1. Lovehoney Fantasy Red Tartan Skirt Set

      Average customer review 4 out of 5 stars7 reviews

      Woah! It's getting hot in here! Outrageous sexy appeal is all yours with this tartan two-piece from Lovehoney. With its sheer lace blouse and bum-skimming tartan skirt, your lover's jaw has already dropped. Just add knee-high socks.

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      1. Lovehoney Fantasy Red Tartan Skirt Set

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    1. Product Description

      Woah! It's getting hot in here! Outrageous sexy appeal is all yours with this tartan two-piece from Lovehoney. With its sheer lace blouse and bum-skimming tartan skirt, your lover's jaw has already dropped. Just add knee-high socks.

      While the blouse's deep tartan collar draws the eye down to your cleavage, the sheer lace is perfect for showing off your favourite bra – although it looks even sexier worn over bare skin.

      The kilt-style mini skirt gives a glimpse of your booty, making it perfect for spankings. A side Velcro fastening means that you can quickly whip it off if required – though, personally, we'd prefer to leave it on.

      Throw on a pair of white knee-high socks to complete naughty look.

      Indulge your sexy fantasies with the Lovehoney Fantasy costume collection.

      Model is a UK size 8 and 5'6" tall with a 30F bust. She is wearing One Size.

      Key Features:

      • Two-piece tartan blouse and mini skirt set for role play and seduction
      • Sheer lace blouse fastens with buttons and shows a glimpse of your skin or lingerie
      • Tartan flared mini skirt features a Velcro fastening for easy removal
      • Team with hold-ups or knee-high socks to complete the ensemble

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    1. Essential info

      • Fastening: Velcro
    2. How it feels

      • Fabric: Sheer

    Lovehoney Fantasy Size Chart

    1. LH Size UK/AUS USA/CAN EU
      Small 6 - 8 2 - 4 34 - 36
      Medium 10 - 12 6 - 8 38 - 40
      Large 14 - 16 10 - 12 42 - 44
      1X/2X 18 - 20 14 - 16 46 - 48
      3X/4X 22 - 24 18 - 20 50 - 52
      5X/6X 26 - 28 22 - 24 54 - 56
      S/M 8 - 10 4 - 6 36 - 38
      M/L 12 - 14 8 - 10 40 - 42
      L/XL 16 - 18 12 - 14 44 - 46
      XXL 20 - 22 16 - 18 48 - 50
      XXXL 24 - 26 20 - 22 52 - 54
      One Size 8 - 16 4 - 12 36 - 44
      One Size Queen 18 - 24 14 - 20 46 - 52
      Curve 26 - 30 22 - 26 54 - 58


      LH size Bust Waist Hips
      Small 32 - 34 24 - 27 34 - 36
      Medium 34 - 36 27 - 30 36 - 38
      Large 36 - 38 30 - 33 38 - 40
      1X/2X 40 - 44 34 - 38 42 - 46
      3X/4X 46 - 50 40 - 44 48 - 52
      5X/6X 50 - 54 46 - 50 54 - 58
      S/M 34 - 36 24 - 28 34 - 37
      M/L 36 - 38 28 - 32 37 - 40
      L/XL 38 - 42 32 - 36 40 - 44
      XXL 44 - 48 36 - 40 46 - 50
      XXXL 50 - 54 42 - 46 52 - 56
      One Size 34 - 38 27 - 33 36 - 40
      One Size Queen 40 - 50 34 - 44 42 - 52
      Curve 52 - 62 46 - 56 54 - 64
      LH size Bust Waist Hips
      Small 81.5 - 86.5 61 - 68.5 86.5 - 91.5
      Medium 86.5 - 91.5 68.5 - 76 91.5 - 96.5
      Large 91.5 - 96.5 76 - 84 96.5 - 101.5
      1X/2X 101.5 - 112 86 - 96.5 106.5 - 117
      3X/4X 117 - 127 101.5 - 111.5 122 - 132
      5X/6X 127 - 137 116 - 127 137 - 147
      S/M 86.5 - 91.5 61 - 71 86.5 - 94
      M/L 91.5 - 96.5 71 - 81.5 94 - 101.5
      L/XL 96.5 - 107 81.5 - 91.5 101.5 - 112
      XXL 112 - 122 91.5 - 102 117 - 127
      XXXL 127 - 137 106.5 - 117 132 - 142
      One Size 86.5 - 96.5 68.5 - 84 91.5 - 101.5
      One Size Queen 101.5 - 132 86 - 111.5 106.5 - 132
      One Size Curve 132 - 158 117 - 142 137 - 163
      Lovehoney Fantasy Men Waist size (inches)
      S/M 30"-36"
      L/XL 36"-42"
      XXL 42"-48"


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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Fantasy Red Tartan Skirt Set 7 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

      5 star
      4 star
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      1 star
      1. Lovehoney Fantasy Red Tartan Skirt Set
      2. Lovehoney Fantasy Red Tartan Skirt Set

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    1. Private School Girl Roleplay

      Reviewed: 24 August 2020 by bondagegod, a Straight Married Male

      For all the years we have been together and the different roleplay costumes we own, the one that we both still enjoy the mist is a schoolgirl scenario. The innocent yet naughty feel that brings to a session is highly pleasurable.

