1. Lovehoney Flirty Tangerine Boyshort

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      1. Lovehoney Flirty Tangerine Boyshort

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    1. Product Description

      You can't beat a booty in boyshorts, especially when those boyshorts are as bright and bold as these. Cut in the classic French knicker shape that accentuates the curve of your butt, their vivid orange lace makes a quirky alternative to black and red.

      With an ultra-deep waistband that's scalloped at the edges for a smooth finish, the boyshorts flatter and smooth your hips for a stunning shape underneath your clothes. Wear the super-soft lace all day long underneath your clothes, and reveal them in the evening to surprise and delight your partner.

      Model is a UK size 8 and wears a S/M.

      Key Features:

      • Vibrant orange boyshorts for everyday wear or playful seduction
      • Deep scalloped lace waistband gives a smooth shape
      • Soft, stretchy fabric and cotton-lined gusset for comfort
      • Sheer mesh gives a glimpse of your bare skin
      • Perfect mix of sex appeal and comfort

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    Lovehoney Flirty Size Chart

    1. Lovehoney size UK Dress size Bust Waist Hips
      Small 6 - 8 32" - 34" 24" - 27" 34" - 36"
      Medium 10 - 12 34" - 36" 27" - 30" 36" - 38"
      Large 14 - 16 36" - 38" 30" - 33" 38" - 40"
      1X / 2X 18 - 20 40" - 46" 34" - 38" 42" - 46"
      3X / 4X 22 - 24 48" - 52" 40" - 44" 48" - 52"
      S/M 8 - 10 34" - 36" 24" - 28" 34" - 37"
      M/L 12 - 14 36" - 38" 28" - 32" 37" - 40"
      L/XL 16 - 18 38" - 40" 32" - 36" 40" - 43"
      One Size 6 - 16 34" - 38" 27" - 33" 36" - 40"
      Plus Size 18 - 24 40" - 52" 34" - 44" 42" - 52"


      Flirty Bras


      Lovehoney Size Equivalent Cup Sizes
      S/M 32A-C, 34A
      M/L 32D-E, 34B-D, 36A-B
      L/XL 34DD-E, 36B-D
      XXL 36DD-E, 38C-DD

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    1. Customer Reviews

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      1. Lovehoney Flirty Tangerine Boyshort
      2. Lovehoney Flirty Tangerine Boyshort

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    1. Peachy

      Reviewed: 15 October 2016 by MrsAnonymous

      Ordered these as part of my first LH order! Wasn't sure how they would fit as I have purchased previous 'French/lacey' knickers and the rough net is most uncomfortable...

      However, reading the reviews I thought I would give them a go! And OMG I would 100% recommend these!

      The lace is so soft. I didn't know you could get lace this soft!

      The colour is more bright than pictured, but they go great with my tan.

      The fit is spot on and my peachy bum is a tease even I can't keep my eyes off it!

      Got them in the sale too, so an absolute bargain!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The fit! The really soft material!
      Bottom line
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    1. So cute

      Reviewed: 15 October 2016 by SexyLadyJ, a Straight Single Female

      Absolutely love these.

      Bought them while they were in the sale and they are a fab purchase. I ordered them previously in pink and loved my pink pair.

      The colour left me a bit unsure, but it is a lovely colour and compliments my tan nicely.

      So comfy to wear, they just fit nicely with not a wedgie in sight.

      They are so soft and feel amazing against your skin. Can't wait for someone to see them now!

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Bottom line
      So nice, colour convert.
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    1. Tangy Tangerine

      Reviewed: 17 August 2016 by Lovehoney - Bot

      I've loved the look of the Flirty knickers ever since I joined Lovehoney, but I had never purchased a pair before now as the knickers sadly aren't available in my size. I have been holding out hoping that one day they might appear in a smaller size, but alas, they have not yet.

      I always assumed that these knickers, in particular, the boyshorts, would be too big, but I have seen a few positive reviews recently from people who are the same size as me so I decided to chance it and give them a go. If they were going to fit, I didn't want to miss out on this gorgeous tangerine colour that's being discontinued.

      These knickers arrive in the same way as the rest of Lovehoney lingerie, wrapped up in a clear plastic pouch with a tag attached. The packaging is in no way fancy but is all that's really necessary. Frills aren't needed here. I ended up tearing the packaging open straight away anyway as I couldn't wait to try them on.

      When I removed them from the packaging, I couldn't believe how beautifully soft they were. They looked super comfortable and didn't appear to be itchy at all. They are made excellently as per all Lovehoney underwear and I found no imperfections whatsoever. They are amazing quality with no loose threads or bad stitching in sight. I absolutely adore the floral pattern that is embedded within the lace, it's very pretty and looks fantastic even off the body. I couldn't believe how bright the tangy tangerine looked either, especially when paired against my extremely pale skin.

