1. TENGA Air Tech Twist Tickle Male Masturbator Cup

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      1. TENGA Air Tech Twist Tickle Male Masturbator Cup

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    1. Product Description

      They say variety is the spice of life, and TENGA's twisting, turning, suction-powered masturbator cups offer just that. With unparalleled texture and 5 explosive pressure sensations, the Tickle from TENGA does so much more than it says on the tin.

      2 deliciously textured air chambers open out into a large, ridged central canal filled with bumps, nodules and waves, each ready to massage your member to an incredible climax. Twist the top and enjoy the super-tight grip as you work your way through 5 increasingly intense sensations.

      Clean-up is as easy as 1-2-3. Simply remove the internal sleeve, wash and dry thoroughly before locking away in its case ready for your next session.

      Key Features:

      • A textured masturbator cup from TENGA with varying chambers filled with ridges, nubs and sensual waves for intense stimulation
      • Adjustable air pressure control with 5 different sensations to explore - simply twist the top to try
      • Additional suction flow air hole at the tip allowing for even more pressure control
      • Comes ready for play with a tube of TENGA lubricant
      • Removable sleeve for easy cleaning every time

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      TENGA Air Tech Twist Tickle Male Masturbator Cup 5 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. TENGA Air Tech Twist Tickle Male Masturbator Cup
      2. TENGA Air Tech Twist Tickle Male Masturbator Cup

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    1. Twist the Night Away

      Reviewed: 21 December 2016 by Californication, a Straight Going Steady Male

      Firstly, I would like to thank Lovehoney for sending me this product to review.

      I have owned previous TENGA products and this one lives up to the same high quality standards.

      Instructions are simple. Remove the seal, remove the cap and apply complimentary lube and your good to go.

      On insertion you are greeted with TENGA's famous elastic sleeve which is textured with pleasing little bumps and nodule, which provides terrific stimulation.

      As you enter further, there are even larger nodules and various massagers to give you that over-the-top experience.

      The suction created by the air-tech design in itself is enough to break most men, but when you twist the cap the whole cup grips you and tightens your experience. With five different settings, each one feels unique, from the suction increasing as well as the textures being intensified. This feature sets this toy in a class all by itself.

      Cleaning up is simple. The removable sleeve is extremely durable and dries easily.

      Overall I would highly recommend the Air Tech Twist. The flexibility it gives you is second to none, and will have you reaching for it again and again.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great texture, twisting and tightening experience is unique and feels great.
      Bottom line
      Fantastic! Highly recommended. A must-add.
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    1. Decent toy

      Reviewed: 03 September 2017 by A Crane, a Straight Single Male

      Got this toy to add a "twist" to my solo pleasures. My first experience with sex toys, and as for the first experience it's quite something, something completely different.

      Great design, nice texture - which is not overly intense nor too light, tho you can definitely add a lot of intensity by twisting it up, and covering the hole for suction. Not too difficult to clean, and the cup's a great, inconspicuous storage container.

      While it is a nice toy, I am a bit disappointed with it. The thing is that the sleeve doesn't have any locking mechanism with the cup (unlike the vacuum controller compatible cups), and I am by no means big (16-17cm in length, 13-14cm in girth), but I find it really difficult to fit in, even with the twisting mechanism completely untightened.

      I guess there just isn't enough room inside the cup for the sleeve to expand with my thing inside, so the sleeve starts squeezing out the bottom, only then I can get in, and if I wanna get all the way in, at least one of the structural integrity ribs will squeeze out letting air pass through the cup, losing all suction functionality, which I found myself valuing quite highly.

      All in all, though, it's still a great toy, a lot of fun and pleasure. Would recommend.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Nice texture, easy to clean, easy to store.
      A little too small, no sleeve locking mechanism.
      Bottom line
      Great toy, adds a new dimension to solo play.
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    1. Tenga does it again

      Reviewed: 07 March 2017 by Kazama, a Straight Single Male

      This toy's mechanism is ingenious. Being able to control the level of stimulation on the fly by turning the lid is simple, fun and built for edging. Had several amazing long lasting climaxes and it shows no signs of wear or tear.

      There are six settings marked on the top, a base level that’s loose, then 5 increasingly tight ones. I think this would make a great first purchase as the material is super soft and that first level of tightness is pretty mild, living up to the name Tickle (just don’t think of the Mr. Men). Similarly, if you’ve found other masturbators overstimulating this would be the ideal trainer.

