1. Fantasy High Neck Lace Mini Dress with G-String

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      1. Fantasy High Neck Lace Mini Dress with G-String

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    1. Product Description

      If killer clingy clubwear is what you're after, then this minxy mini dress is just the thing for you. Though it has a demure high neckline and long sleeves, the sheer floral lace and super-short hemline add just the right amount of va-va-voom.

      Made from soft stretch lace that moulds to fit you, the bodycon style shows the outline of your figure without fully revealing your bare skin, giving you total body confidence. For an edgy look, thumb holes in the cuff of your dress keep the sleeves covering your hands.

      Finishing just beneath your bum to flaunting the full length of your legs, you can either pair the dress with leggings for a night out, or wear with the matching G-string and hold-up stockings for a hot night in.

      Key Features:

      • High-necked stretch lace mini dress with long sleeves
      • Soft stretch fabric moulds to your shape
      • Semi-sheer lace shows a glimpse of your figure
      • Mini hemline flaunts your legs
      • Complete with matching G-string

    Fantasy Lingerie Size Chart

    1. Fantasy Lingerie Size UK Dress size Bust Hips
      Small  4 - 8 32" - 34"  33" - 35"
      Medium 8 - 10 34" - 36" 36" - 38"
      Large 12 - 14 36" - 38" 39" - 41"
      Extra Large 14 - 18 38" - 42" 41" - 46"
      1X/2X 16 - 20 40" - 46" 44" - 49"
      3X/4X  20 - 24 44" - 49"  49" - 52"
      One Size  4 - 12 32" - 38" 34" - 38"
      Fantasy Lingerie Size US Dress size Bust Hips
      Small  2 - 6 32" - 34"  33" - 35"
      Medium 6 - 8 34" - 36" 36" - 38"
      Large 10 - 12 36" - 38" 39" - 41"
      Extra Large 12 - 16 38" - 42" 41" - 46"
      1X/2X 14 - 18 40" - 46" 44" - 49"
      3X/4X 18 - 22 44" - 49" 49" - 52"
      One Size  2 - 10 32" - 38" 34" - 38"

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Fantasy High Neck Lace Mini Dress with G-String 4 5 out of 5 stars 5 out of 5

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      1. Fantasy High Neck Lace Mini Dress with G-String
      2. Fantasy High Neck Lace Mini Dress with G-String


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    1. Amazing little dress

      Reviewed: 06 May 2017 by RedWhenExcited

      The problem with any mini-dress is that they seldom look like they did in the picture - but this dress seems to be the exception.

      You don't need to have a model figure - it accentuates all the right curves, it's perfectly styled and feels soft and sexy to the touch.

      It arrived in discreet packaging and the quality of the dress suggests this will remain a "firm" favourite for some time.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great quality, sexy looking dress.
      Bottom line
      A wardrobe essential.
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    1. The wow factor

      Reviewed: 04 April 2017 by RnR, a Straight Married Male

      I bought this for my OH as a little treat. She has a couple of other mini dresses but this one is far better.

      The material is of better quality to the other similarly priced dresses, and it was a little longer too, stretching down to the top of hold-up stocking we brought separately.

      The lacy detail showed just enough flesh while still leaving something to the imagination.

      The material stretches and holds in all the right places.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Classy mini dresses for a sexy evening.
      Bottom line
      Would recommend this.
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    1. A Newfound Confidence

      Reviewed: 08 June 2016 by KittenFeatures, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      I was sent this gorgeous little piece as a tester from Lovehoney, so thank you so much for that!

      Where to start. My, oh my! Let's start from the very start then.

      The Dress:

      This garment comes in a neat box with a description on the back of the sizing (it says O/s 2-10, but I'll talk about why to ignore this later). It has the same image on as the product image and is packed into the box in a film package which is easily opened.

      I was worried initially that this wouldn't fit me. I am a 12 - 14 and I have size 36E breasts. I was even more concerned when I saw O/S 2 - 10 on the box! Fantasy over apparently!

      But that absolutely was not the case! I was so eager to get into this dress - the design, the holes for your thumbs, the neckline, it's a gorgeous-looking piece of lingerie! I slipped it over my head (the neckline feels quite tight but this is good, because it doesn't slip down) and pulled it over myself. It fit incredibly.

      In fact, I would say it's safe to say this outfit fits a 14 and most probably a 16 (thought I am short - 5ft - so that may be why there's lots of stretch left for me, so I would take that into account before you buy it). My breasts were not squished up, it was so, so irresistibly comfortable - I've worn it the last few days and am still in love! Great for wearing around the house and I slept in it too without any irritation.

