The Lovehoney Orgasm Donation Service

Save a Valentine's

February is upon us and Lovehoney HQ is abuzz with activity, which means only one thing: Valentine’s Day is nearly here.

Although it’s one of the most popular days of the year to give an orgasm, not everyone is able to do so. This is why we have set up the Lovehoney Orgasm Donation Service – read on to find out how you can take part, and save someone’s Valentine’s.

Orgasm inequality

Sadly, orgasms – like many other walks of life – are not immune to gender inequality. According to a 2023 Lovehoney survey, only 14% of women that identify as heterosexual orgasm every time during sex. This was the lowest among any gender or sexual orientation; unsurprisingly, men are much more likely to orgasm every time during sex – 41% said that they do – while women that identify as LGBTQ+ fared slightly better than their counterparts at 20%.

This phenomenon is more widely known as the ‘orgasm gap’, and is something that Lovehoney is on a mission to close, to the benefit of everyone’s sexual wellbeing. One way to close the gap is simply by introducing a sex toy; the same survey found that women that identify as heterosexual are three times more likely to orgasm every time with a sex toy than during sex alone. Whether this is during solo masturbation or partnered sex, we like the look of those odds!

It is for this exact reason that we are asking you – the Great British public – to donate an orgasm to a loved one this Valentine’s (especially if they only have a 14% chance of getting one themselves!)

The Lovehoney Orgasm Donation Service (LODS)


The Lovehoney Orgasm Donation Service (LODS)

So, ‘how on earth do I donate an orgasm?’ we hear you ask. Well, because we know that 94% of all women orgasm at least occasionally when using a sex toy, we’d say it’s a safe bet that donating a sex toy is the same thing as donating an orgasm, especially when that toy is the new Lovehoney Heart Clitoral Suction Stimulator.

That’s why we’re going to send one of these sex toys to 50 of you to donate to a loved one, friend, family member, or even yourself (we won’t tell!).

All you have to do to be in with a chance of being sent a toy to donate, is subscribe to Lovehoney emails below, and enter a short sentence about why the person you want to donate an orgasm to is in desperate need of one.

1 Lovehoney nationally representative survey of 2,054 people, conducted July 2023.

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