1. Scandal Expandable Spreader Bar

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars7 reviews

      A tool to enclose and expose, the Scandal expandable spreader bar can't wait to be paired with your favourite ankle cuffs for leg restraint unlike any other. A stiff bar that adjusts between 24 - 36 inches in length, enjoy custom leg-spread BDSM fun.

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      1. Scandal Expandable Spreader Bar

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    1. Product Description

      A tool to enclose and expose, the Scandal expandable spreader bar can't wait to be paired with your favourite ankle cuffs for leg restraint unlike any other. A stiff bar that adjusts between 24 - 36 inches in length, enjoy custom leg-spread BDSM fun.

      Straightforward to adjust thanks to 2 steel pins and 8 locking holes, simply slide the bars and replace the pins to set the right length for you. Connect your favourite cuffs-with-clips and – hey presto – you're away!

      Please note: this spreader bar does not come with cuffs but can be used with almost any ankle cuffs; just check that the cuffs you have, have some sort of clip to attach them to the bar.

      Key Features:

      • Adjustable spreader bar for custom restraint play
      • Expands between 24 - 36 inches in length for tailored leg-spread
      • 3-piece design breaks down for easy storage and transport
      • Metal bar covered in padded decorative material for reduced noise during play
      • 2 x steel pins and 8 x holes make setting the size easy
      • 2 x metal rings at each end enable use with almost any ankle cuffs
      • Cuffs not included

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    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 36 inches
    2. Essential info

      • Allergens: Latex-Free

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Scandal Expandable Spreader Bar 7 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Scandal Expandable Spreader Bar
      2. Scandal Expandable Spreader Bar

        Our Price

    1. So pretty

      Reviewed: 23 March 2020 by Ruby_Star, a Bisexual Single Female

      I wanted a spreader bar for ages, but didn't want it to be plain/cheap looking. This one is perfect. I love red! And Lovehoney do a few different red or black cuffs and restraints that compliment it nicely.

      It is robust, smooth and easily assembled.

      The pull pins make for a quick escape if a cramp should come on unexpectedly.

      Does not come with cuffs. A downside but still worth it.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Pretty and soft.
      No cuffs.
      Bottom line
      Fab addition to your toybox.
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    1. Spread Em

      Reviewed: 02 July 2018 by HFVD, a Straight Married Male

      So we have been looking at spreader bars for a while but none took our fancy. Then this one was added and something told us to purchase this one. What a great decision that turned out to be.

      When the parcel arrived I could not wait to open it. The bar comes in a box with a sexy image on the front that just builds to the excitement. The bar comes in three separate pieces. The middle section is a plain black bar that easily fits inside the other two remaining pieces. The other two ends have a beautiful red lace pattern that sets this bar apart from the others I’ve seen online. On the end of each bar is a ring that is used for attaching cuffs to.

      It is worth noting that cuffs are not provided with this bar. Cuffs can simply be attached via a carabiner clip, but I prised the ring open ever so slightly enough to fit the leather straps on a set of bondage boutique ankle cuffs through. This reduced movement and gave a much more restrained feel than when used with a carabiner.

      When in use the bar can be adjusted very simply by removing the two locking pins and sliding each end apart. To lock the bar again simply line up the holes and insert the pins. The bar feels rigid and top quality, absolutely zero worry that it may bend or break.

      However, I did notice that cuffs cannot be attached to the pins as they are easily pulled out. So if you are interested in attaching wrists to the bar you’ll need a small clip that passes through the holes in the black bar. The holes themselves are around 7mm in diameter. During the first use I was surprised at how far my OH’s legs could be pushed apart by the smallest of changes.

      She felt very exposed and looked very sexy lying on the bed unable to close her legs. After she asked if the bar could be spread further, lucky me! To summarise, this bar is a quality, well made product that is sleek and sexy in looks. It’s easy to use and perfect for what it is designed to do. I can’t wait to use it some more and experiment with it in various positions!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Sexy looks, strong build and restrictive feel.
      Doesn’t come with cuffs, but that is stated.
      Bottom line
      A fantastic product, must-have for any bondage fanatic.
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    1. Spreader Bar

      Reviewed: 01 July 2018 by filthy0898, a Straight Married Male

      I bought this on Friday, arrived Saturday morning. So I spent all day getting excited over the coming evening (pun intended). We settled down and watched Fifty Shades Darker (the one with the spreader bar scene in it) and got warmed up.

      When the film finished Mrs filthy dressed up in her sexy little pink plaid school girl outfit with plaits and bows and lovely hold up stocking. Then I got the new bar out and we opened it together. It is fantastic, really nice quality great build. We strapped her in and teased it open. I then coupled her wrists cuffs to it as well and she was deliciously open to me.

