone. Id feel really awkward if I squirted in bed with a guy!!

      But to do it all I would say is dont hold back !!

    • Georgiie: August 04, 2009 03:23
      Oh My Gosh !! Ii Soo Wish Ii Could Squirt But Ii Dont UnderStand Why Ii Carnt Do it :( Ii Doo Try To Push Down But When Ii Do It Doesnt Work All The Time An When It Does its Only Like A Realy Tiny Amount :( Advice Any1 ?x

    • kitty: August 04, 2009 08:44
      My boyfriend just loves me to squirt. He cant get enough of it - on his hands, his face his dick. Just about anywhere. He loves to watch me come and feel me squirt on his chest and in his mouth. He just plays with my pussy until I squirt all over him. Some times I even manage to squirt when he is fucking me.

      I was gardening the other day and he did it right there and then just stuck his hand under my skirt and fingered and stroked my pussy he says he loves to feel me get wet - so slippery that he can nearly put his whole hand in my quivering soaked pussy. Then he just keeps playing his fingers, first gently and then harder - only the tips like playing a guitar until i feel the rush, its like a rumble of thunder he keeps strumming away. The thunder gets louder the rumble harder, my legs are quaking. By now I am sitting on the garden wall with my legs apart. He has such a big hard on its amazing I can see it poking over the top of his trousers. so I open his fly and let it pop out. I just like to see it. Wont touch it yet! Dont want him to loose rythm. He keeps playing with my lovely juicy cunt, just grazing my clit with his fingers. Faster faster fingers in and out I am dripping on the ground below me. Oh and then I gush all over his hands. He bends further forward to catch some of my come in his mouth and kisses me so I can taste myself.

      Now its his turn - I let him enter me - pushing really deep (he is a big boy) The wall is just the right hight (must do this more often) he is hard and keeps slipping out cos I am so wet. He turns me around and enters me from behind - hard thrusts - I stop him cos I want to suck his cock. He is so hard I can hardly fit it in my mouth. When he is nearly there I make him finish it cos I like to watch his face - just as he is ready to come I take over and make sure his come squirts right into my mouth. A lovely afternoon in the sun. Have to do the washing next - household chores should always end like this and in my house do on a regular basis - mind you I rarely finish anything - well just me and him.

    • mike: August 13, 2009 00:15
      As a red blooded heterosexual male, I have the fortune of knowing that my better half can and does squirt and often in amazingly copious quantities.

      My partner squirted for the first time some six months into our relationship and has done so, in various degrees of intensity, practically every time we have sex (which is often and very much above the average !!)

      In my mind there are a number of factors that can contribute to the probability of your lady spraying these love fluids over you
      - the love and passionate physical desire you have for each other
      - intimate knowledge of each others body and what turns you both on
      - being mentally and physically relaxed
      - having no expectations of how your lovemaking will develop or end.

      My physical desire for my lady (and I think also hers for me) is as strong now as it was when we met 17 years ago. Just to look at her makes me want to see her naked.and to please her and me sexually..

      One has to be prepared for an impending gush-fest. An incontinence sheet and a sizeable towel should cope with any amount of fluid emissions and will keep the mattress relatively dry.

      I love to see my lady squirt, and I find it incredibly erotic and satisfying when she ejaculates when I am gently rolling my tongue around her clitoris and labia, with occasional thrusts into her vagina. The fluids that erupt from her are ofetn of immense intensity and I love to swallow as much as I can. I can see that the fluids do not emanate from her urethra, but spurt very strongly from inside her vagina.

      She must always have room to squirt. When my cock is deep inside her cunt, and I feel she is about to orgasm, I pull my cock out a little. Her vaginal muscles contract violently around my penis, and a I feel a warm jet of fluid over my cock, balls, and when she is on top, all over my body......under these circumstances there is no way I can hold back and I shoot mycream deep inside her honeypot.......absolute ecstasy for me and also for her !....and so often....I am indeed a very lucky man !

      If this happens to you, you will be in heaven.....ladies, mutual love, desire,intimacy, consideration and relaxed atmosphere will increase your ejaculation potential.


    • k: September 25, 2009 17:49
      i dint realise i could squrt until about a year ago.It was a warm day and i was feelong horney,my husband was at work so i foind myself choosing a sex toy to satisfy myself,i stripped off and sat on top of my rabbit in front of my mirror so i could watch it all,it didnt take long to get going as i was stroking my by now pert nipples then out of nowhere totally unexpected i squirted it was heaven and i was tremling with satisfaction? My husband now likes to watch as i re-create the events of that afternoon and i get satifaction of squirting and my husbands reaction to it?
    • Lea: September 25, 2009 21:36
      Hmm I can say that this might have happened to me only once when I was taking a bath but I'm not sure:/ heh Anyways, when I get horny, I become extremely wet. And I know where my G-spot is and the feeling when I have to pee but when I reach that point in masturbation, I'm not able to squirt for some reason. And then I climax in the usual away. Though after that I go to the bathroom and empty my bladder because much liquid is in there. My only fear is that if I squirted, that the liquid could end up somewhere unexpected, and I live with parents so I don't have a relaxing atmosphere. Each time I masturbate, I'm in a fear that someone could open the door and see what I'm doing:( I wish someday I'll find a nice boyfriend, that I'll live with him and have my own privacy:)
    • janty: September 26, 2009 16:47
      I have been relaxed enough to gush and squirt with my lover for some time now, but on Tuesday, we tried an experiment to see how well-trained and responsive I have become. As soon as we were alone in my bedroom, he sucked my very sensitive nipples hard, it took some time but YES, he managed to make me cum as a lovely liquid expression. I am lucky to have such a skilled lover, and to be extremely responsive to him. He likes me to fill his mouth with my "janty-juice", which he then passes to my mouth for tasting, before taking in back from me . I wonder what other experiments we can think of.....
    • Delighted!: October 24, 2009 07:58
      Oh my gosh! Having read this, I just had to try! Normally I give up after needing to pee but having just tried it I can rather damply confirm it worked! Cannot wait for my boyfriend to come home now, he will love my new 'skill'.

