Squirting and Female Ejaculation: Every Question Answered

Squirting – or female ejaculation – may have been around for centuries, but despite its history, the act of squirting still seems to be a bit of an enigma – and with mystery comes questions.

So, if you’re ready to try your hand at squirting but want to get clued-up on the whats, whys and hows first, we’ve created this expert guide on everything you need to know about female ejaculation.


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What is Squirting?

Female ejaculation – or squirting – is the involuntary release of fluid that many people with vaginas experience during sex or stimulation of the vulva.

There are many different forms of squirting. Depending on the strength of your vaginal muscles and how long you’ve been aroused for, female ejaculation can be everything from a small dribble of fluid to explosive gushing. All are normal and all should be celebrated.

What is Female Ejaculation Made of?

One common question around squirting is ‘is female ejaculation urine?’ – the short answer is no.

After many scientific studies, it has been confirmed that female ejaculate is made up of 90% prostatic fluid, 10% glucose and a small amount of urea. This is similar to male ejaculate, which has 0.5% urea.

Where Does Female Ejaculation Come From?

The fluid produced as a result of vaginal ejaculation is secreted from the glands surrounding the G-spot, which are called the Skene’s glands.

The fluid is similar to what's secreted by the male prostate when stimulated, which is why some people call the Skene’s glands 'the female prostate'.

What Does Female Ejaculation Look Like?

Female ejaculation is a whiteish color and is quite thick in texture – a bit like watered-down milk.

What Does Female Ejaculation Feel Like?

Everybody is different – some women will feel incredibly aroused when their G-spot is stimulated, and others might not get much pleasure from it at first. But many women find that the key to squirting is having your G-spot touched (although it is possible through clitoral stimulation, too), so the more practice you do and the more you get used to it, the better the sensations will become.

The feeling of squirting can be very similar to that of urinating. This can make a lot of women anxious about trying it. To prevent this feeling, we'd recommend going for a pee before you try squirting – this way you can focus on the pleasure without the fear.

What Does Female Ejaculation Smell Like?

Female ejaculation doesn't smell like urine. The fluid secreted should be odourless.

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