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      1. Aneros Vivi App Controlled Vibrating Kegel Exerciser with Clitoral Stimulator

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      Aneros Vivi App Controlled Vibrating Kegel Exerciser with Clitoral Stimulator 9 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. Aneros Vivi App Controlled Vibrating Kegel Exerciser with Clitoral Stimulator
      2. Aneros Vivi App Controlled Vibrating Kegel Exerciser with Clitoral Stimulator

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    1. Hands-Free Fun

      Reviewed: 05 July 2019 by Arinargo, a Straight Going Steady Male

      This was our first play with an app-controlled toy, and it did not disappoint, the build quality is fantastic with the toy having a beautifully smooth finish with no visible seams on the toy, the vibrations are intense (especially on the insertable portion).

      The key feature off this toy is obviously the associated ANEROS app, we found it really simple to connect (didn't even need to use the instructions). We found it immensely fun being able to take control of the toy vibrations from afar and had no issues with losing connection, however, we never left each other's side whilst using. There are tonnes of vibration settings to play with, and also the option for your partner to fine tune the vibration pattern, and power whilst you enjoy yourself.

      All in all, it's absolutely fantastic!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Discreet and powerful.
      Vibrations quite loud, so couldn't take it out of the house.
      Bottom line
      Bloomin' brilliant.
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    1. Pimp your Kegel Training

      Reviewed: 29 June 2019 by AsYouWish!, a Straight Married Male

      This is a toy with a quality feel to it. Aneros have previously concentrated their efforts on prostates but are turning their attention to the female of the species. The toy they have come up with is a bulb worn internally and an external clitoral vibrator. Both parts of the toy have independent vibrators. It is coated in a luxuriant silicone and has a magnetic induction charger so it is totally sealed. This makes it suitable for use in the shower too!

      This toy is just the right size to keep inside while walking around to test your pelvic floor. In “discreet mode” which means standby/off this is the idea. You can set it to give a buzz at regular intervals to remind you to give a kegel squeeze too. This is controlled via a smartphone app and you can adjust the frequency and duration of training.

      Manual mode enables you to scroll through several vibration modes by pushing the button on the outer part. The modes make both parts vibrate equally. This function is really for people without a smartphone but I imagine most people would use the full “active” mode with their Apple or Android phones. With the smartphone app and Bluetooth connectivity this toy is far more adjustable. It is possible to vary the vibration on either part of the toy independently and also to pick from pre-prepared patterns. With it controlling the toy via Bluetooth the phone in charge needs to be relatively close. It is possible to hand control to a partner but not via the internet.

      The vibrations hit the right spots and are “Sunday morning style” vibrations to quote my OH rather than “Saturday night party vibrations”. I guess this means she will enjoy it in the supermarket without having a screaming Meg Ryan in the freezer aisle.

      This toy is great for the kegel training and lovely for languid play sessions but is not right for those wanting a quick hit orgasm. The only negative issue is the app connectivity. It frequently drops out needing to reconnect. This is REALLY frustrating when you are just hitting your stride. This beautiful toy would have received five stars if it wasn’t for this.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Makes Kegel training a pleasure. Hits the right spots and has a quality feel.
      The app connectivity was hit-and-miss, which was frustrating.
      Bottom line
      Nice to touch and look at. Great Kegel trainer. So close to being perfect.
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    1. Just misses the spot

      Reviewed: 17 August 2019 by CocoDeMerLover, a Straight Married Male

      We have a number of app-controlled vibrating toys so it was great to get to try Aneros to compare to those we already have.

      First impressions are good, the feel of the toys is silky smooth and is a great colour for finding in your toy box! It comes well packaged and is easily charged via the cable. This magnetically attaches to two points to charge although you will need your own USB power adaptor.

      Downloading the app was simple and once you open it, it takes you through pairing the app to your toy. One niggle is that the Bluetooth connection can be a little bit patchy and can be lost at the crucial moment. Once paired, you have a couple of sliders in the app to change the intensity of the internal and external vibrators or change between a smooth or pulsing pattern. There are also some preset and random patterns if you just want to concentrate on the sensations.

      This toy comes into its own when you hand over control of the app to your partner. The vibrations are plenty to bring the user to orgasm but don't have the same intensity as something more powerful.

      Will it make you climax? Yes! But only if the Bluetooth stays connected.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Lovely feeling quality toy.
      Patchy Bluetooth connection.
      Bottom line
      Good, but could have been great!
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    1. Remote Fun

      Reviewed: 30 June 2019 by Holly Love, a Straight Married Female

      The Aneros Vivi App Controlled Vibrating Kegel Exerciser with Clitoral Stimulator is a great idea. It not only is pleasurable but it's like a kinky exercise gadget too.

      The 2 motors one internal and one external provide great stimulation of the clit and G-spot. It's a nice easy shape to insert although it's a little odd to walk around with it in place.

      It charges via USB and a little magnetic part that goes on to two little metal bumps. It charges quick and has plenty of power the button on the base turns it on and can activate a small number of patterns but the app really opens up the possibilities. Lots of patterns and the ability to control both motors separately using variable sliders on the phone.

