1. Spartacus Skin Safe Nitrile Cock Ring Set (3 Pack)

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      1. Spartacus Skin Safe Nitrile Cock Ring Set (3 Pack)

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    1. Product Description

      These top-notch cock rings are strong and flexible, compatible with all types of lubes (including oil-based ones), and help you achieve stronger, harder erections for longer. Choose between 3 different sizes.

      Healthcare professionals have known for years about the advantages of nitrile for products such as high-quality surgical gloves, and now this fantastic material is making its way into more fun products, too.

      Firm and non-stretchy for an erection enhancing fit with 3 sizes to explore. Start off with the larger one and work your way down to the smallest ring for an extra snug fit.

      Perfect if you suffer from latex or jelly allergies.

      Key Features:

      • 3 pack of skin safe nitrile cock rings
      • Choose between a 1.25 inch, 1.5 inch and 2 inches internal diameter
      • Compatible with all sex lubes
      • Strong and flexible for a snug and comfortable fit
      • Simple accessory for stronger, longer-lasting erections

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      Spartacus Skin Safe Nitrile Cock Ring Set (3 Pack) 15 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Spartacus Skin Safe Nitrile Cock Ring Set (3 Pack)
      2. Spartacus Skin Safe Nitrile Cock Ring Set (3 Pack)

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    1. Simple idea - spectacular results

      Reviewed: 04 April 2015 by upforanyfun

      These are definitely a big step-up in performance from stretchy or adjustable rings. They look a bit like rubber, but in effect there's zero 'give' and they will not stetch or slip at all in use.

      It's best to assume that once you've got them in place (while not aroused, there's no chance at of getting them on once you begin to get excited, guys!) you're going to throb, and throb really hard, until climax. And a while beyond, until things calm down.

      Personally, I found that the the middle sized ring keeping the testicles bunched and held below the base of your penis is pretty essential if I want to delay my climax for a good length of time. Without, the sensation of sex when things are this hard and full is very intense and it's hard not to finish more quickly than I (or partner) would ideally prefer. Having said that, the suggested 30 minutes maximum is not unreasonable. It's a very full-on 30 minutes indeed!

      A good quality silicone lubricant definitely helps get everything threaded through more easily. It's a good idea to keep it handy during sex to ease things too in my experience. Your tackle will look super-impressive and you'll feel very in-control and probably want to be quite vigorous, if you get my meaning. My partner (fit and very energetic 42) loves the experience, too. She gets very flushed, breathless and sparkly eyed, and positively glows afterwards.

      As the set of three can be had for around a tenner including quick, recorded delivery, in terms of 'bang for the buck' they have to rate an undisputed 100 percent. There's really nothing to 'not work' in the product, so if you're thinking about trying it, I'd say go for it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Simple idea, but extremely effective. Not obtrusive or distracting in themselves.
      Nothing to dislike.
      Bottom line
      Massive amount of added fun for little cost or inconvenience.
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    1. 3 piece cock rings

      Reviewed: 30 January 2015 by sexymoni93

      1. The largest ring goes around everything. Your penis and testicles.

      2. The medium ring goes around just your testicles.

      3. The smallest ring goes around your penis, while it's still flaccid, not erect. If you attempt to get it around your erect penis, it probably won't work.

      Now, my review of this product is that these are a good set. Since they are not metal, they don't require much lubrication and there isn't as much friction, at least not for me.

      I have a metal set as well, but they give me more problems if I don't lube them up before putting them on.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Their stretchiness.
      We had to figure out how to put them on.
      Bottom line
      They're amazing and so much fun.
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    1. Great product

      Reviewed: 31 August 2014 by mike and emma, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I bought these to try as I hadn't tried cock rings before. When they arrived I was eager to try them and had fun doing so!

      The OH loved the difference the rings did for her. I can highly recommend these if you haven't had any rings before! And I can assure she will thank you for it!!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Easy to use and clean!
      Bottom line
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    1. Rings of Pleasure

      Reviewed: 30 May 2012 by Mac D, a Straight Married Male

      I've had these for a while and they are brilliant.

      I have to put the large one on before getting hard so as to get both balls and penis through.

      The middle one can get round my balls easily enough with a bit of lube and the smaller one needs lube if putting on when hard.

      The feeling when they are in place is fantastic. I like the feel of the constriction and the weight and my wife loves the look of everything trussed up and throbbing. They certainly make things harder and last longer.

      Sometimes it's just the larger one that gets used though I do have a slightly larger one for putting on if already hard.

      Be careful when taking them off - either wait to go soft or use plenty of lube, but go easy!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Heavy, solid and sexy.
      Bottom line
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    1. Bought as a surprise for hubby

      Reviewed: 25 April 2012 by liswayne4fun, a Straight Married Male

      A very good item I bought them for my hubby as a bit of fun.

      He doesn't need any help keeping up but thought I would see what they were like anyway, and oh my god they were great.

      The small one wasn't really very good, it was too tight and he couldn't keep it on for very long, but the other 2 rings were amazing. One goes round the whole penis and balls and the other just goes round the penis.

      I didn't realise how much it would make a difference till I felt for myself. It had to be nearly twice as thick as normal and felt great.

      Got to wait a long time to take them off. Takes a long time to go down and you can't get them off till completely soft. But a great feeling you must try.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      They looked very good on and kept him rock hard all night.
      If there kept on for a long time they can start to be painful.
      Bottom line
      A real turn-on to see how thick they can actually make it.
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