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    1. THRUST Pro Mini Mega Orgasm Pack (3 Piece)

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      1. THRUST Pro Mini Mega Orgasm Pack (3 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Worship at the altar of the divine trinity: Mini Andi, Eva and Lea, three THRUST masturbators with heavenly canals filled with bumps and nibs to send you to celestial heights of pleasure. Seize these pocket-sized ass and pussy strokers with both hands!

      Andi offers a super ribbed, extra-tight ass opening and anal canal, while Eva and Lea give two perfect pussy masturbators with inviting lips and lifelike detailing to lure you into their thrilling tunnels and give you on-demand orgasms.

      Coat the toy of your choosing with a high quality water-based lube for superior satisfaction. For an added thrill, insert a bullet vibrator into the holes in the bases of the strokers and feel the powerful vibration pulse through to your penis.

      These pocket pleasure toys are ideal for solo sessions, but can also be introduced to couples play. Your partner can pleasure you with the masturbators as they would with their hand, or they may get off on watching you plunge into the pockets' depths.

      Remember to clean with toy cleaner and dust with renewer powder to keep your new toy supple and in top condition.

      Key Features:

      • Super-tight realistic vagina and ass masturbators
      • Made from smooth and supple real-feel material
      • Hole in base to insert a bullet vibrator
      • Ribbing and bumps ensure incredible sensations
      • Perfect masturbator for beginners and couples alike
      • Easy to use and clean

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    1. Customer Reviews

      THRUST Pro Mini Mega Orgasm Pack (3 Piece) 3 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. THRUST Pro Mini Mega Orgasm Pack (3 Piece)
      2. THRUST Pro Mini Mega Orgasm Pack (3 Piece)


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    1. A Trio of Thrusting Delights

      Reviewed: 14 April 2017 by WildThing, a Straight Engaged Male

      This set is a trio of delights, featuring three pocket-sized masturbators with different shapes, openings and textures to keep you busy for ages!

      Upon opening each of the sealed, individually boxed sleeves, the products are stored in sealed plastic bags… I have kept these as the skin-feel material seems to make a beeline for dust / hairs and so storing in plastic will help to keep them always at the ready. The boxes are appropriate (definitely not discreet) and adorned with an image of the product, alongside “instructions” - not that any of us need those!

      The three toys are named: Andi, Lea and Eva….. with differing styles and attributes. Most notably Andi is an ass masturbator (super tight and with a small, flowerbud opening), whereas the others two are realistically detailed vaginal openings, with slightly differing internal textures.

      The skin-feel material is amazing. Supple, responsive and warms in water easily, they are ideal fist-companions for a showertime/bath session. The ribbed exteriors also mean that they don’t go slipping out of your fingertips in that moment of pleasure! All three of the toys are aesthetically pleasing, with accurate details and subtle finer points to add a sense of realism, like the delicate folds on the lips or slight texturing on the anal opening too. This all adds to the overall build quality of the product too.

      Inside... well... bliss! The two vaginal toys were similar in my opinion, sporting a plethora of little pleasure causing nodules, bumps and ribbing which literally sucks the life out of the user! Each are about 5 inches in length, so it is likely that your friend might pop his head out to say his. However, that isn’t to the detriment of sensation…. and the opening at the end is better than bumping into a wall!

      Alongside this, the bullet insert holes are at the underside of a man’s glans anyway, increasing the stimulation to ever more blissful delights! Combined with partner play, this also provided an opportunity for an intimate game of peek-a-boo, with the head of the penis able to be hidden/shown at will and increasing the “play factor” of these little beauties!

      Andi is very similar in external feel. However, inside definitely makes for a tighter sensation! Her smaller anal opening is accommodating (I’m a little worried it might split over time, but we shall see) and inside is repeatedly ribbed along the entire length. This is intense... Very intense. Lube makes all things well, so apply that generously for an altogether different experience!

