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    1. Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle Anal Sex Toy Kit (6 Piece)

      Average customer review 4.5 out of 5 stars5 reviews

      This bumper bundle of quality anal toys has everything you need to add a thrilling new dimension to your sex life. Amazing value for money and the perfect gift to each other, the kit includes customer-fave butt plugs, anal beads, a prostate toy and more.


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    1. Product Description

      This bumper bundle of quality anal toys has everything you need to add a thrilling new dimension to your sex life. Amazing value for money and the perfect gift to each other, the kit includes customer-fave butt plugs, anal beads, a prostate toy and more.

      The kit includes a powerful bullet vibrator, which you can pair with the toys to get you and your partner buzzing with pleasure. Plus, one of most pleasurable things about this kit is the fact that you save a chunky 47%, compared to buying each toy separately.

      Butt Plug

      This silky smooth butt plug is made from fine silicone and can be enjoyed by anyone for thrilling sensations during foreplay and sex. The tapered tip inserts easily into the body while the flared base keeps the plug safely in place.

      Vibrating Butt Plug

      Insert your bullet vibrator into the base of this silicone plug to add an extra dimension to your bedroom fun. Can also be enjoyed without the bullet.

      Vibrating Anal Beads

      Take it slow or enjoy all the beads in one go with this bullet-compatible silicone toy. The T-bar base ensures safe play. Use with or without your vibrator.

      Vibrating Prostate Massager

      Designed specifically to massage his prostate for astonishing orgasms, this toy is made from quality silicone and has a T-bar base for safety. Use with or or without your bullet vibrator.

      Anal Douche

      Compact and sleek, this anal douche is easy to use with a soft, squeezable bulb. Simply add a little water-based lube to the nozzle to glide in easily.

      Always use a high quality anal lubricant with these toys.

      Requires 1 x AAA battery, sold separately.

      Key Features:

      • Amazing value collection of quality anal toys, ideal for first-time exploration of anal play
      • Contains 2 x butt plugs, anal beads, a prostate massage, anal douche and bullet vibe
      • An ideal gift to each other for exploring new sensations during solo or shared fun
      • Made from high quality silicone for comfort and hygiene
      • Flared bases keep your funtime safe and prevent over-insertion
      • Requires 1 x AAA battery, sold separately
      • Saving of 47% on individual product RRP
    1. How it feels

      • Waterproof: Submersible
    2. Power and speed

      • Battery Info: 1 x AAA
      • Power Type: Batteries (not included)
      • Vibration speed: Speeds and patterns
    3. Essential info

      • Who's it for?: For Either Sex

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    1. Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle Anal Sex Toy Kit (6 Piece)

      This bumper bundle of quality anal toys has everything you require to add a thrilling new dimension to your sex life. Astounding value for money & the perfect gift to each other, the kit includes customer-fave butt plugs, anal beads, a prostate toy & more.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle Anal Sex Toy Kit (6 Piece) 5 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle Anal Sex Toy Kit (6 Piece)
      2. Lovehoney Bumper Booty Bundle Anal Sex Toy Kit (6 Piece)


        RRP: £39.99 You save: £19.99 (50%)

    1. Buzz Buzz Booty

      Reviewed: 23 September 2017 by VioletWolf, a Straight Engaged Female

      Having received this product not knowing what exactly I was getting, I was thrilled to discover the actual contents of the kit - a douche, bullet and 4 anal toys of differing shapes and sizes, all in sleek black silicone, with 3 of them compatible with the bullet.

      My first thoughts were this is a good variation, and toy wise it's a great starter set for solo play or couples (such as in our case), and to include the douche as well was especially pleasing. Just add a AAA battery for the bullet and some anal lube and away we go!

      The packaging amused me too, with its puns and wordplay - it just helps make the bumper booty kit fun and lighthearted, and reduces the nerves around trying something new.

      When I received the kit, I spoke with my partner and we quickly decided we would split the toys between us. As I am used to using plugs, I chose the larger see-saw base plug, and the long beaded toy, and he grabbed the curve and the shorty, and while I took the douche, he took the bullet.

      The Douche:

      I can honestly say I have never felt anything so strange in all my life! As per the instructions, I took myself off to the bathroom, armed with a bowl for lukewarm water, some anal lube, and the douche. The insertable tip is around 2", made with smooth plastic, and the squeezy bulb is larger than my hand and features a flat base for easy standing.

