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    1. tokidoki x Lovehoney Solitaire Textured Pleasure Cup

      Average customer review 3.5 out of 5 stars4 reviews

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      1. tokidoki x Lovehoney Solitaire Textured Pleasure Cup

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    1. Product Description

      Rocket into a new dimension of arousal with the tokidoki Pleasure Cup, whose embossed diamond lining adds ultra-stimulation sensation to every stroke. Use solo or let your partner pleasure you with it for a simple way to step-up foreplay.

      Construct a world of profound pleasure all for yourself with the tokidoki x Lovehoney pleasure collection.

      Coat the interior of the pleasure cup with water-based lubricant to boost glide during each stroke.

      Key Features:

      • Pleasuring male stroker featuring exclusive embossed tokidoki interior
      • Boost stimulation during manual play with this easy-to-use item
      • Discreet packaging and compact size - perfect for travel
      • Non-intimidating style ideal for toy beginners
      • Part of the tokidoki x Lovehoney pleasure collection

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    1. Customer Reviews

      tokidoki x Lovehoney Solitaire Textured Pleasure Cup 4 3.5 out of 5 stars 3.5 out of 5

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      1. tokidoki x Lovehoney Solitaire Textured Pleasure Cup
      2. tokidoki x Lovehoney Solitaire Textured Pleasure Cup


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    1. My favourite cup design

      Reviewed: 15 May 2017 by MK7, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      I've used every single Tenga egg on the market by now and this is my second tokidoki cup. I can safely say that the texture on this is the best of all I have tried. While the sensation doesn't quite match up to the Tenga egg ice with cooling lube, going just on texture alone with standard lube, this one takes the cake.

      Standard issues with a cup exist. Be gentle so it doesn't break and it can then be used over and over and stored. The material is really nice and glides and stretches easily with lube. Works through a condom. Works even better without. I'm trying so hard to make it last so I can reuse it again and again because it really is lovely for a cup.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Great texture.
      Bottom line
      From a regular cup user to a potential buyer: It's great.
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    1. Textured solitaire pleasure

      Reviewed: 11 October 2016 by bondagegod

      Lovehoney's brand new range of toys has been created in collaboration with Japanese company tokidoki. I will have to admit I've not heard of tokidoki before. I did do some research by googling them to find out there is a whole host of cult colourful characters that tokidoki have created that feature on regular everyday products.

      I was sent the tokidoki Textured Pleasure Cup Solitaire to test in exchange for an honest review. So thank you, Leanne, for selecting me. I truly didn't know what to expect from the toy that was coming my way. I was certainly intrigued to see how tokidoki's characters have been transferred onto a range of sex toys.

      Lovehoney orders are delivered by Royal Mail using the tracked 48 service that Lovehoney provide free with orders over £30. With all Lovehoney orders you have complete discretion as the parcels are delivered in plain sealed packaging. You are kept informed by e-mail of when your order has been dispatched and you are kept informed of the parcel delivery journey via e-mail by Royal Mail.

      As I opened the parcel I was greeted with a small plastic-covered ball. The black plastic covering the centre of the ball has been given a funky looking design with a white lightning bolt which has the Lovehoney and Tokidoki logos on it. There are several of the characters dotted around the packaging. There is a slight description of the product and on top there is an image of the texture of the cup you have purchased.

      The plastic tears off easily, and I found the cup is kept inside a plain solid black case which simply pops apart. The pleasure cup is a gentle white colour and is made out of TPE and there is a good amount of stretch in both length and girth. There is a smooth finish to the outside of the cup, while the inside of the egg has a textured finish in the form of a series of raised diamonds that will stimulate the head of your penis. There is also a small plastic tube inserted into the centre of the cup that keeps it in shape when not in use.

      The masturbator has been shaped so it fits over the head of your penis. I placed the pleasure cup over the head of my penis and I stretched the TPE until the cup was in position. The cup did close up tightly over my penis for a delightful feel. The cup did come down below the head of my penis.

      As I started moving the cup around in a circular motion I found the diamonds were instantly stimulating the head of my penis, making me feel very sensitive and aroused. I changed to a thrusting motionand the diamonds further stimulated me. It is quite pleasurable seeing the head of my penis through the stretched material as I pulled it tight with each thrust, it wasn’t long after that that I suddenly released into the centre of the pleasure cup.

      Not only was the pleasure cup good fun during solo fun it, is also a fun toy to share with my wife for some foreplay naughtiness. She enjoyed seeing how the textures of the cup were stimulating and pleasuring me. The cup got put to one side as we carried on with our session but it certainly was a good item to get the excitement started.

      I have used the pleasure cup a number of times; I use a water-based lube with the cup. I have found that a medium amount of lube is enough to last the session without the need to reapply. If you use too much it all runs out of the cup during play time. I know this from previous experience with Tenga eggs, and the pleasure cup is a very similar product.

      The cup is designed for one-time use only, but I have used the pleasure cup several times now and is still of the same shape and strength in the material as when I first used it. Looking after the pleasure cup is certainly worth your time as you can certainly extend the life of the cup and be able to play with the cup more than once.

