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      1. ElectraStim EM80-M Flick Dual-Channel Rechargeable Electrosex Set

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    1. Customer Reviews

      ElectraStim EM80-M Flick Dual-Channel Rechargeable Electrosex Set 11 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. ElectraStim EM80-M Flick Dual-Channel Rechargeable Electrosex Set
      2. ElectraStim EM80-M Flick Dual-Channel Rechargeable Electrosex Set

        Our Price

    1. ElectraStim EM80

      Reviewed: 13 September 2018 by PaulS55, a Straight Single Male

      What a great bit of kit, feel great being wired up to it and both Mistresses don’t waste time getting me wired up either. Both Mistresses enjoy playing with it on me and really get a buzz out it... Shocking! :)

      The kit is easy to use and I always recharge the batteries before a session, so that there’s plenty of charge in the unit and we haven’t had it die on us yet even though it’s on all through our play session.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Right size and very easy to use.
      Bottom line
      Great bit of kit!
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    1. Fantastic

      Reviewed: 23 May 2017 by Lone_angler, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      Absolutely fantastic, it's brought me great pleasure many times (solo).

      I can't comment on the Flick function as I've never needed to use it. The option of having a second control is a must to tickle all areas and I'd recommend this product and can see me buying more attachments to explore more areas with it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      I'll tell you when I find something.
      Bottom line
      If I could go back in time I'd buy it again.
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    1. Exciting multiple and variable stimulations

      Reviewed: 08 October 2016 by east_anglian, a Straight Single Male

      This is my first venture into Electro Sex play and it is very thrilling, adding new sensations beyond anything I've experienced from wand vibrators (which I like to use for additional self-stimulation at the same time, alongside this EM80-M with its many included attachments).

      The internal USB rechargeable battery is soon recharged and effectively powers for several hours the anal Aura Silicone Electraprobe to give interesting variable switchable tingly pain/pleasure patterns.

      I was soon enjoying the anal probe at maximum '25' intensity; but the second channel with two electraloop cock rings attached I haven't been able to turn higher than number 6 setting as just too 'ouch' to take! Maybe I can train myself to accept higher charge with time.

      This EM80-M 'boxed set' also comes with four pads which will take a while to learn how to place on skin for optimal effect.

      The 'Flick Mode' is fun to experiment with for additional amazing personal choice sensations!

      This is a super well-made toy and I hope to get additional attachments to use with it. It brilliantly distracts me from worries of the outside world as I can play with it for hours if not turned up too high. Electrastim offer a free extended 3 years warranty, which will be welcome to many users.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Robustly built with so many variable settings to play with.
      Bottom line
      Really exciting stimulating and distracting toy to play with for hours at a time.
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    1. Awesome

      Reviewed: 29 August 2015 by Penny87, a Straight Engaged Female

      I've used lovehoney for many years and have always found the customer service, delivery and discreet packaging pretty damn perfect. However until now I've never got round to leaving a review but I have to say this product is worth the review.

      It's a lot of money to spend and so it's not a decision that most people would take lightly or impulsively and you want to know it's got bang for it's buck.

      Firstly I was very apprehensive about trying this out, my fiancé has wanted to try this for a couple of years but I was worried about the pleasure to pain ratio. However once he purchased it I was really looking forward to trying it. What can I say it arrived this morning after he ordered yesterday and we've already given it a good go.

      We tried it first with both cock rings on him and both pads on me just above my pubic bone. Once attached we started low and turned it up gradually. At around setting 10 it was starting to feel extremely good which felt even better when he started to lick me down there too. Let's just say wow! It was also nice knowing that he was having lots of pleasure at the same time as me.

      We then decided to use just the one terminal and have one pad on me above my pubic bone while he had one of the cock rings on. We started having sex and then turned it up again gradually, this is definitely the best way to go about it as turning it up and then touching when using the same terminal results in a pretty strong shock! I have to say though it didn't take long before we'd turned it up nice and high and were enjoying the unique tingling/vibrating sensation.

      It didn't take much for me to cum and in short I can't wait to experiment more with this awesome sex toy. With this being my fiancés purchase and his choice of toy I asked what he thought I should put and he said 'f**king ace' which pretty much sums this toy up. 😉

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Everything, such a unique sensation!
      Bottom line
      Awesome, easy to control and fun. 😍
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    1. I'm glad I tried this

      Reviewed: 13 November 2013 by Old - But not THAT old!, a Straight Married Male

      I've had this kit for quite some time now, and keep meaning to post a review on it, but the one by LemonSlice is so comprehensive that I keep failing to come up with anything extra to add to it.