      Wow, great night that really made my toes curl. She was ripe for the spanking.... We both woke up this morning super horny and had 2 really good f*cks. Great way to wake up on Sunday. Thank you Lovehoney, this is a great addition to the set of toys. I would highly recommend to anyone.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great quality, good spread. Really sexy to look at.
      Bottom line
      Go on, get one, you won't regret it.
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    1. You're bound to love it

      Reviewed: 18 March 2018 by Couple looking to spice things up, a Straight Married Female

      You're bound to love this! (pun most definitely intended) and here's why!

      Rewind to a few nights ago... It's is cold damp and dark out, but I'm not phased because I'm staying in. I've just the polished off last night left overs and I'm all set to watch Saturday night take-away when... "Spread em!" The room falls silent. "You heard me" he continues. A loud, dominating tone, It's not something I'm use too. I instantly stop what I'm doing and turn to acknowledge my partner. Our eyes meet from across the room, his infectious baby blue eyes are full of intent as he begins his approach. A slight smirk forms as he continues towards me. Getting closer I notice he is clutching an object in his right hand. It's long and thin, but his overpowering stare and quickening pace control me and I daren't disrupt our eye contact to investigate further. "Now" he confirms his demands, without accessing or questioning what's going on I spread my arms horizontally.

      An uncontrollable chuckle escapes him as he moves my arms to my side and whispers "your legs baby". I part my legs and bow my head to confirm my submission. A satisfying sigh breaks the silence as he runs his fingers through my hair. I inhale sharply, his scent, a musky, masculine aroma engulfs my air. "I'm going to use this" finally he speaks after what seems like forever. His finger tip stimtenuously lifts my chin and I see just what he's holding. My eyes dart over it. I know exactly what it is. It's a spreader bar but it's not the usual black, heavy metal offering. It's a deep ravishingly red with a delicate, intricate pattern. I reach to feel it, it has an unusual soft padded texture. Beautiful put together, two locking pins keep it secure whilst I notice something familiar, my rose Bondage boutique ankle cuffs are secured to either end.

      Now becoming aware of my other half's intentions, my breathing becomes heavier. I brace myself for something erotic. He drops to his knee. His noticeable cold hands secured my ankles. My whole body shudders, and my palms begin to sweat as I nervously try to turn my legs inwards to control the overwhelming feeling of desire between my thighs.

      My efforts are in vain as the sturdy. Robust bar keeps them apart, despite my resistance. A testament to the build quality of this particular piece. As things heated up between us, the distance between my legs grew. Adjusting the bar requires little effort, not with brute force like the other spreader bar we have. At 36 inches I'd found my limit! If you don't fancy doing the splits just yet, you'll be happy to know this is adjustable and offers a good variety of lengths to explore including more beginner friendly ones.

      Feeling more than satisfied, not missing the lack of buzz, rumble of suck I normally crave from the toy box. The power of being restrained and submitting to my significant other provided enough satisfaction. The hot thoughts still drifted into my head as I was left to dismantle this spreader bar. This is a thing of beauty! The padded material that encases the otherwise harsh bar is something else. Not only beautiful to look at, it has wipe clean coating. Stylish and practical, it's perfect. No missing stitches nor snags despite being put though its paces. If I could get away with displaying this glorious piece of equipment, I would, but I am grateful it can be taken apart aiding storage and travel possibilities!

      My other spreader bar, which is now taking a backseat arrived in a plastic bag this on the other hand was gifted to me in glorious illustrated box. It'd be a sin to bin it! It's like a erotic novel front cover, and whilst it's bound to catch your eye it's also clear what's in the box. I fear if any unsuspecting vanilla visitors were to clock it. you or them or perhaps both of you may be left red cheeked.

      It's not only its unquestionable quality and amazing packaging which has resulted in me giving this a 5* rating, though what I love about this product is that you're not limited to how you can use it. Obviously you can use this to spread ones legs, standing, bent over, but it's also great bound the wrists (providing you have wrist cuffs), or we've since tried securing one wrist, one ankle in the name of testing of course! It worth mentioning this does require some flexibility and balance but is doable for the more adventurous couple out there. It's also unisex and same or opposite sex couple compatible which is fabulous I think you'll agree.

      There's only one thing which I'd change. When you adjust the bar any bigger than it's smallest setting it reveals a black bog standard connecting bar. I would to have loved to see the colour and design the same no matter how wide you played.

      So with my recommendation and with the Fifty Shades Trilogy back on the big screen, could there be a better time than to ramp up bondage in the bedroom? That's what I thought. Enjoy.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Design. Easy to Use. Durable. Good quality.
      Didn't come with cuffs.
      Bottom line
      Highly recommended.
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    1. Fifty shades of spreading

      Reviewed: 05 March 2018 by LIL_KNOWN69

      Me and my partner enjoy BDSM and restraint play and one of our essentials is a spreader bar. They are robust and a great piece of kit when you want to restrain your partner with little effort and quickly. We have tried several bars, and after scanning the Lovehoney site we came across this sexy looking kit, which immediately opened both our eyes. Its striking and dark patterns are beautiful, and we know we needed to add this to our treasure chest of toys.

