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    1. VeDO RIO Plus Rechargeable Anal Vibrator

      Average customer review 2.5 out of 5 stars4 reviews

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      1. VeDO RIO Plus Rechargeable Anal Vibrator

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    1. Product Description

      Add a little flare to your solo sessions or shared play with this anal vibrator and its 4 fabulous insertable inches and 10 delicious modes of vibration. A slim tip makes for easy insertion before graduating down to a special flare for extra stimulation.

      Designed for easy insertion, the slim tip leads to a wide base for an intense filling feeling.

      Made from sleek silky silicone, the toy feels super smooth to the touch.

      Enjoy this waterproof anal vibrator at its best with a good quality water-based anal lube.

      Key Features:

      • Vibrating sleek silicone butt plug for intermediate anal players
      • Explore 10 modes of vibration for a range of sensations
      • T shaped to prevent unwanted travel
      • Flared for external stimulation
      • Slim tapered design for easy insertion

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    1. VeDO RIO Plus USB Rechargeable Anal Vibrator

      Add a little flare to your solo sessions or shared play with this anal vibrator and its 4 incredible insertable inches and 10 exquisite modes of vibration. A slim tip makes for easy insertion before graduating down to a special flare for extra stimulation.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      VeDO RIO Plus Rechargeable Anal Vibrator 4 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. VeDO RIO Plus Rechargeable Anal Vibrator
      2. VeDO RIO Plus Rechargeable Anal Vibrator


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    1. Amazing Vibrationg Power

      Reviewed: 12 April 2018 by Sam Boy, a Bisexual Single Male

      The product came in a premium packaging. Really did not expect something like that.

      Another surprise was the amazing vibration power that is by far better than by all my other toys.

      Easy control with one button. Charging socket under the cap is a very smart solution that makes the toy easy to clean and it is waterproof.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Simple ultra powerful plug.
      Bottom line
      Great value product.
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    1. Pulsating Posterior

      Reviewed: 01 October 2017 by TB149, a Straight Married Male

      We were lucky enough to be sent this item to test and were super excited about it. We have a number of butt plugs in our sex toy collection but none that vibrate so this was an adventure into the unknown.

      First impressions with the product were very good, the packaging is nice and you get the feeling it’s a premium product.

      Once in your hand it feels great, the shape is good and the silicone soft, it feels well made. It is firm though so if you prefer a more jelly style plug this might not be for you.

      It's worth noting from the off that this is a decent sized butt plug, it's not huge but its probably too much if you are new to anal play.

      Obviously, everyone has their preference on shape when it comes to plugs but this is easy to insert and the linear taper means it can be gently eased into place without too many problems and its firmness means it goes where you aim it. We also had no problems keeping it in.

      The fact its a rechargeable toy is great news although to be expected on a premium toy these days. Charging is easy enough; it just requires the base/push button to be unscrewed to reveal the charging point. It's worth noting the battery lasts more than long enough between charges.

      Once fully inserted it felt like any other similarly shaped plug. The fun really starts when the vibrations are started. There are 10 different patterns and they are much in line with any other vibrating toy on the market. The vibrations are strong but not earth-shattering however they are nice and quiet which can be important.

      This is the first time we’ve tried anal vibrating toys and this alone was not enough to the bring Mrs TB149 to orgasm, but that’s not how I see this toys job. As an accompaniment to either virginal sex or clitoral stimulation, it was amazing.

      Using it during vaginal sex was fantastic, the shape of the plug really tightened the feel of her virginal and the vibrations had us both climaxing much quicker than when she wears a non-vibrating plug. With me on top, I could really feel the vibrations, particularly as I entered her. When she has used it solo along with a clitoral vibe her orgasms were always faster and stronger.

      It's not perfect though, although the button can be easily found and pressed to change the vibrations its design means the user can’t sit down while wearing the toy due to the distance the button sticks out from the base. This won’t matter to some but for others could be a deal breaker.