      Its simple to connect but the signal does drop out occasionally it doesn't seem to have a huge range. It does have a fun feature of being able to set it to buzz at a set time to remind you to do your kegel exercises throughout the day. When you give it a squeeze it moves and stimulates you so even without any vibration it's nice and with vibration, it's even nicer.

      It can be a little loud so you wouldn't want to use it somewhere quiet and public but great around the house or somewhere more noisy.

      Its well made out of great materials and the box is really smart which shows this is a high-end toy.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      Powerful and well made.
      Connection can be hit and miss and a bit loud at times.
      Bottom line
      Great toy despite the odd downfall.
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    1. Not as bad as I thought

      Reviewed: 15 August 2019 by Delboy1991, a Straight Engaged Female

      After the bad reviews I wasn't really expecting much from this.

      The toy arrives in a very nice white box, which is wrapped with a thin cardboard sleeve around it which has most of the information you need to know. I disposed of the sleeve and just keep the white box for storage.

      The toy comes complete with a charger, but you need the USB plug if you're planning to charge it via a wall socket.

      The toy arrived with no battery, which was slightly disappointing as usually they come with some power to try out. I charged the toy straight away, but the charger is very temperamental. It connects by two small magnets, but I found as soon as I placed the toy down on a surface the red light went off (so I'm guessing it was disconnected).

      There was no instructions in the box, so didn't really know what app to download. I managed to find it and the set up was simple. Simply hold the toy for three seconds and press the connect button on the screen. The toy then buzzed indicating that it was on. However, after less than five seconds it told me that the toy was disconnected on the app and the toy stopped buzzing. I tried at least six more time and soon gave up.

      I tried the toy manually but found the button very annoying being at the top of the nub. It was impossible to change speeds while wearing as the button is to firm to dress unless pinching with two fingers either size. The toy lays flat against the clit to you have to partially remove the toy to change the speeds or rhythms.

      The toy is okay. I often need high speeds and vibes to be able to get off and this didn't allow me too. However, I found this you better to use as a love egg. I would be confident wearing this out, and it gave me enough to feel naughty without orgasming in public.

      The idea of the toy is great. The wetter you get the harder it is to stay in place, making it perfect for exercise. It's still early days and I haven't noticed any difference in tightness, but overall pleased.

      And for the record, the nub reached my clit perfectly, but understand that everyone is different, so I guess its hit or miss.

      The vibe are noisy and not the most discreet toy I've had, but then again I've never found one that doesn't make a sound, so I guess it's what you pay for.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      Good for a love egg.
      App is awful and disconnects.
      Bottom line
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    1. Could be so much better

      Reviewed: 21 August 2019 by K&c30's, a Straight Married Male

      We were asked to test this in return for an honest review.

      Getting to middle age and having three kids, my wife uses Kegel exercises and toys on a fairly regular basis. However, never a vibrating one, and never one with a clitoris stimulator.

      The packaging is pretty decent. Coming in a red outer box and then a white booklet box, you can keep for storage as it has no images of the product on it.

      Inside, you get the device and the cable. No instruction book, no storage bag, the lack of instruction book confused me slightly. On the one hand, the weekend eco-warrior says, 'Yay, save the trees' The confused new user in me was saying, 'Just put in the instruction book and stop making me take additional steps to figure out how to work your toy.'

      Charging the toy is easy as it's magnetic. If you have had magnetic toys before, you know that once you have your device connected put it down slowly and carefully so it doesn't disconnect.

      The device has a wonderful red soft silicone coating which is seamless. It feels like a well-made toy. The linking silicone between the egg and the external arm is flexible so it is going to be a good fit for almost anyone.

      I had read in other reviews and doing a bit of research online that the power button is a bit stiff to press. They are correct, it really does need a grip on both sides to press it which means the pressing the button manually you have to pull the clitoris section away to change the mode (if you aren't using the app). This could be so that the button isn't activated or it could just be a bit of a design flaw. We saw it more as a flaw, to be honest.

      The app though is the most frustrating thing about this product. We installed on both an iPhone and a Samsung Galaxy. You have three different modes. You can use in the app. Manually, you can control both the clitoris arm and the internal egg separately. To be fair, this works really well and on top power, the egg section is pretty powerful. The vibrations are more rumbly than other love eggs we have tried so my wife really appreciated that. However, the clitoris arm barely touched her clit and the vibrations were barely noticeable. In all honesty, this could be because she loves using her Desire bullet and Tango on full power but either way they weren't doing it for her at all. It was more just a tickling sensation rather than a pleasant one as the vibrations are more of a buzz than a rumble.

      You have the patterns section where you can pick from a selection of pre-set patterns. Not too shabby really as they do have a good variety, and if you like patterns then you will enjoy this.

      The third section is the Kegel workout section. Now given this is advertised as a Kegel exerciser, you would think this would have some fantastic information and maybe take you on a journey to stronger pelvic muscles. It doesn't. You can select how long you want to exercise for and how often you want reminding to squeeze. That's it. For a reminder, it buzzes the egg once. It's not exactly a technological breakthrough but if you are going to be doing it for 5 hours every ten minutes then perhaps you will find this helpful.