      Packaging and what’s in the box?

      The packaging is large and has a very sexy image of a lady with her legs spread and a gentleman waiting on a chair in front of her. A slight glimpse of the bar is all you get with the large "SCANDAL" brand on the top and bottom. It's very seductive and feels almost like you have an art piece rather than a bedroom accessory.

      Upon opening the box, you can find a small bag with the several pieces which work together to make the spreader bar. A slight warning: this does not come with any cuffs or rope to tie your partner down. These will need to be purchased separately. Inside the box you received the following:

      1 x spreader bar (in 3 parts)

      2 x Pins to hold the bar in place

      The product is far smaller than the box itself, but it seems the scandal brand are quite elaborate and this is quite charming. Good news is the cardboard outer packaging is recyclable, which makes me feel slightly better about the situation, and once you get past shoving this in your bin as least it's not a lot of non-biodegradable waste.

      How to use the product and what does it do?

      The spreader bar comes in three parts with two pins. You simply have the main frame bar with several holes up and down the centre, which you slide the two smaller velvet covers on and then push a pin through the centre to lock them in place. It sounds complicated, but it's simple and it's nice to have such a varied range of sizes to use.

      To go up a size and spread your partner a little wide, you simply pull the pin out of the shaft and slide one or both of the covers up to the next hole, slide the pin through again and lock this in place. The bar doesn’t come with any rope or cuffs, but you have two rings on either end, which allows for you to tie your partner with silk rope to the bar, or if you have cuffs with O-ring connections or clips you should easily be able to attach these. The Pins also have O-rings on top, which means you can have a bit more fun with your restraining session and truly find new and different ways to use the bar.

      Once you're finished you can simply take the bar apart, and due to the fact it comes in three separate parts, this makes it far easier to hide away than a standard solid bar, which you need to find room for. The most exciting part of the bar is it can expand from 24 inches to 36 inches. This may not seem like a huge leap, but it will give even the most flexible person a bit of a stretch.


      After a long and frustrating day at work, my partner texted me to tell me a parcel had arrived. It was in a very big brown box, and even though it was discreet, we're huge fans of Lovehoney and knew exactly what we had in store. I bought this as a surprise for my partner, and even though she begged to have a peek, I told her to wait for me. Several hours past and a few sext exchanges happened becoming more and more explicit and demanding from myself. I told her to make sure her hair was up neat and tidy and to be waiting in her most teasing undies.

      I unlocked the door and saw the big package on the kitchen table. I opened it up to reveal the most beautifully packaged bondage accessory inside. A woman's legs strapped to the bar with a gent eagerly awaiting her in front. This got my heart racing, so I took the parcel upstairs and found my partner ready and waiting with her hair in a ponytail and a curve-hugging bodysuit.

      However, deep my urges were to grab her and do some very bad things, I wanted to tease her just as much as she was teasing me. I placed a blindfold over her eyes and tied her hands together with silk rope. I kissed down her body and placed a single ankle cuff on each ankle, to which she let out a little moan and started to smile. I could see her chest becoming flush as I worked my hands up and down her thighs and kissed her slowly.

      I set the spreader bar to the lowest setting by placing the two covered pieces onto the main bar and set the two pin locks in place. I clipped the ankle cuffs to either end and started to tease her. With no escape, she was under my command, and after a light spanking session I took her from level one of the bar all the way up by counting from 1 to 30 each time.

      When she was fully spread, I pulled her undies to the side and got my mouth between her thighs. It was an incredible night and the bar is truly an excellent piece of kit. The quality is amazing and the dark red of the pattern is very sexy and gives it a naughty and almost devilish look.

      The locking system may seem tricky at first as you do need to line up all three holes with each length, but it was easy to get the hang of, and we absolutely loved how versatile it was. The highest level is very wide, but the lower settings are fine for almost anyone who wants to adventure into restraint play.

      The bar was easy to hide as the three parts do detach easily and fit easily into our drawers, which is excellent as most spreader bars do come as a whole and you need to find room for something which is almost 35 inches wide. This is a no-brainer if you're looking for a spreader bar. Just ensure you do buy some silk rope or cuffs with clips as this has no cuffs in the box. We found using bondage rope was just as good as ankle cuffs, and a simple knot through the O-ring at either end of the bar will allow you to restrain your partner to the bar without any issue. This is truly 10 out of 10 and a must-have for all BDSM enthusiasts

      And a side note for all Fifty Shades fans, if you intend on flipping your partner over, make sure you tie them down well as you may launch them off the bed!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Beautifully crafted and superb quality. Range of spreading is perfect.
      No cuffs or other ties in the box. Even a cheap set would be sufficient.
      Bottom line
      Perfect for anyone looking to spice up their relationship with some BDSM.
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