1. DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Short Cock Cage

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      Be a cock locker, not a cock blocker, as you detain his love muscle in this sleek silicone sleeve. Simply slip the 3.5 inch cage over the steel ball ring and add the padlock closure to keep him under lock and key for as long as you decide.

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Short Cock Cage

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    1. Product Description

      Be a cock locker, not a cock blocker, as you detain his love muscle in this sleek silicone sleeve. Simply slip the 3.5 inch cage over the steel ball ring and add the padlock closure to keep him under lock and key for as long as you decide.

      Offering more comfort and flexibility than metal or plastic, this hypoallergenic silicone cage is great for beginners or those more advanced looking for long term wear.

      The open tip allows for cleaning, normal urination and ejaculation (if you let him).

      With 3 keys included, who else you give control to is up to you.

      As with all male chastity devices, always remove before sleeping.

      Key Features:

      • Short silicone cock cage for beginner male chastity play
      • Lightweight and open end allows for long term wear for more experienced BDSM players
      • Includes a brass padlock and 3 keys to ensure no escape
      • Minimal parts make this cage extremely user-friendly - great if it's your first time

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    1. How it measures up

      • Length: 3.5 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Material: Silicone
    3. Essential info

      • Allergens: Latex-Free

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    1. DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Short Cock Cage

      Be a cock locker, not a cock blocker, as you detain his love muscle in this sleek silicone sleeve. Simply slip the 3.5 inch cage over the steel ball ring and add the padlock closure to keep him under lock and key for as long as you decide.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Short Cock Cage 21 2.5 out of 5 stars 2.5 out of 5

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      1. DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Short Cock Cage
      2. DOMINIX Deluxe Silicone Short Cock Cage

        Our Price

    1. First cock cage

      Reviewed: 20 August 2018 by IC, a Straight Married Male

      Bought as a first cafe to experiment with and overall very happy with it. It seen well made and the ring has a good weight to it.

      First attempts at fitting were difficult as the ring is on the small side. However, after a bit of lube and ball tugging we eventually got everything through the ring.

      The silicone sheath is short and nicely moulded with two extra holes to stop it rotating on the ring. The sheath was a tight fit but with again a bit of lube everything was in place and locked in.

      For long term use it was very comfortable and did prevent me becoming fully erect. There's a slit at the end of the sheath to take care of toilet requirements or for extra stimulation.

      When being worn the cage is more discreet than a rigid cage and has been worn for over 24 hours now including out of the house.

      Only flaw in the toy is that the hole for the lock is two far forwards and so the other two pins can no out of their holes, possibly allowing the penis to be freed. We have fixed this by using a wooden bead as a washer to push the sheath back into the ring before attaching the lock.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Weight, quality, comfortable for long use.
      Position of hole for lock. Can be right to fit but worth it when on.
      Bottom line
      Well made, comfortable and discreet for long-term use.
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    1. Perfect cage for first timers

      Reviewed: 24 September 2017 by Lovebirds_x, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      As a couple taking their first steps into chastity play, this cage drew us in with its promise of a simple-to-use design and its soft silicone sleeve, something we thought looked less threatening than the metal designs on offer. After trying this little cockblocker out for the last 3 weeks and finding not a fault to report, I think it’s safe to say we’ve found ‘the one’.

      In theory, putting the cage on is very easy; simply slip the metal ring over the balls, slip the cock inside the sleeve and clip both together with the padlock. In reality, it takes balls to slip those balls in as the ring is solid and small, so small it initially seems like getting both the testicles and the penis through is an impossibility. I chickened out and let my partner handle this bit alone, and with patience and a healthy dose of lube he was able to slip himself through one ball at a time. Victory!

      Slipping the silicone sleeve on is substantially easier and less nerve-wracking than the ball ring, with a dash of lube he is soon in place and ready to be locked in. My partner is a grower not a shower, meaning his flaccid penis is a good bit smaller than his erect penis, and this cage is the perfect length to accommodate this, providing a good snug fit both in length and girth with no room to grow.

      It became clear very quickly that this cage is a good choice for longer-term wear. The design is restrictive without being painfully so, with no pinching, pulling or chafing anywhere. My partner found he only needed lube to insert himself into the cage and did not need to reapply any throughout the day, but obviously listen to your own body in this respect. The silicone is soft and snug and the whole cage is lightweight enough to be comfortable but not so light that you’d forget it’s there. Chastity should not involve discomfort in my opinion, at least not the sort that comes from an ill-fitting device, so I was glad my partner found this so comfortable to wear.

      My partner has no trouble urinating with this cage in place both because the snug fit means he is right at the end of the cage and because the open tip is quite wide. He wouldn’t have had any trouble ejaculating either, had he been allowed to. Fuss-free and hygienic peeing gives this cage major points!