      The device disconnects from the app too! This is the worst part. Go out of range (this will affect those who hand control over to a partner), close the app by mistake or you leave it too long (over 30 minutes at least) and you have to press the button on the device to connect it again. So very frustrating.

      Noise wise, it's not too bad. I mean I perhaps wouldn't use it in a library or an empty cafe. Anywhere with a bit of background noise should really cover it up though.

      I think this is a fantastic love egg, with the rumbly vibrations on the internal G-spot, but the arm lets it down. My wife prefers her Kegal balls with the weight in with no additional arm. With the arm resting in her knickers and keeping it in place there is no need for her to really work at keeping the egg in.

      If the app improved and the motor for the clitoris was more powerful, this would easily be a 5-star dual stimulation love egg. Instead, they haven't invested enough I'm the app. There is no guided journey to improve your pelvic floor muscles and it fails to stimulate the clit (for us anyway).

      For us, it just didn't work out. This is purely based on the app being so very basic and with it disconnecting issues on a regular basis. Also for us, the clitoris arm just didn't do anything for her.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      Fantastic silicone quality, nice rumbly G-spot vibrations.
      The app! it's just so basic, and it disconnected.
      Bottom line
      Great idea but more work is needed on the app!
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    1. Just didn’t hit the spot

      Reviewed: 09 September 2019 by sexy j, a Straight Engaged Female

      I was sent this product by Lovehoney in exchange for an honest review. I couldn’t wait to try it out, but it was a bit of a disappointment for me.

      The vibe came in a very good quality white box, so I thought it was be on the up from there. The actual product is built very well. It's so smooth with no join lines or seams, so it feels really nice to use. The insertable part is a good size and would feel comfortable if you were to wear it out and about with no worries of it slipping out. I love the colour of this vibe, it's very vibrant. It's very useful to have the Kegel exercises on the vibe as well. That’s the good aspects of the vibe, but now for the downsides.

      This is the first app controlled vibe I have tried and I was very apprehensive when trying it out. The app itself is really easy to navigate. With simple pairing it's ready to go. The app has options for pre-set patterns and the option of manually operate the device. The problem is it kept dropping signal and disconnecting. I experienced this when the devise was very close to the vibe, so it's not that the device went outside of the operating zone.

      It can be reconnected with click of the button on the app, but in doing this it stops the ViVi from vibrating. One the other instance as well when it disconnects the VIVI carries on vibrating until you reconnect it, so if you was wearing it out and about you may not be able to stop it when the time comes. I also worried about it possibly not being able to reconnect and being stuck with it in and vibrating, and running to a bathroom to remove it, so I wouldn’t be able to wear it outside the comfort of my home.

      Onto the vibrations, as mentioned above there are different patterns and intensities to choose from via the app or you can use manual controls. This makes it very versatile. But for me the vibrations didn’t feel strong enough and would not quite get me to the point of climax. In saying that the vibrations are very loud in contrast to the intensity so another reason why I couldn’t wear it out and about as I always worry about the noise of vibrations.

      Another issue for me is that the product also has the outer part for clitoral stimulation, but the outer part was just slightly to short to actually reach my clit, im not a large lady by any means so for it not to reach by a mer cm its a bit annoying.

      The charger is a problem for me. It connects by 2 small magnets on the ViVi but I had problems keeping it connected. It had to stay on a complete flat service for it to stay connected and even then the red light goes of every now and again so I was assuming it would be charged but it wasn’t, so was really hard to tell when it was fully charged or not.

      Overall I love the concept of the ViVi and this it has so much potential but its not quite right.

    2. Overall Rating
      3 out of 10 stars
      Good built, nice look to it.
      Disconnected all the time. Too small,.Vibrations not strong enough.
      Bottom line
      Good concept. But needs improvement.
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    1. Not for me

      Reviewed: 22 July 2019 by pinkanimal, a Straight Married Female

      Such a luxury-looking toy. With a fairly hefty price tag, you would expect it to be fantastic.

      Sadly for me, it just wasn't the case.

      I wanted to love it I really did, I love these types of toys. And the fact it's a Kegel exerciser as well bonus!

      BUT, the connection to the app kept on dropping out. I actually really couldn't get much use before it kept happening. Reaching between your legs and pushing the button to reconnect it is a passion killer.

      For me it was too bulky to walk with it in, and the part that's meant to meet the clit doesn't on me sadly.

      So yeah, unfortunately sometimes you find the toy that isn't for you and sadly this is not for me.

    2. Overall Rating
      2 out of 10 stars
      It was luxurious looking.
      Kept losing connection, didn't reach my clit...
      Bottom line
      I'm sure it will be lovely for the right person.
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    1. Disappointing

      Reviewed: 06 June 2019 by bright-star-26

      Looks good but big let down. Signal strength very poor and constantly losing signal. Any movement and lost and needs connecting again. Becomes very frustrating.

      Poor shape not reaching clitoris.

      Also very noisy, which was surprising for such a small toy.

      Unfortunately worst toy we have by some distance, especially for the amount it costs. One to avoid.

    2. Overall Rating
      1 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
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