      Cleaning is simple, I washed it up in a bowl of clean water with soap. I turn the cup inside out and any lube or body fluid is easily washed off. I left it dry overnight in the bathroom, by morning it was fully dry and I placed back in the case till its next use.

      Overall, I have been impressed with how the characters have been transferred on to the pleasure cup. The raised diamonds do feel fantastic around my penis. The pleasure cup is a lovely little masturbator that is really easy to use and provides you with instant pleasure.

      There are four different unique textures in the pleasure cup range, so if you did want a different experience of textures there is plenty of choice. I do feel the toys would appeal to students the most, and the pleasure cup is also an ideal choice as a first male masturbator.

      It does offer a certain degree of discreet play as it is quiet to use. It is also very easy to store and keep hidden with being stored in a small black ball. It is also suitable to buy as a gift if you were looking for a naughty gift to take away for a night of fun.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Raised diamonds stimulate the head of my penis.
      Bottom line
      Suitable choice as first male masturbator or a fun foreplay toy for couples.
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    1. Not my cup Textured Pleasure Cup of tea

      Reviewed: 06 December 2016 by ScarlettBlacks, a Bisexual Going Steady Female

      Lovehoney kindly sent this to us for my OH and I to review. All I can say about this is that I really like the cute design and I find toys like this to be a great, non-intimidating introduction to male sex toys as to some, something more realistic may be off-putting. As my OH has considerably more experience with the use of this product I will let him take over from here.

      Three facts before starting the review. Fact number one is that this item was sent to me for free, so take all potential bias into account. Fact number two is that I am a circumcised male in his early twenties which will, potentially, have affected my experience with this item, and your experience may vary to a reasonable degree. If, however, you happen to be in the same boat as me then I hope that this will be the review for you! Thirdly this review will be based on the fact that I will be comparing this masturbator to other similar products, rather than to unaided masturbation so the final grading should take this into account.

      To discuss the container, when the wrapping was removed I discovered that the container was a smooth black plastic sphere which simply pops open. I do find its size to be a little inefficient, considering that the masturbator it contains is easily half the size of the spherical container and egg-shaped, making it take up a lot more room than necessary. However, its simplicity I feel does in some way make it a little less suspicious if found by a particularly nosy flatmate/extended family member/parent, which I personally do value.

      The masturbator itself is made of a semi-translucent white plastic that has an impressive stretch to it. Unstretched, the masturbator is about the size of your thumb, however, it easily stretched to accommodate the length of my erect penis with ease. This stretches the plastic allowing you to see your penis through the material, which may be a positive or negative depending on you. After at least 5 or 6 uses the plastic shows no signs or wear and tear so do ignore the "single use" section of the product description because, oh my, these things can last you a while. The inside of the masturbator has reasonably sized diamond-shaped protrusions that are designed to stimulate the head of the penis and look like, well, diamonds.

      Now to the meat of the review, how did it feel. After applying what I found out a little later was a tad too much water-based lube, the first thing I noticed was the pleasant slipping sensation of a lubricated masturbator (on the lube issue, a small amount with a top up is advised unless you want a very slippy general groin and seating area). If you are looking for an experience better than purely dry masturbation then I guarantee that this will fit the bill. However, for me, I felt that the diamonds did not go very far to stimulate me. I compare this experience to the Tenga Spider of a very similar design in that both of them had far too subtle a design to actually cause me to feel anything in particular due to those changes. The Tenga Wave had concentric rings of ridged material that went a great deal further to stimulate not only the head of my penis but the ridge just at the bottom of the head, which I find to be the most sensitive. The diamonds simply do not offer enough stimulation over a simple smooth plastic masturbator to feel worth the purchase, resulting in a rather "eh?" experience. Considering the head of my penis may be a great deal less sensitive than an uncircumcised penis would give a reason for perhaps why this is the case.

      Cleaning the masturbator, similarly to all items of this kind, is a simple process of sink + soap + warm water. Though I would suggest strongly to dry very thoroughly as the material is very prone to mildew if sealed when even a little damp. After repeated use I can guarantee that this product will last you at the very least ten tries, though potentially many more if you care for it adequately.

      All in all, I would consider this to be a good, cheap masturbator. It's a very affordable way to release yourself from the shackles of non-lubed masturbation and also a small and unobtrusive item to keep stored in hidden places. However, I find that it compares unfavourably to other lines of cheap masturbators in terms of sheer stimulation, but that very much could be down to preference. If the Tenga eggs simply did not give you much stimulation, then this certainly will not be the item for you. However, there are other sensations in this line of product so there is a decent variety if you are put off this one.

    2. Overall Rating:
      4 out of 10 stars
      Cheap, reusable, decent quality material.
      Not enough sensation by far, beaten by the more pronounced Tenga egg sensations.
      Bottom line
      Fun and cheap for newcomers. Sub-par for those that like it a little stronger.
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