1. Male Edge Extra Intermediate Penis Enlargement System (8 Piece)

      Average customer review 3 out of 5 stars9 reviews

      Male Edge offers a non-surgical penis enlargement system that permanently increases the length and girth of your penis. Follow the 6 month training programme to grow your penis via traction, which applies a tissue-stimulating steady stretch to the shaft.

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      1. Male Edge Extra Intermediate Penis Enlargement System (8 Piece)

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    1. Product Description

      Male Edge offers a non-surgical penis enlargement system that permanently increases the length and girth of your penis. Follow the 6 month training programme to grow your penis via traction, which applies a tissue-stimulating steady stretch to the shaft.

      The only clinically proven system of permanent penis enlargement that exists outside of surgery, traction applies a steady stretch to the penis. When consistently worn daily, the penile tissue divides and multiplies to accommodate the stretch, resulting in a larger penis.

      The 6 month training programme offers average gains of 29% in length and 19% in girth. After the programme's completion, continue wearing the enlarger to grow your penis further, or set it aside and enjoy the lifelong results of your enhanced penis.

      Male Edge offer a 200% money-back guarantee for anyone who doesn't see results after completing the 6 month programme. Just register on the Male Edge site and track your training and gains week by week so you can document the evidence of your size increases.

      Male Edge's extra enlargement set contains everything you need to complete the programme and benefit from a larger, girthier penis. Included in the set is a penis enlarger, full instructions, 2 rubber straps, a protection pad and a ruler with angled measurer so men with penile curvature can record straightening. All are made in Scandinavia to the highest of standards, and a storage box keeps your set together, discreet and safe.

      Key Features:

      • Male Edge extra penis enlargement set for a possible increase in penis length and girth
      • System can also be used to correct penis curvature
      • Male Edge offer a 200% money-back guarantee if you fail to see results
      • Dishwasher safe for easy maintenance and hygiene
      • Results may vary

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    1. How it feels

      • Flexibility: Rigid
      • Material: Hard Plastic
    2. Essential info

      • Waterproof: Submersible
      • Allergens: Latex-Free
      • Allergens: Phthalate-Free

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    1. Male Edge Extra Intermediate Penis Enlargement System (8 Piece)

      Male Edge offers you a non-surgical penis enlargement system that can permanently increase the length & girth of your penis. Follow the six month training programme to grow your penis via traction, which applies a tissue-stimulating steady stretch to the shaft.

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    1. Customer Reviews

      Male Edge Extra Intermediate Penis Enlargement System (8 Piece) 9 3 out of 5 stars 3 out of 5

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      1. Male Edge Extra Intermediate Penis Enlargement System (8 Piece)
      2. Male Edge Extra Intermediate Penis Enlargement System (8 Piece)

        Our Price

    1. Great product and produces enlarging results

      Reviewed: 30 October 2017 by Matt550, a Straight Married Male

      I had previously purchased a Bathmate X30 Hydropump but I was looking for an additional solution for outside of the shower environment. I had read good reviews about the Male Edge and decided to give it a try.

      When the Male Edge arrived I used it for about two hours the first day. The comfort pad was not very comfortable so I opted for a large Ace Bandage to wrap around the glans. I started wearing for several hours a day, six days a week. I've now worked up to about 8 hours a day and am hoping to go to 10 in the next few weeks.

      I'm now one month into use, before starting I was just over 6.2" erect and with the combination of the Male Edge and Bathmate (20 minutes during morning shower) I'm almost at 7.0". My wife was a bit apprehensive at first but the last few times we've had sex she has been extremely pleased with the results. It has measurably increased the length but also the girth has increased at least 0.25". I would highly recommend any Bathmate to any man looking to increase their length and gain more confidence in bed.

      Much like previously mentioned, it takes time to work but if you stick to a schedule and wear the Male Edge whenever practical you'll be pleasantly surprised (and so will your partner). I do wear the Male Edge to work when I'm wearing looser fitting clothing but have had a few awkward moments when it appears that I've had an injury the way I stand up.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Well built and produces results.
      The comfort pad is not at all comfortable.
      Bottom line
      Excellent, I love it and use it whenever possible.
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    1. Great results after 1 month

      Reviewed: 17 October 2017 by Matt550, a Straight Married Male

      I was looking for a method of enlargement and came across the Male Edge.

      I purchased this and a Bathmate Hydro Pump 30 and was erect at 6". After a month of use of both products (Bathmate in the AM shower and Male Edge in the afternoon and evening hours) I am now at 7.1".

      I feel much more confident in bed and she loves the increased length and girth, getting her to orgasm much quicker!

      The Male Edge is well built and very durable, despite being made of plastic. It's lightweight and can be worn under clothing during the day depending on what you wear (I've only done this a few times).

      A word of advice is to purchase a small roll of Ace bandage and wrap the head before installing as the supplied comfort pad was anything but.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Simply put, I like the results and so does my wife.
      The comfort pad was not effective, switch out for Ace bandage.
      Bottom line
      Excellent, I'll continue to use until 8.?" or until my wife says too big!
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    1. Really does work

      Reviewed: 28 July 2018 by An Onyx Mouse, a Bisexual Going Steady Male

      When I was a teenager my erection was 6" long and 2" thick, but as I got older I did not measure myself for a very long time. Then I heard that as men age the penis can get smaller. I measured myself and found that I had lost an inch of erect length. The loss had been so gradual that I noticed nothing. Needless to say, I wanted my inch back.