      Thank you all so so much!

    • YummyMummy: December 02, 2009 20:06
      I used to be embarrassed about squirting as its something that happens to me usually when havin oral! but my new man is rather impressed with my unexpected ability, and he loves it when i do. And since i've been with him it happens more often and not just during oral either
    • Yesssss: December 30, 2009 06:30
      i have always bee curious of the sensation from squirting, i have seen it lots of times and just thought my body wasnt made for it.. i was randonly googling stuff and came accross this page that said most woman can do it so i tried.

      Thb i found the g spot easy, but the rubbing it, i dint really know what i was doing, i couldnt really feel anything.. so i just kept pressing it and rubbing it while browing on the net, waiting for sum sort of sensation. then all of a sudden just had a massive gush.. it wasnt powerfull, it was running softly over my hands.. i think this is due to me not rubbing the clit to arrouse even more and build up tension, but shortly after yes i did feel the urgde to pee.. i didnt know whether that would be the squirt or whether it was genuine pee, so i decided not to take the risk and i was right.

      but thats for your help, you have really opened my mind and my boyfriend will be on his knees begging me to teach him haha x

    • mic: January 05, 2010 01:46
      Been with my lover (not my wife) for 18 mths now. After about 5 mths together she squirted with her on top- ever since then she squirts all the time -in every position but her on top is the best. Fingering is also good-two fingers on G spot and go fast. No need to use clit. The funny thing is she has never squirted before and her husband cant and neither can I make my wife but were happy!
    • cat: January 05, 2010 21:08
      Despite having several sexual partners, at 23 I’d never had an orgasm and thought female ejaculation was a myth. Then I found my current boyfriend and everything changed. The second time we slept together I was on top, I could feel a big orgasm building then all of a sudden we were both drenched! I quickly ran and hid in the bathroom, not knowing what had just happened :)
      When I went back to the bedroom I was met by my very happy (and wet) partner who explained that I’d just ejaculated.
      In the five years since then it happens pretty much every time we’re together, whether he’s touching, licking, having sex or even just kissing me. My problem now seems to be not being able to control when I squirt – I have soaked many mattresses, sofas, carpets etc – so it means we have to be careful where we fool around.
      I agree with mike (Aug 13,2009 00:08) that there are many factors that contribute to this happening –
      I feel totally relaxed with my partner and trust him completely, both emotionally and physically.
      We are very sexually compatible and are in tune with each other.
      There is never any pressure to ‘perform’ – whether it’s slow sensual love-making or raw rough f*cking the emphasis is on enjoying each other rather than putting on a show or trying to impress.
      My advice to anyone yet to experience ejaculation would be to relax & don’t put any pressure on yourself or your partner to make it happen. This method might make it more likely but there are no guarantees so if it doesn’t happen, don’t stress:
      Go to the loo beforehand so you’re not worried about peeing on your partner.
      Do whatever you do to make you both really horny and sensitive to his touch (kissing, teasing, bondage, whatever).
      Try laying on your back with a pillow under your bum so your hips are tilted upwards and get your partner to insert one or two fingers (with his palm facing upwards) so he can curve his fingers slightly and apply pressure to your g-spot.
      At this point he can also stimulate your clit or apply gentle pressure with his other hand to your lower stomach to push your g-spot onto his fingers from outside your body (not sure if I’ve managed to explain this clearly, sorry).
      If you start to feel like you need to pee, don’t worry you don’t, just relax and keep going. The most important thing now is just to let go and allow the orgasm to happen, don’t fight the sensation or tense up.
      I hope this helps, enjoy yourselves x
    • Alk: January 15, 2010 20:58
      Hey, i managed to squirt after a long time trying to do so, but im still worried is it for sure that after emptying my bladder theres no way to pee instead of squirting...?? (when i managed to squirt i could tell it was a clear fluid and not pee, but i don't want to embarrass myself in front of my boyfriend in case that besides emptying my bladder there still is a chance i will....pee instead...!!)
    • LoveHoney - Carly: January 18, 2010 08:50
      Hi Alk,

      If you've gone to the toilet beforehand, then you're definitely not weeing on your partner!

      Weeing is something you can control, however squirting is almost involuntary and will happen through strong stimulation, whether you like it or not! Similarly, you'll notice that female ejaculate, like you said, is clearer and a different consistency to urine.

      Please don't worry that you're going to wee on your partner. If you've emptied your bladder beforehand and are really relaxed, it is almost definitely ejaculation. So embrace it and have fun!
    • Claire: February 09, 2010 14:04
      I've been squirting for a while now and I pretty much can't come and stay dry any more.

      I find that the best way to squirt is to get really close to coming, and then have your partner move the toy, or thrust into you, really fast. If you get the right angle (sort of point the shaft at your belly button) and you're relaxed enough it's really easy to squirt. I find if you can manage to squirt you'll usually get multiple orgasms as well. A standard session for me is three in a row.

      The first time I squirted it was hardly anything, just sort of splashed my partners hands, but now she gets a drenching a lot of the time and she's said that if she weren't in the way it'd probably hit the wall behind her, which is about 8 feet away.

      I usually use a vibrator when I'm squirting, but it's more of a safety blanket than a necessity. I just feel more secure if I'm holding the bullet down there.

      My partner has only recently discovered her g-spot and hasn't managed to squirt yet. But we're young, there's time, and it'll be a lot of fun working out how.

      I think the most important thing is knowing that you won't pee, and just being comfortable with your body and your partner. Once you have that and know where your g-spot is you're practically there.

