1. CB-6000 Designer Gold Male Chastity Cage Kit

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      1. CB-6000 Designer Gold Male Chastity Cage Kit

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    1. Product Description

      Treat your one eyed trouser snake to an enclosure upgrade and give it the VIP treatment it deserves. Finished in sophisticated black and gold and adjustable for perfect restraint, deny erections and transform Shaft into Goldmember in a matter of minutes.

      Designed for tailored wear, this chastity kit comes with everything you need for comfortable, reliable long or short-term wear. 5 U-rings and 4 lockings pins with spacers make achieving the perfect level of restraint easy, while a vented, open ended cock cage maintains breathability and wont get in the way of urination or ejaculation.

      Decide how intense you want play to be - 5 individually numbered plastic locks enable tamper-proof beginner's chastity, while the an escape-proof padlock with key offers harsher punishment that's best suited to experienced cock cage wearers.

      For long term comfort, we recommend you slather your wanger generously with lubricant before wear. Top tip: Use silicone lube instead of water-based for longer-lasting slick and fewer applications.

      As with all male chastity devices, always remove before sleeping.

      Key Features:

      • Black and gold cock cage made from medical grade polycarbonate for sophisticated male chastity play
      • Cage measures 3.25 inches in length and 1.375 inches in diameter for comfortable restraint
      • 5 sizes of U-ring enable the perfect fit (1.5", 1.625", 1.75", 1.875", 2")
      • 4 locking pins and spacers offer tailored sensation
      • Includes zip-up storage case, 1 padlock and key, 5 individually numbered plastic locks, 44ml sample of System Jo silicone lube

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      CB-6000 Designer Gold Male Chastity Cage Kit 1 4.5 out of 5 stars 4.5 out of 5

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      1. CB-6000 Designer Gold Male Chastity Cage Kit
      2. CB-6000 Designer Gold Male Chastity Cage Kit


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    1. Our favourite chastity device!

      Reviewed: 06 November 2015 by Fluffbags, a Straight Going Steady Female

      My partner and I have enjoyed chastity for a number of years and we have experimented with a variety of different devices. For us, all roads eventually lead back to the CB range. The CB6000 is a particular favourite, as it is comfortable to wear and easy to fit. When we saw the new range of designer CB devices, I knew I had to get him some. He has been wearing the Camouflage version for the past year, but the gold one really appealed to us. It’s like bling for his penis!

      Product Information:

      The CB6000 device arrived quickly and was packaged discreetly in a plain brown box (Lovehoney even disguise their name on the postal sticker). The CB packaging itself is absolutely gorgeous, but not entirely discreet. The patterned, black box does contain a large image of the chastity device within, so it wouldn’t be suitable for long term storage (at least, not if you share a house with others). Thankfully, you will find a strong zip case (similar to a small wash bag or makeup pouch) and this plain black pouch is as discreet as they come.

      Inside the pouch, you will find the CB6000 and all its accessories. Like Most CB devices, the gold edition comes with 5 rings and a selection of spacers. Since each ring is a different size, you can experiment until you find the most comfortable fit for your body. There are not many chastity devices out there that provide you with the opportunity to try multiple rings and spacers, but this is just one of the reasons we love the CB devices. From smallest to largest, the rings measure (according to my own measurements):

      • 1.50 inches

      • 1.55 inches

      • 1.75 inches

      • 1.8 inches

      • 2.0 inches

      You will also find 4 spacers and their corresponding spacer bars. The spacers are used to create a gap between the main ring and the cock cage. If you prefer that the cage sits close to the ring, you would use a short spacer. If you need a little more room, a longer spacer is ideal. The spacers also come in different sizes; from shortest to longest, they measure:

      • 0.4 inches

      • 0.6 inches

      • 0.75 inches

      • 0.85 inches

      Additionally, you will find a master padlock and key, 5 plastic locks which contain unique serial numbers and a small sample bottle of personal lubricant (lubricant can help you slide into the cage and stop chafing during long term wear).

      The cock cage and its accessories are made from a polycarbonate/plastic material and given a gold finish. The finish is not real gold (no metal is used in the creation of this device) but some type of paint or coating. The cage section measures 2.5 inches in length from the underside and 3.5 inches in length if you measure it across the top. The reason for this variance is that the cage has been designed with a downwards angle. This ensures a closer fit against the body, so you won’t be packing any obvious bulges when dressed.

      Our Experience with the CB6000 Gold Edition:

      Fitting and Attaching the Device:

      When the device first arrives, you need to spend some time experimenting with the different rings and spacers. Some of the choices will be obvious. If the ring is too tight, your penis/testicles will feel constricted and may begin to turn red/purple. If the ring is too loose, you may find that the device falls off, or droops dramatically as you go about your business. If you can pull the device off easily (despite it being locked) then this is also a sign that the ring is too loose.

