1. S&S's review of Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring

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      1. Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring

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      Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring 152 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring
      2. S&S's review of Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring

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    1. Making cock-rings obsolete since 2014

      Reviewed: 23 May 2014 by S&S, a Bisexual Married Male

      As a man who uses cock-rings regularly for the increased performance they add, I was very interested in trying out this new Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring. The EDGE range of toys is designed to really maximise your sexual performance, and so I was approaching this expecting high standards. Were these standards met? Well, of course they were!

      The packaging is simple and professional - when you hold the box in your hand, you can trust that this is something that is actually going to benefit your sexual performance, rather than just being a nice addition to the experience. The instructions themselves follow up on this trust by explaining the biology behind the ring, as well as offering clear instructions on how the toy should be used.

      The material itself is a simple silicone strip and an easy to use, adjustable slider. The silicone is of very high quality and the slider is made of a hard plastic which I have no doubt will last a very long time. It is simple, attractive, and feels of the highest quality.

      The ring is very simple to use: either place the loop at the base of your penis, or behind your testicles - whichever you find more comfortable and effective. Using the slider, you tighten the ring until it feels nice and snug, and you are good to go! Being adjustable, this is a stamina ring which will suit all sizes - I have gone through the worry of having to try cock ring that I was not completely sure I would be able to get off again before. Thankfully, this is not an issue with the EDGE stamina ring. You can adjust to suit your size, and leave it a little tighter or looser depending on your mood.

      In terms of results, I could see an immediate effect: as I tested how tight I could comfortably make the ring, I visibly saw my erection grow larger - something which was very satisfying to see. Once adjusted, the ends of the loop are surprisingly non-intrusive - I was initially worried that they would simply get in the way during sex, but this was thankfully not the case. As the material is so soft, they actually fit in quite nicely, and we found them pleasant to have - something we did not expect at all!

      Stamina-wise, the EDGE ring can add a lot to your performance. Anyone who has used cock-rings before will find that this toy offers a great quality addition to your stamina. Those who have not used a cock-ring before should be easily able to see a difference, with the added benefit of being able to adjust the tightness of the toy to suit your own comfort levels. It is pretty easy to tell when you have gone too tight, so don't worry about accidentally hurting yourself. The instructions recommend that you don't leave the ring on for much longer than 20-30 minutes, something which is good general advice for any cock ring.

      All in all, this is an incredibly high quality toy. The EDGE range has set itself very high standards, and has met them flawlessly. The appeal of this stamina ring is to both experienced and new users alike - for me, I have not come across a ring this comfortable or effective in the past few years, and I have immediately moved it to the top of the drawer. It is always great when a highly-billed brand delivers with a product, and with the Tracey Cox EDGE Maximum Control Adjustable Stamina Ring, this is certainly the case. Every guy should have one of these in his drawers!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The high quality and performance.
      Bottom line
      A must-buy for any guy.
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