1. PDX Elite Air-Tight Blow Job Male Masturbator

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      1. PDX Elite Air-Tight Blow Job Male Masturbator

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    1. Product Description

      Into the mouth of heaven we go with the Elite Air-tight Blow Job stroker. Lifelike lips and a ready-and-waiting tongue line the top of this stroker, waiting to welcome you into its textured canal. A suction-control end gives you all the power during play.

      The lifelike sleeve is lined with ribs, bumps and nubs to please every inch of your penis, while the Fanta Flesh material feels like the real deal to deliver authenticity to your play.

      Comes with prep kit including Silicone Designer C-Ring set, Body Lotion, Refresh Toy Cleaner and Revive Powder.

      Key Features:

      • Discreet male masturbator with petite mouth opening
      • Adjustable suction control for varied stimulation
      • 5.75 inches of textured canal with ribs, bumps and nodules
      • Fanta Flesh offers lifelike sensations and is temperature responsive for varied play
      • Ergonomic design and hard casing for comfort of use
      • Free Prep Kit included

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      PDX Elite Air-Tight Blow Job Male Masturbator 2 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. PDX Elite Air-Tight Blow Job Male Masturbator
      2. PDX Elite Air-Tight Blow Job Male Masturbator


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    1. Mouth-watering fun masturbator

      Reviewed: 06 September 2017 by VanessaTG, a Bisexual Single Male

      When I received the masturbator, I was excited but also apprehensive, having never used one before. On opening the box which is very stylish I pulled out the masturbator and was pleasantly surprised at how good it looked and how solid it felt.

      In the box, you get the masturbator, a sample of lube, a sample of cleaner and a sample of revive powder to bring the feel back to the toy. You also get a set of 3 cock rings in the box included, so your cock is ready for the pleasure to come.

      The masturbator itself has a ribbed exterior for grip control and a screw-on lid to keep the toy clean and to disguise it when not in use. The flesh part is a soft velvety feel to it with a small hole to keep it airtight. The lips and tongue are a nice feel too with massaging ribs on the inside.

      This masturbator has airtight suction giving it a great feel as you stroke yourself with it. This is controlled by a sticker on the end which can be removed and then lets you use your thumb to adjust the suction manually.

      You can also remove the soft flesh from the hard casing for hand held pleasure. Using it this way it is not airtight. But if you have small hands then it might be easier for you to grip or if you wish to increase your grip on it.

      Now to the fun part, actually using it. Not being that well endowed, I was nervous that it would not work as well. But as the hole is fairy small and it is airtight, then I soon found out this wasn't the case. With a little lube on the toy and my penis, I found the airtight suction a great pleasure, what with that and the ribs inside I soon found out what a great toy it is and the pleasure it brings.

      I have also tried it with the sticker removed and using my thumb and with the soft flesh inner removed, using it that way. All three ways were a joy to use and bought great results.

      If I was to criticize this product in any way then it would be the sticker at the end to keep it airtight. Like with all stickers after a few time of being removed, it will loose the stickiness and become useless. A much better idea would have been to use a little rubber nipple attached to the masturbator at the top that pushed into the hole to keep it airtight, then you could pull it out for manual control.

      The toy is easier to clean by removing the inner flesh from the hard case, allowing better access. This also helps with letting it dry completely as well.

      But overall a very good and pleasurable toy to have in your collection and a nice change from just using your hand.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Nice feel when inserted and airtight, nice quality.
      A rubber nipple instead of the sticker would have been better to keep it airtight.
      Bottom line
      A good pleasurable feel and a nice change from the hand.
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    1. Blew Me Away

      Reviewed: 11 August 2017 by Glaswegian82, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      I was sent this product for testing, and I'll confess that I was so eager that it was out of the packaging and being used mere minutes after the parcel arrived. I've tested it three times in slightly different ways, and I'll break this review down into several sections.

      – Packaging and Contents –

      The product comes packaged in a rather attractive box, matte black with two illustrations of the masturbator on it, highlighted in spot gloss, and lots of useful information. I sent an image of the box to two (female) friends for their opinions. One couldn't get past the look of the product itself (more on that shortly), but the other opined that the packaging was both pretty and premium looking, and I agree.

      Inside is the stroker itself, along with a rather lovely bonus "prep kit" which contains three beautiful cock rings, in 1", 1.25" and 1.5" sizes, each of them silicone and octagonal on their outside edges. The kit also has a bottle of lubricant, a bottle of toy cleaner and a tube of revive powder for the "Fanta Flesh" sleeve of the stroker. All very useful, and an excellent addition to the overall package.

