1. HunnyMonster29's review of Lovehoney Rechargeable Remote Control Large Love Egg

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      1. Lovehoney Rechargeable Remote Control Large Love Egg

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      Lovehoney Rechargeable Remote Control Large Love Egg 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Rechargeable Remote Control Large Love Egg
      2. HunnyMonster29's review of Lovehoney Rechargeable Remote Control Large Love Egg

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    1. Egg of Arousal

      Reviewed: 03 May 2020 by HunnyMonster29, a Straight Going Steady Female

      The egg itself feels well made while the remote seems to be on the cheaper side. However, both of them have a pretty swish design and colour scheme. The egg has some weight to it, making it also useful for kegel exercises. Despite its size, it sits in the vagina comfortably with the aid of that silky silicone skin. You could easily forget you're wearing it - this can make it even more exciting if your partner turns it on out of nowhere to give you a joyous jolt! I like this potential element of surprise. Insertion and removal can feel a tad troublesome without sufficient lube, so always make sure to use a generous amount. The cord feels strong, but is soft enough so it doesn't irritate when being worn. You can easily retrieve the cord with a finger or two after use. If you have trouble finding it, you can also use your vagina muscles to help lay the egg.

      The egg is rechargeable and uses the prong and self-healing silicone method while the remote uses a button battery - it would have been nice if both were rechargeable. The egg seems to last longer than the 40 minutes stated on the box. This could be down to me mainly using 2 lower intensities, though. Interestingly, the egg has 2 lights instead of 1 making it look like it has a pair of glaring eyes. These lights will pulse and brighten to match the vibration patterns/intensities and flash during charging or when on low power. You may not be able to tell if the egg is on low battery or not in time because it could already be inside you, flashing away. The egg needs to be awakened to standby mode before it will be responsive to the remote. It's alive!

      The remote is small enough to hold discreetly in the hand and is accessible to the thumbs. The controls let you flick forwards/back between the patterns and increase/decrease the 4 intensities of each setting. The response time between the egg and the remote was decent within a short distance of about 3 metres or so. Anything further than that or going behind a wall made it lose connection. It won't reconnect again until you are in very close proximity with the egg and pressing the remote buttons a few times.

      The egg has a single button which lets you use it without the remote. However, the egg settings don't match up to the remote settings. Starting with the egg button will automatically put it on the highest intensity. But if you turn it on via the remote, it will start on the lowest intensity. Pressing the egg button continuously will only allow you to flick through the patterns and there appears to be no way to change the intensities. If you press the egg button after using the remote, it will also go to the next one except on the highest intensity. So if you lose or break the remote, you will be stuck with a very powerful vibe. This may not be a problem if you love strong, buzzy vibes, but it could end up being unusable for those that can't handle them (like me). Maybe an extra egg button for intensity would have been a good idea? Just take care of that remote for your own sake.

      My partner enjoyed being in charge of the controls and he couldn't wait to enter me... with the egg still inside! It was such a huge turn on. However, my partner said that the cord can sometimes irritate his penis and the vibes on his tip can be slightly over stimulating. During one session he somehow managed to press the button on the egg with his penis, changing the setting. I didn't think he could reach it. Odd. Sound-wise, it's not over the top (especially on the lower settings). I don't think it could be used that discreetly unless it's in a noisy place.

      The deep vibes get me going in no time. They tend to be rumbly on the first two intensities and buzzier on the last two. I don't like 2-in-1 patterns in general, but I enjoy the constant and consistent settings this egg offers. The combination of size and power allows the egg to stimulate a wider area. For example, it can still stimulate my clitoris if I hold it in my opening. The constant pressure from the size and pulsing vibes feels amazing for me! I've started calling this technique alone Egg Sex. Alternatively, it can be used as a clit vibe itself or even paired with another clit vibe while the egg is inserted. How versatile! The orgasms feel great against it, too. Unfortunately, the vibes can numb your fingers if you're taking a while.

      The egg is pretty easy to clean after use with some toy cleaner and running it under a tap. Dirt tends to get stuck in the indentation marks of the silicone and the cord base - a little brush should sort these tricky areas out. A simple wet wipe will do for the remote.

      Many thanks to Lovehoney for sending me this to review. Overall, I'm really taken with this egg. The versatility is really impressive: kegel weight, clit vibe, internal vibrator, PIV sex buddy and Egg Sex device. More than eggs-pected!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Versatility. Comfortable to wear. Deep low/mid vibes. Fun partner play.
      Egg and remote controls don't match up so pretty useless without it. Quite noisy.
      Bottom line
      A great versatile toy. Just don't lose the remote!
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