How to Use Large Dildos & Fist Dildos

If ‘super-long’ and ‘super-thick’ sound super-satisfying to you, then you’re ready to read our expert guide on how to enjoy extra-large dildos.

Big dildos range in size from just a little larger than lifesize to bigger than anything your bedroom bud could fit in their trousers. Some are short and thick, some are long and skinny – the biggest and boldest are long, thick and oh-so-sensational.

If you’re looking to take your dildo game from tame to aflame, our guide will help you get started with monster dildos and give you top tips on how to get the most pleasure from them.

Video: How to Fist

Get some top advice from Jess on how to use large dildos and enjoy fisting safely.

Lube, lube again, and lube some more

Like most dildos, XL dildos and fist dildos are generally designed to provide internal satisfaction. Unlike most dildos, large dildos are almost certainly going to stretch your body on their way in, which makes it imperative that you use lubricant, and plenty of it.

“Tip: use plenty of lubricant then add more just because. You will need it.” - Toylover319

Make sure you use the right kind of lubricant for the dildo you’ve purchased; you can’t go wrong with the water-based variety. Choose a thicker, anal lubricant if you’re playing round back, and a vagina-friendly lubricant if you’re stretching up front.

Start slow and play progressively

It’s always important to start small and work your way up, but that holds even more true with big dildos. Your body needs time to get ready for an extra-girthy dildo so you can enjoy your experience; never rush into things without foreplay or warm-up, as you could damage yourself.

“Not only is lube required, but warming up with a smaller dildo is also required for me. I'm always game for a challenge and my partner finds it a huge turn-on when we use this toy.” - AussieToyOwner

Get started by making sure you’re fully aroused – you can play with a smaller toy or even have intercourse with your partner to get yourself turned on. Once you’re ready, spread out in a comfortable position and slowly begin to insert your dildo.

You can try lying on your back with a pillow under your bottom, with your legs raised and spread, or you may prefer to squat down over the dildo so you have complete control of the depth. Once you pass the widest part of the dildo, your body should be more relaxed, which allows you to explore the sensations in your own time.

Explore filling and stretching sensations

Once your dildo’s inside, the sky’s the limit! Some people like to twist the dildo inside them to stimulate all the internal erogenous zones, while others prefer to thrust in and out. Experiment to find out what you prefer - just remember to go slow and steady.

“It fills completely with a satisfying stretch. A favourite toy, which me and my husband have named Mr Grey!” - KinKay

Fist dildos provide a 'full-up' sensation that stimulates your internal walls, and provide a feeling of being stretched, which is a fantasy for many. Pay close attention to what your body is telling you, and you should be able to enjoy every inch of your massive sex toy with ease.

If you start to feel any pain or discomfort, stop. When buying a large dildo for you or your partner, it's important to remember that bodies have their limits, and you or they might not be able to manage a large dildo, especially vaginally – there's only so far it can go!

Many people worry that using large dildos will stretch them permanently, leaving them 'loose'. However, your body's natural elasticity will prevent this from happening and you will regain the tightness in your muscles just a day or two after having fun with your dildo.

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