      – Aesthetics –

      The closed stroker is a beautiful thing. Matte black plastic, ridged down the shaft and with a curved base, it's very pleasant to look at. The only niggle for me is that the red cross design down the shaft is actually on a piece of glossy plastic that wraps around the case, and in my opinion makes it harder to grip. I found the stroker more pleasant to use when I removed it, though that leaves the case less adorned. It does still have the red X on the lid though.

      With the lid removed, the Fanta Flesh sleeve is revealed. As this is a blowjob-style device, the opening is styled after a pair of open lips, complete with a tongue. This is what my aforementioned friend found off-putting – and I think it's fair to suggest that it will be something you either love or hate. For my part, I like the styling of it, and was eager to try it out.

      – Build Quality –

      The case itself is sturdy and well shaped. The ridges, as well as being attractive to look at, make it rather easier to grip than some similar products, let us say. It's all one piece, with a small hole in the bottom, and of course the separate lid. It seems sturdy and is unlikely to break in the course of being used.

      The sleeve itself is soft, flexible and feels comparable to similar products I have used. The opening is well sized, and the lips and tongue details and decently crafted. The interior ridges are relatively subtle – I'll talk more on this in a bit. A very pleasant surprise was that down at the bottom is an additional hole, designed to take a standard size bullet vibrator – an extremely thoughtful addition.

      I used the stroker three times over a 24 hour period to give it a thorough test. Here are my thoughts on each experience:

      – Test One –

      This was as simple as it gets – I lubed up the opening using the included lubricant, added some to my penis and went at it. The interior of the stroker is soft and tight, and the texture is subtle but noticeable as it runs over the shaft of the penis. It's enough to intensify the experience.

      The hole at the bottom of the case can be used to change the level of "suction" – cover it completely and the stroker becomes airtight, for some serious friction, or have it partially or entirely uncovered for different variations. It's worth noting that the less covered it is, the more noise it makes. The hole is very small, so there isn't, in practice, a lot of gradation in the level of suction available.

      This test ended pleasurably, with me reaching orgasm in a decent amount of time, and withdrawing from the stroker before ejaculating in a rather intense orgasm.

      – Test Two –

      For the second test, I added one of the included cock rings to the experience and changed the included lubricant for my usual brand (old reliable KY Jelly), which is slightly more viscous than the included lube. The 1" and 1.25" rings were too small for me (I know, I know, humblebrag) and even the 1.5" was a little snug.

      The experience was broadly similar to the first time – very enjoyable indeed. The extra sensitivity of my shaft due to the cock ring made the interior texture feel more pronounced, and when my orgasm came, it was extremely intense (seeing stars sort of intense) and I ejaculated inside the stroker, enjoying the feeling of it around my pulsating member. The change in lubricant didn't make a noticeable difference to the experience.

      – Test 3 –

      For the final test, I ditched the cock ring, went back to the included lube, and slid a bullet vibrator into the sleeve. A minor complaint is that because it goes in the bottom, and the case is one-piece, you have to insert the bullet, turn it on, and then put the sleeve back into the case as it vibrates. There is also no way to change or cease the vibrations during masturbation, so be sure you want that feeling before you start!

      I put my bullet on its highest setting, at a constant vibration, and found that it added a very pleasant buzz to proceedings. So pleasant, in fact, that coupled with some fantasies of a lady with whom I have been flirting, I found myself orgasming in near record time – this experience is certainly not for the faint of heart (or probably those with heart problems – consult your doctor). I made a mess inside it, and it was several minutes before my legs worked well enough to go and clean up.

      – Cleaning –

      The product is easy enough to clean up, though the fact that the case is one piece is a minor irritation here, as it's also too narrow to properly clean or dry too easily. The sleeve itself is easily washed out – I ran it under a hot shower and used my fingers to remove any remaining ejaculate, before applying some of the included toy cleaner, drying it off and sprinkling it with renewal powder.

      – Overall –

      I am very happy with the stroker overall. It compares adequately to Fleshlights and other similar products I have used, with the caveat that the one piece case and air hole at the bottom are not quite as flexible or useful as the removable bottom of Fleshlights.

      The aesthetics, feel and use of the stroker are top notch, however, and the added extras make it an excellent product to use "out of the box" with nothing else needed for a very fun night on for one, or to surprise a partner with.

      Definitely recommended.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Aesthetically pleasing, excellent overall package, feels good, intense orgasms achieved.
      Single piece case and small air hole make it less flexible than comparable products.
      Bottom line
      An excellent overall product, usable right out of the box, and highly recommended.
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