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    1. Lovehoney Oh! Scratch Cards for Him (10 Pack)

      Average customer review 3.5 out of 5 stars3 reviews

      Nothing beats a good scratch... card! With 10 cards in a pack and each card featuring 4 sections (Action, Location, Time and Bonus), scratch to reveal the sexy instructions and enjoy a spontaneous night of intimacy.


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      1. Lovehoney Oh! Scratch Cards for Him (10 Pack)

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    1. Product Description

      Nothing beats a good scratch... card! With 10 cards in a pack and each card featuring 4 sections (Action, Location, Time and Bonus), scratch to reveal the sexy instructions and enjoy a spontaneous night of intimacy.

      The Action panel tells you and your partner what you'll be doing, the Location panel reveals where you'll be playing and the Time panel gives you a minimum duration for performing your Action.

      For extra excitement, scratch a heart from the Bonus panel to reveal an extra item to add to play, such as a blindfold or sex toy.

      Why not surprise your lover by popping a scratch card in their lunchbox? Instruct them to text you a picture of what they've "won" so you can both get excited for later!

      Lovehoney Oh! is a fun and flirtatious collection of gifts and games, designed to inspire and delight you and your partner in the bedroom - and beyond.

      Please note: These cards have been written with the heterosexual man in mind, however they can easily be reimagined for same-sex play.

      Key Features:

      • Pack of 10 sexy scratch cards for him to excite and surprise you and your lover
      • Scratch off one heart from each of the four sections to reveal your Action, Location, Time, and Bonus item
      • Actions include 'Ear Nibbles', 'Oral Sex', and 'Hands Only'
      • 10 cards offers a different experience every time you play
      • Perfect as a cheeky gift
    1. Essential info

      • Who's it for?: For Couples

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    1. Lovehoney Oh! Scratch Cards for Him (10 Pack)

      Nothing beats a good scratch... card! With 10 cards in a pack and each card featuring 4 sections (Action, Location, Time and Bonus), scratch to expose the sexy instructions and enjoy a spontaneous night of affection.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Oh! Scratch Cards for Him (10 Pack) 3 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Oh! Scratch Cards for Him (10 Pack)
      2. Lovehoney Oh! Scratch Cards for Him (10 Pack)


    1. A fun little treat for him

      Reviewed: 19 October 2017 by Loulou25, a Straight Married Female

      My husband and I love games so being chosen to review these scratchcards was very exciting. They arrived In a discreet grey plastic bag and within this the cards were in a small cardboard box sealed in a plastic wrapper.

      The design of the box fits nicely with the LoveHoney Oh range, featuring a pattern made up of 3 different colour hearts on a pleasant blue background. In the middle is the 'Oh' logo that looks like it's on a circular tag. Finishing it off is the name of the cards 'Lucky Him Scratch Cards' written in white over a black background. The packaging is simple but effective and classy looking. On the reverse is a small paragraph about LoveHoney and some manufacturing information. The box opens easily from the back and has a closable tag a bit like a cereal box.

      Upon opening the box the 10 cards are easily removed and are a light plain blue colour. The front has three rows each with 4 silver scratchable hearts, these are categorised into: Action - what you are going to be doing, Location - where the action is going down, and Time which is the length of time to perform the action. Below this is the simple instruction to scratch off one from each row. The back of the cards are simply plain which is a bit of a shame as it makes them look a bit generic, they could have featured the heart pattern from the box or at least a logo.

      So on with the fun... obviously it's as easy as it seems and upon scratching off the panels you can then claim your prize. The actions are all tame and times range from around 1-20 minutes which depending on the action can be a bit of a challenge (ear nibbling for 10 minutes just leads to discomfort). The locations are all home-based but do feature the car and the garden which depending on your accommodation may not be possible (our car is parked in the road opposite!).

      We enjoyed trying the cards and didn't take it too seriously. Although there are only 10 cards you can always cross out the already scratched off hearts and pick 3 more giving them a bit more longevity.

      These would make a great stocking filler or a secret Santa gift, or even party favours!

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Simple ideas to spice up your love life
      Some combinations just don't work very well.
      Bottom line
      A good bit of fun when your looking for something different.
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    1. Fun and exciting with limited rules

      Reviewed: 08 October 2017 by TandG, a Straight Married Male

      You can make the rules up as you please with these. It gives you the basics of an action, a location and length of time. We've played it two different ways on the time, once being the time you have to carry out the action in the location and also a few times doing the action for that length of time.

      It is a bit of a fun turn-on not knowing where it's going to be and for how long but be prepared they're not all in around the house. A great way to play this would be with friends and take it in turns to carry out a three heart scratch and that will soon get the mood going. They're fun and a little bit spicy but you are in control and you can tone it up or down as much as you please.

      A great gift for someone, that's for sure.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      They're simple and fun to use.
      The hearts are quite hard to scratch off at times.
      Bottom line
      Fun and potentially quite spicy if you want to.
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    1. Make Him A Winner Everytime

      Reviewed: 11 October 2017 by Mr N Mrs XY, a Straight Married Male

      For all of you scratch card fans (and non-fans) who are fed up of not winning big with scratch cards, here is the solution.

      Make your man feel like he's hit the jackpot every time with these fun sexy scratch cards. Simply scratch one heart from action, one from location, and one from time (not sure if this means how long the action lasts, or in how many minutes to start, but I guess that can be up to you!).

      With tonnes of combinations you will have lots of fun, and to make them last even longer, you can actually use each card up to 4 times which gives you a total of 40 fun-filled scenarios.

      These cards are a bit of fun, and an excellent addition to complement any sexy gift for him (or as a standalone gift too). Great for stocking fillers, surprise gifts, and more. The design is great, and the size is perfect to slip into a wallet, for on the go fun too!

      There are a few niggles to mention:

      1) we have had lots of fun with these and have made it through 6 out of the 10 cards. We must admit that disappointingly 3 of the cards were exactly the same. The other 3 were completely different (of course we still have 4 more left to get through). This could just be a random mistake, but not a big issue as long as you are random in the way you scratch and don't just pick the same order of hearts every time.

      2) We wish the scratch part was easier. This should be something easy to scratch for on the spot fun. However, we couldn't scratch with our nails, which is a shame. Even with a coin it only scratches if pressed against a hard surface and a fair bit of pressure. As this is a no-nonsense, fun sort of item, we feel that should have been easier.

      Other than that, nothing really else to mention. They're a fun way to spark some sexy fun with your partner, and these cards ensure it's all about him! The actions are different to the female cards that are also available on Lovehoney. The price is great too, so can't really complain for what you are paying.

    2. Overall Rating:
      6 out of 10 stars
      Great fun way to make it all about him!
      Scratching should have been made easier.
      Bottom line
      Make him a winner every time. Real fun starts after the scratching.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes