1. Bondage Boutique Leather Wrist-to-Neck Restraint

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      A bit of kit that really looks the part and offers serious binding, whilst being suitable for the newish players, this neck-to-wrist restraint puts wiggling arms under firm control without any awkward positioning. Perfect for forced and denied orgasm fun.


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    1. Product Description

      A bit of kit that really looks the part and offers serious binding, whilst being suitable for the newish players, this neck-to-wrist restraint puts wiggling arms under firm control without any awkward positioning. Perfect for forced and denied orgasm fun.

      The perfect middle-ground for couples who are ready for something more than "just" cuffs, but not ready for full harness bondage, this adjustable collar and cuff set is a great compromise.

      Both the collar and cuffs are fully adjustable and offer a wide range of sizes for any body, but are buckle fastened for those who've moved past Velcro closures.

      When combined with the Y-shape connecting strap, arms are kept to the front of the body and limit movement drastically. Plus, thanks to the convenient length of the strap (18 inches), the wearer's hands are kept close to their genitals.

      Now you just need to decide whether you want them to give you a sexy show, to force them to refrain from touching themselves, no matter how tempting it is...

      Key Features:

      • Adjustable leather neck and wrist restraint for upper-body bondage fun
      • Collar adjusts between 9.5-14.5 inches for the perfect fit
      • Wrist cuffs adjust between 6.5-10 inches to fit any wrists
      • Collar and cuffs connected via an 18 inch Y-shaped leather strap with 3 x quick-release clips
      • Buckle fastenings enable secure bondage and reliable restraint

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Bondage Boutique Leather Wrist-to-Neck Restraint 4 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. Bondage Boutique Leather Wrist-to-Neck Restraint
      2. Bondage Boutique Leather Wrist-to-Neck Restraint


    1. Super versatile restraints set

      Reviewed: 25 May 2017 by Spoonerism, a Bisexual Engaged Female

      While I was selected to receive this item for review, it is exactly the sort of product I would purchase myself so couldn't wait to give it a thorough workout!

      The Bondage Boutique Leather Wrist to Collar Restraint arrives in a clear plastic bag, the ultimate no-frills packaging. Fresh out the packet, the leather smells divine, which is fab if that's your fetish (it definitely is one of mine), not so great if you're vegan or otherwise have a preference for non-leather kink products.

      The quality of the leather, clips, cuffs and other metalwork is pretty good though. From plenty of experience, I don't think the fastenings are stainless steel owing to the tiniest hint of tarnish on a few of them. This doesn't bother me at all given the modest price tag.

      The cuffs and collar are quite slim as opposed to chunkier ones I own which appealed to me as they can almost double as fashion items. The underside of the leather is unfinished/not padded which does make them feel a bit harsh against the skin and the edges have a tendency to cut in when under any strain.

      I have an average sized neck (14") and wrist (6.5") measurements and I found that the collar fits perfectly with just a few holes left over for adjustment. The cuffs, however, are absolutely massive and I have to wear them on the second to first hole. Anyone with a larger neck or smaller wrists will experience difficulties. To me, it seems the cuffs and collar are a bit out of proportion, as a result when testing I ended up wearing my own "trusty" cuffs and a more padded collar.

      We found the Y-shaped restraint is wonderfully versatile. When worn as in the product photo it doesn't have much of an effect as there's still plenty of room for the wearer to move their hands around. However, our favourite remedy to this issue was to thread a pair of chained clamps through the centre O-ring and attach them to the outer labia... not so much freedom of movement now, haha!

      Another use is to clip a leash to the centre O-ring to guide the submissive partner around which creates an interesting "slave" power play dynamic.

      We also happen to own a heavy duty ankle spreader bar (unfortunately not from Lovehoney) which has a metal loop in the centre. With ankles cuffed at either end, we attached the long section of the Y restraint to this loop with the wrists cuffed and clipped onto the two shorter sections. This forces the wearer into an intensely vulnerable position - bent over, legs spread with no chance of escape which is wonderful for impact play or sex (or both because, why not?!).

      We had a lot of fun with this restraint kit and found that while it may not look like much at first, it is actually incredibly versatile. As with a lot of bondage, the only real limits are your physical capabilities and imagination!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Super versatile.
      Would prefer the metal fastenings to be better quality metal.
      Bottom line
      Great for all kinds of fun! Just use your imagination...
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    1. Trying to getting into bondage this is for you

      Reviewed: 11 May 2017 by Will B, a Straight Married Male

      Great to get something to review for Lovehoney

      They came in a small box and as I opened the box I could see that they where packed in a plastic bag.

      But I do not care what a item is packed in, so longer as the item is great.

      This set is a great starting set to get into bondage and the leather is a good quality simply pet together, but at this price you cannot go wrong .

      One point to make is that watch the size when you order and check if this will fit your neck.

      The OH can and did put this on, but sorry to say it would not fit round my neck, but that is a problem for me and I can and hope to try a collar that fits me with this set.

      What you see is what you get.

      And what you get is a start to some kinky times with your OH you can use this set in a number of ways. Well this is how we tried them, but maybe you can think of more ways and maybe we will try some more out at a later date - with the set on the front (gives the person in the set more movement), with the set at the back (a lot less movement for the person).

      The wrist cuffs are easy to put on and fit quickly and with easy to the strap with a clip.

      I must say that myself and my OH enjoy a bit of kinky play and this was a nice bit of kit to add to the toys we have.

      You can also use this set with other toys to get more out of it.

      We used a spreader bar with it and boy is this a great way to get the person to bend over and make sure they can not stand up fully.

      So, to give this item the review it need and to round things up:

      A great starter set but a nice kit to add to your toys, this will add a kinky side to any play and at this price you cannot go wrong.

      If your neck is to big then you will have to get a collar, but this is not something that should stop you getting this item.

      Built is an 8. It is made well and should last a good few years.

      Kinky is a 7 or 8. This is in my eyes a starting item to get you going into the world of bondage, and new leather has that nice smell if that sort of thing gets you going.

      We will be using this item in our play times with the other toys and I am sure that it just make myself and my OH enjoy our kinky play more and more.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      That it is easy to use and in more than one way.
      Collar was to small for me but not my OH.
      Bottom line
      Great item to get you started in bondage kinky playtime.
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    1. Beautifully bound

      Reviewed: 27 March 2017 by PrincessSparkle, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Reviewing this set was a lovely opportunity as new, more advanced bondage things are a bit of a rarity in a world where beginners bondage is all the rage.

      I got them as a sample, so I can't really comment on packaging, but on opening the postage box I was greeted by the gorgeous rich smell of new leather. It was lush!

      Quality wise, these cuffs - let's call them cuffs for ease - are pretty good. The leather is cut well and neatly, with no rough or uneven edges, and the findings are heavy, cold and decent quality which is nice. All the rivets are well fixed and I feel that this will be durable and long lasting.

      The simple design is striking but not over intimidating.

      For fit, each cuff and the collar has a variety of holes to accommodate most sizes on the buckles, but a particularly petite person may need to add an extra one or two to make them smaller - I found that maybe one on the wrists would have been nice, but I was still secure and restrained.

      I particularly like the quick release clips on each section, for safety and the ability to quickly free the bound one.

      The connecting pieces on this are quite long, allowing for a comfortable reach from neck to wrists with some pulling and little room for movement.

      It did take a bit of thinking to work out the best way to wear these, but we came up with a few options:

      -Wrists at the front, a la chicken;

      -Wrists at the back, a la chicken;

      - Arms crossed over at back or front.

      The last way was our favoured choice and I found the restraint very exciting and arousing. They definitely added something to the gorgeous fun times we were having!

      I enjoyed that my partner could pull me about by the connectors and control where I went, how I was positioned et cetera. The submissive feeling was gorgeous and freeing and I love it.

      The tightness of the collar combined by the slight give of the leather provided a wonderful choking feeling too, but the quick release clips came in handy when we had done for alleviating the pressure that was about to become too much.

      We've given this a 7 for quality, because for what it is and a manufactured product, it is really good quality, but as a couple used to bespoke items, there are ways it could be improved- thicker collar, lined or softer leather, stronger findings, better finished edges etc.

      Kink wise too, is objective, based on a couples kinkosity. For an average couple it's really damn kinky, but for those more experienced, it's more of a bit of fun. :P

    2. Overall Rating:
      7 out of 10 stars
      Great quality and concept, enjoyed how I was restrained by it.
      Could be better quality, but would drastically increase price. No real downs.
      Bottom line
      Amazing fun, would certainly recommend!
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