      Onto the material. The pattern looks so delicately beautiful in person. On me it subtly shows the outline of my areola but leaves the rest to the imagination, so it isn't too see-through, hiding my stretchmarks, which made me feel so much sexier and far less insecure about them!

      I have sensitive skin and this material, despite not feeling soft, doesn't irritate at all. Some lace can be awfully scratchy but I was absolutely comfortable in this and loved wearing it the entire time. It's a strong material and stretches well - I have quite chubby arms but it fit over them without any tightness or restrictions.

      Getting into it is quick - there's no fuss with buttons, zips and/or lacing up, so it's easy to slip into for a great, quick and easy romantic surprise! I will add, though, that which direction you should wear it in is a little ambiguous - there's no label on it anywhere (which I do appreciate, it would take away from the look, I feel), but there is a small difference in that the front of the neckline is slightly lower than the back, so check this before you wear it.

      It is well stitched together - there were no holes in it at all and it felt very stretchy, so I feel don't feel there will be any anytime soon. The pattern is lush against my skin. I almost wanted to jump on myself when looking in the mirror! The hems were very neat with no small threads escaping, which keeps the overall look and feel of a good quality purchase.

      Now, down to why I loved this so much:

      The best part. This dress made me feel incredibly sexy. I haven't felt this great for a long time (and I thought the knickers I bought recently were a favourite - they almost pale in comparison!). I wore it with my hair messy and all over the place. I felt irresistible - a feeling almost alien to me after having a baby and feeling like my body is no longer my own. It definitely helped me love myself more. I have a newfound confidence that I am currently addicted to. I can't stop wearing this!

      I love the finger holes too. Usually outfits slip up over my hands, but I like the sleeves to be down to my knuckles (which most sleeves do often end up being as I'm very short), but it really adds to how gorgeous this outfit really is. It has a small air of innocence about it due to the hands being covered. I felt it was a bit cheekier in such a subtly innocent way.

      It doesn't add much support to your breasts, so I would consider that if that's something you need from an outfit like this one. It really does compliment big breasts, though, and doesn't restrict them at all (at least in my case, with E cups).

      Now down to my experience when wearing it - wow, oh wow! My partner could not keep his hands off of me! We literally had the best sex we have ever had while I was wearing this. He seemed to love it even more than I did. This is such a great addition to my lingerie collection and I feel absolutely privileged to have had this as a tester - will definitely be something we use as often as possible.

      We're going to make the most of this dress for definite. This definitely beats the bodystocking we love so much and is currently my number one. He also mentioned that he liked how it felt against his skin and said that it felt great on my body, even while we were getting intimate and heated.

      The Thong:

      Now this is again a surprise to me. The thong fit quite well. It wasn't too tight, not at all uncomfortable and matched the dress rather well. I honestly couldn't figure out well whether they were inside or not though - again this has no label. It is wrapped up inside the dress when in the packaging. The labels do not indicate the size of both garments, so I'm going to assume they are designed both to be one size (the same size), which may explain the next feature I am going to talk about.

      The horizontal elastic is great - it doesn't dig into the skin too much at all, but may leave indents so avoid wearing them if you don't like this - the dress doesn't leave them if you don't wear it for too long. The vertical one, however, can be moved along the horizontal one and I believe this may be added to consist with the O/S measurement, though I really don't understand why it is moveable. It ruins the garment a bit for me as it did move around a bit while I was wearing it. I took them off for this reason and wasn't too concerned. I felt like the dress was sexy enough as it is!

      Again, the thong is also quite well made, with there being no loose threads - the garment looks to be of good quality and does feel great to wear. The elastics are not irritating and it sits nicely in the position I was wearing it in, though it doesn't add much coverage in my opinion. The thong is quite cute, though, and if you like a matching set it is a perfect partner for the dress.


      This is a brilliant piece of lingerie. I would recommend the Fantasy High Neck Lace Mini Dress with G-String to every woman that wants to spice things up in the bedroom! If you're using it to liven up your night, as a surprise for your partner, to feel sexy again, any reason whatsoever, definitely get this! It isn't too expensive and I would say the experience I had in this is well worth the price!

      There's so much to love in such a simple dress and thong that I would say you're missing out if you don't give this a try! I'd love to see a plus size version - I'm not what you would call skinny but I still felt like a queen in this! And don't let the O/S fool you, as a 12-14 this fit me so well and I love, love, love it!

      If you're considering this, get it. Don't let the opportunity fall through your fingers because you will be missing out on something great.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Absolutely everything!
      Not a huge fan of the thong, but will still be using it.
      Bottom line
      Absolutely gorgeous, I felt like a whole new woman with newfound confidence!
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