      I lubed the area, squeezed the douche and dipped it in the water, releasing my hold to allow it to suck up the water. Given that I was stood up in the shower, I did have to contort myself a little in order to get the angle right for getting the nozzle into my bumholio, but once I was there, it's small size allowed for easy insertion.

      So with some lube smeared along it's nozzle, in it slipped. I squeezed (something I did struggle with, turns out my hands are pretty weak and I found it a little too big and stiff), and oh my goodness what was that?! I do not like jet streams up my poop chute any more than a cat likes swimming! But I'm committed to this, so I continue, squirming through every bloody minute of it.

      I find the sensation is definitely an acquired taste, but nevertheless, I felt as clean as a ladybird after! It was simple and effective, and I was stoked!

      The See Saw plug:

      As I have dubbed it, this due to the shape of its base. Now I did not use the bullet provided as my partner had chosen that, so instead I decided to try my tokidoki bullet so that we could both enjoy rumbly bums. As they're the same mould, naturally my single speed bullet fit inside no problem, and again after lubing up I was straight in with it. This one is a good size and shape, the tapered fit is comfortable and the flared base makes me feel safe using it. I was pleased to note that the vibrations, even just from a single speed, transmitted well - definitely something to bear in mind should you want to both play as my partner and I did. As it is, that was my first time using a vibrating anal toy, I must say I was pleasantly surprised!


      So my next play session (it's a hard life reviewing toys), I chose to use the lengthy beaded toy. I have never used anything this length before, and was a little more nervous. I don't even think it's about the length, I think it was the shape - it's more penile than a plug, and with no tapering it's like inserting a toy for the first time with each bead! The beads are small enough not to be intimidating but chunky enough that I can get a good feel for them. Whilst it's incredibly satisfying popping them in and out, I think this one is more for me to work up to, as I got to the 4th bead, couldn't quite make it to the 5th. This is good though as it gives me a measurable goal for improvement!

      Now for his experience:

      While I was busy douching he assessed his toys, paying particular attention to the bullet and it's 10, yes 10! different speed and pattern settings. Having never used any anal toys before, he started himself off with the small, flat based plug. He found it to be a perfect size, both in length and circumference, stating it as 'a great introduction to bum fun'.

      So there we have it, the seal of approval from a complete newbie. It gave him enough confidence to go straight ahead and swap for the curved toy. He had a little more difficulty with fitting the 3rd section of the toy in, but as with me, it's something he intends to work up to. In combination with the toy, he found the patterns of the bullet particularly exciting and stimulating, and he looks forward to continuing his journey of anal exploration!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great kit for beginners, and inclusive with variation.
      Would have liked the battery to come with it, but hardly an issue.
      Bottom line
      Toys are easy to use, simple to clean, look and feel great.
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    1. The perfect bundle for your butt

      Reviewed: 30 August 2017 by LIL_KNOWN69

      A large box appeared at my door in the early morning after a bank holiday and with misty eyes I took it upstairs to my partner. We both sat either side and had a look at the discreet package which we knew was from Lovehoney. Excited we opened the brown box to unveil all the tools needed for a weekend of fun. The bumper booty bundle has everything you need to keep you entertained for hours.

      Packaging and what’s in the box?

      Inside Lovehoney’s discreet box we were blessed to find a large box which had an image of all the toys contained. It was like our Christmas and birthdays all rolled into one. We opened the packaged and all of the toys inside were in moulded plastic holders. The toys included are as follows:

      1 x Anal Douche

      1 x Small Butt plug with flared base

      1 x medium butt plug with flared base

      1 X 10 Speed Bullet vibe (1 AAA battery required)

      1 x Curved Prostate probe

      1 x Bulbous probe

      How to control the toy and what does it do?

      As this is a bundle of toys, each one is different but each toy is made of silky smooth silicone and looks incredible. The quality is excellent. Each toy has its own purpose:

      Anal Douche:

      The black silky-smooth douche feels incredibly soft and is a great addition to the toybox. The bulb is quite large and holds enough water to ensure your butt is clean for anal play. To use the douche, you simply fill the bulb with water by submerging the nozzle and gently squeezing and releasing the bulb. Apply a Generous amount of lubricant to your anus and slide the nozzle into your butt. Gently apply pressure to the bulb until all of the water has been expelled and then sit on the toilet to let nature do its thing. Repeat this step 1-3 times to ensure your clean and wait approximately 30-45 minutes before you play, just to ensure your body is relaxed.