      Thanks to the tight ball ring, the snug silicone sleeve and no doubt the psychological effect of being locked in, my partner found he was not able to get erect at all while using this cage. I think we were both surprised that this wasn’t in any way painful, particularly in the cases where I would be teasing him in some way and he could feel his body try to respond. Top marks for effective cockblocking!

      One thing to note is that this cage is quite noticeable under clothing, on my partner it looks like he is in a semi-erect state and, depending on the trousers, the shape of both the cage and the padlock is rather noticeable. Careful choice of clothing would be important if you wanted to wear this cage discreetly, on the other hand, if you want something that is noticeable to cause embarrassment or such this will do the trick.

      All in all, this is exactly what we were looking for in a first-time cock cage. The design is attractive and not as intimidating as the metal cages available, the fit is perfect for smaller gentlemen and the cage is comfortable and practical to wear long term. The cage is easy to clean and doesn’t get pongy when worn for longer periods. The quality is good enough that I would see the cage lasting years no problem, which further justifies the price. I’d absolutely recommend this for first-time chastity players and more experienced players alike as it’s both simple to use and effective at what it does. What more could you ask for in a cock cage?

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Effective erection blocking, comfortable to wear, attractive and easy to use design.
      Noticeable under clothing- may or may not be a problem depending on the user.
      Bottom line
      Perfect cage for smaller gentlemen, very user-friendly. Ideal first-time cage!
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    1. Femdom Fun

      Reviewed: 01 December 2019 by Hotsoskatz, a Straight Married Female

      Loved this chastity device. Holds up well under "pressure". The material was nice. I preferred the silicone to metal as I like to grind on it while teasing him.

      It also looks nice on as the metal one can smoosh the tip when his penis starts getting harder. It’s great to have the chastity device for touch-free ejaculation.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Nice material, good starter chastity device.
      The lock placement for grinding purposes.
      Bottom line
      It’s great, most people will probably upgrade after getting used to wearing this one.
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    1. Comfortable, but not for the disobedient

      Reviewed: 26 August 2019 by Pegging101, a Straight Engaged Male

      Great product is comfortable over long-term use and is very discreet under Jean's and thickish trousers or if your cock is small and useless like mine.

      My fiancee much prefers being the one doing the f*cking (pegging), so I get locked up for months at a time, making this a godsend as it's comfortable and flexible enough that I can still go about my daily life with it on and keep clean without really taking it off at all.

      I personally am very obedient with having mine on and not touching, otherwise she puts a heavy metal one we have on me for a whole months. But beware, if you are or your partner is disobedient you may need something a little stronger as it wouldn't be impossible to get through this.

      The only bad I'd say is the side bars are a little sharp and when fully erect you can push the cage of these bars and it can pinch, but I guess that's a good punishment for getting hard when not allowed.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Comfort for long-term use.
      Side-bars can pinch.
      Bottom line
      Great product. It now feels like it's part of my body.
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    1. Fantastic first foray into the world of chastity

      Reviewed: 16 January 2019 by Sebastian Bashforth-Smythe, a Straight Married Male

      I've been promising to treat myself to a chastity cage for some time now and whilst browsing the website I stumbled across this during a half-price sale and took the plunge!

      As some other reviewers have stated, it is small, which is one of the things I was looking for, after all, what's the point in being restrained if you don't feel it! However, I can honestly say that the scrotal ring is tiny. I know that I am a little larger than the average bear, but it took a lot of lube, perseverance and a shoe-horn to get the ring over Sgt Slaughter and his two lovely daughters! The ring is a snug fit over my chap alone when he's erect, so trying to fit it over the entire orchestra when you're anything but completely flaccid is a no-no. All that said, once in place, it is surprisingly comfortable.

      Putting the hood in place required a similar feat of engineering, but once in place, with the old man comfortably seating in the ergonomically designed sheath it surprisingly comfortable.

      I agree with the other reviewers that any arousal will cause you to push the hood off the guiding posts. Having taken notice of their comments I put a number of spacers/washers between the padlock hole and the hood to push it further back into place - et voilà, no problems.

      I've been wearing it for about 6 hours now and it is surprisingly comfortable. If you start to 'fill the cage out' the tip of the chap does start to push out of the end, which makes things uncomfortably sensitive, but again, isn't that the idea. ;-)

      Wearing out does not present a problem as long as you don't wear tight clothing and you tuck it down, rather than dressing to the left/right.

      In summary, a great chastity cage that ticks all the right boxes. I'm really glad that I made the purchase and can't wait to wear this out and about over the coming months!

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Snug, comfortable fit.
      The ring is small - a pain to get on, but so worth the effort!
      Bottom line
      Great piece of kit. Try it, the only thing you will lose is your chastity.
    3. 5 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes