1. Rocks Off Silver Pleasure Balls

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      These smooth, sexy, steel balls are enough to make your body go ballistic with ecstasy as they massage you internally for an explosive treat. Your vagina muscles will clench around the weighted steel balls, resulting in big-time pleasure-spot pay off.


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      1. Rocks Off Silver Pleasure Balls

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    1. Product Description

      These smooth, sexy, steel balls are enough to make your body go ballistic with ecstasy as they massage you internally for an explosive treat. Your vagina muscles will clench around the weighted steel balls, resulting in big-time pleasure-spot pay off.

      Enjoy all work and all play with these surgical steel weighted balls, ideal for those who want to enjoy intense kegel toning. Your body's movement will cause the balls to massage and rouse your muscles so you can enjoy a wondrously stimulating workout.

      With a silicone safety cord for peace of mind, the balls sit comfortably inside the vagina and can be removed easily at your convenience using the big finger ring.

      Simply slather with your favourite water-based lubricant before use for maximum enjoyment.

      Key Features:

      • Weighted steel balls (131g) for intense kegel toning
      • Made from surgical steel and premium silicone, the balls are hygienic and safe for even sensitive skin
      • Two identically sized balls with a widest girth of 3.1 inches
      • Easily removed thanks to a strong silicone cord and steel finger ring
      • Super discreet for use on the go
    1. How it measures up

      • Base type: Finger Loop
      • Circumference: 0.9 inches
      • Length: 10.6 inches
    2. How it feels

      • Contains latex: No
      • Contains phthalates: No
      • Flexibility: Rigid
      • Material: Stainless Steel
      • Waterproof: Submersible

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      1. Rocks Off Silver Pleasure Balls
      2. Rocks Off Silver Pleasure Balls


        Hurry! This discontinued item won't be restocked!

    1. Massage for your vagina

      Reviewed: 04 April 2017 by SquirtyPanda, a Straight Single Female

      These love balls really do massage your insides, quite nicely. The weight of them is just perfect, the texture is wonderfully smooth and the silicone cord is luxurious too.

      The packaging is modern, eye-catching and intriguing. Intriguing because it is of dark colouring, with the love balls proudly on display. The packaging involves a white outer slip with the words Rocks Off Love Balls in purple - a nice contrast against the white. Remove the slip and you are rewarded with the wonderful packaging and your eyes can feast on the precious love balls waiting for you.

      The balls themselves are housed in a velvet-feel plastic tray. Probably not overly practical to keep as storage, and I feel a storage bag would have been ideal, so you may wish to purchase one separately. You are also given a small instruction book, with a brightly coloured Rocks Off logo on the front. On the reverse of the book you are given a code for your 6 months warranty, which impressed me even more.

      Getting a feel of the balls in my hand (he he) I am constantly surprised by how heavy they feel and ponder how am I going to keep these bad boys in! The soft silicone feel of the cord adds another sexy touch too, which I really love. The handle is a little concerning. However as it is quite big and as it is steel you cannot fold it up neatly.

      I decided to use these love balls during housework. I must say bending over to sweep up with my dust pan and brush stopped me in my tracks. I got up and felt one of the balls pop out. These balls do take some getting used to! Once I readjusted them and carried on cleaning it was sexy fun to keep in mind to clench down on my pelvic floor to keep the balls in. Which gives you the workout/massage. A kinky secret that only you know about too, which adds a really sexy touch to using these love balls.

      I have only used these a couple of times and I consider myself to still be 'training'. However, the results are already noticeable. I just feel tighter down there and more confident. My orgasms have improved too in terms of them being stronger.

      I must add that with these love balls alone I have not orgasmed from. That isn't to say that these balls won't for you. I am a power/size queen and need large and powerful toys to get me there.

      One gripe: that big safety ring. It really gets in the way. You can't just point it up your front and expect it'll stay there, as it is heavy it will just fall down and rest in between your lady parts. Which makes you walk funny. Could become uncomfortable and just inconvenient. Something you do not want to happen whilst out and about! I am yet to think about how to resolve this issue, you need it so you can't quite cut it off.

      Overall, in the past I have ordered Lovehoney basic jiggle balls and did not get on with them. Now I know why. Because weight is important. If you feel you need a weighty set of jiggle balls to train your muscles back up then you needn't start off with light weights. In comparison, these love balls are complete luxury, a joy to use and I highly recommend.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The cool feel of the steel, the weight, silicone stretchy cord.
      The large safety ring, gets in the way too much.
      Bottom line
      9/10, still getting used to them, but think they are brilliant.
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    1. Plenty of pleasure

      Reviewed: 02 April 2017 by fizzy, a Straight Married Female

      I currently own a set of the original Ben Wa balls, and while I still like them I’ve been looking to upgrade them for a while, so when I had the opportunity to test these Rocks Off Silver Pleasure Balls I took it.

      First impressions:

      The balls came in a stylish yet simple box, and as I eagerly took them out of the box they felt like a good weight and the silicone appeared strong and flexible. The finger pull seemed quite large and I was worried it would irritate me sensitive skin. This is the first Rocks Off product I’ve ever owned and I’m impressed with the quality.

      Using the balls:

      The balls here easy to insert with some of my favourite lube, and they felt lovely and cool inside me. As previously mentioned, I was a little worried that the finger pull would irritate my skin. I needn’t have worried. After I had inserted them I stayed sat down and still for a while to get used to them.

      Then I started walking around enjoying the gentle rolling movement inside me. As I’m used to the ben wa balls which are of a lighter weight, I was a little worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep them inside me. I’m happy to say that they stayed in place.

      I must have stronger PC muscles than I thought! I’m certain that as I continue to use the balls my PC muscles will continue to strengthen. One thing I really like about these balls was how they warmed up inside of me and you could feel the heat from them once they were pulled out. I love the fact that these balls can be used for strengthening your PC muscles as well as preparing your body for orgasms.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      The style and weight.
      Bottom line
      Great item for toning and fun.
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    1. Pleasurable Little Workout

      Reviewed: 01 May 2017 by CoconutThief


      Very attractive packaging. A little black patterned box with a velvety-feel plastic tray to house the pair of little balls. It also comes with a guide of Rocks Off's other products too.

      The Balls:

      A very attractive product. I found the first ball a bit odd to insert due to the first knot at the end, but other than that they were very easy to insert with my usual lube. It was very obvious they were there whilst doing things such as bending down, sitting or twisting my body slightly. However, I couldn't really feel them whilst I was walking.

      After removal of the balls, you do feel quite tense and as if you have had a little bit of a workout! I was very surprised. Even after one use, it felt as if they had been working their magic already! I've used these balls a few times now, and can feel the difference.

      Sex is more pleasurable in general, and orgasms are just getting more and more amazing!

      I am definitely going continue to use these and tone my muscles. You don't often buy something that feels like it has worked so fast.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Weight was perfect.
      Knot at the end of the first ball.
      Bottom line
      An amazing product!
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