1. CyberSkin Twerking Butt Elite Realistic Vagina and Ass Sex Machine 12kg

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      1. CyberSkin Twerking Butt Elite Realistic Vagina and Ass Sex Machine 12kg

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    1. Product Description

      Blow your wad on this elite, app-compatible vagina and ass, a life-size and lifelike butt that goes the extra Miley with its realistic twerking motion, plus a magical mix of self-heating twin canals and multi-speed vibration and massage.

      Sex toy realism gets a shot in the arm as the curved and weighty butt warms its internal canals to body temperature for an amazingly authentic experience.

      Positioned with its tempting pussy and tight ass in prime view, dive inside either hole to explore the ribbed textures that lie within and then begin the 6 stimulating vibration speeds, before powering up the 6 intense massage speeds to experience the real feel of a woman tensing and clenching around your cock. Add in the twerking feature and revel in the acute explosive stimulation.

      Download the app from http://www.twerkingbutt.com to play your own videos or music as you thrust, with the Twerking Butt vibrating, tensing and twerking in time with what you see on screen. Viewers with iPhone 6's or phones with similarly sized screens can even view their videos through the included hands-free VR headset, which features 3D viewing capability.

      How it works:

      You can download any kind of 3D/2D videos and music to your device from any source you have. All the videos and musics in your device can be uploaded to Twerking Butt app when they are under "Video" or "Music". You should be able to select "Local" and '+', then select the videos or music you want to sync with the Twerking Butt.

      Comes with lubricant, renew powder, a cleaning hose and storage bag for easy use and simple clean-up and aftercare.

      Key Features:

      • Authentic life-size ass twerking masturbator with virtual reality headset
      • Built-in warmer heats canals to lifelike temperature before use
      • Wired controller for complete ease of use of vibration and massage settings
      • Twerking Butt moves in time with your videos and music for totally tailored play
      • 6 speeds of independently operated massage, vibration and twerking motion in the butt

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      CyberSkin Twerking Butt Elite Realistic Vagina and Ass Sex Machine 12kg 3 4 out of 5 stars 4 out of 5

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      1. CyberSkin Twerking Butt Elite Realistic Vagina and Ass Sex Machine 12kg
      2. CyberSkin Twerking Butt Elite Realistic Vagina and Ass Sex Machine 12kg

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    1. Twerking butt

      Reviewed: 12 October 2017 by Leon Lawrence, a Straight Married Male

      The first time I opened the packaging and took out the Twerking Butt, I instantly wanted to get inside her!

      This looks and feels like the real deal! This is a little pricey, but you really do get what you pay for, and if it's realism and quality you want then this is the toy for you!

      Peachy, wet, warm, just the perfect piece of ass. And five star service and quality from Lovehoney and the brown nondescript packaging as well!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
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    1. All About The Bass

      Reviewed: 18 April 2016 by Couple looking to spice things up, a Straight Married Female

      When my eyeballs met with this product I couldn't help but burst into song. "I like big butts and I can not lie, you other brothers can't deny, that when a girl walks in"..... okay, I'll stop right there. Now the singsong is out of the way, on with the review.

      Technology in the bedroom is nothing new, who doesn't have a TV in there these days? And I'll admit my mobile practically sleeps with us. However, the Cyberskin twerking butt deluxe realistic vagina and ass sex machine brings a whole new meaning to tech in the sleeping quarters. Before it arrived I did question whether it is a step too far, I mean, this isn't even called a sex toy, it's a machine!

      It's easy to see why this product has hit the market, though, I don't think it would be an over-exaggeration to say we are a booty-obsessed nation. Many adore Jlo's, whilst others get a kick from Kim's, but how does this one shake up? Oops, I mean shape up. I couldn't see any external measurements on the product page so I've whipped out the tape measure. At the biggest points, it's approximately 9 inch in height, 33 inches in width and has a depth of 32 inches. It's rather heavy, but has it's junk in all the right places. I don't know if it has been severed from a 'fitness fanatic' but you'd have to do a zillion and one squats to get anywhere near the firmness of this, you certainly can't pinch more than an inch anyway.

      To get it up and twerking. Plug it in (it comes with a generous length of cable so you won't be shackled to the socket), then you have two options, use the wired controller or download the twerking butt app onto your smart phone. If you want to dive right in, you can do so using the controller, 'Butt' you'll only be treated to half the package. To use the VR, first off to the App Store.

      Downloading the app is surprisingly easy. Once you have a 'twerking butt' icon on your phone simply use Bluetooth to make a connection between the thing that rings and the thing that twerks, all simple enough, so in theory we was good to go, right? Not quite. How can I put it? We had to 'arse' around. The apps already uploaded music and videos just didn't want to work via my hubby's iPhone running on IOS 9.3.1 software. We've found uploading our own media works much more reliably.

