The Best Queer-Friendly Sex Toys

Many have said it, but let us make it clear: there are no ‘gay sex toys,’ ‘lesbian sex toys’ or ‘straight sex toys’.

It’s true that sex toys are usually designed with certain body parts in mind and marketed to specific audiences, but ultimately, every sex toy is just as queer as any other sex toy.

Sex toys are not gender-specific or restricted based on your gender, sexuality or even your anatomy. Don’t let anything come between you and your own personal sexual happiness journey; if a toy makes you feel good, then it’s a great toy for you, period.

The only non-negotiable sex toy rule is that anything going up your butt needs to have a flared base of some kind to stop encroachment. That’s it, that’s all! Everything else is up to you.

Should You Make Sex Toys a Part of Your Sexual Happiness?

If you want to, then in a word: yes!

Sex toys do all sorts of things our bodies can’t naturally accomplish (like vibrate), and they never get tired of being in the perfect position to stun your sweet spots. You can’t crick a sex toy’s neck or give it a charley horse, after all.

Sex toys aren’t replacements for partners. In fact, a lot of couples find that using sex toys together is a fun and intimate part of their relationship. Plus, depending on your anatomy, sex toys can open up whole new avenues of enjoyment you might not experience otherwise.

Even if you’re not in a relationship, sex toys can do amazing things for your solo sex life. If nothing else, they can help you discover what erogenous zones you definitely want your next lover to be aware of.

So without further ado, here are ten key items you should definitely stash in your toybox, especially if you’re queer or in a non-hetero relationship.

A Strap-On Harness

Spareparts Hardwear Unisex Joque Strap-On Harness

Fully adjustable with sturdy velcro strapping, this harness sits flush to the body so you have total control over your extra or enhanced appendage. As a bonus, it leaves your ass fully exposed, so there's no way that can interfere with whatever kind of fun you're having. Lastly, it's uniquely fitted with a stretchy O-ring, making it perfect for holding a wide variety of toys.

What customers say: "Save up your pennies and buy this harness! Especially if you're a trans guy, I cannot emphasise this enough - BUY. THIS. HARNESS!! I've tried a few other harnesses before and most are pretty rubbish. This is usually because they try to cater for a wide range of sizes, which means that if you're on the slimmer side, as I am, you can't really adjust the harness tightly enough to have full control over the dildo. This is especially the case for thong style harnesses, which means you then have to use a hand for full control, which is frustrating and unsexy (and for us trans guys, dysphoric too). I never usually write reviews, but felt compelled to for this harness - I've had sex using it a few times now and each time has been a brilliant experience. I used the King Cock 7" dildo with this, which just about fits through the O ring which comes with the harness and I have incredible control over the dildo, as the harness stays very close to my body throughout. Finally, I can go hands-free, which has made me very happy, and my partner is also very happy with the sex we've had."

Buy it here

A Classic Dildo

Lovehoney Curved Silicone Suction Cup Dildo 7 Inch

Every toybox needs a dildo and this one is a great middle-of-the-road choice. Not too big, not too small, not too lifelike, not too fantasy: it slips easily into a harness or suctions to a smooth clean surface for delectable hands-free fun.

What customers say: "I bought this as a replacement for my first dildo, and it's perfect. Nicely tapered, pretty easy to slip in with some lube and gently gets girthier towards the base so you can choose how full you want to feel."

Buy it here

A Set of Nipple Suckers

Lovehoney Colourplay Colour-Changing Silicone Nipple Suckers

Nipples are awesome erogenous zones for everyone to enjoy. Using suckers on your nipples can help them become more sensitive, meaning they'll feel even more amazing with any flicks, touches, kisses or nips you send their way. Nipple suckers are also a fun way to explore non-penetrative play - did you know that it's possible to orgasm just from stimulating your nipples?

What customers say: "They felt amazing when my partner squeezed them to release and then put them back on again . I am a big fan on nipple play so was a bit hit with me.I have since ues them a few times with and without my partner but would definitely recommend putting them on for a bit before you plan on having sex and taking them off so you nipples are hard and sensitive just right for being touched, kissed,sucked and played with. if you are thinking about getting some go for it you won't be disappointed."

BUy it here

A Wand with Attachments

Lovehoney Purple Power Mini Massage Wand Vibrator Kit (4 Piece)

Wands are already one of the most versatile types of toy out there, and this one packs itself into a handy travel case that makes it ideal for out of home adventures. Wands excel at all-over massage, both of the erotic and less erotic variety, and this one includes two attachments so you can amplify its delights even further. Pro tip: you can use a wand vibrator on the base of another toy to give it vibration powers it doesn't have on its own.

