1. Bondage Boutique Midnight Special Gift Set (5 Piece)

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      Experience the liberating world of bondage with Bondage Boutique's bag of tricks. Explore sensory deprivation, restraint play and even a touch of flogging as you excite and tease your lover. With five pieces to play with, bedtime will never be the same.

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      1. Bondage Boutique Midnight Special Gift Set (5 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Experience the liberating world of bondage with Bondage Boutique's bag of tricks. Explore sensory deprivation, restraint play and even a touch of flogging as you excite and tease your lover. With five pieces to play with, bedtime will never be the same.

      Featuring five tantalising pieces, designed to add a touch of fetish to your boudoir. These include:

      Mini flogger with rubber fronds, perfect for delivering satisfying sting.

      A pair of silky cuffs, adorned with a rose gold chain, an ideal way to experiment with restraint play.

      2.8 metres of ultra-soft rope to turn restraint up a notch. Tie your lover to a bed, chair or anywhere that takes your fancy.

      Silky eye mask, adorned with gorgeous eyelash lace, is perfect for heightening your other senses. Best yet, it doubles up as a sleep mask when you’re good and worn out.

      A pair of glittery, bow-adorned nipple pasties, for burlesque-inspired bedroom-beauty.

      Key Features:

      • 5-piece bondage set for those just discovering the joys of bondage
      • Features a flogger, cuffs, a rope, an eye mask and a pair of nipple pasties
      • Each piece is suitable for bondage beginners
      • Comes in a stylish sheer black bag for gifting and storage
      • The perfect gift for a very sexy Valentine’s, anniversary or birthday

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      • Allergens: Nickel-Free

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    1. Bondage Boutique Midnight Special Gift Set (5 Piece)

      Experience the liberating world of bondage with Bondage Boutique's bag of tricks. Explore sensory deprivation, restraint play and even a touch of flogging as you excite and tease your lover. With five pieces to play with, bedtime will never be the same.

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      Bondage Boutique Midnight Special Gift Set (5 Piece) 3 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. Bondage Boutique Midnight Special Gift Set (5 Piece)
      2. Bondage Boutique Midnight Special Gift Set (5 Piece)

        Our Price

    1. Perfect First time bundle for Dom play

      Reviewed: 02 July 2020 by MrsScarlettRed, a Straight Married Female

      I got these just over a week ago and have used all of the items already.

      Packaging was discreet as always, including the money being taken from your bank account.

      Each item is nice looking, not too over the top and perfect if you’re quite new to this type of bedroom play.

      The flogger wasn’t quite firm enough for me personally (have got quite a range of toys and bondage items already), but this was my first flogger, so wanted to try something that looks less intimidating.

      The cuffs are sexy looking and give the flex of not being as restrained if you’re still discovering what you like.

      The blindfold is cute and does the job perfectly.

      The rope is ideal, looks sexy, excellent material for not making your hands/ankles sore. And a great restraint.

      The nipple bows are also a super cute edition, especially alongside some sexy black lace underwear! My husband loved that.

      Overall excellent quality of items, definitely more for beginners, but also if you’re just wanting to expend your collection with some nicer looking items. These are also ideal if you’re wanting smaller bondage items to take away with you as they are light and don’t take up much room!

      Would definitely recommend. As always, have safe words and ensure complete trust between partners.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Perfect set for first time Dom play.
      Bottom line
      Beautiful set for anyone exploring bondage/Dom play.
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    1. A great beginners kit

      Reviewed: 28 February 2020 by Rob2230, a Straight Married Male

      I was lucky enough to be chosen to review this product for an honest review.

      As usual, delivery is quick and discreet.

      The all items included in the kit are wrapped in plastic, which is then inside its own small bag and then further wrapped in plastic.


      These are non-intimidating elastic lace cuffs joined by a rose gold chain. They look very classy. The place cuffs have black bows stitched onto them. However, disappointingly one of the bows on my kit had already become detached prior to opening. The chain feels good quality and is long enough to give some movement or be used in different positions without giving too much freedom. These are great for beginners and are not intimidating due to them being elastic. Therefore you can easily remove yourself from them. Obviously if you are looking for something that offers more restraint, these will not suit your needs.


      This is a good little product, and again non-intimidating. It has a handy wrist loop, a small plastic handle with rubber strands. They provide a nice feeling when it is either used to run along the skin or leaves a satisfying tingle when used as a flogger. Again perfect for beginners.


