1. Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager

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      1. Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager

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    1. Product Description

      Complete with the Aneros hands-free mechanism, this elegant second generation prostate stimulator is as beautiful as it is effective. Get ready for some of the most intense orgasms of your life, without even touching yourself...

      The delicately shaped Eupho features a petite head and stem which combine to produce explosive pleasure. Enjoy an enticing, appealing shape that tingles and coaxes you slowly to new sensations and uncharted territory.

      Coat with a generous helping of anal lube before use to get the most from your new toy. The Eupho is best reserved for advanced and experienced users who have developed their technique.

      Key Features:

      • Hands-free prostate massager from Aneros
      • Petite head and slender stem for precision prostate massages
      • Rigid, ergonomic design
      • Suitable for experienced fans of prostate stimulation
      • Made in the USA

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      1. Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager
      2. Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager

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    1. Small but perfectly formed

      Reviewed: 20 June 2013 by hullabaloo, a Straight Married Male

      What an orgasmic piece of kit this is. It is relatively small, but this makes it easy to insert.

      I found that the first few times I used it I could not properly reach or stimulate the prostrate as much as I wanted to. With a little practice, and after reading how to use the product on the Aneros website (it is worth having a good trawl through that site to get yourself fully informed), I very quickly discovered how pleasurable this toy can be.

      Basically once inserted you use the muscles of the anus and pelvis to gently rock the product backwards and forwards against the prostate. This produces waves of stimulation which can make you orgasm whether or not you have an erection. The orgasmic sensation is both powerful and long-lasting, and leaves you with pleasant little aftershocks, especially if you have numerous orgasms whilst it is inside you.

      I also love it when my partner gently pushes against it whilst fellating me. Gentle but rhythmic beats fast hard and furious with this toy.

      So lads if you are thinking of trying prostate stimulation this is well worth the money. This is also a wonderful little gift for the man in your life.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Absolutely everything.
      Bottom line
      It totally delivers its promise.
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    1. Wow

      Reviewed: 20 July 2012 by HBee, a Gay Single Male

      With brilliant instructions, it's so easy to get going with the Aneros Eupho Prostate Massager. They are clearly laid out in a way that means you can pick out key bits of information so you can use it as soon as possible!

      The massager is a nice thickness that makes you feel full and the node to press on the prostate is in an idyllic position, making it rock back and forth, pushing you to a pleasurable state quickly!

      Don't however force this toy quickly, take it easy and let the good times roll! It's brilliant if you just let it do its thing.

      It's a great low maintenance toy that requires minimal effort. What more could you ask?!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Thickness makes it easy to insert and get pleasure quickly.
      Bottom line
      Brilliant! Pleasurable and feels great!
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    1. My new best prostate massager

      Reviewed: 11 November 2010 by soul frequency, a Straight Single Male

      After owning two other Aneros, the Helix and the Progasm, I was accustomed to using these products but something just wasn't hitting the right spot.

      I read about the Eupho being slimmer than the Helix which affects the gravity of its position once it's inside of you, so I thought I would give it a try.


      I wish I had done this way sooner, it made a huge difference to awakening my prostate and now it is in full beautiful bloom thanks to the Eupho. The quality is as you would expect from Aneros, which is a high quality of production, good packaging with plenty of instructions for use, although to get the most from any Aneros I would suggest going to the Aneros website and joining the forum

      for an absolute wealth of info.

      The Eupho is the slimmest Aneros I own and contrary to thinking bigger will be better, it slides inside perfectly and when it starts to do its ecstatic dance over your prostate, because of the slim width it moves effortlessly, sliding in and out like some one is inside of you, hitting your prostate till you just cant take it any more. The different sizes of Aneros models really do make a big difference.

      An absolutely amazing time awaits you if you just give it a try, don't force anything, simply surrender and allow.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The best Aneros I have tried, fits my body perfectly.
      Bottom line
      This is the best prostate massager I have tried, well worth investing in.
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    1. The best of the aneros line

      Reviewed: 12 May 2007 by mike4fun

      I have purchased the aneros helix, progasm and eupho. In my opinion, this is the best of the line. It is also the most expensive one.

      It is the smaller of the above three, but it gives me the most stimulation.

      The descriptions by the makers say that this is not the one to start out with for beginners. So, if you are beginning anal play or prostate stimulation, i would go with the helix.

      There are many sexual anal toys i don't like, simply because there is the possibility of you not being able to retrieve them once they enter the forbidden zone. I have heard emergency room stories by nurses, telling how they had to remove a sexual device from an emergency room patient. You don't have to worry about that with the aneros line. There is a safety tail that prevents the device from being totally swallowed up.

      The aneros line is made out of silicone, which means that odor and bacteria will not multiply, as in other toys or anal devices.

      Clean up is easy with anti-bacterial soap and water.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The aneros eupho is the most stimulting of the aneros line.
      The aneros eupho is the most expensive of the aneros line.
      Bottom line
      I think this is the best of the aneros line.
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    1. it actually does work !

      Reviewed: 16 January 2007 by bvandev1

      I bought an Aneros Maximus about 8 months ago now. In the beginning, it gave a nice feeling but nothing more. In fact, there is more to it than just inserting it. Everything depends on expectations: do not expect anything. Sounds crazy but it is the truth.

      When you start playing with the Aneros (and you do not have to be alone, it is also great fun with your partner), take your time (1 to 2 hours), relax completely, start breathing tantric and continue relaxing. When completely relaxed (depending on the situation 15 min to...), start contracting slowly while breathing tantric.

      Place your hands on your chest and continue breathing and contracting. Contract when breathing in, let go while breathing out. Make sure you stay relax and you’ll start feeling something. Never expect more or better but just let go without expectations.

      Keep practising and you will get a fantastic result. Cumming is different since you will cum but without ejaculation. Over and over again if you want. When you are satisfied, start with your partner, she will not know what’s happening.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      everything if you give it a chance
      nothing if you are patient and have an open mind
      Bottom line
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