What customers say: "It's powerful, pretty and oddly discreet. My partner is a night owl but I'm a morning person so this is my bestie to walk up too without disturbing him, haha."

Buy it here

An Angled Vibrator

Mantric Rechargeable G-Spot Vibrator

Angles aren't just for polygons. Vibrators with a distinct curve to them are ideal for targeting your internal hotspots, and thanks to this one's sturdy flared base, it's perfect for hunting out your P-spot or your G-spot. Super-smooth and non-anatomical to boot, it's a versatile friend that's eager to boost any adventurous experience to the next level.

What customers say: "Not an intimidating size and quite contemporary looking, smooth to the touch and packs a punch! There’s quite a few settings, it’s not too loud, the battery lasts quite a while and the lights make it easy to find your favourite setting and are just bright enough to make night time fun more playful without fumbling around in the dark."

Buy it here

A Textured Stroker

Arcwave Ghost Silicone Reusable Reversible Textured Male Stroker
£14.99 £19.99 You save: £5.00 (25%)

Small but super stretchy, this textured stroker is perfect for penises but also friendly to bottom growth. Pick the texture you like best and slip your fingers inside to magically add extra oomph to your touch.

What customers say: "Wow! Can’t believe that something so simple in construction and use can be so mind blowingly effective. When used on you by your partner it’s like having the best bits from penatrative sex, oral, and a hand job all at once. This one’s not even going back in the toy box…it’s staying out on the bedside."

Buy it here

A Remote Control Vibrator

We-Vibe Vector+ App and Remote Controlled Rechargeable Prostate Massager
£89.99 £119.99 You save: £30.00 (25%)

Remote controls upgrade vibrators from merely awesome to truly great, and this shapely vibe works for all sorts of anatomy. Designed to stimulate prostates + perineums, its adjustable curve makes it thrilling to use on G-spots + clitorises, too.

What customers say: "Simple design but works very well & stays put unlike many other toys that tend to slip out. Easy to insert & remove. I've used the Vector both solo & while having sex with my partner and it performed flawlessly. Strong recommendation."

Buy it here

A Blindfold

Lovehoney Oh! Satin Blindfold

A little sensory deprivation can take even the most relaxed intimate session over the top. Limiting your lover's sight makes the rest of their senses all the more perceptive, and you don't need to be into bondage to benefit from it. You can swap who wears the blindfold anytime, too, for exciting role-reversal whenever you please.

What customers say: "I love how all my senses are heightened when I have the blindfold on, and that I never know what my partner is going to do next. I also really enjoy the sense of control I have when the roles are reversed! In terms of practicality, the soft inner material means you hardly notice you’re wearing the blindfold and I can wear it for long sessions without any discomfort. The elastic strap also means it fits both me and my partner easily."

Buy it here

A Set of Cuffs

Quickie Cuffs Super-Strong Medium Silicone Restraints

Simple, straightforward cuffs are a complete must. You'll be surprised to find how much excitement they add to your routine, and this set is ideal due to its one-piece design.

What customers say: "I really love these. A lot more than I expected to, especially for something so cheap. They're much more substantial than I thought they'd be - I can pull free without too much trouble but I do have to be trying to do so, they don't slip off accidentally. They're great for some quick effortless play, and they don't rattle like metal cuffs so they'Read more about review stating Perfect for some simple safe restraintsre discreet too. Plus they take up less space in storage and while travelling. I also like the odd anonymous encounter, which doesn't offer enough trust for more traditional restraints, whereas with these I can enjoy being cuffed while knowing I still have full control and body autonomy; best of both worlds."

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A Vibrating Cock Ring

Lovehoney Luxury 12 Function Rechargeable Silicone Love Ring

Don't be fooled by the name: vibrating cock rings are way more than penis-exclusive. If you're someone who uses dildos or strap-ons regularly, a vibrating cock ring is a must to boost them with vibrations on the go. Plus, you can slide it over your fingers for additional clitoral stimulation while fingering a vagina, and you can wear it with the vibrating portion behind the testicles or even facing backwards for other exciting thrills. If you don't have one, you're seriously missing out.

What customers say: "My other half thoroughly enjoys it especially her on top, trying to grind me into the bed. Little loud on highest setting but well worth it. Lowest setting got my partner a couple of orgasms, highest setting gave her a continuous orgasm."

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