      I had heard good things about stretching devices, so bought the Male Edge intermediate kit. The instructions are not very clear. I got more use out of the Lovehoney demonstration video. I have seen many posts from frustrated users who could not figure out how to use it.

      Through persistence and hints picked up from positive reviews I figured it out. I used it nearly every day for three months, but never got anywhere near the 6 hours a day the instructions suggested as a final goal. Generally I managed around one to two hours per day.

      I did not do daily measurements but after the three months I found that I had my missing inch back and another one for good measure. To say that I am pleased with the results would be a massive understatement, I am very glad to have made the investment.

      Now some hints on how to use. This version of the kit comes with a short foam tube to be worn between the shaft and the black plastic strap. This is what I used initially but the cohesive gauze is much, much better. You get a roll of gauze in the more expensive kit, but cohesive or coherent gauze is available very cheaply online and from most pharmacies.

      I use a strip of gauze about two feet long. It is reusable and cheap, so experiment to find what is best for you. Retract the foreskin if you have one and start wrapping the gauze around the shaft below the head of the penis. I like to wrap it quite tightly as that helps to trap blood in the head. If the head is too soft then the strap will just slip off. Until you get used to this, I suggest lying down to get everything fitted.

      Slide the penis through the green hoop with the slightly raised section over your balls. The black plastic strap has an arrow that should be pointing upwards when it is fixed in place. Slide one end of the black strap through a slot in the green end piece and pull through far enough that at least a few of the ridges on the black strap have gone through the slot to hold it in place. Position the green end piece and black strap so that they circle your shaft a little below the head. Green plastic away from you and strap toward you. Slide the other end of the black strap through the remaining slot and pull through until tight. You will have to experiment with the level of tightness to balance comfort against it just slipping off as soon as you try to use it...The foam protector/gauze is very important here as it evens the pressure out and stops the skin of your shaft being pinched (oww!) when you pull the strap tight.

      Lift each pole up in turn and press it down as far as it will go before clipping it into the end piece. There is a clear section at the bottom of each pole, as you press down you will see green plastic appear inside. When the poles are clipped in place the more of that green plastic you can see the harder you are being stretched. Adjusting the length of the poles is easy. Twist a quarter-turn in either direction and you can slide to about the length you want and then twist back to lock.

      I find that usually after I have got everything fitted to my penis that I stretch after about ten minutes and then have to unclip the poles push down and then clip again to maintain the tension on my shaft.

      This can be worn under clothes but you won't find it easy to bend or sit down

      I hope people find my instructions useful.

    2. Overall Rating
      9 out of 10 stars
      Made my penis two inches longer.
      Instructions a bit vague.
      Bottom line
      Buy it and persist with it.
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    1. Working?

      Reviewed: 31 March 2018 by DanDan29195, a Straight Single Male

      Arrived quickly and discreetly as usual.

      This product is made of durable plastic. I have pulled, dropped and twisted this product with every use and it is still in perfect working order.

      It stretches the penis to as far as is comfortable, a small circular cushion is included, as padding from the strap which wraps your penis, just under the glans. The strap part can twist around for penises that stretch longer then 5 and a half inches.

      I have 2 problems, my penis head slips out and or my penis head becomes very cold. I have tried different things to improve it, but nothing has come of it. I do not wear it as long as I would like due to these problems I have.

      However, positives, I have started to see an improvement in flaccid penis size and am looking at increasing wear time.

      I will edit this closer to the 6 month mark to share results.

    2. Overall Rating
      8 out of 10 stars
      Durability, results?
      Slips off penis head and head gets cold.
      Bottom line
      Flaccid penis length seems to have increased and looking forward to further results.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes
    1. So far so good

      Reviewed: 14 November 2018 by GreekandEnglish, a Straight Married Male

      So... Let me start by saying that it does work. I bought this item for a different reason. I have Peyronie's disease and a significant curve in my penis.

      I have been using the item for 3 weeks now. 1.5 to 2 hours 5 days a week. So my curve has reduced slightly and the tight pain I use to have during an erection has now gone. Also my flaccid length has improved.

      Overall my erect size has grown as has my girth. Not by much, but it is bigger. I would say it's given me back what I had in my prime.

      The device is a little tricky to use and can at times be uncomfortable. I use a dried out baby wipe to wrap around the penis first helps with slippage and reduces the risk of catching yourself when tightening the strap.

      I would recommend the device for those who have Peyronie's but don't expect to it fully straighten the curve. I will continue to use it and hopefully it will continue to improve further.

      I would also recommend the device for enlargement, but you must have realistic expectations.

      I will review this product again in a few months with hopefully more positive results.

    2. Overall Rating
      7 out of 10 stars
      It works.
      Slippage and catching yourself in the strap.
      Bottom line
      A product that works but with limitations.
    3. Was this review helpful to you? Yes