      The blindfold is good quality and it does its job. It has a classy lace finish and is soft, comfortable to wear, and most importantly does a great job of restricting the sight of the wearer and does not let light creep in at the bridge of the nose.

      Nipple pasties:

      Again these are a classy black design with bows and a slight shimmer. They are sticky and held very well. A great fun and sexy addition to an outfit.


      A soft black rope with rose gold clasps at each end. It is comfortable against the skin and can be used to provide restraint in numerous positions.

      I would highly recommend this rope. However, it comes with a warning for beginners:

      1) Learn to tie quick-release knots.

      2) Keep some safety scissors handy in case of emergency or should your partner wish to be released quickly.

      Remember the submissive is always ultimately in charge. The safe word stops play immediately!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      The bow being detached from the cuffs.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic non-intimidating kit for an introduction to bondage.
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    1. A good little bundle

      Reviewed: 17 February 2020 by RedMoon13, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I was lucky enough to be chosen to receive this item in return for a fair and honest review. Let me start off by saying this is a really neat little bundle if you're new to bondage/BDSM, or just if you want a cost-effective way to expand your current collection. There's a lot to talk about, so I'll review everything individually.


      As always, this was packaged very discreetly in a plain box, and good packing tape to stop it popping open! It was received very quickly and is tracked which is a nice touch. The item packaging itself I had a bit of a problem with purely because there was so much plastic! The whole thing is in a plastic bag, and the items themselves are all individually wrapped too inside a black drawstring organza bag, but the drawstring bag is also in another plastic bag! It seems like packaging overkill. I really do like the black organza bag as a neat way to keep everything together, but I fail to see the need for 7 individual plastic bags.


      A really nice upgrade on the Lovehoney basic black satin blindfold. It's comfy with discreet lace detailing which I really liked as I hadn't noticed it on the website! It blocks out vision really well and leaves no gap by the bridge of the nose so stops peeking! It does, however, seem to have a funny fishy smell that is taking a while to dissipate. Overall I really like it though even if you just want something to sleep in.


      These are comfortable and not intimidating at all as there isn't a particular bondage feel to them. The rose gold chain is thick and doesn't feel cheap, and is a good length to allow some movement without being too generous. There is no clasp however so you can't bind your partner up and then attach them to something, you'd have to loop the cuffs through first. They are elasticated so any playful pulling and your hand slips out, which is good for anyone new to bondage. I, however, like to be completely restrained, so was a bit gutted when my hand slipped out during play. Bows and mesh are nice details but look a little ridiculous on a man! What I really like about these is that they don't scratch against your skin as the mesh is angled away from the inside. A nice touch to think of the wearer's comfort! One thing I've considered is snipping the chain off and attaching some clasps so that you could wear the cuffs out and about, and nobody would really know what they were as they're not your typical looking cuffs.


      This was my first experience of a flogger, and to be honest, I think I'd prefer something a little firmer! However, it's great for people trying it out for the first time as I didn't find it intimidating at all.

      The ends are rubber not plastic as I first thought, so are nice and flexible. I initially was concerned it was going to be really harsh on the skin but the rubber ends and the flexibility it has means it gives a good satisfying tingle without feeling like you're being whipped to death! The handle is a good size and comfortable to hold, and I liked the cord on the end which would lend it well to being attached to a dom belt or simply looped over the wrist for extra security. It does seem to have a strange smell to it though which I'm sure would dissipate over time, and it also generates static somehow. A good flogger overall that could have some very minor improvements.

      Nipple pasties-

      These are nice and lightweight, super sticky (which I think is what puts me off!), the bows and slight glittery sheen are nice too. Overall they're a nice design. These come down to personal preference for me as I'm not really a fan of pasties as a whole, but would look great as part of a black peekaboo bra or bodysuit.


      I love this rope! It's soft and pliable with slight silkiness, a black satin sheen to it and the rose gold clamped ends are a classy touch that is also practical for threading the ends through. Put simply I love it! You get so much too, a great length of rope that coils up easily, doesn't chafe or rub on the skin. Easily the best piece of the set.

      Overall for the price, this works out at £5 per item, which is more than fair. It's difficult to find a bondage kit that caters to everyone's favourites, but this is a great little set that is worth it almost entirely for the rope, blindfold and cuffs! It's modest and classy, and for the price, it's worth a punt. But please LoveHoney, plead with the makers to sort out the packaging! So much plastic!

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      The rope and the blindfold are great, and works out at £5 per item.
      Nipple pasties not for me!
      Bottom line
      A good little bundle to introduce you to bondage/BDSM, and a good price.
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