1. dooody69's review of Cock Locker Knopler Nipple Suction Cups

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      1. Cock Locker Knopler Nipple Suction Cups

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      1. Cock Locker Knopler Nipple Suction Cups
      2. dooody69's review of Cock Locker Knopler Nipple Suction Cups

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    1. My nipples just have to have these every day!

      Reviewed: 09 September 2009 by dooody69

      These are simply awesome for me. My nipples almost beg me to use them every day. They love the deep, deep sensation.

      They are robust and give a very deep suction, which is mild and pleasant when first applied. As your nipple is gently sucked it starts to throb a little, which is a very nice sensation. Pull or tap the ends gently and more sensations course through the nipple and in my case, start diving down to my genitals. Wonderful!

      For me the real deal starts when you start to twist them on the nipple, especially after wearing them for 10-15 minutes. The sensual pain they produce is simply mind-blowing. Too much? Then go more gently. I still have not twisted to release yet, (it produces a high level of pain) but I really want to take myself that far as soon as possible.

      The key to get the best sensations and tightest connection to the nipple is to make sure the area around the nipples is free of hair. Then I find that your own spit is the best lubricant. Plenty around and over the nipple, then lick the rubber hole. Now, with fingers from both hands, squeeze the hard end as hard as you can to collapse it. You will notice that the hole end, although distorted, actually opens like tight lips. Push these lips over the nipple and press in gently, before slowly releasing the other end. Let the pleasure begin!

      I now keep mine on for up to an hour at a time. Flicking, pulling and of course twisting, for the the most amazing additional self-pleasuring sensations ever.

      When they are taken off (pull steadily) my nipples are enormous. Easily as big as any woman's! They are highly sensitized and wonderful to touch and stroke, or even squeeze. I love the feel of a T-shirt rubbing on them for some while after a session, and I have got a few sideways glances on occasion. I am now so proud of my bigger and harder nipples!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Really effective and low cost pleasure. Will last for years.
      Nothing at all.
      Bottom line
      Simply the best self-pleasure thing I have ever had.
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