      With your choices narrowed down to two or three, I recommend wearing each ring for a day or two, to work out which one is best for you. Since your genitals can swell and shrink throughout the day, it will help to wear each ring for a decent amount of time, as it will help you work out which one is the most comfortable in general. This process also applies to the spacers.

      If you are new to wearing chastity devices or find it difficult to wear the cage for long periods of time, then I recommend wearing the ring without the cage attached at first. This will gently ease you into the process, as you get used to having something around your genitals.

      The main difficulty we have with the CB6000 is getting his penis into the cock cage. The CB devices are quite narrow (compared to other devices we have tried) and we really struggle to insert his penis without resorting to a few tricks. First of all, your penis needs to be completely flaccid. This is easier said than done, but you will find it incredibly difficult to get into the cage while erect.

      There are two methods for insertion that we find work particularly well. The first is to apply lube/soap to your penis and attempt to slide it into the cage. This method does require a little fiddling and can be a bit messy. The second option is referred to as the “sock method” (Google this for detailed information.) Basically, you place a thin nylon sock over your flaccid penis, push the end of the sock through the cock cage and use that to pull your penis into the device. This is our preferred method as it is quick and easy.

      Wearing the Cage:

      For my partner, the CB6000 is the most comfortable chastity device in his collection. The smooth, lightweight polycarbonate material keeps discomfort to a minimum; It doesn’t pull on his genitals like the heavier metal cages do (this can cause aching) and it doesn’t chafe him raw like the silicone devices often do. My partner has a physical job, so he is often moving around and getting sweaty. Most devices will gradually begin to irritate him as the day goes on, but he can wear the CB6000 every day and will often forget that he has it on.

      Despite the overall comfort, it can take a little while to get used to the CB6000, especially if you are new to chastity. During the first couple of weeks, my partner often woke up experiencing the discomfort of nocturnal erections. As your penis grows hard inside the cage, it pushes the cage and the ring forward. This usually causes the base of the ring to dig into the underside of your testicles and it can feel quite uncomfortable. In our experience, this happens with most chastity devices, but the CB6000 is less painful than most. After a few weeks, he got used to this sensation and now sleeps through the night without issue.

      Another change you have to get used to when wearing this device, is that you may have to start sitting down to pee. My partner’s penis doesn’t reach the end of the cage and sometimes, the tip of his penis will be pressing against the sides. These factors make it difficult to predict the direction of the stream, so it is often less messy to sit down. For some submissive guys (mine included), sitting down to pee will heighten their feelings of submission. Not only are they reminded of their situation (wearing the device), but they may also enjoy feeling emasculated, feminised or humiliated.


      As with most chastity devices, the CB6000 has a few downsides. For us, the biggest issue is the closed cage design. Since his penis is almost entirely enclosed inside the cage, dampness and odour develop quickly. We have to remove the device at least once a day, so he can clean himself thoroughly. This problem does not occur in cages with a more open design, as the air can circulate a lot better.

      Another issue we have experienced with the CB designer edition devices is that the design can be scratched off. We have only had the Gold edition for 3 or 4 weeks and it still looks as good as new, but our camouflage design cage is showing signs of wear and tear. He has been wearing the camouflage cage for approximately one year and the edges of the padlock have scratched most of the camouflage design from the top of the cage. Thankfully, the rest of the cage has remained in good condition, with just a few minor scratches here and there. I expect the same to be true of the Gold cage, but only time will tell.

      The only other issue we have experienced with the CB6000 cages are that the rings/cage can occasionally break. This is not an issue we have experienced often, but after wearing his original device for a year, we did experience our first ring failure. Unfortunately, plastic is not as strong as metal, but you can buy replacement parts if a problem does occur.


      The CB6000 is a great all-rounder, being suitable for beginners and more advanced chastity fans. We love it because it comes with all the accessories you need to find the perfect fit. The better the fit, the more comfortable the device will feel. It performs well as a long-term wear device, but it can be used for short term wear or bedroom play if you wish.

      Like all devices, it does come with a few downsides, but we have compared the CB6000 alongside a number of other devices and for us, the pros far outweigh the cons. I would highly recommend this device to anyone with an interest in chastity.

    2. Overall Rating:
      9 out of 10 stars
      Lightweight, high-quality & comfortable to wear long-term
      The surface can scratch over time.
      Bottom line
      A great all-rounder, for beginners and experienced folks alike.
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