    • andy: February 18, 2010 11:39
      hi---just want to say---as a man and at 52,you never stop learning,after 2 long failed relationships ,i have met ,a new lady,she is a widow and nearly 59,we met after chatting for a long time,she has woken my love making skills ,as she squirts ,and heard of this ,but never met any lady that could do this before--she says i hit her [g--spot --and she squirts as she cums---which is a lot----when making love to her ,i for get the times ,she cums ,its so many ]---her hubby was lucky to have such a woman as his wife----and i am her lucky lover now,i find this a big turn on ,and just playing ,and sucking her nipplles brings her to squirt as well---not only great sex,but find my--self falling in love---i can not tell you,how intense my orgasms are ,make love to my squirting lover---regards andy
    • hairybeast: April 17, 2010 03:12
      i can make you squirt ladies ;) get in touch
    • Mia: April 20, 2010 21:48
      I'm very orgasmic and always wanted to know how to squirt. Today, I was using a g-spot vibrator fully penetrated, watching porn. The strong vibration took over, and I felt myself start to shudder to a deep long orgasm. Suddenly waves of warm liquid came pouring out...it was amazing! Soaked through the towel!

      I'm only sad that my bf wasn't hear to experience it with me. We have a ridiculous sexual relationship, and this was the only thing I haven't experienced with him. I'm hoping it will happen again now. I'm wondering how much had to do with not think about it at all.


    • Mandingo: April 21, 2010 10:21
      Well well! Amazing to read all of these success stories... its amazing isn't it?

      I think its time women empower themselves with the confidence of their sexuality and feel free to experience it to its fullest.

      Many times you will find that during natural spontaneous love making, you feel that urge but you have to let go and dont you think its pee. Reason being when you are experiencing an orgasm the urinary valves are closed so it is impossible to pee.

      Its pure pleasure, your pussy muscles feel tight and blood rushes to your head and booom!

      There is not one woman i have been with in the past that has not squirted and thats because i focused on a lot of foreplay. Guys focus on the foreplay; licking, caressing, etc. women love it when you turn them over on their belly and raise the bum like in a doggy position only with their head down on the bed.. make sure they are comfortable and spread those cheeks wide open and lick away from behind. Ask your woman to play with herself while you lick her pussy. Dig in and stay focused right there, let the first thing on your mind be her pleasure and not yours otherwise she will say you are crap! When women say the sex was bad it usually means the guy was selfish. when they say it lasted long it usually means the foreplay was good. Men usually cum in 10 mins of constant thrusting... so to make it last you need to take breaks intermittently and play with your bodies...explore it! its a world of adventure. One thing i have also found that women love is ( and guys this is only if your woman permits it, she will have to want to go on this adventure and so permission ought to be sought ) when you have one finger in her anal passage ( lubricated ofcourse ) and tingle her inside while you take her from behind. Myself i tend to find that it stimulates orgasms 50% quicker and buoy you will be amazed of the results. wow gone are the days when i was single and experiencing my sexuality and experiencing the lovely bodies and different personalities in women. I think women are amazing, their bodies beautifully sculptered and their sweet nature. Remember this that women want attention to detail, care, unconditional love even when she pees on you by accident before she cums, patience, trust and understanding. Once all these are in place the doors will open and the sweet nectar will flow. Enjoy! Mandingo UK

    • Max: April 30, 2010 14:14
      I am 18 and i have squirted with my partner 3 times in all but i didn't know what was happening when i did, know obviously i do. The way i squirted was being on top ut lying almost flat on top of him so his penis rubs on my g-spot. I never tried to make me cum/orgasm but i was always trying to make him orgasm more than normal. At the moment I'm 6 months pregnant and cant do it recently but my partner is patient and he understands why but now he tries to do it orally and a few times I've been close but i find it harder as he will be 'down there' when it happens. As i said the position i found best was the woman on top ( i don't like the term cowgirl)
    • Louise: May 07, 2010 17:19
      Hey guys i read this forum about a month ago and took in alot of tips.

      And last night i squirted!!! i was so proud of my self.

      My other half and i had sex doggy style for about 20mins, i then jumped on top was only on top for about 5mins and started to feel like a was gonna cum so i jumped off to lye on my back and i got him to finger me, hard and fast, making sure i was really wet. And as i was feeling i was gonna cum i pushed down and it all came out, only a little bit at first then he did it to me another 3times and it was mad it was everywhere soaked the bed lmao it was great it felt do good but god the mess is a nightmare, and my cum was just clear liquid :) good luck to everyone still trying :) xxxx

