1. Perfect Fit Fun Boy Hollow Strap-On Packer Extender 4.5 Inch

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      1. Perfect Fit Fun Boy Hollow Strap-On Packer Extender 4.5 Inch

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    1. Product Description

      Incredibly soft, stretchy and satisfying, this packer sits between your legs providing the perfect amount of padding and pleasure. Use it as a packer, penis enhancer or a strap-on for soft penetration. With a stretchy waistband, hands-free fun is endless.

      The hollow strap-on can also be pulled over a penis for use as an extender (not suitable for all penises).

      Super soft and easy to clean, your strap-on is best used with a little water-based lube.

      Key Features:

      • Perfect Fit soft hollow strap-on packer with waist strap
      • Made from temperature-responsive real-feel SilaSkin
      • Pronounced head and smooth shaft enhances realistic experience for both partners
      • Waistband stretches from 30 to 52 inches for a multitude of sizes
      • Sleeve measures 4.5 inches when un-stretched

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      Perfect Fit Fun Boy Hollow Strap-On Packer Extender 4.5 Inch 1 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Perfect Fit Fun Boy Hollow Strap-On Packer Extender 4.5 Inch
      2. Perfect Fit Fun Boy Hollow Strap-On Packer Extender 4.5 Inch


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    1. A versatile toy, whether you're cis or trans, male or female

      Reviewed: 22 November 2017 by earwig

      Toy tester review by an FtM guy.

      This toy comes in substantial rigid packaging (as in photos above), which is both protective and easy to get into.

      The packer/extender and harness come separate, and are very easy to assemble - three fabric tags on the harness slipping through the respective holes in the packer, and securing with robust press studs.

      The harness is a step-into and pull up jockstrap-style harness. You can slip it on fully assembled, or pull on the harness waistband part first, before securing the packer/extender in place. The option of either can be useful depending on your anatomy - if you have a penis and plan to use it as an extender, it might be easier to slide the extender on first, before securing it, while non-op trans guys and cis women will likely find it just as easy to pull the packer/extender on whole. You can wear it under, or over clothes as desired.

      The toy being reviewed was the size stated, and a snug enough fit not to slip at the lower end of the size range. The packaging stated that smaller and larger waistbands are available - another benefit of the toy's two-part construction. There is a small amount of adjustability at the front of the waistband wrt the side-to-side positioning/stretch of the packer/extender to enable a best fit - with three different press stud options on each side.

      As a packer, it's very light, comfortable to wear, has a gentle but persistent presence, and doesn't create an unrealistic bulge in your pants. The cock aspect of it feels and looks good, but the ball sac seems a bit small when the toy is simply used unfilled as a packer.

      The stretchy nature of the 'SilaSkin' material means the attachment holes of the packer/extender stretch, allowing it to sit in the right place, and also allowing a small amount of access between the packer/extender base and back strap - perhaps useful for genital/skin access and stimulation.

      As an extender sleeve, it's disappointing in being probably too loose a fit for even the biggest non-op FtM cock... and it's possibly a bit of a tight fit for some penises, though the material is pretty stretchy.

      For penetration, the toy is too soft for use on it's own in most situations. Insert a finger, a penis, a dildo, etc, and it's good to go. I'm not sure how easy it would be to get it on over a soft penis - you might need to be at least semi-hard to wriggle into it, but once inside any fluctuations in your own hardness would likely be buffered a bit by the sleeve. While smooth inside, I imagine the close fit of the 'SilaSkin' material might provide some interesting sensations for the wearer during use. Unfortunately I currently have no experience to back this up! If I get future feedback on this from lovers, i'll try and update this review.

      As a non-op trans guy, it did nothing for my own half inch - either as an extender or wrt stimulation, and it tended to sit a little above my own genitals in everyday wear. With a dildo inside the sleeve, it became a more interesting addition. Though the stretchy nature of the material meant that the weight of the dildo tended to pull the packer down a bit, so not good for hands-free penetration - needing a bit of guidance initially. The packaging mentions another toy by the same company that it's compatible with - perhaps that overcomes this in some way, though I don't know. Initially I slid a fairly regular-slim dildo inside the packer, but was later pleasantry surprised to be able to fit one with a slightly larger girth inside, with the use of a bit of lube on the dildo.

      I think the use of a bit of lube when inserting your penis or dildo would generally make things go smoother! The material contains silicone, and only water-based lubes should be used with it.

      On the receiving end, the packer/extender was a interesting experience, in a very good way!

      With a dildo inside the sleeve, initially it looks like while there's an obvious increase in girth, that there's going to be a loss of length - the positioning of the ball sac seems a bit far forward. But in use, the stretchy nature of the material allows the balls to slide back, and the full length of the toy to be inserted. There's initially a gentle increase in girth along the toy, and then a much broader girth towards the base, giving a range of options and sensations in use. The balls pressing against the opening adds another range of sensation.

      Sensation-wise as recipient, it doesn't quite feel like anything else i've experienced - not like skin/flesh, not like a dildo/standard insertable toy. the 'SilaSkin' material feels soft to medium-firm, seems to reduce friction, and if comparable to anything seems to act a bit like a f*ck-through tunnel toy (like the same company's 'Hump Gear' toy). A feeling of being held gently but firmly wide open, a feeling of less friction on the in-out but more impact because of the increased length and girth. Once I got used to this and relaxed into it, it was really enjoyable.

      If you're using it as a extender sleeve over a penis, the translucent 'clear' colour obviously allows a bit of your own skin tone to show through. As a packer/strap-on, the colour is less good. I don't know if other colours are/will be available.

      The toy is very easy to clean - inside as well as outside, by turning it inside out.

      With respect to durability, that remains to be seen.

      As a non-op trans guy, the toy is slightly disappointing - as a packer, an extender and a strap-on... being a bit limited in each role. I think the disappointment is increased by it being an 'official Buck Angel product' - in some way designed and/or endorsed by a trans guy. I'm not sure if a cis guy/trans guy post phalloplasty would find it equally, though differently limited.

      So maybe it's trying to overstretch (no pun intended) itself a bit. But overall it is a novel and versatile toy, that can be put to very enjoyable use with a bit of creativity and ingenuity.

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Idea. Versatility. 'SilaSkin' material feel. Novelty. Easy to (dis)assemble. Easy to clean.
      Colour. Expensive. Not good for hands-free penetration. Too loose an extender for FtM cock.
      Bottom line
      Creative & versatile toy, possibly trying to be too many things for too many people.
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