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    1. CyberSkin Elite Jackhammer Warm Multi-Function Pussy

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      1. CyberSkin Elite Jackhammer Warm Multi-Function Pussy

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    1. Product Description

      Squeeze her, don't tease her – you'll never want to leave her. This Elite pussy offers an experience beyond your wildest dreams with a combination of lifelike squeezing, tugging and pulling motions that'll draw you in to modern masturbation at its best.

      Join the masturbation revolution with CyberSkin's unbelievably spankable tush, made to look and feel as realistic as possible with two tight canals to plunge into as often as you want.

      Whether you go for the rump or the plump inviting lips first, you'll be treated to an experience that's even better than the real deal. Each tight and textured canal is filled with enticing nubs and ribs to give your shaft a delectable and deep massage.

      Mains powered, this remote controlled masturbator offers a powerful 6 modes of massage and vibrations that'll have you close in climax in seconds.

      Always use a generous helping of your slipperiest water-based lube for a super satisfying pleasure session.

      Key Features:

      • Unimaginably realistic life-size male masturbator with automatic masturbation function
      • Authentic pussy and ass entries with tight textured canals measuring 6 and 7 inches
      • Mains-powered motor offers hyper realistic tugging, pulling motions and 6 vibrating massage functions
      • Cyberskin feels soft, firm and just like the real thing
      • Warming wand included for taking the temperature up to fantastically lifelike levels

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      CyberSkin Elite Jackhammer Warm Multi-Function Pussy 1 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. CyberSkin Elite Jackhammer Warm Multi-Function Pussy
      2. CyberSkin Elite Jackhammer Warm Multi-Function Pussy

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    1. Bootyliscious

      Reviewed: 26 March 2018 by Mr Pheebs, a Straight Single Male

      When Leanne emailed me saying “Hey, Mr Pheebs. I’m going to send you a life-sized arse and pussy masturbator to try” I nearly fell off the ground!

      I’ve been looking at the larger Thrust models for several months now but the thing that put me off is that ultimately they don’t really do much in the form of interacting with the user and it seems like a load of hassle for what is effectively a giant masturbation sleeve.

      Well, Jackhammer multisensory pussy & ass just entered the building! The box arrived, and to be honest at this point I thought I’d been dreaming, but on picking the box up reality landed.

      The toy comes really well wrapped and powdered. There is some effort required to get it unpacked and wire the power to the adapter, adapter to charge controller and controller to the mould. No idea how much it weighs but it’s not a light toy which makes sense when you think about what it’s for and it comes with a gazillion different plugs including a 3 pin U.K. plug! Nice one!

      I’m not sure if a woman was cast to make the shape of this toy but the thought of it makes my imagination tingle with delight, what an arse, what a pussy, what a waist, what a gal! The shape of the ass cheeks are amazing, the way the cheeks mould into thighs and the thighs mould into the pubis, vulva (labia moulded and coloured dusky pink), waist and stomach (with belly button) seems so lifelike. The anus is just a hole which seems odd to me, I wonder why the entrance and perineum were not moulded and textured to meet the vagina, it’s so well modelled this seems like an oversight to me and a pubic shadow would have been excellent.

      The whole model is made out of ultra-realistic Cyberskin and this tester model was white but I believe a black version is also available, ask Lovehoney for more information about this if you want one! The Cyberskin feels well toned but pliable all over, I’m not sure if there is a frame underneath but it’s also strong and holds its shape well. Smacking the butt feels like the real deal, the cheeks wobble slightly, it’s just cooler to the touch.

      The pussy is quite narrow but is flexible and hugs well when penetrated. I could feel swirls and ripples on my cock once inside and unless you’re really long you can go balls deep, feeling the ass press your stomach and thighs feels excellent. And at this point you have choices...

      The toy comes with a wired, easy to use controller for vibrations and (and this is the game changer) the massage options. Turned on and positioned in doggy you can see the pussy and ass making a grinding motion but it’s nice and quiet. It also comes with a USB heating stick and claims to be self-heating. I’m not sure if the toy self-heats as I didn’t notice it if it did or just means through the use of this rod which you insert and it works after 20 minutes or so.

      You know when a woman is in on top of you reverse cowboy and rather than plunging up and down and defying gravity, she grinds pelvically back and forth? That’s what the massager feels like, It’s amazing! You can either go to town with your own hips (and it can handle most thrusts without flying off the bed, table, dresser) which is difficult to resist or you can just slide in and let the massager handle the (ahem) load.

      Handle it, it did, and some after my climaxing the toy just kept giving until my legs started to wobble, I have never climaxed for so long alone, balls aching once I’d finished.

      I wore a condom because although you are supplied with a huge syringe for aftercare with the instruction to use a mild liquid soap water mix, I personally wouldn’t be happy without being able to turn it inside out to make sure it’s clean and you can’t do this with this toy. I don’t know how much the toy will eventually cost but I’d be disappointed if it was ruined because it couldn’t be cleaned properly. If you invest in this toy, make sure you use a water-based lube and invest in a good quality reinvigorating powder, you get a tube of each with the toy initially.

      The toy is mains powered so should not be used in water but I’m not sure how watertight the cable leading into the toy at the top of the stomach is so I don’t really want to get it too wet plus it is heavy so watch your back.

      This is an incredible toy if you have storage space and you don’t feel a bit weird having sex with a cross-section of a woman’s body. The way I see it is that the majority of sex toys look like one part of the body or another and you can always look somewhere else. It feels awesome, kinky, pert and a bit sexy-sleazy to use and it knocked my socks off.

      It isn’t as good as the real thing but nothing ever will be, when this happens either for him or for her you can kiss the human race goodbye. It is very very good and if you want to invest in an amazing male sex toy, think about this one. There aren’t many amazing male sex toys out there but this is one of them and for solo play, it’s the best I’ve tried so far.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      So wrong but so right, real turn on, amazing orgasms.
      Seemed odd it was that good but there wasn’t a woman to touch.
      Bottom line
      Amazing toy, I’m a lucky man.
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