    • Ging: May 15, 2010 23:10
      My wife and I watched a porno and girls were squirting so she got curious. We searched and took the advice on her and now she loves to squirt. at first she was quite shy about it but she is growing in confidence. She likes to use her vibrator to pleasure herslef and then stand over me to squirt in my face. She likes me to wear a mask so I can't see which heightens my pleasure as i never know when it's coming. Last time she came about 4 times and absolutely soaked me - she really let herself go and I am really proud of her. Obviously, I really enjoy it too.
    • josh: June 08, 2010 12:21
      As mentioned before it's quite easy to acheive if the woman is relaxed,my wife squirt in all kind of ways,penetration,tongue ,vibrator,clit..It's a very intense orgasm and i found over the years that women who achieve multiple orgasms will find it easier to squirt.
      I have been with women who could squirt several feet (like some porn stars), and this one girl was so good at it as she would squirt while doing it doggy style every few minutes.
      I also believe a woman will relax with a man she feels quite comfortable with.Sex after she'd squirt is the best sex,she will be coming every few minutes,even seconds,very good if you can last long. My trick to lasting long is think about something else,i think about jogging..lol..Your body then get used to it,she is enjoying herself while you are jogging..
    • Samantha: June 09, 2010 19:16
      Haha, my boyfriend of a year makes me regularly squirt. To the point of towles and child-like-style bed sheets being needed. I think the key is to relax and not try to want it to happen...Or jut use it as an excuse for him to have a good prod around all to your satisfaction!
    • Ben: September 01, 2010 18:41
      Hi to all, , my last girfriend, I met her during casual drinks after work one sunny summer afternoon which led to all night there and a perfect explosive ons. We got together 3months later which lasted 3 yrs. She is 10 yrs older (38)Sex was always amazing it just got better, to the point that the last 6 months together I was able to make her squirt in less than a minuite, and could keep her on this level for a couple of mins. The bed was frequently soaked with sex. What an experience! : ) XXX Big LOVE ! cum on ladies qet squirty!
    • Erica: November 28, 2010 16:19
      Just squirted for the first time 2 nights ago....soaked this guy's sheets & had him amazed...it was awesome! Deep penetration in a super freak doggie-style position got me there in less than 15 min!
    • mrs curious: February 03, 2011 11:41
    • Ging: February 06, 2011 12:29
      My missus always finds a little tipple beforehand helps a lot as it helps her relax. We tend to find the floodgates open after a cheeky glass or 2 of Rose
    • hotstuff: February 10, 2011 00:56
      i squirt with the new guy i am seeing, however because he has the right technic, i find it can be too much and would like a little control over my body and when i release. for those who want to squirt, its usually when you get the feeling of wanting to go a loo but you know you have emptied your bladder.
    • bloghopper: May 10, 2011 22:10
      Ive squirted all my sexuall life.I find it highly embarrasing when I first get with a guy and we have sex. My last partner didn't really like it at first but I can't controll it. My new partner loves it and I squirt every time without fail.
      I hate doing it as the bed is soaked but it just happens wish it didn't. How do you men feel about meeting a woman and she squirts for the first time you have sex. Would you prefare to be told before hand or find out for yourself?
    • syndyY: May 11, 2011 05:41
      Key to squirt. Need some courage with little squiz your vaginal inside out say for few seconds (without his penis in your vaginal) do it together with finger touching on clitoris and together nipple licking. stop thinking that u are pee regardless the fluid color is yellowish.
    • daddw04: June 09, 2011 13:36
      it takes patience from the giver but 1ce he/she gets it oh wow what a mind-blowing experience it is for the fem.
    • amanda: June 20, 2011 14:44
      I'm curious how do I learn Squirt
      this technique if you can send to me
    • amanda: June 20, 2011 18:51
      tried 3 times so cum without ejaculation
    • sixtyyearsofsex: July 16, 2011 18:39
      Soon in the weeks after I met my wife to be, we began fondling in my parents home . With her skirt lifted I had lightly fondled her labia and just inside probably caressing her clitoris all of which was very new to me. Suddenly a spray of liquid, like from the rose of a watering can, went all over the eiderdown.
      I was totally scared my parents would see the marks. But, It dried pretty quickly and left no stains or smell. She seemed surprised as well.
      Over the years we were married (24) I enjoyed her squirts pretty frequently and she usually used several sanitary towel to absorb her fluids and we almost always used a bath towel on the bed . She often liked to be brought off over the bidet too and would come several times often when highly aroused just by light caressing of her nipples .
      Since we split up and divorced ( miss her still ) I have had other lovers non of which could squirt so readily, most not at all. Age has no limits either and I have heard of a lady in her mid 70s who enjoys the sensation.
      I suspect it is therefore essential for a woman to be totally relaxed and not embarassed by the sudden flow of these clear, clean body fluids and to take it to be part of being in a loving relationship. Wetting the bed is always potentially a worry for anybody, but taking some precautions to catch the waters so emitted and knowing it does not stain or smell as it dries, should be enough to keep on trying . It is for the male, a huge turn on ,of that there is no doubt. Feeling it soaking over one's body is truly special and it does taste pleasant too!
      I have been delighted to find a conversational website on this topic purely by chance today as I thought such things were very much taboo. Sexual pleasure and the increase in knowledge should be open to all. After all human life itself depends on it.
    • Miss K: July 17, 2011 23:07
      I'm new to squirting but I've found a position thatbworks every time!! If I lay on my back and boyfriend holds my ankles up above my head he hits my Gspot perfectly, 30 seconds of that and I'm a goner!!! We have to put towels down now as its horrible sleeping in a soggy bed ;)
    • Louise: July 22, 2011 22:14
      Yeye I know that feeling Miss K and ye that works best for me to :) xx
    • amanda: September 12, 2011 05:34
      When I first came, I was so upset cos I thought I'd wee'd and didn't realise. It was only when I masturbated that I was relieved to feel myself squirt. Now I cum loads.

      I've only been seeing my boyfriend for 6 weks and he preformed oral sex on me the other night, and he made me squirt, I did it into his mouth not realising and I apologised, he said "don't apolgise that was amazing and you tasted really nice" Then he made me have multiple orgasams, and sucked my dry, I am sooooooo lucky lol

