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      1. CB-3000 Pink Male Chastity Cage Kit

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      CB-3000 Pink Male Chastity Cage Kit 2 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. CB-3000 Pink Male Chastity Cage Kit
      2. CB-3000 Pink Male Chastity Cage Kit

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    1. I was a bit scared, but it's perfect

      Reviewed: 01 July 2020 by A Gris

      I've wanted one for a while, and tried a few of the "soft" ones, which frankly, are useless. Once you get excited the stupid little things just can't work.

      This one works.

      At first, it seemed too small, I guess I was a bit excited when I tried to get into it, because I couldn't! You really need to be relaxed, lubed up, and fully soft. I'm using the largest ring option (it comes with heaps), which encompasses the back and grips me quite well, I might drop down a size if I get too comfy, for now, it's good, firm but comfy.

      The other size adjustment determines how far out the big pink bit goes (called the locking pin, has a padlock on one end). That comes with three different "lengths" of spacer, I tried the biggest one to start with, to give me some room to get used to it, but quickly swapped that out for the smallest one, for the pleasure, also, so my skin was fully inside the head piece, instead of bunching in the gap between them. This was much more comfortable.

      Once you are correctly lubed and properly fitted, this thing is great. The padlock is perfectly sized for the available space, and the little locking bits all work together for a "seamless" loop which holds everything in place. I can still feel things, and vibrators are AMAZING down there now, but actually touching myself is not going to happen. No numbness, no pain, other than oodles of delicious frustration of course.

      It is safe, even if you somehow lose the key, as the lock simply twists off and then the whole thing would come apart, but then you'd need to order another locking pin (the second extension bit). However, you can actually do that twice and still have a usable toy. If you're going through customs or something, just use the provided plastic tags, which won't set off any metal detectors.

      I've been wearing it under my clothes all day, and playing with reckless abandon all night. It's definitely different, delicious and fun. I can feel myself moving within it, from relaxed to aroused. Can freely read whatever pornography I want wherever I want as nothing can be betrayed! A bit like you're always hard for your pants sake, but bent down and "normal" looking. Likely because you're being held out a little bit. Now I wonder how many folks are wearing these all the time.

      I was attempting to P-spot orgasm last night, but so far, no dice, I think the sensation is too new to me, I'll keep trying though, feel very close.

      Note: If you're used to crossing your legs, you will find that is much harder!

      Only downside so far:

      The padlock is quite sharp so might damage your clothes if you're not careful. The alignment pins also stick out, but they aren't sharp metal. This might impact couple-play (grinding et cetera).

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great fit, with good options.
      The padlock has sharp edges.
      Bottom line
      Lush, exactly what I wanted.
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    1. Cute and comfortable

      Reviewed: 27 October 2019 by Lovebirds_x, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      Ms Lovebird has requested that I, Mr Lovebird, write this review... with the cage staying put till it’s done. Motivation at it’s finest, eh?

      My experience of the CB-3000 can be distilled down into a single word: “Comfortable”.

      We have tried different systems in the past. We found many to be at best impractical, if not simply unusable or even seemingly dangerous! I can without a doubt say that the CB-3000 is the most comfortable cage I’ve tried, to the point I’ve realised I was settling for a less than perfect fit with my previous favourite.

      With no unyielding metal mechanisms or pinching parts, CB-3000’s medical grade polycarbonate plastic is perfect. It’s lightweight and durable, yet has the slightest of flexibility necessary for being attached to such sensitive body parts; especially for long term use.

      The plastic frame is also easy to clean, especially with all the dust that will accumulate on the cage after your Keyholder leaves you locked!

      I am not ashamed to admit that I am a grower, not a shower. This fact has presented some problems with other chastity systems as well as other toys in the past, however with the 3 included variable length “Locking Pins”, this is a non-issue. With even the longest pin holding me comfortably inside the cage without slipping out. Coupled with the 5 different sizes of “U-ring” meant for differing “sack” sizes, you can be pretty much certain to find a combination that works for you.

      In contrast to some other systems, the CB-3000 is subtle. It does not stand out under either tight jeans or baggy jogging bottoms, as it sits very close to your body and has essentially the same form-factor as your existing equipment. So only you and your Keyholder will know it’s there!

      When we first opened the package, we were a little daunted by all the small parts, however, the instructions are excellent. With easy to follow step by step written instructions as well as a diagram indicating the different parts. I found that there was little to no pinching and it was surprisingly easy to put on.

      The instruction leaflet also features a great “Beginners Guide to Male Chastity”. Acting as an FAQ, with particular mentions to aspects of safety and practicality.

      Included in the package is a weighty little metal padlock as well as some interesting little individually numbered plastic padlocks, great for when she wants to make sure I haven’t cheated my chastity while she’s been away. There’s also a single-use sachet of silicone lube so you can get playing (or not) straight away.

      The whole thing comes bundled in a zippered storage pouch, which is both practical and discreet.

      So final thoughts; whether you’re looking for a tease toy or a long term lockup, this is a fantastic kit! It’s well designed, easy to use, comfortable and fun.

      Now, Ms Lovebird, can I be released yet?

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Comfortable, lots of fit options, sturdy, subtle under clothing.
      Bottom line
      The cutest way to keep things in check, everything we want in a chastity device!
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