      However, it did occur to me that when I am looking at something completely different (and believe me ElectoSex is COMPLETELY different) then I read all the reviews that I can to get a better informed opinion as to whether or not it is for me, and only one review on this product could leave you wondering if the view of just one person is sufficient for you to make an informed decision.

      So, to help those of you that are thinking about this, but are still unsure, here is the opinion of a second person.

      Why was I looking at this "strange" form of sexual stimulation in the first place? Well, having had no intimate relations with my partner for well over 7 years, I had tried most of the different types of toys available here at Lovehoney, and although many of them were reasonably satisfying they still failed to fill the gap left by a total lack of the "real" thing. So being open to anything that could help, I read the review by LemonSlice, did a bit more research on the web, and decided that the idea of playing with electricity wasn't as barmy as it sounds. So I bought it.

      As far as packaging, quality, and usage is concerned, I agree 100% with what LemonSlice says. He covers everything very clearly and succinctly.

      Obviously I only use this on my own, but I can easily appreciate that for a couple it could prove to be immense fun, as long as you can both get over that fear of electricity that has been instilled in all of us from early childhood. This is different, it is not like sticking your fingers into an electric socket or trying to take a bath with a 3Kw heater in the bathwater with you!

      There are still rules to follow to keep it safe, like below the waist only to prevent current passing through your heart, and don't use if you have heart problems or are pregnant etc. So before you do anything take a look at Lovehoney's own "Beginner's Guide to Electro Sex Toys", it is very informative.

      If you think that electro sex could be for you, then it probably is. I know this kit is very expensive compared to most toys but I think that the returns in terms of sexual satisfaction are more than worth it.

      Just a final tip on usage - like most things connected with sex, there is a strong mental element attached to this form of stimulation. Don't think of the electricity, think of what it feels like and imagine the person of your dreams doing it. And for something a bit different, try using the anal probe but only connect to one of the terminals, and connect the other wire to a conductive loop around the head of your penis - mind-blowing!

      I'm glad I tried this - you will be too!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Easy to control.
      Thought the Flick function does not add anything to the party, but not a problem.
      Bottom line
      I'm glad I tried this - you will be too!
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    1. A good night in

      Reviewed: 29 January 2015 by formula fun

      I bought this on a whim after experimenting with cheaper tens units, which do a similar job. If you've not tried E-stim, I'd suggest trying something cheaper first.

      I've only tried it by myself, and there's a lot of pleasure in that! I bet it would be fun with two people. I'm trying to pluck up courage to share my new toy with my girl!

      This toy enables me to experience a hands-free orgasm over a long period and allows good control prior to 'letting go'. While this may not happen for everyone, it's an awesome experience and certainly worth a try.

      The beauty of this device is its simplicity. There are lots of different variations to experiment with and all the bits you need to experience something totally unique.

      The pads are quality and a nice size, the loops are okay (need better toggles though) and the butt plug is the first thing I've ever used in that way. As an electrode it's okay, but then I have nothing to compare it with.

      One thing that's missing from the unit is the ability to change the speed of patterns. That would be a nice addition. The 'flick' feature is a bit tricky to use, I'm not keen on it myself, but I guess some folks would like it.

      The deal here is the best one I could find after doing a bit if hunting around. The free pack that came with it was a bonus too.

      All in all, a good purchase, could be better, but so could most things, eh?

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Simple to use, variable patters, comes with all the right bits.
      Speed control would be awesome. Price a bit high, but a good deal here.
      Bottom line
      Worth it. I feel well posh as the owner of this toy!
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    1. Extremely pleasurable

      Reviewed: 20 May 2013 by LemonSlice, a Straight Married Male

      Why this kit:

      I bought this kit as my first foray into electrostimming. Compared to other offerings elsewhere, I felt it was a good value. I know some people say it can be done cheaper, or with devices not explicitly meant for sexual stimulation, but I figured since I bought through Lovehoney I could just return the device if it wasn't value for money.


      It looks like the things would fit in a big package, in the images, but in reality they manage to package all the items into a tiny cardboard container. The container is made of quality cardboard, but I would have preferred if they had gone the extra mile. I see some kits (including from this manufacturer) come in plastic carry cases with foam padding. That would have elevated the packaging.