    • CheekyC: November 08, 2011 17:39
      I really cant squirt, , I get that needs ther toilet feeling, but just nothing happens, I cant seemd to get past ther weeing feeling , help! Step by step an what are ther symptomsigns I should look out for ?
    • Danielle: January 11, 2012 14:58
      There are lots of girls/women out their trying to squirt.... Here is my help :) x?
      Squirting isn't a myth and it is achievable... I have never been able to until 2 days ago and here is my help on achieving that squirt, even tho a lot of people say "not every girl can" it's more than likely because they don't know how to or just not into it and dont what to try, but that's fine..... If u want my help, keep reading and I hope to hear afterwards if my words of guidence have helped u :) x
      1. Don't rush into trying it with ur partner, explore ur body alone first! U know ur body better than anyone.
      (if u have a g-spot vibrator use it or even buy one if u really want to) I recommend the slimline g-spot vibe as it's easy to use, waterproof, takes standard AA batteries and hits the right spot even if ur not sure where ur g-spot is! (little spongy tissue about 1-2cm inside the vagina, located up towards ur belly, curve ur fingers in and up and make a come here motion inside, u should be able to feel a much stronger sensation.... That my ladies is ur g-spot x
      2. Get comfortable and relax. Play with urself as u normally would first and then slip ur vibe or middle an index fingers in and up (palm to pubic bone) if ur partner is doing it for u then his/her palm should be facing the ceiling.
      3. Gently rub the g-spot with what ever ur using. Adding more and more pressure. Alternate between playing with ur clit to ur g-spot, keep ur vibe on the spot tho as it will build more fluid
      4. Keep going and then u will get a sensation that u will need to pee....DO NOT WORRY THO, U WILL NOT PEE URSELF!!!! Just make sure u go to the loo before u do anything and ur bladder will be empty. When u get that urge, do not stop....keep going and keep telling URSELF how amazing this feels and how ur going to have the best orgasm/squirt ever. The feeling to pee will become immense and u will feel it build up right until it's on the verge of coming out..... When u get to this stage, keep all focus on the g-spot keep stimulating it and relax every muscle in ur body and then when it's gets right to the point of orgasm....push out with the muscles that u use to hold pee in with and ther u have it.... Uv squirted hopefully. Hope this helps girlies =) enjoy practising x
    • Dan Triff: January 11, 2012 21:58
      The above instuctions are spot on. From sum1 who is practiced @ making his ladies squirt. Guys when u doing it for u lady take u time don't rush it.
    • anthony: May 02, 2012 04:46
      The times I have found my wife’s G-spot are among the happiest in my life.
    • clitsquirt: June 08, 2012 15:44
      Hi peeps, just had a fantastic squirting session.... the way that makes me squirt all over my man is by him slapping my clit with his big black cock.....most wonderful feeling mmmmmm... try it girls see how it feels
    • Johnathan: August 02, 2012 03:12

      Me and my wife have been together now for 6yrs. I only learnt about this about a year ago and suggested it to my wife that we try. She was well up for it, we have tried many times now but every time she says its toooooooooooooooooo intense and begs me to stop :-(

      Im so desperate to take her to that next stage and make her squirt and give her the most amazing orgasm ever.

      She has clitoral orgasms no problem...Its just the g-spot ones she finds to intense and cant get beyond that point and i have to stop :-(

      HHHEEELLLPPP!!!! Please :-)

