Interpret-AI-tion of the Climax

Orgasms Like You’ve Never Seen Them Before

First, we took you to the first sexual wellness space in the Metaverse. Now we've got a whole new phenomenon of artificial intelligence for you.

That’s right, AI orgasms.

At the height of climax, at the apex of sexual pleasure, the pique of existence (too far?) – have you ever thought, "I wonder what my orgasm looks like"? Well, wonder no more. Alongside the team at Womanizer, we've created images of real orgasms using AI.

Reasoning for the Camp-AI-gn

There were many reasons behind putting this campaign into motion; one we’ve already briefly touched upon is that we see ourselves as innovators in the industry, which requires us to test the boundaries of what is possible both with our products and our thinking.

The second is simply that the orgasm has never really been successfully put into an image. Everyone's interpretation of an orgasm is unique – indeed, our recent survey found the top describers for an orgasm were ‘volcanic eruption’, ‘firework’, and ‘shooting star’; all close but no cigar. Now that we have this magical tool that can conjure things out of nowhere, we wanted to combine real data with this new technology to create something that is as close as possible to the actual thing.

Last but certainly not least, current interpretations of the orgasm are completely gender-normative and outdated; people who identify as women are assigned orgasms that are like flowers, or in the shape of a traditional female outline or vulva, while men are given strong, stormy-esque orgasms. By using actual data, we hoped to break down these stereotypes and remove human bias from the equation completely.

Initi-AI-ting the process

Let’s start from the beginning (because where else do you start?): ten anonymous volunteers – five men and five women – wore a heart-monitoring ECG band sensor during their most intimate moments, capturing every heartbeat and sensation from the use of a Womanizer Pleasure Air toy or Arcwave male masturbator, ultimately giving us our orgasm data.

From there, we teamed up with Vika Shcherbak – a software engineer bringing together her artistic sensibilities and love of all things related the world of 1s and 0s – and Nusha (Noam Rubin) - a visionary developer who is constantly seeking the intersection of art and innovative technology – to bring the orgasms to life.

The pair began by visualising the orgasm data using JavaScript, then using the resulting image to feed into generative AI to give us our 10 beautiful and unique images of orgasms.

Vika and Nusha noted: “Working with generative AI was an interesting but also challenging experience. Its unpredictability contrasted sharply with the more structured nature of conventional coding.”

Visualis-AI-tion of the orgasm

Without further ado, we present the 10 images of the orgasm, described by ChatGPT as “a fusion of science and the sensual”:

Male Orgasm #1
Female Orgasm #1
Male Orgasm #2
Female Orgasm #2
Male Orgasm #3
Female Orgasm #3
Male Orgasm #4
Female Orgasm #4
Male Orgasm #5
Female Orgasm #5

Final thoughts (the n-AI-l in the coffin, if you will)

These images are by no means perfect, but what they do perfectly encapsulate is that although orgasm is something that most adults experience, every single one is unique, like a snowflake.

Despite attempting to remove human bias and gender stereotypes, the unconscious bias that AI holds is evident to see – attributing a more ‘traditionally’ feminine colour to the female orgasm from the code, and a darker, perhaps more ‘masculine’ colour to the male orgasm.

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