TensCare Elise Rechargeable Pelvic Floor Exerciser

Designed to gently stimulate your pelvic floor muscles using controlled electrical pulses, the TensCare Elise is proven to improve internal muscle tone for better bladder control and heightened intimate pleasure. Choose from 4 settings to suit your needs.

Use the ergonomic control pad to set the strength and pattern of your electrical pulses to begin working towards your goal. Whether you suffer from urge incontinence, stress related bladder problems or simply want to tone your kegel muscles for improved sexual pleasure, this kit has a programme for you. It's discreet, user-friendly and can reduce bladder leakage without the need for medication.

This machine can be used up to once a day, and with an in-built safety duration override, you never need to worry about overworking your muscles. The brilliantly comprehensive instruction booklet guides you through exactly how to get the most from your new device, gearing you towards optimum results.

To aid insertion, apply a healthy coating of water-based lubricant to the probe and yourself before use.

Key features:
- Easy-to-use Tens machine for internal muscle toning
- Designed to strengthen pelvic floor muscles for improved bladder control and heightened pleasure during intimate play
- Tapered probe for easy insertion
- Flared base
- User-friendly control pad
- One touch memory setting remembers your last programme
- Clinically tested programmes
- Suitable for treating urge, stress and mixed related incontinence
- In-built safety duration override stops your pelvic floor muscles being overworked
- Usage memory remembers the average duration and strength of use
- Rechargeable battery

- 1x palm-sized control pad
- Connecting lead
- Bi-polar vaginal probe
- Rechargeable Lithium battery
- Battery charger
- Storage bag
- Instruction booklet

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