      I purchased these boyshorts in the smallest size available, which is an 8-10. I typically wear a 6-8 in Lovehoney sizing, but I am a four to six on the bottom so can find their underwear loose-fitting on occasion. I did consider that these knickers would be far too big, but I was pleasantly surprised when I pulled them on. They were never going to be tight-fitting like my everyday underwear, but they seem to adapt to size well and they held up nicely, although they sit higher up on me than they do on the model. They have a fair amount of stretch to them, so they'll easily accommodate the given size range and possibly even a 12 too.

      These boyshorts frame my derrière like no other underwear ever has and in my other half's opinion, they make it look great. He'd insist on me wearing them every day if he could. I'd probably wear them every day if I could. They are as comfortable as they look and it doesn't even feel like I'm wearing underwear. I have been wearing this style to sleep in as they're loose-fitting but extremely soft and comfy. They're like a second skin and I love it. I have since ordered a second pair in this colour and may even be tempted to get a third come payday.

      Overall, I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about these boyshorts, but it turns out that I absolutely love them and I'm now coveting the rest of the Flirty range. I need these shorts in every colour and I'm looking forward to future additions. Why did I wait this long to try them out?

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      They're being discontinued. I need a drawer full.
      Bottom line
      My new favourite underwear to sleep in. Comfortable and sexy is a great combo.
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    1. Got the right size

      Reviewed: 12 July 2016 by ExploringTogether69

      Normally I wear a size 12 in a boy short and had previously purchased some of the other colors in the 12-14 size that were really nice and looked great but felt just a little bit big.

      This time I ordered the 8-10 size in three colors and they are perfect! The fit in this size makes me want to reorder the other colors in this size as well. I know I got it right when my partner was practically drooling seeing me bent over in them.

      The feel of the lace fabric is amazing and gives you that I am sexy and I know it feeling when wearing them.

      Just wish they would come out with even more colors or different lace patterns in the same short since we have bought everyone they currently offer.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      Fit. Fell of the Lace. Way they accentuate your figure.
      Nothing at all!
      Bottom line
      The absolutely perfect boy short!
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    1. Tangerine dream

      Reviewed: 04 June 2016 by Sxleksaker, a Straight Going Steady Female

      I bought my tangerine boyshorts when they were in a 4 for £10 sale. By being so popular among the forum members in addition to the great reviews on this page, it was impossible to resist adding this item to my basket.

      The boyshorts arrived wrapped in clear plastic. It is nothing fancy, but it does not need to be. Let us be honest, most of us compulsive lingerie buyers just throw ourselves over our Lovehoney orders to get our items out as fast as possible anyway. Most of the time, I barely notice the packaging (even the nice ones) in my haste to try the new item out!

      The tangerine colour looks lovely and cute. It is a quite uncommon colour on knickers, which I think adds to the fun. I think the colour is a bit darker in real life compared to the pictures on this page, but I think that makes them even more beautiful. A lovely feature is that the flowers in the lace have a slightly brighter colour than the rest of the lace, which also has a bit of shine to it. This is a beautiful feature that brings these knickers to life and tells you a lot about Lovehoney lingerie - it is all about quality and attention to detail.

      The knickers are well made. They are made out of two pieces of lace that are sewn together at the centre of the front and back. My pair is perfectly symmetrical. The flowers in the lace are placed exactly in the same way on both sides. This is what I call attention to detail. When I ordered these knickers, I also ordered a second pair in raspberry and they are also perfectly symmetrical. This makes them ooze quality and value for money to me!

      I am a size 6. I bought the size S/M, which states that it will fit sizes from 8 to 10. However, I think that these boyshorts fit me very well. As you probably can guess, it is not a super tight fit, but it is tight enough for them to stay up and hug my body comfortably (and still look like the do on the model on this page). If you are a size 8 or 10, they will also fit you perfectly and comfortably because of the great stretch in the fabric. I personally like that they are a bit loose. It makes me forget that I am wearing them and it feels like I am naked, which I love to be.

      The boyshort's greatest asset is that they make your bum look gorgeous. The knickers frame my bum in a way that accentuates it and makes me feel like a million dollars. They cover enough to look classy and cute yet the sheerness adds a bit of sexiness to your everyday life!

      Let us talk about the lace and I will get straight to business. It is the softest lace I have ever laid my hands on, and you can probably guess how that feels against my bum and vagina. If you cannot guess, I will tell you right now, it feels amazing. It is like having a soft cloud as your knickers. They just feel lovely, even under a pair of jeans. In the crotch area there is an even softer fabric that feels great against my lady bits. The knickers have been redesigned so the fabric in the crotch cover the whole crotch area. This is not a feature of some other boyshorts. It makes the knickers even more comfortable to wear than some of the older boyshorts. This is truly a well thought-out item.

      All in all, this is a wonderful pair of knickers. The lace is to die for and the build quality is superb. I wholeheartedly recommend these knickers to women of all sizes. They will both make you look great and feel great. I wish I owned a whole drawer full of boyshorts.

    2. Overall Rating
      10 out of 10 stars
      The colour, the lace, the fit and the quality.
      Bottom line
      Well worth the price tag and more!
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