1. Steel Power Tools 10mm Double Ended Ribbed Urethral Dilator

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      1. Steel Power Tools 10mm Double Ended Ribbed Urethral Dilator

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    1. Product Description

      If you're looking for a urethral toy to take dilation fun to the next level, this 10mm ribbed probe ought to do the trick! A similar thickness to a pinky finger, this rigid stainless steel sound stretches and penetrates deeply for mind-bending pleasure.

      Double ended for versatility, this lengthly probe gives you the freedom to experiment with different sensations. Insert the smooth end to experience slick stretch and intense stimulation in the head of your penis, or swap to the ribbed portion to enjoy undulating arousal that comes in waves.

      Both ends are tapered for easy insertion. Just lube up as much as you want to insert with a sterile water-based lubricant and allow the 117g weight gradually insert itself with nothing but gravity to help. (You should never force a urethral dilator manually)

      At a whopping 9.5 inches in length, this probe will be suitable for internal P-Spot massage in some men, offering a whole new dimension to this exciting toy.

      Don't forget that ALL urethral play should be 100% sterile, so always use a sterile lubricant and be sure to sterilise your toy before and after every use.

      Key Features:

      • Long, ribbed urethral sound for advanced deep urethral play
      • 10mm diameter for satisfying stretch and deep penetration
      • Double ended - experiment with the beaded and smooth ends for versatile play
      • 117g weight assists hands-free insertion
      • Safe for autoclave cleaning for 100% sterile play
      • Suitable for penile prostate stimulation in some men

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    1. Steel Power Tools 10mm Double Ended Ribbed Urethral Dilator

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      Looking for a sounder that will take you to the next level? ... this 10mm ribbed probe ought to do the trick! A similar thickness to a pinky finger, this rigid stainless steel sound stretches & penetrates deeply for mind-bending pleasure.

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      1. Steel Power Tools 10mm Double Ended Ribbed Urethral Dilator
      2. Steel Power Tools 10mm Double Ended Ribbed Urethral Dilator


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    1. Interesting alternative to my Hegar sounds

      Reviewed: 05 June 2017 by twosharehants, a Bisexual Single Male

      I have been using Hegar sounds for a while, which are great for prostate stimulation but I wanted one better suited to urethral stimulation. This ribbed sound was a great purchase for this.

      As with using any sound a degree of preparation is required to help avoid infections and I have opted for boiling of the sound and washing everything else in antibacterial soap followed by rubbing down with isopropanol wipes.

      I also only use single use, sterile lube packets when sounding. Using these preparation methods I have never had any issues with sounding and find this one does a wonderful job of urethral stimulation as the ridges allow it to be used gently to produce an amazing internal masturbation.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      It's well made and feels amazing.
      Bottom line
      A great sound for urethral stimulation.
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    1. Steel Power Tools 10mm Double Ended Ribbed Urethral Dilator

      Reviewed: 05 January 2017 by Tomo38, a Straight Married Male

      I'm used to using sounds. I had an 8mm sound from Lovehoney and was not so impressed, so I thought I'd go bigger, and wow, what a well-made tool this is. It's not for any beginner.

      Well, it's well made and has plenty of weight to it. Use plenty of lube and it slides down very easily, which I was surprised about but the feeling is one of amazement. I tried it both ways around and both are, well, let's just say amazing. I'm no size queen but if they did a larger size of this tool I'd love to give it a go as my penis swallows this tool all up.

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Loved the weight, and size, and build quality.
      10 mm too small.
      Bottom line
      Great tool not for the beginner so build yourself up. You won't be disappointed.
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    1. The most intense sounding experience yet

      Reviewed: 06 May 2016 by ruffledsheets

      I was sent this huge sound recently by Lovehoney (thanks, Leanne and Jess!) in exchange for a review. I've reviewed sounds for them in the past and they wanted to know what this one was like. I reviewed a similar sound for Jess recently, a smaller version of this one. I was tempted to use the same words, just to write it all in caps or hire Brian Blessed to read it out in his booming voice. Basically, I loved the original size, but this one really takes sounding to a new level. It's amazing.

      I must start this review by stating that this is absolutely not a toy for beginners. Not even close. The style of toy is fine, just not the size. If you're new to this, then you'll need to work up to taking something this wide. Don't be put off, though! You can buy the same device in a smaller size.

      Let's assume, though, that you're an avid urethral sound user and a size queen, like me. This might be the next toy for you. I've been sounding for years and, currently, can take sounds up to 11mm in diameter. This is a tiny bit smaller, at 10mm, but still huge by most people's standards.

      With this toy in particular, lube is your best friend. Of course, it's always important in urethral play, but with the increased surface area of this sound, you need a little more than normal. I use "Very Deep" urethral lube, but there are a few different ones on the market you can use. When I first tried this toy, it took a while for the first bulb to slide in, even with a copious amount of lube, but it was worth the wait. As soon as the first one penetrated my urethra, past my frenulum, is slid all the way down and really blew me away. I was expecting it to feel good as I've been a regular user of the smaller version, but this was something else.

      It's hard to describe the feeling of something as big as this bumping down the inside of my penis. With the smaller toy, the bumps provide a really pleasing wavy sensation as they slide down. With this, they really do make you feel an intense popping. Especially the first bulb, which is a tiny bit bigger than the rest. The first bulb really pops on the way down, making way for the rest of them afterwards. It's amazing on the way up, as well. As the first bulb is larger, I never quite take it out when playing. I simply pull it to the point where the initial bulb approaches my cock head and then slide it in again. I way "pull", but it's very gentle. As with any urethral toys, it's very important not to force anything.

      If you're experienced in sounding but new to bigger sounds then you may not have hit any choke points. If that's the case, you may find there are three points in the urethra that are tighter than others. The first is at the base of the cock head, the second is at the base of the urethra and the third is at the entrance to the bladder. Once you slide past these areas, it becomes easier until you reach the next one. With smaller sounds, these will never be an issue, but you should take them into account and be extra careful when you use bigger toys. For me, I only use this toy up to the base of my penis. I can't yet go past the base with anything over 9mm, but that's still pretty deep.

      With larger toys, it's also a lot harder to stay erect. Something pushing on the inside of the urethra, for some reason, makes it really difficult to keep that erection you may have started with. But that doesn't matter at all. With this type of toy, it's all about the sliding movement. With smaller sounds, you may want to just slide them in and stroke the shaft of your penis gently. With this one, it's all about the in and out movement.So don't worry if you can't stay hard, you'll probably not even notice and it won't matter at all.

      So who's this toy for? Experienced urethral players who are looking for something a little more stimulating than a uniform sound. It may sound niche, but it doesn't take long to build up to something this size so if you're just starting out, you may find yourself using this kind of toy in a few months (or less). This toy feels much more intense than a regular 10mm sound and the type of play it encourages is different (much more sliding in and out).

      Ultimately, this toy provides the most intense inner shaft sensations of any non-electro toy I own. I've felt some amazing sensations with longer, slimmer sounds that reach much deeper, but that's not really what this toy was designed for. This is for sliding in and out of the penis and having your breath taken away by the bumps. It really is amazing. If you can take the size, I highly recommend it!

    2. Overall Rating:
      10 out of 10 stars
      Looks, weight, sensations provided by the ribbed shaft.
      Bottom line
      Not for beginners, amazing for urethral experts.
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