Beginner's Guide to Luxury Sex Toys

You'll have to splash a little more cash to get your hands on a luxury sex toy… But are they worth the extra cost?

Featuring the latest technology, design and materials, high-end sex toys not only feel great, but they're long-lasting, too. Most luxury vibrators are also rechargeable, which means you're also doing your bit for the environment by ditching the batteries.

This guide explains why luxury vibrators are a brilliant investment in your pleasure, and why your decision to spend a little more will pay off for years to come.

Video: Top Luxury Sex Toys

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Why do people use luxury sex toys?

Creators of luxury sex toys invest heavily in research and technology, and are able to develop ergonomic shapes and innovative features, resulting in beautiful objects that are designed to leave you feeling fully indulged.

  1. Most are rechargeable, which means they’re an eco-friendly option
  2. Many are made using the latest technology and innovations
  3. Ergonomic, beautiful designs
  4. Longer-lasting investment for your collection
  5. Skin-safe, luxurious materials

Different types of luxury sex toys

Advanced technology toys

The latest innovation in clitoral pleasure, Womanizer vibrators are a revolutionary option for anyone with a clitoris.

The Womanizer encircles your clitoris with a silicone head, stimulating the sensitive nerve-endings of the clitoris without direct contact.

Rather than vibrations, these sleek, ergonomic , ‘non-numbing’ stimulators use gentle suction, offering varying intensity levels to gradually build sensation from a soft flutter to an intense pulse.

Singer Lily Allen recently stated that Womanizer toys "have changed my life", while one Lovehoney reviewer hailed the Pro40 as "the best clitoral toy I have EVER used."

Another reviewer declared it "life changing," saying that "for 20 years of my life I have never been able to achieve a full orgasm... This toy has gotten me there every single time I use it."

‘Smarter’ again, is the Womanizer Premium which features the mind-blowing sensations of patented Pleasure Air Technology, a body sensor that knows when to turn on and off, and an autopilot mode which lets your toy take control of your orgasm. With 12 levels of intensity to try, you can have fun discovering the one that best suits you.

Waterproof and with USB charging, Womanizer toys offer endless pleasure and effortless climaxes at the touch of a button, anytime, anywhere.

Luxury silicone toys

The material used to create a sex toy often determines whether it makes it into the coveted ‘luxury’ category. And, there is nothing more indulgent than super-silky, ultra-premium silicone. Add ‘dual density’ to the mix and you’ve hit the jackpot.

Dual density toys are made to feel firm and are usually stiff and inflexible. However, toys that are dual density and silicone offer the best of both worlds, mixing firmness with flexibility. Dual density toys feature two layers of silicone, which creates a super-realistic feel. They’re soft to the touch, yet firm when squeezed, which is pretty close to a lifelike experience.

The head of the penis is actually quite spongy, and acts as a shock absorber during vigorous penetration. Naturally, to keep things comfortable, you want your toy to mimic this. This is exactly what dual density silicone dildos provide – the squishy outer layer means your toy isn’t going to hit the vaginal walls too hard. This is particularly useful for safe anal play, too.

Ultra-premium silicone is also totally skin and body-safe. It’s non-porous and easy to clean, too.

Stainless steel toys

Luxurious, lustrous and super shiny! Stainless steel is often used for high-end sex toys. The smooth, pure, polished steel finish not only looks fabulous, but is also incredibly low-maintenance, easy to clean and very hygienic.

The satisfying weight of a stainless steel dildo offers intense pressure for delicious, targeted internal massage and penetrative play. Plus, this wonderfully smooth, non-porous, medical-grade metal is compatible with all types of lubrication (both silicone and water-based). Stainless steel also has the added bonus of being easily cooled in a fridge or heated in warm water – perfect for anyone who enjoys temperature play. What’s not to love?

Learn more about how to use stainless steel and glass sex toys in our guide.

Glass toys

Glass sex toys come in a stunning array of designs. With their sleek, seductive look and feel, glass sex toys can quite easily be mistaken for works of art if left in plain view, so have the added bonus of being incredibly discreet.

Borosilicate glass is the type of glass used to create sex toys. It’s resilient, shatterproof, solid and tougher than any other common glass. This makes glass sex toys safe for internal play.

Glass toys are also extremely hygienic (because they’re non porous) and hypoallergenic, too. They can also be used with all types of lubrication, for glorious glide and mind-blowing play sessions. Like stainless steel, they can also be warmed or cooled in water for temperature play fun.

Learn more about how to use stainless steel and glass sex toys in our guide.

App-controlled toys

These technologically advanced sex toys offer hands-free arousal and complete control of your partner's pleasure... from anywhere in the world. Using bluetooth on your smartphone or tablet, you can connect to your app-operated toy and control it using your device, rather than the buttons on the toy.

Want to hand over the controls to your lover? Simply download the app and allow them to take control. Or bring the excitement closer to home, for a transformative foreplay experience that begins before your lover even enters the room.

App-controlled toys are poised to slip effortlessly into your love life and enhance your intimacy. They are USB rechargeable for eco-friendly use anywhere, and often offer an overwhelming number of vibration possibilities. These innovative devices can be synced to music or specific sounds and offer a whole new world of possibilities for shared play and long-distance relationships.

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