1. Trojan Naturalamb Non Latex Condoms (10 Pack)

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      1. Trojan Naturalamb Non Latex Condoms (10 Pack)

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    1. Product Description

      If you find that latex condoms are just not giving the realistic sensations that you and your partner desire, Naturalamb condoms could be the answer for you. The natural membrane protects against pregnancy and delivers a memorably lifelike feeling.

      Made from a luxurious natural membrane that prevents sperm passing through (but not all STIs), Naturalamb condoms are recommended for monogamous couples who require extra pregnancy protection.

      Roll the condom onto your penis and adjust the Kling-Tite band at the base to improve the fit. The outside of the condom is coated in a quality water-based lubricant, designed to ease intercourse for both you and your partner.

      Key Features:

      • Pack of 10 individually-wrapped latex-free natural membrane condoms
      • Provide exquisite natural-feeling sensations while protecting against unwanted pregnancy
      • Fasten at the base of the penis with the exclusive Kling-Tite draw string
      • Coated with water-based lubricant to improve comfort for both of you
      • Not suitable for vegetarians/vegans

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      Trojan Naturalamb Non Latex Condoms (10 Pack) 9 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Trojan Naturalamb Non Latex Condoms (10 Pack)
      2. Trojan Naturalamb Non Latex Condoms (10 Pack)

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    1. A Deluxe Delight

      Reviewed: 26 July 2015 by EmmelinePeaches, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      The Naturalamb Condoms come in a wrapper that looks very typical, but as soon as you can open it you’ll be able to tell the difference.

      Upon opening the wrapper first thing that struck me was just how scrunched up these condoms are. Most latex condoms (and even non-latex ones) have a very standard shape that is pretty round. However, Naturalamb Condoms come kind of scrunched up and twisted. This doesn’t affect how you get the condom out of the wrapper at all, but it does mean that you need to be more mindful when applying the condom.

      The first thing that struck Mr. Peaches, on the other hand, was the smell of the condoms. These condoms do have a very distinct odour and there’s no real way to avoid it. For me it smells kind of like a lamb bone left over after a roast, with some of the meat still on it. For Mr. Peaches there was more of a chemical smell, like a preservative. I am not bothered by this smell, Mr. Peaches is.

      The real benefit of lamb skin condoms that is always highlighted is just how amazing they feel during use. And, yeah, I can’t fault that at all.

      Mr. Peaches and I both really loved using these condoms and they definitely made a difference. Because these condoms are made out of a natural membrane they actually have their own sort of sensation that feels wholly different to latex. Mr. Peaches describes it as a certain ‘roughness’ but without any unpleasant associations.

      With a looser fit these condoms also have a bit more motion during use - sliding and moving with the person - which also heightens sensation.

      For me the Naturalamb Condoms felt very effective and, at times, did make it feel like Mr. Peaches was wearing nothing at all. Most of the time, though, I was suddenly aware of more texture. Mr. Peaches’ penis became more prominent and I could feel his coronal ridge much more. This is a huge bonus for me and meant that stimulation was significantly increased.

      Mr. Peaches also found the condoms to be exceptional. While he was always aware that the condom was there its unique feel provided him with some very strong sensations which lead to fantastic orgasms. The texture was definitely the biggest bonus for him.

      For us, then, the only other huge downsides to these condoms were the smell and the price.

      The odour of these condoms will be off-putting to some and were to Mr. Peaches. To my mind all condoms have an unnatural odour and it’s just something that a person can get used to over time, but if you feel it is a deal breaker for you then that is fine.

      As for the price, with a 10 condom pack you’re effectively paying £2.89 per condom, which is quite expensive. However, with Naturalamb Condoms what you’re buying isn’t an average condom - it’s a unique and heightened experience to enjoy as a luxury. Would I buy these condoms for daily use? Of course not. But would I buy them as a special treat? Hell yeah!

      Recommend to:

      People who dislike the smooth/rubbery feel of condoms.

      People with latex allergies.

      People who only need pregnancy protection.

      Do Not Recommend to:

      People who dislike strong natural odours.

      People who need STI protection.

      Vegans and certain vegetarians.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Unique feel, heightened sensations, near-naked at times.
      The smell can be off-putting and they are a bit pricey.
      Bottom line
      These condoms make a great special treat and are definitely worth a try!
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    1. Most sensitive

      Reviewed: 17 January 2012 by Mijon, a Straight Married Male

      These are without a doubt the most sensitive condoms I've used. The price tag is a bit high but they are worth it. Of all the condoms I've used it's the closest to wearing nothing.

      The smell can put people off doing certain things and they do dry out after a while, but overall a great condom. I wouldn't advise using them all the time. I alternate between this and my second favourite.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Most sensitive condom I've used.
      Smelly and dries out if you're in for a long session.
      Bottom line
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    1. The best thing since sex was invented

      Reviewed: 24 December 2009 by sally-forth

      Wow. These are simply amazing. For a thin-feeling, slick, heat-transferring, comfortable condom, there is nothing better out there. I love these and will never use anything else if I can help it. The sensation of having nothing between you is worth every penny. The first couple of times we kept checking it was still on!

      One tiny downside is that the microscopic perforations in the natural membrane are larger than some STDs (but many thousand times smaller than sperm, no worries there), so I wouldn't recommend them for casual partners or one-nighters. But if you and your partner have both been tested or you're long-term monogamous, then you'd be a fool to bother with any condoms but these.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The closest thing to going bareback.
      Doesn't protect against all STDs.
      Bottom line
      Sensational. Literally.
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    1. Best condom

      Reviewed: 19 September 2008 by whatsup

      Have tried these condoms instead of the latex variety, and its amazing how much better they are. Would recommend them 100%, far far better than the normal latex which reduces sensitivity; The problem with these ones is your sometimes not sure its on! No problems wearing this condom.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Improved sensitivity,
      Difficult to open packaging and unwrapping
      Bottom line
      Excellent and only condom around if you're not worried about STDs
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    1. Best condoms if you like lamb

      Reviewed: 13 October 2011 by [OvO]wl, a Straight Single Male

      The first thing I have to say about these condoms is that when you open the packet you don't get something that is at all round. The texture of the condom is not as soft as you would expect but does definitely feel significantly better during orgasm. Part of this could be because they are more roomy and they are less constrictive around your knob.

      They don't smell quite as bad as you would expect. The smell is not unpleasant, but it is unmistakably lamb. The condoms are perfumed with something else that smells a bit like mint. It improves the smell much more, but has the unfortunately consequence that the whole thing smells like a lamb curry with raita yogurt mixed in. If you like goats cheese or you are a lamb fan this won't bother you at all.

      I didn't have any issues with the condom breaking and it seemed very strong actually considering its thickness. The drawstring was a bit inadequate so you may want to use this with a cock ring.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Sensation is noticeably better. Can use with oil-based lubes. Not latex.
      Smells. Can slide off. Doesn't look sexy. Could be grossed out.
      Bottom line
      Bizarre, historic and strangely kinky, in an interesting way.
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