      Inside the box are the items you'd expect from the images. The e-stim device itself, a carrying bag for it, a USB charging cable and two connector cables. For bodily use are two cockstraps/rings, 4 electrode pads and an anal/vaginal electrode. There is a tube of conductive gel and a sachet of lubrication. Finally a thin instructional pamphlet and a one page addendum.

      The included anal/vaginal probe was a different shape than the one in the picture. It has a narrower base and might pose a risk of disappearing if used anally. You should be able to pull it out, but I'd probably attach a bit of strong string to the bottom, just in case.

      First impression:

      The device is smaller and lighter than I expected. I like this, because it means it is easy to transport. The device fits in my hand. It's about the size of a medium smart phone or tiny tablet. There is no access to the battery. I don't like this, because once the battery no longer works, neither will the device. No conventional rechargeable battery, whether Ni-MH or Li-ion, will last forever.


      Fortunately the company offers a 3 year extended warranty, by e-mail registration. I cannot speak to the ease of exchange/repair. When I registered my device, all I got was an extremely short response in return. It said, and I quote verbatim:


      Thank you for registering your extended warranty.

      Kind regards…"

      No attachments, no warranty codes, nothing. Not encouraging, but I won't judge a book by its cover.


      The instructional pamphlet covers the basics but doesn't offer a lot of usage tips. No worries, I am sure people are inventive enough on their own :)


      The cock rings consist of conductive rubber/silicone tubing, stuck through a short bit of clear rubber hose (the kind you might see in an aquarium attached to a pump). You could make your own easily, if you buy some conductive tubing. Just make sure the 2mm prongs will fit snugly inside. They work as advertised and are very pleasurable to use if positioned correctly.

      The electrode pads: I have not used these yet. Instead I have bought some long/thin pads and used those instead. They appear to be decently constructed.

      The vaginal/anal probe isn't completely slick and has a slight ridge or gap between the metal and plastic. I would advise against using it vaginally, if you have ever used it anally. It is dual channel, so it can be used on its own. Make sure to thoroughly wash it with an anti bacterial soap after use.

      The conductive gel:

      This stuff is very watery. It barely lubricates and dries quickly. Not particularly sticky. It is good for use with the cock rings, to ensure proper contact, but should not be used with the electrodes.

      In use:

      First of all, I will say that so far the "Flick" function has done very little for me. It provides more of an instant spike than a pleasurable roll. Maybe that is the intention, but so far it has been a disappointment. I will keep trying to see if I can control it enough to make it pleasurable. Maybe a steady tapping might work for some?

      The push buttons are good, because there is no accidental turning a knob all the way on high, or getting gel under a rotating knob. It's easy to wipe off the device, in case it gets a bit sticky.

      There are 8 programs and the device cannot be programmed for anymore. This is unfortunate, but at least the initial and constant buzz is the most useful. You can adjust the power up and down as necessary using the push buttons.

      For non-flick use, the device works well. Using the two included cock rings, or a long electrode and a ring together, it is easy for me to achieve hands free orgasm. I prefer not to and keep edging. It works well for that too.

      The rings, pads and other electrodes (if available) can be positioned in different ways for different kinds of pleasure.

      The sensations:

      Assuming you stay within your threshold limit, the feeling of electricity is very pleasurable. It feels unlike anything else I have tried, but it is a very enjoyable sensation. Imagine if every cell had a tiny vibrator inside of it. That's about the feeling.

      There are 25 power levels. I have climaxed at both 8, 13 and 16. It depends where I put the electrodes. Contact between electrode and skin is very important. Without proper contact, the power will have to be increased a lot in order to be felt, possibly resulting in uncomfortable shock if apart manages to make better contact. Using electrode gel (or some other conductive lubricant) has worked well for me.

      I start out at low power and increase until I get a good buzz going. I can stay and languish there if I like. The amount of sensation will stay the same, which can be good for long term edging. If I increase the power to increase the sensations, it will lessen the impact of the lower power settings if I back down again. By curiously exploring the higher settings, inevitably you slowly climb in power until you're at a level you didn't imagine you'd be at when you started. To start, 4 or 5 can feel really strong, depending where you place the electrodes, but at the end of a session you may not even be able to feel such levels.

      My experience, now that I have tried it a handful of times, is that I can more easily go to a high power setting, because I have an idea of what to expect and the initial fear of getting toasted has gone. It can still get very intense quickly though, so I make sure to increase the power gradually.

