A Guide to the Health Benefits of Sex

It’s a fact that sex and intimacy is a common part of many of our lives, and if the big ‘O’ wasn’t enough persuasion for you, we’ve uncovered some surprising sexual wellness facts that might make you want to jump right to it.

What is the meaning of sexual wellness?

Sexual wellness is both understanding your body’s desires and needs, and taking good care of it too. It encompasses all aspects of sexual enjoyment, including your physical, emotional and social connections. Finding your optimum sexual wellness where you feel and act your best emotionally and sexually can be different for everyone, as what we want and look for differs and changes too. Focus on what your body likes and what feels good and the rest should follow.

What are some of the key health benefits of sex?

We know sex can feel good, but it can be really good for us too. And, we mean really good.

Having sex more often is found to have a wide range of benefits, including on your immune system and your mental state. So, let’s take a look at how your sexual health and wellness can improve with sex.

1. Sex offers pain relief


Having sex where you reach orgasm can block out your pain. Research from the State University of New Jersey has found it can release a hormone that raises your pain tolerance. Reaching climax is also the point where your muscles relax the most, which takes your mind off any pain and aches you’ve been feeling through the day.

2. It’s a form of exercise


Sex for most of us is a form of light exercise and even rigorous exercise for more experienced players. As you’re busting your moves you’re also getting your heart pumping, which can have long-term benefits on your heart health. Sex can help lower your blood pressure and your risk of heart problems.

3. It helps you get a good night’s sleep


After you’ve climaxed, are you ever left with a surge of sleepiness? If so, this is a sign that you’ve done the right thing. Orgasms release a hormone called prolactin that creates a relaxing effect, which often makes it a lot easier to get a peaceful night’s sleep.

4. It reduces stress levels


Getting intimate with your partner feels oh-so-good, and this is because sexual experiences can trigger the release of mood-boosting hormones including endorphins. These chemicals can calm you down and boost your mood, creating a more stress-free you.

5. Sex boosts your emotional & physical bond


Sex and everything in between and before raises your libido and builds your bond with your partner. Yes, your bodies might be close together but even the smallest actions, like holding hands, can release a chemical called dopamine that gets you in the mood.

6. It improves your brain function


As we’ve learnt, regular sex can have a lot of mental benefits, but you might be surprised to know that it can also impact your brain. Studies have shown that regular sexual intimacy can impact your memory and cognitive function.

7. Helps give better health immunity


Regular sex is found to benefit your immune system and can limit your chances of catching any illnesses or infections. This means you stand a greater chance of fighting any colds and staying healthier throughout the year.

8. Overall body glow


All those delicious feel-good endorphins can have positive effects on the rest of your body. Reports have found that it can improve your teeth, digestion and even give you more glowing skin after sex. Take us to the bedroom!

Looking after your sexual health and wellness

When it comes to your sexual health and wellness, your safety should be your priority. There are many things you can do, either solo or with your partner, to ensure you maintain good sexual health. These include:

  • Stay safe and use protection - whether it’s birth control or condoms, choose the method that works for you and your body, and speak to your GP if you’re unsure. This is particularly important if you have multiple partners or change frequently.

  • Take a visit to your GP - have check-ups and check-ins with a health specialist. Sometimes it’s better to be safe than sorry. This can be blood or smear tests, but they will give you peace of mind and ensure your sexual wellness isn’t compromised.

  • Get tested regularly - many people don’t experience symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases. So, no matter how regularly you’re having sex, it’s important to get tested even if you feel fine. Find your nearest sexual health clinic to get tested.

  • Choose quality products you trust - whether you use sex toys and wellness products with yourself or your partner, buying from brands you know and trust makes the difference. Make sure you read the label and check to make sure there are no hidden side effects.

  • Don’t shy away from lube - lubricating yourself and/or your partner before sex or foreplay is a trusted must-do that we always recommend. Lube can create a softer, slicker environment for everyone involved and will alleviate any pain that might occur without using it.

  • Put yourself first - understanding your needs and desires is important to achieve optimum sexual wellness. Masturbate and experiment with toys to learn what you like and how you like it. Pleasuring yourself can feel liberating and can give you the confidence you need to deliver with a partner in the bedroom.

Sexual wellness personal care

Your personal hygiene and cleanliness is key to sexual health and wellness. Make sure you take time to wash your private areas properly on a regular basis and pay even more attention to them after you’ve had sex. Make sure you use a gentle soap that doesn’t disrupt your pH balance - if you’re unsure, you can do online research and speak to a health professional.

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