      Overall I’d recommend it. If you currently use butt plugs then it's hard to imagine the addition of the vibrations won’t add to your sexual pleasure, either using alone or with a partner.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Well made, easy to use and great orgasms
      You can't sit down wearing it, but that's just being picky
      Bottom line
      Premium feel and another layer of fun to your anal exploits.
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    1. Quality vibrating plug that turned out to be quite disappointing

      Reviewed: 13 September 2017 by Leo Christian, a Straight Married Male

      My OH and I love anal play and I enjoy wearing a butt plug around the house and out and about, so I was excited to be fortunate enough to be asked to test the VeDO RIO Plus Rechargeable Anal Vibrator. I didn't have a vibrating plug in my collection and hadn't heard of VeDO before either, so was excited to give this one a whirl.

      The plug is really well packaged and you can tell straight away that this is a quality product with the box making this look more like a high-tech gizmo rather than a sex toy. The plug itself is constructed from high-quality silicone and is great to look at, with a solid weighty feel to it, although quite pointy compared to other plugs. Its 4-inch length and increasing 4.5-inch width at the widest point mean it's big enough for a seasoned anal pro, right down to someone who has tried anal toys before and wants to push themselves a bit. It came pre-charged, which will please anyone who wants to crack on straight on opening the box too! It's fully rechargeable and accompanied by a USB charger which inserts on unscrewing the base of the plug where the single on/off button is located. The plug is also totally waterproof for fun in the bath, shower, jacuzzi, or swimming pool!

      Pressing the button on the base once switches the plug on, and tapping it again cycles through the plug's 10 vibration modes. This plug gives off impressively strong vibrations for a small toy, whereas with some vibe toys the power can be lacking. There is a good selection of vibes, with increases and decreases in speed and power part of the array.

      I was very excited to give the VeDO a go during some foreplay with my OH, who slathered the toy in a good-quality water-based lube (no silicone lube for this toy as it will bind to the silicone the toy is made of), ready to insert into my ass. The plug provided a generous stretch right up to the widest point as my OH pushed it deeper inside me, my ass greedily swallowing the plug.

      So far, so good, however, there is a big 'but' (no pun intended). The plug just would not stay inside me and kept popping right out. I tried hard to keep it in but due to the design of the plug, with the bit that your ass is meant to grab onto being too small in length before the base that stops it going any further, it just wouldn't stay in for me as my ass had nothing to grab on to!

      We tried for a good length of time to give the plug a fair go, however, it just wasn't happening, so my OH had to hold it in place, which defeats the object of the toy. No wearing this out and about for me, it would simply come straight out! I have given this toy a second and third try since to see if it was a one off, but it just isn't working for me. Whilst I did wonder whether this was me, comparing it to my other plugs which have a longer end for your butt to swallow and grab onto, this one on the plug is simply too short. We haven't had a chance to try it in my OH's ass yet, but looking at the plug, I imagine that this will be the same for her. A real shame as this is such a beautifully put together toy, with a really powerful vibe.

      The only other issue is that as the button on the base is so big, it's hard to avoid pressing it when pushing the plug in, so it comes on even if you don't want it to, and you can end up pressing it again and again by accident, scrolling through the settings prematurely, which can spoil the surprise of what the next one is before you even get started.

      So in summary, whilst great to look at with strong vibes, this thing just didn't stay in place and was therefore disappointing. I'll give it the benefit of the doubt that not all asses are the same shape, but it didn't do it for me! If it had a slightly longer end for the ass to grab onto, this toy would be amazing, however, right now, I think my OH will enjoy it more as a G-spot vibrator. Possibly back to the drawing board for the designers, methinks.

    2. Overall Rating:
      2 out of 10 stars
      Quality toy, solid construction, good vibrations and generous stretch.
      Would not stay in my ass! Keep pressing on/off button when trying to insert.
      Bottom line
      Really well put together toy, although wouldn't stay in my butt. Disappointing!
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