1. Top 10 Best Rabbit Vibrators

    Everyone's heard of them, but many still haven't tried one. The indisputable celebrity of the sex toy world, rabbit vibrators are one of the best known sex toys in existence - but why?

    Simple. Because the the ultimate sex toy for blended orgasms, thanks to their ability to simultaneously stimulate the clitoris and internal pleasure zones.

    But how do you choose which is the best rabbit vibrator for you? This guide should make it easy!

        Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

        Fifty Shades of Grey Greedy Girl G-Spot Rabbit

        Tailor-made orgasms are on hand with Greedy Girl, a G-spot rabbit vibrator that combines silky silicone with 36 possible vibration mode combinations. It's USB rechargeable, waterproof and travel-friendly with 2 powerful motors and 15 speeds and patterns.

        • 15 speeds and patterns with 36 combination possibilities
        • Made from premium grade black silicone
        • Part of the Official Fifty Shades of Grey Pleasure Collection, approved by E L James
        Ideal for:
        • Experimenting with blended stimulation
        • Ladies who want a rabbit that isn't pink or purple
        • Fans of the Fifty Shades of Grey books

        What you say:

        "The power of this toy is immense - considering my go-to is usually a Doxy wand, I was mega impressed by what the Greedy Girl delivered, and it may have knocked the Doxy off the top spot!."

    1. 2. Happy Rabbit Rechargeable G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

      Happy Rabbit 2 G-Spot USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

      Intense pleasure and a large dose of happiness is yours with the Happy Rabbit 2 G-Spot Vibrator. Soaring arousal with 2 strong motors, 12 shaft functions and 3 ear speeds, the internal shaft tips you over the edge to breathless orgasms.

      • Bulbous, curved tip
      • USB rechargable
      • Waterproof
      Ideal for:
      • Powerful G-spot orgasms
      • Eco-friendly worldwide charging
      • Fun in the bath or shower
      What they say:

      "I've had mine for a few years now and I have got to say it is the best vibrator I have ever had." 

    2. 3. Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Classic Rabbit Vibrator

      Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Rabbit Vibrator

      Bounce into orgasm action with one of our most popular rabbit vibes. Jessica boasts a curvaceous shaft and perfectly-placed clitoral stimulator for a fusion of internal and external bliss that'll leave you jumping for joy.

      • Classic rabbit shape and design
      • Independently controlled motors
      • Realistic head
      Ideal for:
      • First-time rabbit users
      • Custom sensations
      • Realistic internal pleasure
      What they say:

      "This was the first toy I ever bought and I love it. Once you turn on the rabbit ears, it's toe-curling and I orgasmed really quickly with it."

    3. 4. Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

      Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

      When you're after a jolly good rogering, you need a little Jessica Rabbit in your life. Now featuring an expertly-crafted tip for precise G-spot massages, Jessica boasts 10 vibration functions and lavishes you with sensational blended orgasms.

      • Tapered, curved tip
      • Reversible rotating beads
      • Waterproof
      Ideal for:
      • Easy insertion & G-spot stim
      • Enhanced labia stimulation
      • Aquatic adventures
      What they say:

      "I would recommended this to anyone who loves clit stimulation! I came within 10 minutes the first time we used this!"

    1. 5. Lovehoney Dream Rabbit Silicone G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

      Lovehoney Dream Rabbit 10 Function Silicone G-Spot Rabbit Vibrator

      Tumble down the rabbit hole as this rabbit's G-spot curve topsy-turves you to a powerful climax. Chock-full of vibration and rotation settings, this smooth silicone toy is your magic weapon for blended internal and external climaxes.

      • Made from velvet-touch silicone
      • Rounded, curved tip
      • Independently controlled motors
      Ideal for:
      • Water-based play
      • Precise G-spot stimulation
      • Personalised pleasure
      What they say:

      "This rabbit is so much more powerful than I expected and it had me cumming within minutes!"

    2. 6. Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit Slimline Rabbit Vibrator

      Lovehoney Jessica Rabbit 10 Function Slimline Rabbit Vibrator

      The most slender member of the rabbit vibe family, the Jessica Rabbit Slimline is every bit as pleasurable as its full-sized relatives and fantastic for sex toy newbies. Fluttering 10 function rabbit ears and a swirling beaded shaft are all yours.

      • Slimline design
      • Realistic head
      • Ergonomic shape
      Ideal for:
      • Sex toy newbies
      • Lifelike internal pleasure
      • Versatile play options
      What they say:

      "It made me orgasm in minutes of using it. I love the bunny ears, they are just amazing for getting it done. It's also great for beginners, it's slim and goes in easily!"

    3. 7. Happy Rabbit Rechargeable Curve Rabbit Vibrator

      Happy Rabbit 2 Curve USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

      Indulge in stimulation of the happiest kind with the Happy Rabbit Curve Rabbit Vibrator. 2 motors surge power to your most sensitive spots and a whopping 15 vibrating modes ensure thrilling blended orgasms. As seen on Goodhousekeeping.co.uk.

      • Smooth, tapered tip
      • New re-designed ears
      • Simple 2-button control pad
      Ideal for:
      • Easy insertion
      • Intense clitoral stimulation
      • Fuss-free operation
      What they say:

      "The vibrations are very strong for a non-mains toy. I have no idea where it gets its power from! It's by far the best rabbit we have had to date."

    4. 8. Lovehoney Desire Luxury Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

      Lovehoney Desire Luxury USB Rechargeable Rabbit Vibrator

      Supreme satisfaction is yours with the Desire Rabbit Vibrator. Silken silicone envelops the shaft and ears for unrivalled sensuality and stimulation, while 8 patterns of waves and pulses and 12 levels of adjustable intensity offer blissful sensations.

      • Luxury design
      • Travel lock
      • Includes lockable sex toy case
      Ideal for:
      • Upgrading your sex toy box
      • Worry-free travel and storage
      • Discreet in-case charging
      What they say:

      "This is the first rabbit vibrator I bought and it is toe-curlingly, lip-bitingly, eye-wateringly fantastic!"

    5. 9. Lovehoney BASICS Beginner's Rabbit Vibrator

      Lovehoney BASICS Beginner's Rabbit Vibrator

      You've taken up transcendental meditation? Reading a book you can't put down? Get your fake alibi in place so no one questions your new 7.30pm bedtime, and you can spend each and every evening orgasming over and over again with our BASICS rabbit vibrator.

      • Keep-it-simple design
      • Short shaft and long ears
      • Twist base control
      Ideal for:
      • Uncomplicated play
      • Shallow insertion with clit stim
      • Button-free operation
      What they say:

      "I was surprised at how quiet it was, and I'd never felt anything like it. This toy gave me my first proper orgasm."

    6. 10. Lovehoney Dream Rabbit 10 Function Silicone Rabbit Vibrator (£34.99)

      Lovehoney Dream Rabbit 10 Function Silicone Rabbit Vibrator

      Made for mind-blowing arousal and dazzling orgasms, this rabbit has 3 ear speeds, 7 ear patterns and 3 shaft speeds, with bonus balls rotating in the reversible silicone shaft.

      • Rotating balls in the shaft with reversible function
      • 3 ear speeds and 7 ear patterns
      • Waterproof for tub or shower fun
      Ideal for:
      • The best blended pleasure
      • Deep, filled sensation
      • A first-time rabbit
      What they say:

      "The selection and rhythm of the vibes were truly great, delivering everything from a short, fast hit to an extremely pleasant rumbly feeling everywhere."

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