      Price-wise, these toys may initially seem expensive. However, the three that you are getting offsets that somewhat. Being individually priced, these would make an ideal staggered gift, perhaps over a holiday away or dirty weekend. Being three unique items, as well as a collectable set adds to their appeal and would make a great surprise for a partner over a period of weeks. A great couples toy too, these stroker sleeves added a relaxed (and intense!) stimulant to the bedroom antics and will be a very welcome addition to the toy drawer!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      A true threesome - which adds variety and multi-use!
      Can collect dust, so keep the bags.
      Bottom line
      Ideal as a treat or staggered gift... These are three little steps to bliss!
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    1. A great set of toys - plenty of orgasms in this pack

      Reviewed: 11 April 2017 by Nicknacnoodles, a Straight Married Male

      I was luckily enough chosen to test the THRUST Pro Mini Mega Orgasm Pack, it basically consists of 3 of the Lovehoney Thrust Pro Mini Range.

      Andi - A super ribbed pocket ass

      Eva - A realistic feel pocket vagina

      Lea - A bumps and ribbed pocket vagina

      All arrived safely and packaged in their separate boxes fully sealed and with an instruction leaflet for looking after them.

      I was keen to test them and got them all out at once, a quick wash, a bit of lube in each entrance and off I went.

      The feel of all three is excellent, very soft, Andi the ass is tighter than the other two, which is to be expected.

      My favourite so far is Eva and here is why, Andi and Lea are ribbed and give a slightly off-putting sound a bit like running something against a corrugated wall, which is fine by yourself, but when my wife used them on me she did find the sound a little amusing. Where Eve (realistic texture) did actually feel pretty close to the real thing, didn't make any noise due to its random bumps and lumps internally.

      I did try them in the bath too, the water warmed them up to body temperature, a bit of lube, closed eyes and enjoyed the feeling.

      This set is a great investment in realistic, small to store, masturbators, giving a wide range of experiences. I even did a blind test and got them right so all three have different feels.

      To clean you can wash them in warm water, both inside and out and leave to dry.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Nice feel, small handy size, great feelings.
      Andi and Lea made a few strange noises.
      Bottom line
      Excellent set for single or couple use with plenty of different sensations.
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    1. Fun in a thrust

      Reviewed: 07 April 2017 by cg22, a Straight Married Male

      I was lucky to be picked as a secret test for this kit. I have played with male masturbators before, but not lifelike ones, so I was keen to explore.

      The pack contains three items, The Eva and Lea and Andi models.

      Each ones comes in its own box with a pictures of the toy, a diagram of the internal shape and some product info. The toys are individually wrapped in each box.

      Once out of the box they are very soft and squidgy to touch, and a little sticky, which I have found as they attract dust and fluff a lot.

      So to the tests... Eva, which is a realistic texture:

      Firstly it has a very small opening, but with lube applied it is easy to slip your self inside, and my tip is to not use too much lube as it becomes too slippy and you loose any friction.

      I felt the opening and when my cock was slipping into the toy to feel realistic, but once inside not so much... Also as these are the Pro Mini my cock did slip out the end when it all get rather exciting.

      The Lea, super ribbed with bumps texture, was more pleasurable to use as I found the sensation to be nicer, and the toy is a little thicker so a lot easier to hold onto when in the throes of excitement so to speak.

      Lastly up is the Andi Ass masturbator.. Now, we are fans of anal sex when the mood suits, so I was keen to try this one... It is a lot tighter than the other two model in the kit which I enjoyed.

      I have tried these alone and with my wife... When I said to her that my I popped out the end when I was using them she had a little smile, and next time she used them on me she made sure I popped out the end as she used and gave me oral as well... which was a winner.

      Cleaning... Due to the nature of these toys, I advise on cleaning inside and out when used. You can turn them inside out easily, but be careful as the Lea toy is starting to split a little now. Also these are best stored in a plastic bag to avoid any fluff and dust et cetera.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Great additional toy for solo fun and couple fun.
      Could do with being a little longer and difficult to keep dust and fluff free.
      Bottom line
      A nice three pack of toys to keep you amused!
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