    • Mr Styxxx: August 30, 2012 18:07
      I am a guy who worked as a stripper in Swingers clubs in Belgium and Holland. for 7 years and trained a stripper troupe in Devon. The person who trained me told me on my first appointment that stripping was not about sex. Its about control. He then showed me how to bring anyone off in less than 20 seconds. He was really good though. I never managed it in so short a time but can do it with anyone even someone who has never experienced a clitoral orgasm. But this was only the beginning. I then discovered that guys can do it too. And as in tantra you do do not go soft and do not need to recover. If you just go through all the guy insecurity about not being gay and feel it you can come 10 times in a hour without feeling the need to roll over and go to sleep. My record on video is two full ejaculates in 2 minutes and 10 seconds and both killed any normal orgasm I ever had. Anyone can have a g spot orgasm. The only thing that gets in the way is stuff in your own head but the first time that you experience it be you male or female you will never want to go back to the 20 minute strength rebuild or over tender genitalia ever again. As the G spot is in a place where there are relatively few nerve endings for anything else you can be much rougher in general than with a clitoris on glans. And when you feel the roll building up clench your anus muscles as though straining to push out a particularly obstinate one and before you know it NIRVANA.. The only reason you have not done it so far is because you are carrying baggage which gets in the way. Be it fear of peeing, bowel movement or in guys cases the idea that anal makes you gay. Maybe if you had had more gay friends you would have known how to do it years ago. Ladies you were all made to be able to do this. You have been programmed since birth to not be able to. Take back your birthright and squeeze. Nectar.
    • warmnwetnwild: September 30, 2012 23:02
      Mmmmm, nice to read all these posts. i've squirted most of my sexual life, but only when with a partner i trust deeply, i adore and who finds squirting sexy. it happened more frequently after i had my children and is more impressive - several feet distance and a pint or more in volume each time when i'm keeping up with my kegel exercises. i do think well toned muscles are key, n have been oft complimented on my ability to sq-ee-ee-ze ...but you must be relaxed and not be under pressure to squirt, and your partner must adore you, worship you and will be so excited to know you give in so completely to your arousal...practically, two large glasses of pink wine help the relaxation process hugely! on the downside, tho things seem to be getting better, i had a lover who thought i was a freak, a husband who sometimes got fed up with the need for towels n sleeping on damp sheets and the expense of new mattresses or the rustle of waterproof mattress protectors (seriously, lovehoney, there is a need for good, comfortable, washable mattress protectors that don't sound and feel like sleeping on binbags) my most recent partners have been excited and in awe of my squirting and this has made it so much better n easier for me...and how does it feel? above all, warm! an upsurge of hot liquid from deep within you (god knows how yr body produces it all) ..an orgasm without squirting's not really all that...it's just like the next step: before you had an orgasm you couldn't imagine what it's like, but once you do, you'll want them, n have them again n again.ladies, just relax, have fun, empty your bladder 6 times before sex so's you don't worry yr weeing yrself, get a lil bit tipsy, trust yr partner n let them turn you on so, soooo much, n it'll happen, i promise. oh, it's sooo good to come hot n wet round hard, hard cock ...tho i'm kinda thinking i might start looking fr a woman who wants to fuck me now, it would be so nice to wet each other.....would like to drink someone elses hot hot juice, maybe i could teach you to cum all over me? that would be very nice, let me lie under you, help you find just what turns you on enough ? x
    • AL: October 09, 2012 13:44
      i've only ever squirted during anal sex when i was on top but it happened 8 times. i'd love to be able to do it again so i'm taking note of all these helpful tips and will be trying them out. thanks for all the advice guy, very helpful :)
    • Sex Toys: November 29, 2012 13:50
      Wow..I know this first time. Because i can't fill this ever during sex. She gots just wet every time. But i don't know about this think what you say through this blog. Let me try it. I think it will be new experience for us.
    • Claire Kemp: December 27, 2012 11:42
      Help me squirt!!!
    • JillyB: March 03, 2013 20:28
      I am 42 and my very first sexual bf made me squirt when I was 16! I had never met anyone else who could do it to me since then until now! My bf is amazing at it and makes me gush over and over again. Just let yourself go girls and don't think you have pee'd coz you really haven't lol
    • Keira: March 25, 2013 22:52
      Hey girls, first off you all need to stop thinking about wanting to squirt, that will create a block for you.
      And secondly, two fingers inside playing with both g spots at once and clitoral stimulation is all you need! Trust me! Good luck :)
    • hillbright: May 06, 2013 07:01
      Girls get a great pleasure by playing with the vagina sex toys, no doubt. In these days the practice of using these sexy toys for sexual pleasure is increasing greatly.
    • harv leer: June 12, 2013 04:43
      Hiye hope ur well.
    • HellBunny (O_o): June 17, 2013 06:58
      I've only ever once squirted. I've orgazamed multiple times during sex but I've only ever squirted once with my boyfriend. haven't used a vibrator yet, but plan to. Try lying down with your bum raised at an angle and have him insert his penis in your vagina from behind deep enough to get to your G-spot... nearly screamed with it. which made him feel very proud haha x
    • Danny: July 03, 2013 23:03
      my wife use to squirt it didn't matter if fingering her or eating her even did it will fingering her ass but she had bladder surgery and cant squirt anymore she blames it on menopause because she get dry im not sure whats up any help
    • sexisamazing: July 15, 2013 14:13
      im a guy and my girlfriend an i just had sex yesterday. somehow i got it right n she was squirting like crazy. GOOD SHOW!
    • Danny: July 15, 2013 22:27
      great keep it going I liked it when she would stand above me and I would make her squirt all over me I just loved the taste too
    • Aimee: July 20, 2013 18:04
      My boyfriend used a normal virbator on me, nothing special - long and smooth. Left the vibration off and while doing 69 he put it in pressing on my G-SPOT really fast back and forth. My orgasm was so extreme I had to grab his leg, scream and stop sucking on his penis. He happily counted how many times I quirted and licked it up each time. I squirted 5 times! Even I was amazed. I once squirted a while ago during normal sex (doggy style) with his penis and we couldnt do it anymore until yesturday when he did this. He even said hes never even seen pornstars quirt like that with a smile on his face... still need to master how to squirt on my own - I havnt accomplished that yet, but I wont give up! ;)
    • Danny: July 20, 2013 19:49
      I use to make my wife squirt with a finger in her ass but like I said since she started menopause plus the bladder surgery she says she cant squirt anymore my first wife was the first woman I ever saw squirt she did hers mostly with the clit I love it when they squirt really like it on my face and chest but those days are gone
    • Wil: July 28, 2013 23:01
      I've always done this, since a teenager. I thought it was normal until my first few partners reacted like I'd done an amazing party trick!

      The more I'm teased before being allowed to cum, the more I squirt. I find the sensations are more intense for me if I'm kneeling up, but for a good visual being horizontal is best. Unless your partner likes being drowned (not uncommon!) in which case being on top and letting gravity do it's job is always appreciated.

    • Gommylegs: August 11, 2013 10:26
      I have recently had a lot of persuasion to squirt from my wonderful man whose sexual appetite is just voracious ;)… Well the perseverance has paid off!!! I can now squirt copious amounts using sex toys, it feels absolutely amazing and it won’t be long before I can show him my new found excitement by gushing over every inch of him
    • Danny: August 11, 2013 14:49
      your man will love it I know because I love it
    • katie: September 14, 2013 04:19
      in 1999 I had recently had my 1st child and as I was feeling a bit out of it, I bought a toy rabbit and that evening had 1st ever 'puddle' hubby didn't like it and thought something wrong with me, so I tried not to cum again. I met bf 6 years ago and on 1st encounter I came and he was amazed, I felt powerful, he loves it and gets upset if I cant cum at least 10 times in an evening, I hope to be able to squirt in another 40years if not longer
    • Mike: March 09, 2014 03:02
      6 years ago I met Mary and discovered squirting. About 2 weeks into our relationship, the sex was getting better and better as we got more comfortable with each other. Then, one night we made love and suddenly the sheets were soaked! What?? This kept happening, and after a few web searches I figured out what was going on. Mary was my first lover who could achieve orgasm via vaginal sex, and she was a natural squirter to boot! Needless to say this was the best sex of my life, but unfortunately we broke up after three years. Our sexual chemistry was terrific, but the rest of our relationship was pretty rocky.

      Over the next couple years I had several sexual relationships of from one night to six months, but never achieved the same satisfaction, or soaked sheets. Then two years ago I met Melanie.

      She was sexually inexperienced (only 3 times with 1 boyfriend), shy, and young (19). The first few times she bled like a virgin. As our relationship developed, I really enjoyed sex with her, but she never seemed to achieve obvious orgasm, and certainly never squirted. I'd always hoped to meet another squirter, but figured Melanie just wasn't built that way. But we kept experimenting, and she started responding to the tip of my middle finger, curled up to rub her spongy g-spot area. Then one night I tried using two fingers, my middle and ring fingers, and found this worked better, she got wetter, I could hear that delightful sloshing sound I fondly remembered, and sometimes there was a pancake sized wet spot on the sheets.

      Then, one night she said "use another finger", so I inserted my index finger alongside my other two. And suddenly Everything Changed. With my index finger involved, I could exert a lot more pressure and control, fill more space and (I think) simultaneously contact more glands and nerve endings. She started moaning, and then with each thrust of my hand she was pumping out an amazing quantity of clear sweet fluid. I felt like an oil wildcatter who had finally hit the gusher!

      Ever since then, after some lovely foreplay, she utters "one" and I know it's time to put the middle finger in. Then after a while she says "two" and I add the ring finger. Then "three" and I know that pretty soon the dam is going to burst, flooding the both of us in a wave of the sweetest syrup God ever created.

      So ladies (and gentlemen), one may work for some, and two may work for others, but if your dam has not yet broken, go for three, and let the flood wash over you.

    • hannah: March 23, 2014 20:40
      Before I met my childs dad I was a regular user of a vibrator, once I was playing with myself and I dribbled, embarrased thinking id wee'd a little I never let the vibrator stay on the sensitive part of my clit again. After four years with the ex thing's broke and we finished.( to be honest sex wasnt very adventurous and was all about him) about a year later I start seeing my current parnter and we was in bed one night and he was teasing my clit with the vibrator when he hit the sensitive bit I told him to stop as it makes me wee!he laughed and told me I dint wee I squirted and explained to me what it is! We dint live together so I have nights on my own to play with myself as I do have a high sex drive, I was just laid in bed and thought id give squirting another try, so I went to the loo then laid and completely relaxed and staryed with the vibrator on my clit and I hit it on the sensitive part and bared the extreme sensitivity untill it passed and became quite pleasurable.after a while I felt like I needed to wee but kepted it on my clit the moment passed and I wad still enjoying the moment as it felt amazing then all of a sudden I felt a big gush of fluid shoot out honestly my bed was soaked! I tried again today and thought id video it so my partner could see as I tense up more when hes there and I was sat on bathroom floor and after a while it happened again , all this clear liquid came squirting out and it was loads! I never had to stick my fingers inside me for it to happen it just does it with clit simulation alone and now im confident on how todo it I can't wait to do it when other half is here :)
    • Anon: July 09, 2014 18:55
      I have never came, never, the only way I can come is with a toy. Never with anyone else, I now know this is common but I would like my partner to try his best to make me cum, would he use this on me, there are things in the house that are for both of us and he has never taken his time to try and help me which is why I have named myself anon
    • anon: July 31, 2014 11:50
      They say that 40 is a woman's sexual peek, well not there just yet but its right! I am squirting now and have a higher sex drive. Don't try to squirt, the more you try and orgasm it doesn't happen and the same with a squirt. Just read what to do then get immersed in sex, your brain will remember rather you trying to make it happen.
    • Silken Mink: October 22, 2014 01:54
      My old b/f after licking and sucking on my clit and fingering me to orgasm like that would bend his index finger so his nuckle would push into my G spot to give me the most intense deepest orgasms I have ever experienced, I would squirt and gush all over him and the bed. The first time he made me come like that I asked him what he had done as I had never ever experienced such total ecstasy and bliss
    • Simon: February 26, 2015 14:12
      I'm not sure if my gf has squirted or not. Sometimes she has the feeling to pee but nothing comes out. Do I have to take my fingers out when she feels like she's going to squirt? Would like to know how to do it desperately
    • Now Addicted to gushing!: March 22, 2015 09:41
      Well I must say after reading the comments above I gave this a go and i was able to gush and gush and gush.

      Me and my OH have been quite adventurous recently all thanks to love honey. We discussed our fantasies and what we would like each other to do in order to fulfil these fantasies.

      I bought some new toys including a glass dildo which I would highly recommend. (Icicles one 43) always found this to be a sexy item.

      We used this and the pressure I felt on my g spot was so intense. I had a big build up and then let go pushing it all out. This was my first time feeling like this. My OH was totally amazed as was I. Not only was I feeling lush but my bed was soaked right through. I would highly recommend this to any curious female. Best feeling in the world.

      Just make sure u have a towel or waterproof sheet underneath as it can get very messy.

      My OH now has a new addiction before he even think about cuming himself and I love it!

      Give it a go. What are u waiting for!

    • Kelly lou: May 22, 2015 21:36
      I never knew us woman could ejaculate until we stumbled apon it on love honey, it was something I was really interested in and hubby Googled and you tubed it to get more information,
      There is some good advise and once you are aware of facts on what to do you can have a play and find out what they are taking about!

      As I say hubby did the research and that night we decided to have a play, I didn't feel confident I was able to squirt but hearing my husband swear in very good anticipation I knew I had, feeling the bed quite wet confirmed my suspicion!
      What a feeling for us both - we loved it! We even did it again the next morning!

      My advice is research the info and then relax and have a play! Good luck it's well worth the wait!

    • Theresa: June 16, 2015 22:27
      I've squirted twice and I'm desperate for it to happen again. First time I was revert young and my bf went down on me, he was licking me out when it happened and he wasn't happy about it (I'm sure he thought id just peed on him) but I felt wonderful. I think I held back after that because of his reaction but years later my lover was fingering me and I squirted, not as big as first time but still felt incredible. I feel I need to squirt loads more in my life.
    • Readsal: April 24, 2016 08:49
      I've done this twice before but not for a long, long while. I was beginning to wonder if I'd imagined it happening. Good to read about this and hear what others have to say on this matter so I feel I have confidence to try it out again.
    • Ali: June 21, 2016 17:06
      Managed for the first time a couple of months ago, was so surprised - but only with this one guy.... wish I could take his fingers home with me.
    • Lou: July 21, 2016 00:35
      I made my first purchase tonight off of love honey after 6 hours of trawling through everything pestering kat the live chat adviser PS she's freaking awesome i got so aroused thinking about my purchase then looked at the squirting advice so i sat on the edge of my bed with my knees up and started using my dildo at a fast rate my god i was horny 5 minutes later boom i pushed down hard and managed to soak the side of my bed and loads of laminate floor as it sprayed everywhere i didn't think was possible now i know it is i can wait for my delivery on Friday ill hopefully be in squirting heaven thank you love honey for making me feeling empowered xx
    • Louise: August 12, 2016 21:09
      Hi there, I am desperate to experience squirting/gushing, I too experienced it when I was much younger, unawares of what it was and thought I had wet myself.
      I watched the two episode to show the other night and saw the annabelle ooooh Gspot vibrator, but sadly it looks like they no longer do it, can u guys suggest something else, and what kind of results you got from it


    • Amanda Macleod: September 24, 2016 21:53
      I didn't squirt at all until I was around 40. It just happened and completely surprised both of us. Since then it happens regularly but not every single time we have sex.

      I do think that being completely relaxed and having no inhibitions makes squinting more likely.

      I have been with my husband for 16 years and our sex life has become more and more adventurous and more pleasurable.

      Because we are so comfortable with each other we able to try new things without embarrassment.

      This is key when it comes to squirting because it is messy, very wet and, because some urine is squirted too there is a smell of pee after lots of squirting.

      I would not feel comfortable to squirt if I was with someone who is not turned on by it.

      Lots of towels are a good idea!

    • Suzi: November 24, 2016 18:59
      Wow!! I just purchased the g spot vibrator and along with simultaneous clit stimulation from my buzzer I squirted (for the first time) all over the bed!!! When i first inserted the vibrator I came fast and hard within about 15minutes, I played with myself over and again, teasing my g spot and squeezing my erect little bud until my bf came in and found me in the middle of a shuddering orgasm soaked in my own juices. He watched as I brought myself close to another orgasm with the vibrator, playing with my clit the whole time, just as I was about to cum, he grabbed my hips and entered my slick anus with his cock, pumping me hard from behind whilst I fucked myself with E the g spot vibrator and played with my clit sent me into the biggest frenzy I have ever experienced, I ORGASMED FOR ALMOST 10 MINS SKIRTING THE WHOLE TIME!!!!
    • Suzi: November 24, 2016 19:33
      Wow!! I just purchased the g spot vibrator and along with simultaneous clit stimulation from my buzzer I squirted (for the first time) all over the bed!!! When i first inserted the vibrator I came fast and hard within about 15minutes, I played with myself over and again, teasing my g spot and squeezing my erect little bud until my bf came in and found me in the middle of a shuddering orgasm soaked in my own juices. He watched as I brought myself close to another orgasm with the vibrator, playing with my clit the whole time, just as I was about to cum, he grabbed my hips and entered my slick anus with his cock, pumping me hard from behind whilst I fucked myself with E the g spot vibrator and played with my clit sent me into the biggest frenzy I have ever experienced, I ORGASMED FOR ALMOST 10 MINS SKIRTING THE WHOLE TIME!!!!
    • Rob: May 21, 2017 22:56
      When my wife first squirted it came as a bit of a surprise to us both. But now i love making her orgasm and squirt and so does she! Seeing her squirt her juices and in orgasmic heaven turns me on so much! Thanks to our new way of sexual play and a variety of sex toys/lingerie from yourself, we have an amaizing sex life!! Thanks love honey
    • steve: June 23, 2017 12:14
      I'm a guy and would love to make my wife squirt. I think she is a little wooried it's wee. I try to make her feel at ease but she always stops me before she reaches heaven. Hopefully one day... Her pleasure is my pleasure.
    • Juicy jilly: August 14, 2017 15:59
      I love squirting. Best position so far is lying on back. Start with a clit tease toy to get me juiced up and horny. Then use a throbbing vibrator to massage around clit, dipping into vagina occasionally. Then really give clit all my attention holding on as long as I can before I squirt and my do I go. Best to prepare with towel underneath!!!
    • Pp: January 01, 2018 13:18
      Always wanted to squirt or gush. I am 37 a Had a lots sex. I have great sex with my partner like the sexual chemistry is amazing!! But still no gush. HOWEVER.
      We went away for a long mucky weekend. I bought a package deal off lovehoney 50 quid bargain. It had wand vibro,cock ring candle dice and cards... (no it’s not a add)
      Used them had fun.. all nothing until last week I used that wand, (on my own) had my usual
      orgasm and carried on. took about half hour
      and boom out of nowhere gush’s of water
      flooded out!!!
      I didn’t know what the hell happened but I am buzzing!!! Just trying to do it again, as I just dont know what I did but wana nail it. Any tips be appreciated.
      Oh also ladies if you tell your man this happened with out him be prepared for the biggest strop and huff EVER. A week in and still not my friend, so my advice would be GET A WAND. Guys if your using the wand on her it don’t stop just move it down if gets unbearable. Promise it will get it out!
      Happy loving...
    • ST: December 04, 2018 15:44
      I never used to be able to squirt but have now been with current partner for 5 years. I am over 60 and boy can I squirt! He loves it! I can squirt with him licking my clitoris, finering me, and penetrative sex. The key is to relax and dont try too hard. Close your eyes and just focus on the sensations being given. We sometimes have 3-4 towel sessions! Lovely!
    • Joe: December 07, 2018 03:29
      For the interests of science, and just honesty I feel it necassery to point out the full findings of Samuel Salama et al. 2014 paper “Nature and Origin of “Squirting” in Female Sexuality”. It found that ‘squirting’ is the involuntary emission of urine. Some cases a marginal contribution of prostatic secretion was found which created the ‘milky’ colour seen.