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    1. Tantus Beginner C-Sling Silicone Cock Ring

      Average customer review 2.5 out of 5 stars7 reviews

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      1. Tantus Beginner C-Sling Silicone Cock Ring

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    1. Product Description

      Slip this sensual silicone C-sling around your cock and balls to enjoy enhanced pleasure and added perineum stimulation. A long tongue nestles against the area between your bottom and manhood, providing extra pleasure during solo and shared play.

      Cock rings can help you to stay harder for longer, and even increase the intensity of your orgasms. The added benefit of the firm silicone tongue provides even greater pleasure during play, nestling against your perineum comfortably.

      Unlike other cock and ball rings, this Tantus model is designed for beginner seeking a toy that will enhance and bring even more pleasure to play.

      Measuring 2.5 inches in diameter with a slight stretch quality, the ring slips easily around both the cock and balls of most men, using a little water-based lubricant for enhanced comfort.

      The constriction around your manhood allows for more intensity and pleasure, whether you choose to use the ring during solo play or lovemaking.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Tantus Beginner C-Sling Silicone Cock Ring 7 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Tantus Beginner C-Sling Silicone Cock Ring
      2. Tantus Beginner C-Sling Silicone Cock Ring


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    1. Not just for beginners

      Reviewed: 27 August 2012 by ruffledsheets

      The Beginner C-Sling is a cock ring with an added perineum stimulator, crafted from pure silicone. Don't let the name fool you, though! It's only labeled 'Beginner' due to the size. It has a 2" diameter instead of the standard 1.75" diameter of the original C-Sling to make it easier to put on. Personally though, it's the right size. I was recently sent a 1.75" cock ring to review by another store and it was so tight it was a little scary. The moral of this story is this: Measure up or you could end up in trouble! Also, don't be put off by the "Beginner" prefix to this toy's name.

      I have probably almost a dozen of Tantus toys. Other than this toy I have only been sent one more to review. The rest I've bought myself. What I'm trying to say is I'm sent a fair few toys but I still buy these with my own cash as I've never owned one I didn't like. This product is no exception.

      To be fair, a cock ring is a pretty safe bet for a sex toy company. As long as it has no sharp edges and isn't made from something that will harm the user there isn't much that can go wrong. This one is better than most, though, due to the perineum massager.

      I'm a big fan of my perineum. I didn't really know what it was until my mid to late twenties when I discovered that I was particularly responsive to my other half touching me there and I began to investigate it. Since then I've tried a few toys that purport to stimulate this particularly nerve-ending rich area. Some, like the Rocks Off Rude Boy and Aneros MGX fail miserably. Others, like this one, hit the spot. Now don't expect a great amount of pressure with this. It's made from silicone, which is quite supple and bendy, so will not exert the same kind of force as something made from firmer material, but you can still feel it there, which separates it from other, regular, cock rings.

      At this point though, I feel I must warn readers of something that may or may not happen depending on how they put on this particular ring. Now putting on a cock ring isn't exactly rocket surgery, but you still need to be careful. Particularly with this one, as the teardrop shaped perineum massager makes it ever so slightly more difficult to put on. On the back of the packaging there is a detailed description of how to go about it but I must stress that it's worth checking where you are at every stage of the process.

      Like all cock rings, there's a way of putting them on. It's not difficult, but it's extremely important. Basically, you slip your (or your partner's) testicles in through the ring one at a time and then, once through, you insert the penis through too. This might seem obvious, but it's actually very easy for one of your (or your partner's) testicles to slip back out through the hole, the same way it went in. This is why it's tremendously important to a) check that they're both through before inserting the penis and b) if one slips out, don't, for the love of all that is holy, try to slip it back through once your penis is in. If that happens, and it has to me with this (and a number of cock rings) many times, simply remove your (or your partner's) penis and start again. Your (or your partner's) testicles will thank you for it...

