How to Use a Clone-A-Willy Kit

Featuring everything you need to reproduce your old chap in vibrator form, this kit is loved by couples all over the world. Just add water (and your penis!) to create a shaking take on your very own member.

While your first impression might be to dismiss it as a giggle-at-first-sight gimmick, there are several unique benefits of Clone-A-Willy kit.

For instance, couples in long-distance relationships find that a portable penis can be the perfect gift for lonesome pleasure sessions. Therefore, getting it on with a penis you know (and miss) is just what the love doctor ordered.

But let’s not forget, the process of making the vibrator together is a right laugh. It’s hard not to giggle when you’re moulding a brand new willy.

Video: Make Your Own Vibrator with Clone-A-Willy

Join Annabelle and Brenna as they show you how to make your very own vibrator, using a Clone-A-Willy moulding kit.

How to use your Clone-a-Willy moulding kit

Read up, before you get down

Cloning your penis isn't that difficult - it just requires a bit of preparation and precision regarding timings.

But, before you dive penis first into the moulding clay, be sure to read your instructional pamphlet and check you have all your ingredients.

Each kit should contain:

  1. Moulding tube
  2. Specially timed moulding powder
  3. Two-part platinum-cure silicone mix
  4. Single-speed vibrating unit
  5. Full instructions
  6. Thermometer
  7. Stirring stick

You’ll also need to provide:

  1. Measuring jug
  2. Large mixing bowl
  3. Clean disposable container
  4. Spatula
  5. Timer
  6. Pair of scissors
  7. Tape
  8. 4 inch square of cardboard with a cut-out X in the middle
  9. Pen

This is also the ideal time to give your pubes a trim. The mixture is very sticky and won’t be good if you get your hair stuck in it.

“What it doesn't say on the box, which we should have figured anyway really, was that pubic hair should be clipped or shaved off before moulding - result of not doing this was that his hair had become trapped in the now set liquid mould!” - Miss Kitty

Stand to attention

Because every erection is a blessing, make sure you’re modelling around a good hard dick. Get your penis erect and measure it against the long moulding tube.

Then, mark the length with a pen and cut the tube along the mark. Use the tape to line the tube, so it’s comfortable against your skin.

Pssst, we get it, keeping an erection under pressure is harder than it looks (excuse the pun) so you might want to add a cock ring into the mix. Clone-a-Willy’s Easily Removable Cock Ring is perfect. Not only does it boost your erection strength, but it's super easy to take off when you’re done moulding.

“After some careful preparation and reviewing the enclosed instruction we set to work. We made use of a cock ring to maximise his erection whilst the mould was setting and this worked a treat.” - MrandMrsHorny

Mix it up

Time to get messy. Measure out 414ml of hot water and pour it into the bowl. Then, using your thermometer, make sure the water is exactly 32°C (90 °F). You might have to wait for your water to cool to the right temperature, so talk amongst yourselves.

When your water is ready, put one minute on your timer and pour your moulding powder into the bowl. Using your spatula, stir the mixture for about 30 seconds - don’t over-mix.

Pop him in

Pour your ooey, gooey mixture into your measuring tube and pop your old fella in too. Press the tube against your body. The mixture can take up to four minutes to set, so take a load off and get comfy.

Once the mould has solidified, gently pop your penis out and leave the mould to set for four hours.

Add that buzz

Using your wooden stirrer, pour the two jars of silicone into your disposable container and mix. Pour out any water that may have snuck into your penis mould and carefully pour in the silicone mixture.

Take the vibrator provided, and push it through the X in the cardboard square, making sure the screw cap is still visible. Then, insert the vibrator into the silicone mixture, using the cardboard to support it and hold it in place.

Keep the moulding tube upright and leave the vibe in place for 24 hours.

“The clone of my fiance brought me to orgasm in pretty much record time. Just like my fiance.” - Miss Kitty

It’s alive!

When the silicone is set fully, remove the cardboard and gently pull out your brand new vibrator. You can trim off any excess silicone from around the base if needed.

To get that bad boy buzzing, insert one AA battery into the base and your mini-me is born.

For the very best results, pair your homemade vibrator with plenty of water-based lube.

“I have since had my first business trip away and have had an excellent review of my clone - apparently he worked amazingly and had her cumming in no time!” - Bad Karma

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