      Small & Medium Butt plugs:

      These plugs are excellent, the small one is great for anyone just starting anal play, and the medium one is roughly two fingers wide so will suit most people with plenty of lube. Both of the plugs are silky smooth and have large flared bases for easy handling. Simply apply your favourite lubricant to the toy and yourself and insert either plug into your butt for a filling and intense sensation. These can be used during intercourse or just to prepare you for other anal play which requires a little stretching first.

      10 Speed Bullet vibe:

      The bullet vibe has a twist base which you turn anti clockwise to unscrew and reveal the battery compartment, put one AAA battery into the bullet and screw the cap back on. The base also has a small button which will go through the 10 different functions and patterns. These range from a dull rumble to a high-speed buzz and can be inserted into the hollow toys included in the set. Alternatively you can use this like any other bullet vibe.

      Hollow Toys:

      Within the bundle you receive two hollow toys which you can insert the bullet vibe into or use them standalone. Each one has its own purpose but they both feel incredible. One is a curved prostate probe which is small but once lubricated it slides into you easily and applies pressure directly onto your prostate which feels incredible. The second hollow toy is a long probe with bulbous bumps all the way down the shaft. It has a very similar sensation to anal beads. When you apply lubricant to the toys they become silky smooth and feel soft to touch.


      As a couple who are quite open and experience with anal sex we knew what each toys purpose was and it was great to see such a perfect selection. We both started by trying the douche. Most others have removable tops, which makes it a little easier to fill the bulb and also a little easier to clean, but we have found this causes a lot of water to leak, and also mould can build up behind the rubber at the top. But this douche sucked up water quickly and was silky smooth to the touch. We both used this and after 40 minutes we got the rest of the toys out and started our little anal adventure for the weekend.

      First my partner started with the small plug, which glided into her and she said it felt just the right size for her. I tried the medium plug and I found this was perfect for me and really did put a lot of pressure on the prostate, which made me feel extremely sensitive. Both plugs have flared bases which are easy to grip onto and make the toys feel sturdy. Even with full-on penetration they would stay in which is excellent as most plugs are designed with either a small base or the wrong neck to bulb ratio. But these both gave us amazing sensations and felt silky smooth.

      We moved onto the hollow toys, which were very exciting, the bullet vibe can slide into the base and with a simple click of the button you have an intense vibrating anal stimulator. The curved P-probe was used first on me and after a few seconds my toes were curling. We stopped after a few minutes as the vibrations plus the pressure to my P-spot had me almost to the point of orgasm and I didn’t want the night to end.

      My partner then tried the bulbous probe. It’s almost like anal beads on a stick and with a generous amount of water-based lubricant it glided smoothly. The vibrations from the bullet were intense and she said it was unlike anything she had tried before. We mixed the probe with another one of her favourite dildos and she was in heaven. I couldn’t control her on the bed and this was the first of many orgasms of the night.

      We also used the bullet vibe on its own after managing to slide this out of the hollow toys (can be tricky when lubricated) and it's now become one of her favourites. It has ten different settings, which we loved testing, and it's strong enough to give great clitoral orgasms or to tease someone into submission. It's also very quiet and can't be heard outside the covers.

      The bumper set of anal toys is excellent for anyone who wants to try experimenting with anal and comes with everything you will ever need. Each toy is High quality and beautifully made to give you the best experience. We score this 10/10 and would highly recommend.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Perfect selection of toys, silky smooth and high quality silicone.
      The bullet was sometimes difficult to take out the hollow toys when lubed up.
      Bottom line
      Excellent bundle for novices and pros alike, perfect for a couples weekend adventure.
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    1. Great quality items for a great price

      Reviewed: 02 December 2017 by Emilee.el.Rose

      Really impressed with the quality of the items considering most products that come in bulk packs are generally slightly B grade.

      The length of the bullet is definitely a plus. Most products only include a small short bullet, but this has a long skinny bullet.

      Standard power for a AAA battery-operated bullet. I did have issues initially getting it working, but it eventually got there. I think the button on the bullet isn't 100%.

      Great for both men and women.

      I like the inconspicuous shapes as I've found a lot of straight men who are into butt play are turned off by penis-shaped products. This caters for both markets.

      Sizes are also reasonable. Not as large as some would prefer but ticks most of the boxes.

      The douche is also quite good quality and so good to see it included in an anal pack.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Great for both men and women. Long bullet vibe a plus.
      Not overly powerful vibrations and battery life isn't excellent.
      Bottom line
      Great quality at a great price.
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