1. Fifty Shades Darker No Bounds Collection Spanking Paddle

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      1. Fifty Shades Darker No Bounds Collection Spanking Paddle

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    1. Product Description

      Create your own Fifty Shades Darker mise en scène with the limited edition No Bounds Collection. Handcrafted from leather and suede and twin textured for versatility, the No Bounds Spanking Paddle is perfect for new and advanced spankers and spankees.

      An essential addition to your S&M playroom, this professional quality spanking paddle features contrasting surfaces for dextrous experimentation. Use the soft suede side for muffled spanks and delicate strokes and switch to the smooth leather side for spine-tingling slaps and smacks.

      Indulge in the full limited edition No Bounds Collection for an authentic Fifty Shades experience, or mix and match this paddle with your favourite toys to create a new erotic tale.

      Key Features:

      • Handcrafted leather and suede paddle for dual-sided spanking pleasure
      • Spanking surface measures 8 x 3.2 inches for widespread sensation
      • Suede wrist loop ensures proper grip for confident swings and spanks
      • Supplied in a luxurious branded velveteen storage bag with satin lining
      • Designed with E L James for an authentic Fifty Shades Darker experience

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      1. Fifty Shades Darker No Bounds Collection Spanking Paddle
      2. Fifty Shades Darker No Bounds Collection Spanking Paddle


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    1. One for the money, two for the show

      Reviewed: 12 November 2016 by OUCH! Thank you ;), a Straight Married Female

      When I got the email offering me the chance to review a piece from Lovehoney’s new Fifty Shades Darker range, I jumped at it. I’d already reviewed and loved a couple of the toys from the range, so was excited to discover the bondage side. Thanks, Leanne!

      The snazzy blue velvet, grey satin lined wrap was quite a surprise, I have to say. All of the standard range toys came in boxes, but the paddle and crop came in clear plastic bags. The Red Room range was a bit posher, arriving in cheesecloth type bags, but the Darker range has more of a luxury feel to it from the get go. Presentation isn’t everything, but it’s a lot.

      The No Bounds Paddle is dual sided; one side is smooth leather and the other is soft suede, and both materials are a beautiful shade of blue so dark it’s almost black. In fact, in low lighting it looks black, the only giveaway that it isn’t being that it looks warmer than a true black would.

      Size wise, it’s a little wider than most paddles with a width of 3.25 inches across the business end, but at 13.5 inches, it’s pretty standard in length. It’s thick too, being made up of 4 layers that make it just shy of a centimetre. The two inner layers are strong leather, giving it a firm yet flexible core which makes it very easy to control whether you want it to hit and stay flat, or if you’d rather it bounced back.

      Right at the base of the handle, just above a silver metal eyelet, is the Fifty Shades Darker branding. It’s pressed into the leather and is really small, which in my opinion makes it absolutely perfect. I don’t like gaudy branding as I feel that it cheapens things, but in the case of the No Bounds paddle, it’s inconspicuous and classy. A 10-inch wrist loop for safe swinging (and easy hanging) finishes off the piece nicely.

      In use, the paddle feels much like any other leather/suede dual spanker. The leather side delivers a sharp crack that swiftly reddens the butt cheeks and thighs, and even though it’s mostly surface stinging, the weight of it does help produce a slightly deeper sensation, when swung with intent, that has the ability to create quite an ache.

      The suede side is kinder on the surface of the skin, but delivers that deeper ache I love so much at a much quicker pace. You’d think it would be nice having something so soft and plush brushed over abused skin, but it actually maddens me. Don’t get me wrong, I do like it, but it feels more like rubbing two pieces of velvet against each other than a sweet stroke. It feels kinda rough and draggy, whereas the leather side is cool, the smoothness of the glide pleasantly soothing over hot skin.

      As with most paddles of this type, I prefer the leather side on my nipples and butt cheeks and the suede on my thighs. My OH uses the thick edges to good effect, too. He likes to smack the soles of my feet with them, which I kinda hate but sometimes deserve.

      But as much as I like this paddle, I have to be honest and say that the fact that it’s £69.99 absolutely kills me. I know it’s limited edition, and I know it’s branded, but I’m not actually a Fifty Shades fan these days. I’d happily pay somewhere around £50 for a paddle of this quality, but the fact remains that it’s just a paddle, and forking out an extra £20 just for the almost invisible name pressed into the handle is crazy in my opinion. The Dominix range is just as good when it comes to quality, but at a much more manageable price.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      Fab quality, looks beautiful, feels great in use.
      It's overpriced just because of the brand and that makes me sad.
      Bottom line
      It would be perfect if it was £20 cheaper.
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    1. Possibly My New Favourite

      Reviewed: 06 November 2016 by Rebsy , a Straight Single Female

      I just wanna put this out there: I haven't read any of the 50 Shades books, nor have I seen the movie. And honestly, I don't really plan to.

      However, one thing I can say is that the line of sex toys are absolutely stunning, and this paddle is no exception. Its design with the leather and suede sides are simple yet gorgeous. I love how sleek the leather feels, while the suede feels softer. The leather side provides more of a crisp sting while the suede is a little more muted, more "thuddy," if you will. I love to use the leather side first, get the surface of skin sensitive, then switch to the suede side. Unlike other paddles I've tried, I don't get overwhelmed too quickly.

      The paddle is also very firm. Some paddles I've tried (like the Tantus Pelt) in the past were a bit too strong. It was nothing but crispy slaps, so that after a few strikes my skin would get waaayyy too sensitive and I'd have to call it quits. Maybe I'm just a wuss, but whatever haha.

      But with the variety provided by this one, I think I've found my favorite paddle.

      This paddle also comes with a beautiful velvet storage bag, which is really nice.

      The only thing I have to complain about might be the cleaning. Due to the materials, you might have to get certain types of cleaning materials in order to clean it properly. Which might be a bit of a hassle. But I'd say the hassle is worth it.

    2. Overall Rating:
      8 out of 10 stars
      The design and the variety.
      The cleaning.
      Bottom line
      As I said in my review, I'd say it's probably my favorite paddle .
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