      When the opportunity to review the new Lovehoney Fantasy Sexy Private School Girl Costume came our way, we were both excited to see the design of this new role play outfit.

      The two-piece school girl outfit is made up of a blouse and skirt. Beginning with the short-sleeved blouse, the design is simple but very effective as the sheer mesh allows you to catch a perfect glimpse of what naughty treats are underneath especially as the blouse really shows off your cleavage. The innocent look arrives from the school coloured green tartan collar, and there is a cute effect as the blouse ties up underneath your bust.

      The finished appearance of the outfit wouldn't be complete with the matching green tartan pleated mini skirt. That offers so many scenarios to take place, from cheeky flashes of your bum to being ideal for bending over to receive a spanking from sir. Or if you prefer to remove the skirt then this can be easily completed by releasing the velcro that keeps the skirt on securely.

      We did wonder how well the schoolgirl outfit would look as the green tartan was new to us, as we usually go for a red tartan finish to our schoolgirl outfits. Once my wife has easily slipped on the outfit and paired with a set of white stockings the set felt complete and the green tartan finish does look impressive and does play a part in the session. Especially combined with the see-through white blouse showing off her breasts, as this creates a scene perfectly for the naughty schoolgirl to be misbehaving.

      Depending on how you like to play out the session the skirt is perfect whether you want to turn it into dentition and position her over your knee for a spanking. Or take full advantage of what lies under the skirt and be show how naughty this school girl can be. For a truly enjoyable teacher/schoolgirl fantasy can be created.

      Overall Lovehoney does have a good collection of role-play costumes that are ideal for playing out your favourite fantasies. We are pleased with the latest addition to there school girl range as the Sexy Private School Girl Costume ticks all the boxes to fulfil our fantasy.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The see-through blouse and the sexy short skirt.
      Bottom line
      This private schoolgirl outfit helps to create some naughty fantasies.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Love this fantasy costume

      Reviewed: 08 August 2020 by honeybun91, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I was very excited to be chosen to review the Lovehoney Fantasy Sexy School Girl Costume in the red colour. I have a few fantasy costumes including maid, bunny and police so was excited to try the school girl outfit in the new Lovehoney fantasy range.

      The product came in the usual discreet outer packaging and inside was a plastic wrapper with the costume- a top and skirt inside. It had a label attached stating it was one size (which is usually size 8-16) I am usually about a size 12.

      I was excited to try it on. The top was a red tartan collar and a white netted mesh which was the ‘blouse’ part of the outfit. It came with two tassels which you could tie together at the front to add to the effect. The white mesh material was quite alder through but I liked that and it was comfortable to wear but very revealing. The skirt was a perfect fit with Velcro fastening so it can be ripped off easily and was made from a tartan material.

      Overall, I really liked this outfit and it definitely looked good on and would definitely suit anyone who wanted to try a school-themed role play or just something different in the bedroom.

      The only thing I would say is that it didn’t come with matching thong but I have previously got a school girl one from Lovehoney or can just wear this outfit without!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The material, looked good.
      No matching thong.
      Bottom line
      Perfect fantasy outfit!
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Sexy Costume

      Reviewed: 04 August 2020 by Twilightgirl123, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      I was sent this product to test, and as always with Lovehoney, the product came in discreet packaging. Which is great for keeping my parcel contents private from anyone who may handle it before it arrives at my doorstep.

      The set was simply presented in a clear plastic bag. The first thing that caught my eye was how thick the material of the skirt was. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was so pleased with how sturdy the material was. It didn't feel really thin or cheap and the velcro was really good quality as well. The top also felt fairly good quality, but I was more careful with it because the mesh isn't that thick and I didn't want to rip it. Though I haven't had any issues with rips or snags. So overall I'm very happy with the quality of the set.

      The tartan design on the skirt and collar of the top is very nice and definitely gives school girl vibes. The skirt is extremely short (it barely covered any of my posterior), so if that's what you're looking for this would be a perfect set. Sometimes I wanted the band of the skirt tight but other times I wanted it more loose, and the velcro made it so easy to adjust to the size I wanted it.