      The reason I stress this point more on this particular cock ring than others is that there is limited access to the rear of the ring, due to the perineum massager. With a regular ring, it's easier to place your hand behind it and prevent your (or your partner's) testicles from slipping back through. With this one, you can't, so it'll save time if you check before proceeding.

      Having said all that, after a couple of goes, it's actually extremely easy for you or your partner to put on. Personally, I find it very sexy when my other half puts it on me. It's like putting on a condom. Sure, you can stop and do it yourself, but it's sexier and can actually add something great to your foreplay if it's put on by your partner.

      Once on, this cock ring feels great. Cock rings usually feel good but the added perineum stimulation really adds to this one. It's not full on as the silicone, as mentioned above, is quite supple, but it's there and you'll notice it.

      Now I could end the review here. I've described how it feels, how to put it on etc. but with this particular ring, there's another benefit: How it looks. My other half described it perfectly when we were testing it out and I was laying down. She said it looked like I was being 'presented' to her. Due to the thickness of the ring and the depth of the perineum attachment, everything is moved slightly forward. So not only does it give you a firmer erection, it pushes you out slightly, too. This doesn't make much of a difference, if at all, when having penetrative sex, but if you're laying down during foreplay then it does.

      So, why buy the Tantus Beginner C-Sling?

      Well, if you're not sure why buy a cock ring at all then I should explain that, providing the sizing is correct, they restrict blood flow out of the penis to help gain a stronger, firmer erection. Blood flows into the penis closer to the centre than it on the way out when it's close to the surface. This means that applying pressure to the skin around the penis (or penis and testicles) allows blood in but makes it harder for it to leave, which can result in firmer erections, more veins popping out etc..

      If you already know all that and you want to know why buy this particular cock ring then I can tell you that the perineum stimulator is worth it. It would make a fine first cock ring but, to me, cock rings aren't so complicated they need to be bracketed into 'beginner' and 'advanced'. If you've used 100 before this would still be a good buy, if it's the right size.

      Personally, I've finished reviewing this now, but it's still by the side of my bed...

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Material, shape.
      Bottom line
      Great cock ring for anyone it fits, not just beginners.
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    1. Simply the best

      Reviewed: 01 July 2013 by scribbler, a Bisexual Single Male

      I absolutely love this cock ring. I struggled a little to get it on, but it was worth it.

      It really enhanced my erection and I had a very intense orgasm with it. I walked around with it on and the curve really does help to stimulate the perineum.

      Expensive - but well worth the investment!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Shape, feel.
      Bottom line
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    1. Not bad but not great

      Reviewed: 03 October 2013 by It's Me..., a Straight Married Male

      First thing's first - read the section on measuring yourself to ensure a correct fit. This is called 'beginner' but the only difference between this and the 'normal' c-sling is the diameter. This one is a bit bigger. For me, it's the right size but for you it might not be. Nothing to do with 'beginner' or 'advanced' so that really needs clarifying on the packet/website. Had I decided I was 'advanced' I think a trip to A&E would have been in order.

      Anyway, the good thing is that it works. It looks good and, as one other review mentioned, it pushes your nuts forward so you do look the part!

      The bad news is the 'unique(ish)' part of the product - the perineum tab massager thing. Frankly, it doesn't do much. If you're buying this, it's probably because you like that part of your body being played with and are hoping this'll do it. Well, it won't. ou might feel it there but not in a manner that'll do much for you. It's rather frustrating actually.

      Furthermore, if your partner happens to rub your perineum (which they may do as you like it - you must do, you're buying a product that claims to hit that spot) - guess what? There's a hoofing great bit of silicone in the way so they won't be able to.

      For this reason, I think another 2 inch ring without the perineum bit would be more suitable. It isn't a bad product - it's well made and makes you look impressive but the thing that makes this stand out versus other similar products here is it doesn't really do what it claims to. Or it doesn't for me anyway.

    2. Overall Rating:
      5 out of 10 stars
      It works, is well made and makes you look good.
      Perineum massager does little apart from get in the way.
      Bottom line
      Good as a cock ring, bad as a 'cock ring with extras'.
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