      Added controls will give any partner more options to toy with. and the sleek black design makes for a beautiful gift.

      The sleeve itself is very odd even by Tengas' standards. It’s completely floppy. Inside out it will collapse on itself and lay flat like some deflated deep sea creature.

      Tickle's texture spirals upwards, mimicking the outer pattern. This means when you tighten up the toy in use the sleeve compacts while twisting along those lines, bringing each internal point and ridge closer. Rotating the top while looking inside is mesmerising. (Lovehoney, please post a video!)

      An internal coil tightens the first three-quarters of the tunnel (it gets intense), so the untightened end chamber feels much more open. Those large final protuberances stand out against the swirling noise below - you can feel each one. Spinning the whole toy at this point feels divine, making this my favorite end zone of any Tenga.

      Though slightly larger than other basic models, there is no giveaway text on the case, only on the packaging. Very discreet, with the top hole it could pass for a fancy air freshener. These toys are the only ones I’m comfortable having on a shelf rather than being under lock and key.

      Cleaning and drying are a breeze. Just pop out the insert, turn inside out then rinse and dry. No waiting hours on air drying or trying to squeeze a tiny towel in there. The material has no smell to boot.

      It’s not without flaws, however. Most of which may stem from complaints about the last few Air-Tech (it was hard to reinsert the sleeves and the lids wouldn’t stay on). Well, here the insert thankfully almost falls out of the case when untightened. But being a looser fit, air can escape around the base.

      Suction on this toy is finicky. Even with the end hole covered it’s just not there most of the time. If you press the entrance perfectly flush with the case you can get it going, but having one hand pressed to the entrance with the other on the end hole is impractical. Even then the suction is not as good as regular Air-Tech models, which are designed with solely this in mind.

      The new lid is a little too sturdy. It’s hard to pry it off and a recent time I did this it dislodged the plastic coil. Which stopped the tightening mechanic from working! Pulled out the parts and slotted it all back together. They thankfully hadn’t broken thanks to the high build quality.

      Girthy guys might wanna try the Air-Tech Ultra instead. I doubt the mechanism would hold fast on the tightest setting for you.

      Air-Techs sleeves being a closed-hole affair means no fluids leak into the case. But this traps air inside, ‘inflating’ the end zone and lessening stimulation. I found this particularly irritating with Tickle as the air pressure gets so high it can prevent full penetration!

      Inserting while at full tightness helps, but the only real strategy is to ‘queef’ it out. Worth it as the sleeve will grip much better.

      Between popping the lid off, clicks to change settings and ‘escaping air’, this is not a quiet toy.

      Overall the toy’s uniqueness and stimulation outweigh any negatives. My new favorite squeeze. I highly recommend Tickle and all Air-Techs. Though if you are looking for pure suction, try the others first - they can’t be beaten.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Sublime stimulation, and those tightness settings - Wowza!
      Suction is tricky to achieve.
      Bottom line
      Amazing toy for first-time buyers and Tenga vets alike.
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    1. Toy was too small for me

      Reviewed: 17 September 2017 by Fred Wank, a Straight Going Steady Male

      I've used Tenga Onacups before and never had a problem fitting inside. Unfortunately, it was impossible for me to penetrate this toy, and I'm guessing the 'twist' mechanism, which takes up space inside the cup, is at fault!

      If your girth is over 5" I would avoid this toy (my member is 6" around).

    2. Overall Rating
      6 out of 10 stars
      I removed the texture to have a crack and it's very stimulating.
      The entry requirements are tighter than other Onacups
      Bottom line
      More cheap fun from Tenga - check your size before purchasing!
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    1. Could be better

      Reviewed: 16 July 2018 by Stephen92, a Straight Married Male

      I'll start with the good points.

      The feeling of the notches and patterns on the inside feel great and the realistic feeling of the material is surprising. The material itself feels like it will last.


      The "twist" mechanics didn't really make much difference when it worked. Once you pull out the insides to rinse like the label says to it constantly falls back out of the case as soon as you start using it again.

      I have since pulled out the insides and binned the case.

    2. Overall Rating
      5 out of 10 stars
      The real feeling from the material and sensation from the internal patterns.
      Once washed it's practically broken, will just fall out of the casing.
      Bottom line
      Great first time use, pretty disappointed
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