      So if, unlike Meghan Trainor, you're not all about the bass, no trouble! With the app the possibilities are endless as you can upload all your favourite music or videos from your phone. Press play, slide your phone into the headset, then secure it on your face to see and feel a butt work it. Using the app, my hubby has indulged in a little hip-hop-thrusting, some alternative rock 'n' roll moves and even had an 'Elsa' moment, let it go, let it go, he admitted he couldn't hold it back anymore.

      Frozen not anymore my friend, this actually warms up. It states it warms to a life-like temperature. You won't notice 'heat' as such but it won't feel like you’re sticking your cock into the freezer. There's no noticeable 'chill' on entry like with other masturbators. It is worth mentioning the butt needs to be left doing it's 'thing' for around 10 minutes before it's at temperature. There is also a safety feature which shuts it off in the event it overheats.

      If your phone battery dies or you simply wish to take control over the ratio of massage, vibration and twerk simply use the controller. Unlike using the app where the butt does it's own thing with the controller you can adjust each individual setting to suit.

      My hubby likes the vibrations, he loves the massage but he isn't keen on the twerk. Pressing the twerk button turns this from a quiet toy to sounding like the neighbours are banging on the boundary wall. Seeing this product on Lovehoney, the twerk feature is what really 'floated our boat' but after using it it's just too noisy and albeit very noticeably twerking on the outside, it doesn't do much inside the canals. In contrast, the massage setting which represents the natural clenching of an excited vagina is, in my other half's words, "amazing" and as for the vibrations he said "I'm buzzing."

      After every music fest comes the clean up. You get what is described as a 'water jet' (it makes a pretty good water pistol). Fill a small container with a mix of warm water and sex toy cleaner then simply suck up the mixture into the jet and stick into one entrance, this will push water and any unpleasantries out off the other hole. After a few clean ups we've found the best way to do it is to put the water/cleaner mixture in the vaginal entry to exit via the anus. Make sure you have a towel underneath and ensure the wired controller is well out of the way as this isn't waterproof.

      I would highly recommend using a condom with this toy. Not only does it immensely helps with the clean up, but it protects your little soldier. Be aware that Cyberskin is a porous material and no matter how much effort you put into cleaning it, it can retain bacteria.

      Once cleaned we plug it back in to heat up as this aids with the drying time. Once fully dry it is vital you then use a renewer powder, there's a very generous sized tube that comes with the product. Also included is an ample storage bag. Just pop the butt in when it's been done and dusted, then it's just a case of finding a drawer big enough.

      I almost forgot about the packaging. It's no surprise that this arrives in a pretty large box. It's hardly light either. Even before you lay eyes on the butt itself you will know everything it can do. The box does a great job of selling the product, it shows all the features and there's a rather impressive-looking rear pictured too.

      It is understandable why this cost a pretty penny with all the tech. But is it worth it? To be honest it would still be a fantastic male toy with just the controller. When using the VR headset you can't skip, pause, or change the massage, vibration and twerk, due to your phone being stuck to your face. If you press the controller it will automatically transfer to that but you can't watch anything as a grey box will have appear before your eyes.

      So would we recommend this product? We can't deny the attention to detail is amazing, realistic lips, crevices and skin folds, this has them all. It certainly does look the part and it definitely will get you excited, so if you've got the cash to splash, why not?

      The Cyberskin twerking deluxe sex machine was sent to us in exchange for an honest review. Yes, this really does happen! Thanks, Lovehoney.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Real feel material, lots of features. It warms up.
      Uploaded app media didn't work reliably.
      Bottom line
      "I like big butts."
    3. 31 people found this review helpful. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. All about the hype

      Reviewed: 30 October 2017 by xman73, a Straight Single Male

      I thought I'd get one. Single and work way too many hours to meet someone... I read the reviews, saw the hype and thought why not.

      Got the package and when I opened it, it looked good, felt weighty (good for some banging right, ;)) and was relatively easy to set up. Ass looked good, realistic and was what I was expecting, so I plugged it in and let it warm up.

      Didn't notice the vaginal design till I was lubed up and ready to play... Now I'm an average-sized man in penis terms and what I noticed is the entry will snuggly hold an HB pencil. WTF says I as I'm trying to insert myself and being rejected by the shape and size of the vagina and opening.

      I thought for the price they would have something like the Fleshlight design where you are guided in by a realistic looking pussy, but no it protrudes out slightly with this pencil diameter hole to get into... not easy when lubed up.

      Once inside it was nice, but if you are a slighty shorter length guy the massage may be disappointing. There is no stroking affect (to be fair they never said it did. but I kinda hoped it would be there). The twerk effect was ok except for the noise, the massage and vibration was very nice, and the stroke was tight in both the ass and pussy with the heating adding greatly to the experience.

    2. Overall Rating
      3 out of 10 stars
      Realistic ass, nice heating, massage and vibration effects.
      Twerk is more of a thump, poorly designed pussy.
      Bottom line
      Overly hyped up and needs work.
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