      This device is dual channel, meaning it's double the fun of a single channel device. You could, for example, use one dual channel electrode anally, while another dual channel sits vaginally. Or one dual channel anally and two single channel on the penis. Or four single channel electrodes on penis. You could also share with a partner. Lots of options.

      I suggest setting aside at least an hour, better yet two, whenever you want to do e-stim. Especially in the beginning. Make sure you will be undisturbed. It is important you can take your time and find what is right for you. Something definitely will be right, but probably not if rushed.

      Every time I use the device I spend a long time enjoying the feelings and building the sensations. Using it just to get off quickly seems a bit like using a Rolls Royce for grocery shopping. You can do it, but it has so much more to offer.

      One example from my experiments: One time I kept edging, then as I approached orgasm I quickly turned the power down. The orgasm contractions continued without regular ejaculation, but rather a "dry orgasm" that brought with it a geyser of pre-ejaculate. That was a new experience.


      SHOCK DANGER if improperly used!

      In one of the demonstration videos on this site (for a clamp) the demonstration lady turned on the power and set the level before attaching the clamp. Obviously she shocked herself. This method is wrong and you should never do it. The correct way is to first attach the cords to the device, turn on the device, attach electrodes to the body and finally turn up the power level. This way you don't inadvertently shock yourself silly, as she does in the video. Imagine that had been your privates.

      In conclusion:


      Electrostim feels really good. This device is dual channel. A nice selection of accessories. Can be charged by USB. Device feels sturdy and light weight.


      Feels pricey (but most other sexually specific solutions are even more expensive). Disappointing packaging. Not programmable. Flick function seems almost useless (at least what I've experienced thus far). Power level 25 perhaps too low for advanced users.

      Suggestion to manufacturer: Make the device programmable, perhaps even computer controlled. People could make and share programs amongst themselves. Establishing a community website would be good.


      If you like electrode pads, then buy some sticky "TENS conductive gel". The included electrode pads and other pads, like the long ones from the manufacturer, wear out too quickly. Basically they'll stop sticking after a while. Sticky conductive gel can revitalize an expensive worn out pad.

      Current mood:

      I am happy with my experiences, but I am disappointed with the flick function. I am contemplating returning the device and getting another kind, though it would be with ambivalence due to the positive experiences I have had.

      Bottom line:

      I am, overall, very happy with my device thus far and would recommend it to anyone interested in trying e-stim.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Build quality, ease of use, accessories, generates good sensations.
      Technical limitations, packaging, "flick" not really useful, pricey.
      Bottom line
      A pleasurable experience unlike any other.
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    1. Dang it

      Reviewed: 04 May 2016 by Kazama, a Straight Single Male

      Was not blown away by the EM80...

      It's a shame as I couldn't wait to try it, having already read loads of advice for beginners in electro play (and drooled over the wide array of attachments).

      First off, let me say the cock rings work a treat. With the current on it feels like your member is vibrating. So much so that when you touch it and don't feel vibrations you're taken aback. You don't need to crank up the power, either. Levels five and six were plenty. When going higher it feels like pain is impending, but level 10 wasn't painful, just a bit too much. The various patterns combined with a little manual stimulation are where it's at here. Almost worth it just for that... Almost.

      To my knowledge the stimulation you get from electrodes depends not only on the power but how small the contact area is. The diddy aura probe therefore should be a regular powerhouse. It certainly feels tingly in the hand.

      After getting relaxed and warmed up, I popped in the probe with water-based lube and tentatively turned up the power. About Lvl 15 I started getting rhythmic muscle clenches which are pleasurable. Not being in control of them adds a new element, like it had a mind of its own. I steadily raised the power to max, but alas, I must have rubber insides because that lovely tingly sensation never arrived. Just using the tip I can get a nice tingle, but nada once over half way.

      Convinced I must be doing it wrong, in subsequent sessions I tried changing the angle, having slower warm ups with other toys, going straight from 0-25 power, twisting it, and tried all the patterns on a variety of settings, to no avail. What's more the tiny base made it difficult to maneuver. Using it as a uni-polar toy with a ring yielded no joy either.

      The electrastim Sirius looks like a better option for us guys and many reviews rave about it. But with my dull reaction to the aura probe, I'll stick with my L'Amourose Rosa (which is friggin ace).

      This is my first ever returned item, which I lament, but without that Lovehoney 'safety net' I wouldn't have made half my sexy time purchases. If you are thinking of trying this, I say go for it, make your own mind up.

      Maybe when I have a bit more money to throw around I can try a more powerful unit with some more suitable (read bigger) toys. If you are experienced at anal play I suggest you do the same.

      As usual the postage was super quick. Though it came in a suspiciously long thin box despite not being a dildo. Cue a knowing smile from the postie. :S

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Sensations are different from anything else. Very well made and body safe.
      Not for everybody. The Aura probe.
      Bottom line
      A good safe starter pack for electrosex. Not for me though.
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    1. Good while it lasted

      Reviewed: 18 December 2017 by Marty999, a Straight Married Male

      I have had some great fun with this gadget and purchased a few compatible add-ons (larger butt plug, metal ring, dilator and chastity device). The unit provides a good strength of power and is a great starter unit.

      Eventually, like myself, you may want something that pushes your boundaries. I was recently thinking about treating myself to the SensaVox for Christmas. However, in the last few days my EM80-M has stopped working.

      Despite a full charge it will turn on, but as you increase power into double figures it turns itself off. I purchased this in October 2015 (so just over two years ago - and now out of guarantee).

      This has put me off purchasing the SensaVox at an even higher price as I need to be sure I can get much more than two years out of it. I only use the EM80-M once per month on average, so it really shouldn't be failing so quickly considering the price.

    2. Overall Rating
      4 out of 10 stars
      Great starter kit to electrics which has left me craving something more powerful.
      Product life of only 2 years.
      Bottom line
      Expensive considering the short product life.
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    1. Not so mind-blowing in my mind

      Reviewed: 29 May 2015 by Paradoxides, a Straight Single Male

      I have purchased this package after years of thinking about getting back to an electro toy like this.

      An ex-girlfriend of mine had a medical TENS box and electrodes, and since we are ex, I have lost access to it. At the time I compared electro sex and medical boxes and their prices online. I must say that I didn't find much that was better in the medical world than the box that she owned on a private hand-box level.

      I was curious about the difference between sex and medical TENS. So, someone told me that the sex boxes are geared more towards sex and feel therefore better and are stronger. So eventually I decided, after 2 years, to fork out the money and buy this sex e-stim box.

      The box come to me with a great load of extras in cleaners and extra lubes. Thank you, Lovehoney!

      My first session was spontaneous. Immediately as I received the package, I tried out a pair of the electrodes and worked my way through the different programmes. I was amazed how the programmes are building up and onto each other and how strong sensations I got out of the toy. Until I reached the highest setting, and found out that the two channels are not independent.

      I find that the anal electrode does not reach my spot and its electrodes rather contract my sphincter, but don't stimulate the P-spot, either directly or indirectly.

      The special thing about this box is the Flick programme. I find it quite distracting that there doesn't seem to be a constant direction in which I have to flick the box in order to get a response. I also have to flick it quite hard to receive a response (sometimes). The technology is nothing near anything such as an iPhone gyro.

      Overall, I would say the following: I have tried it now about 10 - 12 times. More and more so thinking that I "must" give it another chance. I mostly ended up putting it to the side and using lube and a hand or just got tired of the session as a whole.

      Instead, I started using it for back pain and to get better blood circulation in my legs. A box of that quality in output would have been a fraction as a medical box.

    2. Overall Rating
      4 out of 10 stars
      Very good quality build. Packaging.
      It doesn't compare.
      Bottom line
      There are better boxes for this money.
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    1. Let me get straight to the point

      Reviewed: 14 August 2016 by Jollygiraffe, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      I only bought this kit to replace a previous one that broke down twice - but I did not buy it from Lovehoney.

      As the Lovehoney unit cost twice as much as my old one. I thought it would be a big improvement and more powerful. It wasn't.

      I cannot understand why they have put 25 gradual power settings on it. The first 10 don't do anything! What's that all about? I only started to feel something on Number 10 so, really speaking, it only has 15 power settings.

      When I got to the highest setting it STILL was not as powerful as my old model from a different manufacturer.

      I guess I have been spoilt by a better model (that cost half as much as this one). I have made a big mistake buying this.

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      I liked the reviews. That's what sold it to me.
      Not very powerful, first 10 settings nothing happens.
      Bottom line
      There are better units out there at half the price.
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