1. Couple looking to spice things up's review of TENGA SVR Smart Vibe Ring Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

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      1. TENGA SVR Smart Vibe Ring Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

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      TENGA SVR Smart Vibe Ring Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring 16 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. TENGA SVR Smart Vibe Ring Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring
      2. Couple looking to spice things up's review of TENGA SVR Smart Vibe Ring Rechargeable Vibrating Cock Ring

        Our Price

    1. Superbly versatile ring

      Reviewed: 02 December 2015 by Couple looking to spice things up, a Straight Married Female

      Discreetly packaged and arriving in record time, thanks Lovehoney.

      I'm not going to go into detail about the packaging, as there's a more

      than adequate picture on the product page, what you see is what you get. As long as it doesn't arrive in a bin bag, off course. I'm always more interested if the products delivers. I wanted to know what a luxury cock ring moved like, felt like, but most off all, I wanted to know, can spending £60 on one ever be justified?

      Over the years we have tried cock rings in an array of different shapes and material, from those that resemble a Haribo ring sweet to more refined examples. But have never found one that satisfies us both, in particular, me, the female half. Therefore we were over the moon to be blessed with this as a tester. With the unique upright stimulator, certainly designed with clitoral contact in mind, we were keen to see if the search would be over.

      Retrieving the cock ring from its packaging, I have to say first impressions were extremely good. The silicone material feels both soft and luxurious. There's a little storage case, and some nice attention to detail with the toy and case both being embossed with 'Tenga', a clear reflection of that rather hefty price tag.

      On to the charging. Plugging in the USB cable into an AC adapter and the charging port on the toy, simple enough. The light begins to glow, according to the instructions this means it's charging. When the light is no longer on, it's ready for action. With a single button, operation is easy peasy, well, in theory.

      60 minutes later, fully charged. Slightly sceptical about the power other reviews had mentioned, I proceeded to turn it on (hold button in for 2 seconds). Being 2 inch by 1 inch in size, how powerful could this possibly be? Well with any doubters out there, I'll have to eat my words. Eager as ever, I skipped past the first couple of settings. Arriving at the fourth, it's powerful, did I say it was poooweeerful? This actually got me excited fully dressed.

      Scrolling back to the first setting, the toy glides itself across my palm, on the fifth it jumping like Katherine Driscolla in the trampoline World cup. But that's not all this ring as to offer, there's more, another two settings, two patterns of desirable vibrations. Suitably impressed, I was so damn tempted to test drive it alone there and then. I held back and decided to wait for my other half. I tell you, two hours has never seemed so long!

      Hubby home. First of all we used this for foreplay. I just couldn't get the thought of the power out of my head. Using a little lube on my delicate outer area, I waited for my him to fire this into life. Well was it worth the wait, I hear you ask? It was up until this point, I thought I knew my anatomy well, unaware this was only on the first setting! This beauty sent vibrations to areas I didn't even know existed. Pressing the button through the speeds it was like nothing I'd experienced before, in a most satisfying way. I could still feel some vibrations when my chap remove it to slip it on himself.

      Safely on, him inside me. I thought he was holding back, trying to tease, in fact he was trying to find the button. With marvellous clitioris stimulation just moments ago, over-excited, I found myself producing a Remix of Sugarbabes 'Push the button'. At last finding the button, adding a bit of a bump and grind motion, we stuck with the setting as by this time, I wanted it, and badly.

      Left satisfied but somewhat overwhelmed. Please don't take this as I'm moaning, well, I was moaning (note to self, keep on topic). Nevertheless, this was the toy of choice for our next intimate occasion. Of course we adopted a different position, to provide a thorough testing.

      Doggy position, one of our personal favourites, would the ring be as good? Turning it around so it sat under my OH's shaft. In penetration I did need to cup it slightly to prevent pesky gravity getting in the way, however, with this minor improvisation, it worked fantastic. We actually managed to get to the the sixth setting, a quick, intense pulsating pattern, when in contact with you it's a rumbly ravishing delight. Although working through five other settings was quite tricky, in the height of the moment and in this position.

      Even after this second use it still had charge. For once, the battery really does last as long as it says, in fact we got over an hour’s play from a single charge.

      The ring is very accommodating even for a well endowed fella. You'll have no problems with this. I can actually fit it around my wrist. It really does offer extreme stretch. My OH particularly like to wear it around his scrotum also, it's elasticity keeps things secure whilst providing a comfortable fit.

      Now a bit of advice. If down below you currently have a hairstyle that Michael Jackson would have been proud of, please do take care. On one occasion, my other half caught his au-natural locks and with a yelp there was no doubting it wasn’t in any way a pleasant experience, so please give a it trim.

      Cleaning the toy I came all too aware of the exposed charging port. I was very wary about getting too much water in it. Not ideal, as sex toys do need a thorough clean. Popping this away, I didn't think I'd appreciate the case as much as I do. It's so inconspicuous and is good to keep the toy dust-free and also great for travel.

      There's two niggles with this product: nobody's perfect, right?

      The button, it is not ideally situated. It's sits a mere inch from my partner’s torso, so unless you intend to settle for one setting, a shame as this has seven. In my opinion it needs to be a lot further up, this would make changing the setting much easier. Also I’d like to see a better charging port, a cover to offer some protection to the exposed prongs and to keep liquids out. I know it's waterproof as such but it still needs to be dry to charge, wouldn't it be better to keep liquids out altogether? Perhaps a silicone flap of sorts?

      Don't let these two minor things stop you from purchasing this though. The Tenga SVR really is a mighty fine example of cock ring craftsmanship, if I do say so myself. Thanks again Lovehoney for the opportunity to road test it.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Great power, and settings.
      Power button too low, no cover on charging port.
      Bottom line
      Buy one, and thank me later.
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