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    1. Stainless Steel Anal Hook

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars5 reviews

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      1. Stainless Steel Anal Hook

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    1. Product Description

      Achieve perfect posture with this anal hook. Made from stainless steel, the hook offers 3 inches of insertable length and has a smooth curve that sits between the buttocks, leaving a 9 inch length sitting flat against the back with an O-ring at the tip.

      Use tethers or a length of rope to attach the O-ring to a slave collar or your hair, ensuring your submissive kneels with perfect posture, holding their head high.

      The insertable tip features a curvy bulb measuring 4.4 inches in circumference which can be unscrewed for easy cleaning. Be sure to tighten the ball before each use to ensure total safety.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Stainless Steel Anal Hook 5 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Stainless Steel Anal Hook
      2. Stainless Steel Anal Hook


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    1. The best toy we have ever purchased

      Reviewed: 30 December 2014 by honest darb , a Straight Married Male

      After looking online for something to add to our arsenal of BDSM play, I really wanted to try this. My wife was reluctant as it seemed a bit too hardcore, but after convincing her it's not really any different to a butt plug, she gave me the nod of approval and I bought it.

      The first thing I noticed about it, is the weight. Its got a really good solid feel to it. When ordering, I was worried that the ball part may be a bit too big as I am fairly new to anal play. However, although it isn't small it certainly isn't too big.

      I let my wife do the honours and pop it in with plenty of lube - wow. Everything felt amazing. I could feel the cold of the steel inside me, and the weight felt incredible. She then tied a rope to the eye of the hook and threaded that through a collar attached round my neck and tied it off. The sensations are just amazing. With every move made the hook moves inside and feel great.

      For anyone who is thinking of this, but is unsure, my advice is to just go for it. What do you have to lose? You will not regret it, I assure you of that.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      Amazing and fantastic.
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    1. I'm Hooked

      Reviewed: 28 April 2014 by Fluffbags, a Straight Going Steady Female

      As a fan of bondage, I already owned the handcuffs, the rope, the blindfolds and all the usual implements found in a BDSM fans arsenal. What I was lacking was something a little different, something versatile that could provide many different kinds of sensation. I saw the anal hook, did a little research and I knew this was it.

      Anal hooks are designed to be inserted into the body (anally or vaginally) and are most often used for predicament bondage (placing your partner in an immobile position, or giving them a choice between two unsatisfactory conclusions). As an example, you could insert the hook into your partners anus, tie some rope through the hoop and attach that rope to a fixture above, rendering them immobile. Placing a submissive into a position where they have lost their ability to move can heighten submissive feelings, as they feel vulnerable or exposed. On top of this, the hook can be used for straight up pleasure, if angled correctly, to stimulate the prostate or G-spot and being made from solid stainless steel; you can even incorporate some temperature play by submerging the hook in hot, or icy cold water before use.

      So many options from such an unassuming product!

      The hook arrived and I did an initial inspection. One of my biggest concerns was that the ball can be unscrewed from the end of the hook. I worried it could come loose and get lost inside the body, which is not a fun way to end a session. My worries dissipated when I realised the threading was deep and it took a number of turns to remove the ball. I realised it would be extremely unlikely, even impossible, to lose the ball, unless you were really careless and left it half unscrewed anyway. (Not likely.)

      The hook and ball have a good amount of weight to them, because it is made from solid steel. The surface was totally smooth, glossy and felt cold to the touch. I liked it already.

      We got down to trying the hook later that evening. The first thing I should point out is that this hook is probably not suitable for complete beginners to anal penetration. See, solid materials, like metal, tend to feel more ‘imposing’ compared to squishier, softer materials and this meant it took a little warm up to get the ball inside. It can be slightly fiddly to insert, due to the lack of tapered tip and the fact that the surface is so smooth that it slips and slides around easily when lube is added (and lube should definitely be added for anal penetration).

      Going in, you feel the ball stretching your muscles, but once past those muscles, the sensations are gentle. You feel slightly full and can feel it moving around it you thrust lightly, but it was not an overload to the senses. It actually felt really enjoyable sliding up and down past his prostate and I experienced similar when I used it vaginally. It gave the both of us some intense G-spot/P-spot stimulation and in my case, gushing orgasms. However, I found it quite awkward to work with, as a thrusting toy, so I would not recommend purchasing the hook for pleasure only. Simply understand this is just a huge bonus!

      Finally I put it to use as a tool for predicament bondage. This is where the hook shines. (literally and figuratively speaking) I inserted the hook, looped some rope through the ring and stood up. My partner attached the rope to a hook above and set the tension to have me stand on tip toes. When I allowed by body to relax and come down further onto the hook, the sensation I felt was a firm pressure within as the ball pressed into my internal walls. I also felt my anus being stretched open, as though someone had inserted two fingers into my bum and then spread them apart. The sensation was not painful, but it was definitely not comfortable either. The psychological feelings of being spread open slightly and feeling immobile and trapped in position were mind-blowing.

      Of course, as soon as I realised how fantastic this hook was, at making you feel these things, I began to incorporate it into our bondage sessions more often. I am the dominant partner and I simply love creating these situations for my submissive partner and watching him submit to the sensations and feelings created.

      I highly recommend the anal hook to any fans of bondage, submission, dominance and control. It was a tool I overlooked in the past and now I can only wonder why. It is so versatile, being able to provide pleasure, discomfort, bondage and temperature play. I even believe the reason the ball screws off is so you can change the balls if you wished, purchasing bigger or smaller ones to suit. I would not recommend the anal hook to those who are beginners to anal penetration.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      So versatile. Excellent for predicament bondage. Easy to care for.
      Bottom line
      A tool I overlooked at first, and now I wonder why I did!
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    1. Daunting but fun

      Reviewed: 20 March 2015 by rubberMonkey

      I have always been intrigued by these and wondered what it felt like. Now I know!

      It came with some other bits and a plain box. The hook itself came in a box with plastic window so you can see the hook.

      My first impression was "wow this is light". The ball is solid but the rod must be hollow. This actually helps when wearing the hook, as it doesn't buck around too much once inserted but not tied to anything. Even though it is hollow it's really strong and I even gave it a good pull to check.

      I use Pjur anal glide, which is great and lasts during play. The ball isn't as big as it may looks to get in, but beginners might want to use a butt plug to warm up first.

      Being steel it holds the cold or heat well, and this is something that I really enjoyed. I look forward to playing more with hot and cold.

      With plenty of Anal Glide it went straight in and wow, what a feeling! This really does have a feeling of its own. It's interesting moving around and finding it move with you. Depending what you tie it to with decides if it moves with you or not.

      It's great for predicament bondage and adding something that with stimulate whilst binding you in a way. There are so many different possibilities to what the hook could be tied to. I found a metal carabiner created interesting "clanks" down the hook. I also strapped a Lelo Lyla 2 to the hook to add another dynamic, but could do with something more powerful strapped to it.

      I have seen some replacement balls that can be swapped, so it would be interesting to try something a little bigger now I am used to this one.

      Clean-up is easy. Being steel it can be washed in the sink or dishwasher and left in boiling water or sterilising liquid.

      I have found you need to take the ball off to clean it properly as some "gunk" does travel in the gap.

      Overall, a great toy for a bit of fun and added bondage!

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Possibility to heat and cool it.
      Nothing yet.
      Bottom line
      Overall, a great toy for a bit of fun and added bondage!
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