      The top is white mesh and see through. So it definitely leaves little to the imagination, though I love the way it looks because it teases while you're still clothed. The neckline is very flattering and definitely accentuated my cleavage. I believe it made my bust look fuller, which I really liked. Altogether the set is very flirty and perfect for some naughty roleplay. The skirt having velcro means it's so easy to take off, if you so desire. Also the tie front top is equally easy to undo if you tie a simple bow, which I did.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Good quality material. Very sexy and nice design.
      Nothing I didn't like.
      Bottom line
      I would definitely recommend this if you want to try out schoolgirl roleplay. Brilliant set.
    3. 1 person found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Back to School Range, with a twist

      Reviewed: 05 August 2020 by CoffeeRain

      I should preface this by saying I'm a cosplayer and have been for years, so costume play always has a space in my heart. I'm always a little cautious of buying costumes, especially "sexy" costumes, because I assume they'll always have about the level of quality of those cheap Smiffys ones you get at Halloween. Only meant to be worn once and tossed.

      And I'll admit, because I've never expected any more, I set the bar pretty low for this. And it launched itself over. I was a little dubious about how short the skirt was at first - not that I'm a prude by any stretch of the imagination, but it was just surprisingly short. I was glad to see it wasn't elasticated though, as they're not as forgiving as some manufacturers think, and it also means you don't get any lines on your skin if it's tight.

      I'm a little chunky, so I was worried when it said one size, but the velcro actually does stretch out a good deal. And if you are smaller and have any concerns about running out of velcro, a tacking stitch or safety pin will do wonders!

      The skirt is actually made of nice soft thick material and not that cheap poly stuff that feels rough and itchy. It's nicely constructed so if you twist your hips from side to side you can do that fun little tease as it twists and spins with you.

      The top, I was concerned about, also. As I said, I'm chunky, so I have a bigger chest - DD cup to be exact. And I was extremely concerned I would just fall out of it or have to wear a bra. But the top is actually thoughtfully constructed to have a stronger seam below the chest, so it actually holds very well, bigger cup size especially. I still found it was a little low, and if you're the same, I would suggest a quick alteration in the sewing machine, and taking the neckline in. Or just a quick hand stitch or a pin if you're just taking photos and don't think anyone will see the back. It's not a major issue, just personal preference. And will vary from body to body, but I'm quite short in the torso, too.

      The top is made of lovely material that's sheer enough to show through your nipples but not entirely opaque. Soft with just a little bit of stretch but not too much to keep your chest in check.

      The only thing I don't love are the ties. If they were made of a slightly more rigid fabric they would hold a bow shape better, but as is, they look like two bits of gauze and sort of remove a little sexy for me.

      I might find a matching tartan and replace them if it bothers me too much, but for the purpose of this, I think it's passable.

      Otherwise, get your hair in some piggy tails, put on those knee highs and get back to the books.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Lovely construction, nice soft material, underwire-free but good hold.
      Didn't love the material chosen for the ties in the top.
      Bottom line
      Very sexy, something a little different.
    3. 1 person found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. Naughty schoolgirl

      Reviewed: 27 August 2020 by Sampaul29, a Straight Married Male

      We received this Lovehoney Fantasy Sexy Private Schoolgirl costume to test in return for us to provide an honest review.

      Upon opening the packaging the first thing to catch your eye is the green tartan patterning of the sexy looking skirt which my wife couldn't wait to try on but after taking a closer look at the blouse my wife said that she wasn't too keen on the way it looked as it was a loose-fitting mesh material and would have probably much preferred it to be a bra type mesh design, however for the purpose of reviewing the item she said she would persevere with it.

      When my wife finally tried it on she said the skirt fits comfortably as with it being one size you are able to adjust the waist using the velcro fastening. I certainly enjoyed the view as with the skirt being short you are able to have a nice view of her curves from the front and of her bum cheeks from behind. Although when trying on the blouse she found it not too comfortable due to having 34E breasts she found herself having to re-adjust the tie as they kept coming out of place and could have done with an additional fastening further up the blouse but you do get a good view of her assets through the mesh. Apart from this both the skirt and blouse and very well made and are made of soft material which is nice against the skin.

      Overall, this is a sexy looking schoolgirl costume with an added hint of naughtiness but with a very slight design change of the blouse this would be a very stunning costume to fulfil your naughty fantasies.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Material, sexy look.
      Loose fitting.
      Bottom line
      Naughty, sexy and a big turn on.
    3. 1 person found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes