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      1. THRUST Pro Mini Overdrive Self-Lubricating Male Masturbator Kit 259g

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      THRUST Pro Mini Overdrive Self-Lubricating Male Masturbator Kit 259g 5 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. THRUST Pro Mini Overdrive Self-Lubricating Male Masturbator Kit 259g
      2. THRUST Pro Mini Overdrive Self-Lubricating Male Masturbator Kit 259g

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    1. Good little kit and well worth the price of, ahem, entry

      Reviewed: 22 March 2020 by MaD_Couple, a Straight Engaged Male

      The THRUST Pro Mini is great to add a little extra stimulation when the need arises. As it is quite short in length there is a good chance that you will pop out of the other side. Personally I quite enjoyed using the exit hole to stimulate the head of my penis and saw this an added bonus rather than a bad thing.

      The included basic bullet vibrator adds to the sensation but uses watch batteries rather than standard AAA ones and the power doesn't last long. A second set of batteries is provided though which is a nice touch.

      The renewer powder is good and helps keep the toy feeling fresh but the included bag may not be to everyone's liking as it is a white, see-through, net bag so the contents are easily visible. This is fine for me though as we keep our toys in a drawer which is high enough so that the kids can't reach.

      Overall I would definitely recommend this set.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Easy to control with one hand and feels good when lubed up.
      The bullet vibrator not using AAA batteries.
      Bottom line
      A good little starter kit for those on a budget and in need.
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    1. A great starter stroker kit

      Reviewed: 15 June 2019 by PhilJones, a Straight Going Steady Male

      THRUST is a Lovehoney male sex toy range, and this addition to the range absolutely did not disappoint! Though perhaps not as impressive in terms of luxury as the ‘Desire' range, this stroker package cannot be faulted in terms of orgasm experience, and the product went above and beyond this for me!

      As is always the case, the product arrived in super discreet packaging so that no one would have any idea what was inside.

      This kit contains a life-like stroker, a small bullet, and renewer powder, all individually packaged and complimented by a stylish mesh bag which is excellent for storage.

      The packaging is tasteful and professional, with no cringe factor at all, although I would stop short of claiming that it screamed 'luxury product'. Although, as I would argue the product is not a luxury product, I prefer that the packaging matches the high quality of the toy while stopping short of surpassing it. It has a green, black and white colour scheme, with one side containing a picture of the product and the product's name (in an angular, stereotypically masculine font) and the others containing product descriptions and directions. Overall, I cannot fault it.

      On removing the stroker from the packaging there was no nasty smell, although I gave it a rinse under water before use out of habit.

      The THRUST range is intended to be realistic, and they do not disappoint as it is an attractive flesh colour. The pliability of the material feels just like skin, and when lube is applied the internal and external parts of the 'vagina' feel very realistic to touch. As this product is self lubricating, an alternative to lube is to put a small stream of water into the toy; once this has done the toy is ready to use as it ‘creates’ a realistic lubricant in the internal canal.

      The 'vagina's' internal textures feel amazing, although the 'tunnel' is only around 4 inches long. This is my main fault with the product. I'm very averagely endowed, but when thrusting into the toy quickly, the sensitive head of the penis spent a large amount of time outside of the textured 'tunnel' and so reduces stimulation a little bit. But I should stress that it still feels absolutely amazing and leads to some explosive, leg-shaking orgasms! There is a separate hole in the stroker to put the bullet it (battery powered). The conversions of the bullet are surprisingly deep and rumbly and travel all the way through the stroker massively increasing stimulation and pleasure.

      Cleaning the stroker after use is not that easy, unfortunately, as lube inside the tunnel can't be reached with wipes or spray. As such, I've found the best way is to open up each hole and run each one under the tap in the bath. A little inconvenient, but a small price to pay for such a wonderful toy!

      The renewer powder is intended to keep the you in silly smooth, lifelike condition, and should be sprinkled on to the stroker after it has been washed. If the powder is sprinkled on it after a clean and then left for a few days, it is soft and ‘good as new’ when you come back to it. My only issue with it is that the instructions say to apply a light layer, but I found far too much came out far too quickly for a light layer to be applied.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Powerful orgasm.
      Slightly too small tunnel.
      Bottom line
      Good for the price.
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    1. Wow

      Reviewed: 29 May 2019 by Stato1987, a Straight Married Male

      So I have been lucky enough to road test this product. I have used masturbator sleeves before and they are great, but this product is brilliant. Just use water for it to self-lubricate and you are away. I didn't think it would self-lubricate but the product worked flawlessly.

      When used with the bullet the feeling was great and I have to say had me finished in minutes.

      The THRUST Mini feels better than other sleeves as it is soft to touch and the package includes refresher, which you need to use to keep the product at its best.

      Would I promote friends to use this? Of course and I would not hesitate at doing this in the slightest. All in all a brilliant product which I would pay for.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Feel, self-lubricating.
      Not easy to clean.
      Bottom line
      Excellent product.
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    1. A Great Starter Kit

      Reviewed: 16 June 2020 by The_Bored_Mallards

      This kit was bought so that my partner and I could try something different in the bedroom. It comes with everything needed to start using it all-in-one handy kit.

      After use, it's very easy to clean and the mesh bag provided is great for letting it dry in so that it does not become tacky or pick up pieces of dust. Furthermore the renewer powder allows it to stay super soft and smooth and is easy to apply.

      My partner and I were pleasantly surprised by how powerful the vibrator was, and it enhanced the pleasure as well as meaning my partner could enjoy this kit too.

      Using the Pro Mini lead to intense orgasms, but I'm unsure about how well it self-lubricates as we had to use a lot of extra lube, which if it is Lovehoney's own brand can be directly squeezed into the toy. I found the entry hole to be slightly tight but once in, and sufficiently lubricated, I could achieve powerful orgasms.

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      The kit comes with everything needed to begin using similar toys and achieve intense orgasms.
      Entry hole was quite tight.
      Bottom line
      The perfect beginner kit to begin playing with similar toys.
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    1. A Little Disappointing

      Reviewed: 23 May 2019 by SexToyEnthusiast

      I am a big fan of masturbator toys having owned a couple before and I was intrigued as to what this would offer.

      The first thing I noticed is that the toy was immediately smaller than most I have seen prior, and intriguingly the literature mentioned just adding water to this self-lubricating toy.

      However, given how tight the entrance to this toy is, I found impossible to use without a large amount of lube, so I couldn't really tell you if the self lubrication had any benefit.

      Once in, the toy felt okay. The inside is slightly ridged, but for me it didn't really add much to the sensation, which was overidingly tight and a little uncomfortable. That's not to say that this toy won't give you any pleasure. As a travel toy or perhaps a toy for someone looking at trying them for the first time, then this may be the ticket. But if you are looking for a real feel or you're on the girth-ier side, I would say pick something like the Fleshlight.

      Just a quick mention too for the contents of the pack. Along with the masturbator you get some rejuvenating powder to keep it feeling new (not bad) and a small vibrating bullet (pretty basic) but also a string bag to put it in. I'm not sure what the designers were thinking when they chose this white, see-through, netted bag, but I'd feel more comfortable putting my swimming goggles in it than a sex toy.

    2. Overall Rating
      4 out of 10 stars
      Rejuvenating powder free.
      Lacked texture and very tight.
      Bottom line
      Okay for travelling or a first toy.
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